Reincarnator - Chapter 182 : Proposition (2)

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Chapter 182 : Proposition (2)

Junghwan didn’t stop at simply ripping the heart out.


Junghwan’s hand flew towards the other three after quickly dashing towards them.

“This fucking bastard!”


They didn’t know who he was but one thing was clear.

That he was an enemy.

The ones with the Blue Jades cursed out as they started to focus all their skills onto Junghwan in front of their eyes.



The attacks which even Ekidu’s White River Demonic Art had a hard time handling cut through the air and got focused onto Junghwan.


Crunch! Crunch! Smash!

Junghwan surprisingly took on the attacks head on and flew towards the three.

Darlton’s comrades freaked out as they saw this.

It wasn’t like the guy was abnormally strong.

The problem was with them.

“Huh!? What the hell! The mana…”

The Blue Jades, which were constantly supplying them with mana, weren’t working properly.

Well, they were being pushed back by the red piece of jade in the man’s hands and couldn’t work.

The mana which had the power of tens of skills disappeared as the powerful skills heading towards Ekidu turned weak to the point where it looked like a small boy’s fist.

Well, it wasn’t that the skill itself got weaker.

It was just that it had returned to its original power after losing the strength of the Blue Jade.

But as they lost their powerful strength during this important moment, they felt like they had become naked children.

They panicked and shouted into the necklace.

“Damn! Arukon! Help us please!”

“Arukon! If you sent us to a place like this then you should take responsibility at least you bitch!”

They were in such a panic that they even cursed.

But despite their despair and panic, the Blue Jade merely flickered faintly after being suppressed by the Red Jade.

Junghwan’s attacks ruthlessly flew towards their necks after they had been caught in place by the numerous suppressive skills.

And then.




The bloodied armor Junghwan was wearing turned even bloodier.

From the blood of Darlton’s three comrades.

‘…I wondered whose blood it was.’

Everyone frowned while looking at this man who had appeared so suddenly.

The light of the Red Jade in the man’s hands pushed back the light of the powerless Blue Jades and filled up the tunnel.

At the same time everything within the tunnel came into Junghwan’s view.

The first thing he found was the Harvester’s Crown.

His expression brightened up as he saw this.

Since that made the entire search worthwhile.

‘It was real!’

It was not something that would randomly roll around in a place like this.

A clear evidence that Dakidus had been killed by someone.

‘Good. Good. Good. Very good. Very very. Good. Good.’

Junghwan made a content smile as he swept his eyes around.

The next thing that came into his view were the Hunters standing around in the distance.

The Dakidus’s Crown was dropped in the middle of them but he knew that those guys weren’t the culprits.

‘What lame fellows.’

People who solely focused on surviving and filling up their desires.

They were the same as beasts who searched for their daily foods in Junghwan’s eyes.

As he turned his head, the people in front of him came into his view.

A iron-tower-like man and an extremely beautiful woman who were walking towards him.

‘Those two aren’t bad.’

But it was clear who had killed Dakidus.

“Good. Good. It seems you were the one who did it. I’m called Kim Junghwan. Nice you meet you.”

Hansoo spat out at Junghwan who was talking to him.

“What are you thinking? The Arukons won’t stay idle if they find out.”

Junghwan stopped at Hansoo’s words.

‘He knows who I am?’

Those words wouldn’t come out unless he knew that he was allied with the Arukons.

But Junghwan nodded his head.

‘Well. If he killed Dakidus then there’s a high chance of him finding out a lot of the information. It’s good that I won’t need to explain as much then.’

Junghwan nodded at the situation that he was liking more and more.

Hansoo’s words weren’t wrong.

He had killed the Arukon’s Hunting Dogs.

It was the same as offending the Arukons themselves.

But Junghwan just smiled.

“This is our area. What can that bastard find out?”

Junghwan hadn’t caused these things without thinking them through first.

Red Jade.

The Blue Jade was powerful and had a lot of uses but the Red Jade that could be found within this place had the ability to greatly reduce the strength of that Blue Jade.

As if it was created to oppose those who used the Blue Jade.

Of course a few functions of the Blue Jade would get shut off as well.

“It’s fine as long as I don’t get found out right? What’s so strange about a few of them dying while facing somebody strong enough to kill Dakidus? Anyways, if you know who we are then I’ll keep things simple. Join us.”

Junghwan was truly curious.

‘How did he kill Dakidus who was on the Satellite Fortress?’

For an individual to do a thing that even they couldn’t dream of without the Destruction Jade.

Junghwan couldn’t even guess as to what method Hansoo had used.

Though they were keeping the alliance with the Destruction jade, it was clear who had the real power.

If they go crazy and blow the Destruction Jade then they would be able to kill one of the races easily.

Since the other two races wouldn’t stay idle.

But those two races would wipe them out with that chance as well.

‘We need another method in addition to the Destruction Jade.’

They were basically trapped within the Green Road.

The three Satellite Fortresses that flew around the skies discreetly kind of helped them as well but they were more focused on watching over them.

So they wouldn’t run away somewhere and cause trouble.

But if they had a method of falling the Satellite Fortress without even using the Destruction Jade?

Junghwan laughed towards Hansoo.

“It seems you have enmity towards the Arukon…There’s no need to be alone right? Let’s do it together.”

Hansoo had the method and he had strength which he had been gathering for a long time.

A proposition which would help them both.

He didn’t even consider being denied so it wouldn’t really matter if Hansoo said no.

Since what he needed was Hansoo’s method and not Hansoo himself.

If Hansoo didn’t reply with a then there would be no reason to stay still.

At that moment.

The Hunters who were listening to this all turned white from fear.

‘This is bad.’

The conversation they heard was short but they could figure out a few things from what they heard

First. They couldn’t believe it but the strange man who had suddenly appeared was allied with the Arukons.

Second. A guy like that had suddenly appeared and gave a proposition to Hansoo in order to kill the Arukons together.

Three. He had killed all the ones with the dog collars of the Arukon.

The one who had just appeared had basically killed all the witnesses.

People who had seen and heard this information which couldn’t be found out by the Arukons.

‘Fuck…Run away!’

Escaping the Maze wasn’t the important part.

The moment the quicker ones were about to run away.

The Maze’s wall came down as it blocked the tunnel they came from.

The Hunters shouted towards the sudden wall which had come down.

“What the fuck is this!”

Boom! Boom! Boobooom!

They tried using numerous different skills but none of them worked.

Though it did dent a little bit as if it was weaker than the door guarding the Triple Fusion Beasts, they wouldn’t be able to break through it easily.

Since it was thick and hard.

The Hunters cried out in despair.

“Fucking hell…”

Junghwan, who had been staring at the Hunters from the distance, laughed towards them.

“Where are you planning to go?’

As long as he had the Red Jade, the authority of the Maze would be within his hands.

Junghwan made an expression of contempt.

‘Damned insects.’

Despite surviving thanks to the man in front of their eyes, they were trying to run away the moment their lives were in danger again.

He didn’t need people like them at all.

‘But wait…’

As Junghwan made a confused expression while looking at a woman within the Hunters.

Hansoo saw Junghwan bring down the Maze walls and decided.


“What? Why?”

As Junghwan made a confused expression.

Hansoo laughed as he spoke.

“Who said I only wanted to kill the Arukons?”

“This damned bastard.”

Even before Junghwan could curse out, Hansoo rang along the ground and headed towards Junghan.


Within the tunnel with 5m in diameter, the 2m-tall Hansoo was pretty small.

But Junghwan felt like something giant was charging towards him.

It was beyond his imaginations.

‘For it to be this much…!’

The reason why Junghwan was confident was because he was sure that he would win if they fought.

Since he would still be a newcomer from a village no matter what kind of abilities he had.

And that was why he had anticipated it so much.

That was why he had hope.

If it was something that allowed such a weak person to kill Dakidus then it would be much more beneficial to them.

But Junghwan soon realized his previous thoughts were wrong.

‘What the fuck….So much! Dakidus should’ve just gotten beaten to death from that!’

Junghwan hurriedly held onto the Red Jade.

In an instant.

Booom! Booom!

Two walls closed in between Hansoo and Junghwan and separated them.

The wall that tens of Hunters attacked and hadn’t budged, two of them were here.


Junghwan, who had calmed down after the walls had fallen and he could not see Hansoo anymore, was about to turn around and then made an annoyed expression.

For him to run away like a scared dog.

Junghwan was angered by his sorry state and then shouted towards the wall.

“You dumb bastard! You fail!”

There wasn’t a need for him to act personally.

Since he would die the moment Akitrus moved in.

‘Stay trapped in there you damned bastard.’

If the Akion was released then the walls and people will all melt down together.

The moment Junghwan laughed in a cold manner and was about to leave.


The wall in front of him suddenly made a huge noise and trembled.

As if something struck it.

‘No way…Did the first wall…?’

The moment Junghwan flinched.


A hand smashed through the wall.



The moment Junghwan hurriedly backed off.


The hand reached out and took hold of Junghwan’s right arm.


Junghwan freaked out.

Only his hand had been caught but alarms of danger rang throughout his entire body and cold beads of sweat rolled down his back.

His heart was beating intensely as it was warning him of a tremendous danger.

Junghwan’s skill, , explosively supplied him with mana reinforcements.

And in an instant a rainbow barrier grew around him and pushed away the hand that was trying to crush his own hand.

The hand that was holding onto him suddenly blazed up in seven different colors.

The mana reinforcement around the hand that was holding onto his wrist wasn’t normal and was pushing his back but was not such a weak skill.

Soon the guy’s hand started to burn from Junghwan’s mana reinforcement.

But Junghwan soon cursed out.

“This…This crazy bastard!”

That hand was rightly grasping onto his hand, as if it was trying to break it, despite being burned.

Despite a tremendous amount of damage was being caused onto his arm, Hansoo still squeezed his fist in order to smash the wrist.

No, he was actually pulling him.

Towards the wall.



He tried his best to stay back but the floor beneath him got dug up as he started to move closer and closer to the wall.

And Junghwan freaked out as he saw the terrifying eyes that were staring at him through the gap.

It was clear what would happen if he got dragged back like this.


Junghwan looked at his right arm while clenching his teeth and then pulled out his dagger with this left hand.

And then slashed it towards his right hand.



His right wrist was cut off in that instant and from the rebound force, Junghwan’s body got flung back.


Junghwan flinched again after looking at the hole which had stolen his right arm with blazing eyes of hatred.

From the eyes full of regret.


Junghwan made a terrified expression as he quickly backed off.

‘Damned bastards. I’ll kill you all.’

Soon Junghwan’s body disappeared into the void.


“If you broke one door then isn’t it easy to break two?”

While Karhal was looking at Junghwan who was disappearing into the distance through the hole

Hansoo shook his head with a slightly tired expression.

“It’s hard to suddenly blow up all that mana in one go.”

Skills that allowed one to blow up their mana and achieve a strength numerous times greater than their own.

This was called berserk mode.

But Hansoo didn’t really like them because the mana pathways in the entire body got destroyed from these skills.

He smashed apart the first door and made a hole in the second but breaking through the two entirely was a bit too much.

“So what will you do?”

Ekidu made a worried expression.

They would get trapped at this rate.

Hansoo smiled at those words and then raised his hand.

The Red Marble that was in Junghwan’s right arm.

“It’s ok. I’ve gotten the thing I needed.”

Like how Junghwan was targeting his information rather than himself.

He didn’t need them either.

‘It’ll be a direct path from here on.’

This was not something created to just close and open some doors.


The Dark Cloud came out from Hansoo’s hand and started to eat up the Red Marble.



While Junghwan was running.


Junghwan was shocked at the wall that had suddenly appeared and stopped.

‘What the hell…’

The tunnels turned and new paths were being created.

It had never happened before.

Junghwan looked at the giant structure of the Maze which had started to change with panic.