Reincarnator - Chapter 184 : The King’s Tomb (2)

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Chapter 184 : The King’s Tomb (2)

‘Man…It looks really similar to that crown Dakidus was wearing.’

If one disregarded the fact that it was fancier and was still glowing, it looked very similar to the crown he had seen before.

‘Anyways it’s strange. The war was really harsh but… Why was he sitting on the throne by himself?’

The remnants of the savage battle between the Sages and the Higher Races remained completely intact.

Usually one would’ve chosen to either fight or run away.

But this person, who seemed to have been quite strong, sitting down still on the throne and facing his death was very strange.

Junghwan made a confused expression while touching the red crown upon the head of the skeleton as a strange desire filled up his mind.

‘Should I try putting it on?’

He didn’t know why such a thought came into his mind.

Junghwan lifted the one remaining left arm and then lifted the red crown on top of the skeleton.

He then placed it on his own head.



Akitrus frowned after smashing down onto the ground.

Even Akitrus could not deal with thousands of tons of mass pushing in from all directions.

And even more so when his balance was off from the maze crumbling down.

Akitrus brushed off the dust on his body as he looked around.

Countless skeletons which seemed to belong to his kind.

And even more of those which looked like it belonged to the bugs.

But there was no way these bugs belonged to those bugs.

The bugs did not have the strength to kill his race like this and this strange place easily looked at least a few hundred years old.

‘…Is this the remnants of the final battle?’

The Final Battle which had occurred against the Sages hundreds of years ago.

Akitrus was barely 60 years old and was not alive during those times so he did not know the details.

And there wasn’t any information left behind about the sages either.

The kings of the three races wiped away the information about the Sages before retiring.

‘Maybe only the ones who control the Satellite Fortresses might know a bit.’

The Kings didn’t like these remaining as well but they couldn’t erase the information saved within the Satellite Fortresses the way they wanted as well so it had just been kept as a secret.

But since even the users of the Satellite Fortresses had their mouths shut, there was no way of figuring out the details.

‘It’s ominous. I need to get out.’

Of course one wouldn’t feel at ease when countless skeletons of their race were spread around around them.

Akitrus grasped the spear, Akion, after starting to feel a bit uneasy.


Light started to gather onto Akon in Akitrus’s hands.


Light continued to gather and condense on the tip of the three pronged Akion as it started to become larger and larger.

Like a dragon ball held within the claws of a dragon*.

And once the blue ball of light had gotten so large that it was almost impossible to control anymore.

A tremendous blue light which exploded out from the tip of the Akion smashed into the ceiling.


A large amount of force smashed into the ceiling as it created a hole with a diameter of tens of meters.

The destructive force was tremendous if one thought about the toughness of the metal this strange maze was made of.

But Akitrus made an dissatisfied expression.

‘It’s not a normal metal.’

Akirus didn’t have the intentions of creating a hole that was that wide.

Since him being able to pass through was enough.

The mysterious metal dispersed the energy from the attack into all directions.

And because of this, instead of creating a hole hundreds of meters long upwards like he wanted to, he had just created an extremely wide one instead.

‘And…That metal is interfering with the energy transferring from the Satellite Fortress.’

In conclusion, the result was much worse than what the Akion could do usually.

At that moment.



The surrounding dark metals started to gather onto the hole created by the Akion.

The metal, which seemed to be almost alive, started to slowly fill up the giant hole the Akion had created.

And Akitrus frowned at this scene.

It seemed like this mysterious place didn’t have any intentions of letting out the things it had swallowed in.

At all.


Akitrus’s gaze swept his surroundings subconsciously.

Two skulls of his race.

Along with thousands of skeletons of those who hadn’t been able to escape this place.

Growling noises came out from the mouth of Akitrus as a rage-filled breath was heard.’

‘I’m afraid?’


A tremendous roar came out from the mouth of Akitrus.

And this rage-filled roar filled up the entire maze and resonated throughout it.

Who was he!?

The one who had gained the rights to hold the weapon of heaven’s punishment out of countless members of this race due to having the most battle strength out of all of them.

Judge Akitrus


He lifted his legs and stomped on the skulls of his race.

At that moment.


Something popped out from the walls of the maze and smashed onto Akitrus


But of course Akitrus had his defenses up.

The magic barrier that was surrounding Akitrus’s entire body swayed as it blocked the thing which had popped out from the wall.

The thing which had been shot out had been smashed apart from the collision but it just returned back to where it came from as if nothing had happened.

‘What is it?’

Akitrus frowned.

He had blocked it but the force of the collision was not low.

While Akitrus was staring at the wall.


‘Fucking hell.’

The metal walls were swaying up and down like waves.

All at the same time.


The numerous metallic pieces which the maze walls were comprised of all turned into sharp spikes as they started to attack Akitrus.



Akitrus screamed out in rage while receiving the attacks which got destroyed by the barrier.

He then had a realization about the holes on the skulls of his race.

They hadn’t died because they were trapped here.

He didn’t know what the killer had done to cause all this but he was underestimating Akitrus by a huge margin.

‘He’s going to treat me the same as these losers here?’

The skeletons were mere 3 to 4m tall.

Akitrus himself had been born with great genes, defeated countless competitors and survived through the harsh training to finally reach the position of the Judge, he was dimensions apart from these weaklings here.


Akitrus stepped forward and started to charge.

And the bones that were lying on the ground started to get crushed beneath his feet.

Akitrus received the attacks with his body while running as he mumbled.

‘Yeah. this maze was also created by losers as well.’

A winner would not create a rat’s hiding hall or a rattrap like this.

Only the losers would hide underground and look for a chance.

This was the final remnants of the losers.

The race that had won.

The strongest warrior of that race could just finish this off.

‘This chance…I’ll be the one to raise my name to stand aside the King’s.’

“Wait for me you rats!”


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

He didn’t know who was causing all this but he took the countless spikes head on while charging through the maze in order to smash apart the culprit.


Boom! Boom!

“Damnit! You said we’ll reach there quickly!”

“I only said it won’t take long, I never said there wouldn’t be obstacles.”


Karhal screamed while deflecting away the metal spears that were flying in from the air.


Countless spears were flying in and were trying to pierce his entire body.

Karhal underestimated the might of the spears at first after seeing them come out from a liquid-like wall but as he saw the Scarlet Yang Armor of Ekidu in the front get pierced he freaked out and focused on defense.

If it was strong enough to destroy the Scarlet Yang Armor and the White River Demonic Arts then his defense would just crumble before it.

Booooom! Booom!

Hansoo stood at the very front and swung the 2m long spear to smash apart the incoming spears.

And as if the spears knew which existence was the most dangerous one, they were focusing on Hansoo.

Boom! Boom! Clang!

At that moment.

The sound started to change

The metal spears which was being destroyed by Hansoo started to withstand Hansoo’s attack.

The number of spears increased as the speed increased as well.

As if something was getting more and more proficient.

The hastily attacking liquid metals were attacking more smoothly and more explosively.

Hansoo frowned as he looked at the changes of the wall.

He didn’t know who it was but it seemed like some lucky guy had landed in front of the Throne and put on the crown.

He would be at the center of the maze.


‘I’ll need to hurry a bit more.’

Hansoo increased his speed as he continued to charge forward.


“Heheh. He’s really a monster.”

Junghwan, who had been sitting lazily on the throne, smiled as he looked at the two beasts causing a ruckus within the maze.

A normal adventurer or a beast should’ve had their bodies penetrated but these things were actually smashing through them.

He could feel chills running down his body from the vibrations that rang throughout the maze.

Junghwan tried to lift his left arm but then could not as it dropped upon the Throne.

He hadn’t known why the one wearing this crown had been sitting on the throne but he knew now.

The one who had this crown didn’t have the leisure to move his own body.

Since he had to focus his consciousness into the maze.

The entire maze felt like a part of his body.

He could feel every bit of movement within the maze as the walls, floors and the ceilings felt like his hands and feet.

Junghwan’s conscious had left his feeble body and had fused with the Maze.

‘And there’s more…I’m sure.’

This wasn’t the end.

Controlling the maze was just the start of this crown.

But Junghwan could not know what was after this.

Since controlling the maze alone was too much for him.

‘Not quite proficient yet.’

Junghwan made a regretful expression.

If his control was perfect?

He would’ve been able to twist and turn the maze in order to smash everything within it.

But sadly there wasn’t enough time.

Since the two beasts would come to smash his body apart.

For there to be two when one was hard to deal with.

‘Fucking beasts. For them to figure out the direction right away.’

He was shocked at the fact that they were heading towards him within the twists and turns of the maze.

But Junghwan could smile because of this.

‘Thank god it’s only two.’


The maze twisted and turned from Junghwan’s will.

His perception and 5 senses changed.

And soon a tunnel connecting between Hansoo and Akitrus had been created.

Towards where they had to meet before coming to him.

‘Fight for me a bit.’

Junghwan felt the two of them heading towards each other in a straight line as he limped down and focused entirely on the crown.

*The Dragon Ball (Which most of you know from the Anime/Manga/TV series Dragon Ball, is actually derived from the myth of chinese dragons. Previously I have explained as to how a snake becomes a dragon after many years in the depths of a cold pool. When this dragon ascends it will have a dragon ball within its claws. In korean this is 여의주 which is pronounced Yeo Ui Joo. Here’s a picture of it. (Link this in post for actual image)