Reincarnator - Chapter 185 : The King’s Tomb (3)

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Chapter 185 : The King’s Tomb (3)

Junghwan sensed Akitrus who was charging through the maze while breaking through the walls.

‘I never thought I could reach this stage.’

Junghwan, who hada been sitting powerlessly on the throne with the crown on his head, mumbled while thinking of Akitrus.


One of the Higher Races.

He could not touch and he would not dare to touch them.

He had searched and searched.

For a method of revenge.

And when he had been able to find a change to go under Metiron, who ruled over the Green Road, he had been extremely happy.

Since he could see a glimmer of hope about the chances of killing the Higher Race that he could not even fathom to touch.

But he did not know back then.

That the humans and the Higher Races were in an alliance.

He realized after receiving the symbol and falling under Karon who controlled Mount Liang that he wouldn’t be able to even think about revenge.

‘Metiron, I hate you. And Karon as well.’

He did not know what this mysterious crown was but it was even disabling the connection to the clan every time he focused deep within the crown and on the maze.

For him to bear hatred towards his clan leader and the one whom the clan leader served.

These were thoughts he could never even dream of having but they now filled his head.

Karon’s chains which had filled up his mind were quickly being loosened up.

At the same time the hatred towards the Arukon which had been suppressed by Karon’s symbol started to fill up his mind like a storm.

So much rage that he wanted to focus all the assault onto the Arukon charging towards him.

But Junghwan laughed as he suppressed his rage.

And his will swept over the maze once more.


‘I shouldn’t be able to interfere.’

The main character should come out during the climax anyway.

The challengers need to fight against each other first.

Junghwan let go of the controls of the maze as he smiled while watching the Arukon and Hansoo charging towards each other.


Booom! Booom!

Spears constantly flew into Akitrus while he charged forward.

The metal spikes that even Hansoo had trouble destroying constantly barraged his mana barrier.

Though they all got smashed apart.

Boom! Booboom!

The metal spears couldn’t keep their shape as they got scrunched up like a car smashing into a cliff.

But Akitrus frowned while facing these attacks.

The impact wasn’t the issue.

‘…It’s disturbing the mana.’

But Akitrus concentrated.

Since he could still handle it.

Though he was shaking, the heavenly gears he had on wouldn’t crumble just from this.


And as if it was proving that it was still perfectly fine, the Akion spewed out light again as it swept across the field.

At the same time the blue barrier coming out from the golden armor he was wearing started to burn intensely bright.


The metal spikes that were barraging from all directions all started to melt down.

At the same time.

The intense assault lessened a bit.

The movements of the metal slowed down as the tips of the sapers dulled as well.

And Akitrus smiled as he saw this.

‘Yeah that’s what I thought.’

Nothing was free in this world.

Even the powerful Satellite Fortress needed a tremendous amount of energy to operate.

How could a structure doing something like this not use a tremendous amount as energy as well.

And even more so if it has been hundreds of years since it was built.

He was worried about there being plenty of energy left and was hurrying along but it seems that it was slowly reaching the limit.

‘Then there’s no need to hurry.’

He just needed to slowly head over there and crush it.

The thing that was causing all this or the core.

And he would offer this loser’s tomb or the loser’s crown to his King.

The giant crown of metal which had mass close to a mountain.

‘Hahaha. I can’t even imagine how pleased the king would be.’

This mysterious liquid metal was quite threatening.

If he took this metal that could even handle the Akion’s assault which was similar to the assault of a Satellite Fortress and use it to reinforce the Satellite Fortresses?

And if he were to supply the tremendous amount of energy to this mysterious metal?

The warriors would become much more powerful and the Satellite Fortress’s defense would increase by several fold.

His race would be able to eliminate the other two races, the Akalachias and Rebeloongs, and only one race would remain.

And his own name would be engraved next to his King’s gravestone and be left behind for all of the futurekind to see.

The most glorious outcome for a warrior.


Clang! Clangclangclang!

As he thought of the triumphant future of his race, he felt much better as he started to stomp his way through the weakened metal spears as if he was walking through a light drizzle.

‘Though there’s something that I feel a bit uneasy about.’

Just as Akitrus made a displeased expression with a frown.


A faint tremor could be felt from the distance through the walls.


Akitrus frowned.

At the same time the zoom in feature on Akion showed what was going on in the distance.

Boom! Booomboom!

Something that was heading towards him while smashing apart the metal spears.

Like himself.

The image of the guy smashing through the spears while stomping through the maze was so similar to himself, if the guy wasn’t much smaller then he would’ve thought that it was a mirror.

Akitrus was dumbfounded as he thought to himself.

‘There’s somebody other than me who survived?’

He was the best warrior, the Judge.

And if he didn’t have the heavenly gears then he would’ve died already.

But for there to be another lifeform which had survived other than him.

‘…A human too.’

A human.

Akitrus realized in that instant.

That it was him.

The one that had killed Dakidus and had hidden.


Akitrus thought that his luck was really good.

The one thing he was a bit uneasy about.

The fact that he had failed to catch the daredevil criminal that the King had ordered him to.

If that guy hadn’t come in here along with him then he would’ve had no way of catching him.

Since that guy would run away while he was trapped in here.

And he thought that guy would die even if he got in here.

Since a human could not survive this place that even he had a hard time surviving in.

Offering this huge thing to the king would be a tremendous amount of honor but it would not be able to cure the damage to his pride.

And even more so if his job was to catch a single bug.

But for him to appear in front of him.



Akitrus laughed maniacally as he started to charge through the maze tunnel.

As if he didn’t want to lose the rat that had appeared before his eyes.

The weakened spears smashed into Akitrus and broke apart.

‘Good! Very good! Hahaha!’

He would’ve gone over to deal with the maze first if the attacks continued to get stronger and stronger.

But that wasn’t the case.

Actually, he had to deal with the bug first.

Since that bug may escape once the maze stopped moving.

The maze came after he dealt with the bug.


A bright blue orb gathered onto the Akion, the giant spear in Akitrus’s hands, while he charged.

And then.


A 10m wide circular pillar of blue light flew towards Hansoo.


Akitrus smiled satanically.

Even if the attack got weakened after it hit the walls of the maze tunnels and there was a lack of mana supply, it was still the Akion.

A blue beam of light created from the weapon of heaven’s wrath.

Mountains crumbled and ravines split from every attack.

It was not something a human could withstand.

At that moment.


A black cloud gathered with Hansoo as the center.

And Akitrus frowned for a moment as he saw the mysterious black cloud but then snorted.

Since there was no way those black clouds, which swayed just from the wind, could defend against the Akion’s attack.

And as he expected.


The blue beam of light penetrated through the black clouds and then smashed through the human.

‘It’s the end.’

Akitrus laughed coldly.

The human wouldn’t die since he adjusted the strength but his skin would get burnt up and his armor would melt, he would go through insufferable amounts of pain.

Well, it didn’t matter that much.

Since the only thing he needed was his mouth which could tell him as to how he killed Dakidus.

‘Wait. It’ll be troublesome if his mouth melted as well, what shall I do?’

Boom! Boom!

Akitrus worried as to how he would hear the story from him but then just decided upon taking him back as he stomped towards him.

‘Easy. Too easy.’

But as Akitrus was walking while leisurely tapping the walls with the Akion.


Something charged out from the smoke filled tunnel and then flew towards Akitrus.


Akitrus hurriedly prepared himself to defend against the attack but the fist which had already flown up to his face smashed onto his mana barrier.



The mana barrier swayed as it shook back and forth from the attack.

Which meant that the previous attack had been quite powerful.


Akitrus roared out as he quickly backed off and stabilized himself.


And something headed towards Akitrus again.

A giant 5m tall metal knight.

‘Where the hell did this thing come out from?!’

Akitrus was shocked as he looked at the giant object that was pushing him back.

What the hell was this.

For the tiny human to disappear and a giant thing as big as himself to come out.

The metal knight which was causing the entire tunnel to feel small started to beat Akitrus with its fists.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mana barrier remained intact but Akitrus continued to get pushed back as he got smashed around by the giant metal knight.


Akitrus clenched his teeth after being pushed back to the wall and then grasped onto his spear.

He wanted to create a giant hole in the middle of the metal knight but the attack of the heaven’s wrath, Akion, took time to fire.

‘Damn! I shouldn’t have shot it that weak!’

If he knew this would happen then he would’ve melted everything down at full power.

But the pride of the most powerful warrior wouldn’t allow him to just stay and get beaten until it charged enough.

‘Change it to 2nd battle mode.’

Akitrus ordered Akion.


On the three prongs of the Akion which resembled the claws of a dragon, bright blue light started to gather.

Akion’s close combat mode.

It wasn’t as powerful as the cannon but this blade, which condensed the tremendous energy used for the cannon blast into three tiny areas, was actually more powerful than the cannon itself in terms of quality and it was extremely efficient in energy so he could use it indefinitely.

And if the martial arts of him, the Judge, was added in the equation?

He wasn’t some controller who just moved his fingers to fight.

Akitrus’s hand moved in a strange manner as he swung the Akion towards the strange puppet in front of him.

It looked like the metal knight tried to dodge as much as possible but this small enclosed tunnel was limiting it.

And soon.


The Akion sliced the metal knight.

And Akitrus smiled as he saw this scene.

‘I can imagine what the material for that doll is. But will it be able to withstand it?’

He didn’t know what that human had done exactly but he could guess to an extent.

It seemed as if he had used the dark clouds to control the surrounding liquid metal and surrounded his body with it.

He had made very thick armor.

It was actually a very good choice.

Since this metal had the effects of disturbing his mana.

But that size and that thickness were nowhere enough.

As Akitrus smiled.


The Akion sliced through the metal armor.

And the 80 cm thick metal armor got split apart as it gave way to the Akion.

The Akion’s might had been reduced quite a bit but this was the end.

Since that human wouldn’t be anything in front of the Akion without that metal barrier.


The moment the blue light of Akion was about to reach the core part of the metal armor.



Akitrus frowned as he felt the resistance at the tip of his hands.

‘Armor? What the hell!’

The moment he flinched.



A powerful punch flew in and smashed into the space in between his eyes.

The punch was so powerful that the metal fist cracked and the maze floors shook while making rumbling noises.


The maze’s special metal shook Akitrus’s mana barrier back and forth.

And during this moment.


A sharp golden spear that was hidden within the cracked fist got surrounded by a translucent light as it smashed into the weakened mana barrier.


The Nurmaha’s ring in Hansoo’s hand shone as it shook the weakened mana barrier again.

And then.


The mana barrier that nothing had ever gotten through that everyone knew only the Satellite Fortresses could penetrate through got smashed apart as it gave way to the golden spear.


The golden spear, which was surrounded by a powerful mana reinforcement, made a huge noise as it charged towards Akitrus.

Towards the space between the eyes of Akitrus who was staring right at the spear flying towards him.