Reincarnator - Chapter 181 : Proposition (1)

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Chapter 181 : Proposition (1)

Darlton was flustered as he saw the people walk towards him.

But he could not run away like this.

Since he had to catch them.

‘I need to wake up.’

This wasn’t the end yet.


Darlton shouted out loudly while backing off and creating distance.

“Hey you guys over there! Listen close! Do you know who’s following that bastard over there right now? The Arukon are chasing him!”

“…What the hell is he saying.”

Everybody frowned.

Why did the Arukons come out here?

This was a ceasefire zone.

There was no way the Arukons will come in order to just catch a single human.

And because of this.

One of the Hunters shouted out loudly.

“What the hell are you saying! Do you think that really makes sense? Look at this guy spurting out nonsense as the time for his beating comes around!”


Everyone laughed at Darlton.

There was actually another reason why the people were laughing.

Even if they took a hundred steps back and said the Arukons were chasing Hansoo, there was no way the Arukons, who had the Satellite Fortress, would release the Hunting Dogs to catch Hansoo the hard way.

Since there was no way a human the Arukons were after would survive all the way into this place.

Darlton shouted out in frustration.

“Look at these dumbasses! Can’t you see this on my neck?”

Darlton then raised the Blue Jade underneath his armor up high.

A bright blue light filled up the insides of the Maze.

The people frowned as they saw the necklace.

They knew what it was.

The dog collar of the Higher Races.

‘Fucking hell…Is it real?’

Darlton saw the people flinch and back up as he continued to shout out.

“The Arukon promised to let the ones who catch him live! He said he would take us to the end of the Green Road! We wore these necklaces because of those terms.”

Of course it was all a lie.

But Darlton needed to buy time no matter what.

‘Damn. I don’t have the time to consider things like that!’

If he isn’t able to keep them here then he would die by the hands of the Arukons.

But if he fought with them then he and the 3 others would just get destroyed.

They had the confidence to kill a 1st rank beast with just four of them.

But that guy in the distance beat a 1st rank beast down into pulp with his bare fists.

They might be able to hold Hansoo alone but the hunters whom numbered to almost a hundred were the problem.

They needed to get the hunters on their side and hold on until the Arukons came.

No, if the hunters helped them then they might even be able to kill Hansoo.

“..Fucking hell.”

Everyone mumbled as they backed away from Hansoo.

Since it felt like the assault of the Satellite Fortress would fall down onto their heads at any time.

The scenes of people being erased by the attacks of the Harvester were still clear in their memories.

The grouped-up people started to back away from Hansoo and surrounded him.

And they all gulped as they looked at Hansoo in the middle.


Junghwan made an expression of disbelief at the words that came out from the 5m-tall existence.

“…You said that Dakidus got killed?”

“Yes. And that bastard ran away and headed into your Maze.”

“Man. So what are you asking us to help you with then?”

The guy ran into the Maze.

It seems like the Hunting Dogs have found him already, what was the problem?

He could just go in himself and burn the guy down with the spear.

Akitrus replied to Junghwan’s words.

“Since that place is basically like your house, it’s a bit rude for me to enter and all. Catch them for me, I’ll finish the job here.”


Junghwan frowned at Akitrus who was handing over a tedious job at him.

Since he finally realized Akitrus’s intentions.

‘He’s suspicious of us huh.’

That Akitrus wasn’t entering the maze because he was suspecting them.

And the moment Junghwan thought of this, the spear on Akitrus’s hand suddenly felt scarier.

Since suspicion often acted as the sparks of a dispute.

‘Tsk. If I refuse him here then…’

Akitrus would be able to go everywhere he wanted from the simple excuse of catching that one guy.

If he started to make holes in the Maze then Junghwan and the others wouldn’t be able to contain him and sooner or later Akitrus will reach the room where the Triple Fusion Beasts are at in the depths.

Akitrus smiled as he looked at Junghwan frowning at him.

“Oh. Don’t worry about it too much. I released quite a few Hunting Dogs already. If those guys find the guy first then you guys won’t be needed in the end.”


It sounded like Akitrus wanted to search the entire Maze with this chance but there was no reason for Junghwan to refuse him.

“Then he should get caught pretty quickly. There shouldn’t be a need for us to intervene but we will get ready just in case.”

“Haha. Then I shall just wait here.”

Junghwan turned away from Akitrus who was gathering all the Hunting dogs into one place using the Blue Jade and then headed into the Maze.


But unlike the previous annoyed expression of Junghwan, his current expression was extremely serious.

‘Release the entire Mount Liang.’

Junghwan, who was holding onto a Red Jade entered through the destroyed door of the maze and started to head into the depths.


The people who were standing nearby Hansoo looked towards Hansoo and his comrades and were in a state of confusion.

‘…If he is being chased by the Arukon then he will not survive.’

Logically speaking, they should get as far away from him as possible.

But the problem about this world was that being a bystander was not possible.

Either an enemy,

Or an ally.

If they stay here then they would die by the hands of the Arukon who will come later.

But Hansoo was too scary for them to attack him.

Would Hansoo just say if they attacked him?

“Damn….Did he live at the village for like 10 years or something?”

While everybody was lost in thought.

Hansoo was quickly recognizing the current situation.

‘He released the Hunting Dogs but they haven’t come…yet.’

They were probably suspecting Clementine’s underlings outside then.

There was no other reason why they wouldn’t come in.

Which meant that there was only one course of action next.

‘The Hunting Dogs and Mount Liang would swarm in here then.’

Which meant that he had no time to spare here.


The moment Hansoo moved.


Hansoo’s body disappeared from sight.


As people realized Hansoo’s disappearance and exclaimed out.


Hansoo’s body cut through the surrounding people and flew towards Darlton at an extreme speed.


It was just a single person running on the ground but every step of Hansoo made sounds of metals clashing as that sound resonated throughout the tunnels of the Maze.

“Damned bastards! You guys will all die now! Soon my comrades will come!”

Darlton cursed at the people who hadn’t decided on what to do yet and quickly backed away as he shot barrages of arrows like a madman.



Darlton’s hands got faster and faster as more arrows were shot out.

Arrows which decreased in penetration power but rose in brute destructive force only, arrows to stop the approaching target.

‘They’re coming!’

Dartlon could hear running noises from the distance from where he was coming from.

To his already sensitive ears which had been polished through his time as a Hunter, those footsteps sounded like thunder.

Which means that he just needed to hold on.

If the four of them hold on then soon they will become eight and then that eight will become sixteen.

Then it would be the end for Hansoo even without the Arukon coming here.

Since he had a new power that he did not have before.


Numerous arrows and long range skills filled with blue aura flew out from Darlton and the three people behind him.

“These fucking rats!’

Karhal and Ekidu screamed out in rage towards the ones attacking Hansoo as they started to run to Hansoo.

The arrows weren’t an issue.

Karhal and Ekidu smashed away the arrows from behind Hansoo and tried to shorten the distance but the distance between them wasn’t getting reduced at all.

Since the biggest problem still existed.

‘Fuck. Hansoo is slow!’

As if the enemy set up their group around mobility, they were running all around the Maze and pouring out skills.

‘If I remember correctly… This Hansoo doesn’t have a movement skill!”

They hadn’t realized since his speed which came from his peerless physical body was quite similar to theirs when they used their movement skills.

And since Hansoo, who was acting as the shield, couldn’t close the gap, they couldn’t close the gap either.

Though Karhal and Ekidu were throwing suppressive skills at them, their magic powers were much different.

Their suppressive skills were getting smashed apart from the hail like skills that poured out from their necklace and surrounded their body like a manna storm.

The few skills they could cast had no meaning.

‘Damn! If only those guys helped them!’

The moment Karhal stole a glance behind him.

A loud shout rang out.

“Let me ask one thing! Why are you being chased!”

A question that they couldn’t answer because the situation had advanced too quickly.

‘These bastards… This isn’t the time to ask that!’

While Karhal was frowning from the storm of skills flying towards him.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and spoke to Karhal while handing him something from his pockets.

“Throw them this.”

Karhal stopped for a moment after seeing what it was but then turned around as he threw the object in his hands.

“Damn! This is why!”


The object flew through the air and landed in front of the Hunters.

It was a very familiar looking item but it was a bit different from the ones in their memories.

The one they knew was much larger than the one in front of them and it shone beautifully in a bright blue color.

It was not a crown that had a dirty color and could barely fit onto a human’s head.

But they knew instinctively.

“Oh my god. This is Dakidus’s….”

The Hunters looked at each other with expressions of disbelief.

Since they finally realized why that Hansoo guy was being chased.

‘He killed a god? How?’

This was more than enough for those Arukons to chase him.

The people looked at the crown in a daze and then looked towards Hansoo running in the distance.

And they clenched their fists while looking at his back.

‘Fuck…Since it came down to this.’

The Hunters looked at each other and nodded.

As if they had decided.

And the moment they all nodded.



They started to pour out skills in a mad fashion.

Towards Darlton and the other three.



Numerous tens of skills entangled with each other and tied around Darlton and the three others.

And Darlton freaked out as he saw this and shouted out.

“You bastards! What the hell are you doing! Do you want to all die!?”

The moment Darlton shouted out in panic from Hansoo who had gotten close to him.

One of the Hunters who was using a suppression skill, , shouted out loudly.

“Fuck you! We calculated all of this already so just shut up and die!”

“These retarded bastards! Aaaaaaaahhhh!”

Tens of suppression skills froze and slowed him down.

The tremendous amount of mana started to break apart the skills one by one but it could not keep up with the speed of about a hundred Hunters.

In that instant.

Darlton, who was in despair, suddenly made a bright expression while looking at Hansoo.


Because something was heading towards them from the tunnel he came from.

Darlton pulled back the bowstring, fired a powerful shot and then shouted out loudly towards the darkness.

“Hahahaha! Hurry and help me!”


If reinforcements really came then it would become much more annoying.

While the Hunters were clenching their teeth.


A man appeared in the tunnels.

“Good! Hurry and…”

The moment Darlton, who was focused on Hansoo, turned around.

Darlton freaked out.

“Who the hell…”

Since a new face was smiling towards him while being covered in head to toe in blood.

With a strange red marble in his hand.

The moment Dartlon made a confused expression at the man who was looking back and forth between him and Hansoo.


“Kuuhuk…Why me.”

Even with the blue mana, it was useless.

The mana barriers got smashed apart by the hands of the man and Darlton screamed out as his heart was blown apart.



The three comrades of Dartlon freaked out as they saw Darlton die by the hands of the man and backed off.

“You must be him. Thank god I found you first.”

Junghwan appeared covered in head to toe in a mysterious blood as he smiled towards Hansoo who was standing out from the others.