Reincarnator - Chapter 180 : Maze (4)

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Chapter 180 : Maze (4)


To the insides of the dark tunnel.

There were a small group of people running through the long tunnel while filling it up with noises.

A group of four people.

Their entire bodies were shining brightly in blue.

And the space they ran through had been illuminated brightly.


The Hunters clenched their teeth while dashing through the tunnel with the power of the Blue Jade.

‘Ha…Ha. That bastard.’

A speed which they usually couldn’t even dream of achieving.

A tremendous amount of defense that was even higher than their own skills.

It felt like they, the four of them alone, could fight against a 1st rank Beast by themselves and win.

All this strength was from the blue light coming off from their necks.

A strength which they would usually even kill to gain.

But that’s only in the case that there’s no risk for them.

A bomb was good but nobody would be pleased to know about it when the switch to detonate that bomb was not in their hands.

‘Damnit! Fucking hell! That bastards needs to be in this direction!’

Darlton, the Guard who had been running through the tunnel along with three comrades, clenched his trembling hands.

And in Darlton’s hand the bow that he had wanted so much existed.

It had landed in his hands after Marun had died.

But Darlton wasn’t happy at all.

Since he had seen that powerful Marun getting crushed like a piece of trash.

That bastard of an Arukon had said clearly.

That their necklaces would blow up if they couldn’t find that strange guy.

And somebody who had even killed Marun wouldn’t really care about killing him either.

‘Fucking bastard. Fucking bastard…’

Almost 500 people were running around in order to find that one guy.

They would be able to find him if they searched.

Since it hadn’t been long since they had departed.

And this was the problem.

If that guy had gone in the direction of the Great Jungle?

Then the Hunters who had gone towards the Great Jungle would find them and Akitrus would head into that direction.

Which means then him and the others would just die while searching around these damned tunnels.

Since that powerful Arukon wouldn’t need them in order to catch the gyy.


Darlton squeezed out every bit of strength he had as he charged through the Maze.

And there were quite a few injuries on Darlton’s body.

Injuries that had occurred while dodging the beasts he had encountered on the way.

He had no time to deal with things like this.

Darlton scraped every bit of remaining mana in his body as he poured it into his movement skills.

And the already quick Darlton’s speed rose by numerous times.

He had to find them quickly.

Before others.

At that moment.



A loud sound was heard by Darlton and his comrades suddenly.

‘Is it him?’

Darlton’s expression brightened up.

Since he just needed to find them.

‘I won’t be fighting him anyway.’

The strength of the guy wasn’t important and he just needed to hold him down until Akitrus came.

And he was confident enough to do so.

‘Let’s go!’

Darlton burned up his mana as he charged towards where the sound came from.


“Where are you going!”

Hansoo shook his head as Karhal shouted out with numerous injuries on his body.

“We’re always there.”

“Damn! You’ve been saying that from a while ago!”

As Hansoo replied and turned right from the four way cross.


A beast without a right arm was charging towards them from the end of the tunnel.

1st rank beast, Mirtin.

Karhal grinded his teeth while looking at the beast which had a face similar to a Gorilla’s.

“Damnit! This really is a fucking beast’s nest.”

Hansoo hadn’t said it was dangerous for no reason.

They were meeting beasts almost every 5 minutes.

From the weakest ones to even strong ones.

But this one was dimensions apart from the previous ones.

It had a tremendous amount of tenacity and belonged at the top of the 1st grade beasts, a beast that every Hunter of the 1st Area had to gather in order to barely suppress it.

‘Did they get trapped in here after coming in when the doors were open? How did they get in!’

The beasts were all strong but they all had similar injuries.

Marks made by the Triple Fusion Beasts.

They had run away to the small tunnels after being attacked by the Triple Fusion Beast after coming into the maze.

The ones who had been trapped here for quite a long time had turned quite mad.



A giant gorilla that was almost 5m tall charging through the tunnel was almost like fear itself.

At that moment.

Hansoo jumped out front and smashed the beast with his spear.


The Gorilla didn’t have its right arm but Hansoo’s situation wasn’t the best either.

The Thousand Soldiers Armor had melted down from the destruction beams and even his skin had burnt.

And his left arm was smashed apart like the arm of Mirtin.


The Mirtin flinched at the human charging at it ferociously but then roared out in rage as it charged.


A red aura that came out from its heart surrounded its left arm.

The moment Mirtin struck out it’s left arm that was covered in the red aura.

Hansoo also swung the Forked Lightning with his one arm and then intercepted the flying fist.

The moment the giant red arm and the relatively toothpick looking golden spear collided.


A strange noise was heard from the Mirtin’s left arm.


The moment the giant red gorilla flinched from the pain of its bones being destroyed.

Hansoo left behind his spear and charged the Gorilla.

‘It’ll get in the way.’

In close quarters, his fists would be much more useful than the long spear.

And Hansoo was extremely familiar with fighting without a weapon.




Hansoo bore close up the gorilla and started to beat down the Mirtin.

He started at the knees which were easy to target and then proceed onto the hips, sexual organs and the stomach.

Soon the Mirtin’s lower part had been turned into a mess.


The Mirtin roared out in pain as it covered its entire body even more with the red aura as it tried to smash Hansoo with its broken left arm.

But Hansoo dodged away from its attacked as he continued to smash it down.

The tunnel itself was quite small relative to the size of the beast so it could only get hit by Hansoo despite having a large amount of agility.

And Karhal squinted his eyes as he saw this scene from the distance.

‘What the hell is that.’


Everytime Hansoo swung his right fist, the ring in his hands shined.

It was something that had happened before but the previous beasts had been smashed apart too quickly for him to have seen it properly.

Karhal finally realized what it was after he focused his sight in order to not miss it this time.


Everytime Hansoo attacked his opponent, the mana barrier got smashed apart and blood splattered.

And every time the strange red aura got sucked into Hansoo’s body.

The problem was what happened afterwards.




Karhal rubbed his eyes as he saw this scene.

Hansoo’s burnt skin healed up and the muscles that were shredded by the claws of the Triple Fusion Beast got pieced together.

Even with Hansoo’s abnormal regenerative speed, this was too fast.

Boom! Boom!

Now Hansoo was attacking with both arms.

‘He has a lot of strange things. What the hell is that?’

Actually Karhal had never seen Hansoo attack this closely.

Since he was always being chased or fighting without mana from the Sealing Jade.


‘This isn’t the time to be doing this.’

Karhal mumbled as he gathered up a suppressive type skill in his hand.

Since it was a bit too hard to use a powerful long range skill due to the small size of the tunnel.

‘…It’s clearly not a place where a group should be fighting together.’

As if the others had similar thoughts as Karhal, most people used supportive or suppressive skills and helped out from the back and hid behind Ekidu and a few strong others.

It took quite long to explain all this but it actually happened in just an instant.

And soon Merelin made a surprised expression while looking at Hansoo who was smashing apart the beast with his bare hands.

‘What the hell is his trait? Is my trait that important? Even more than someone like that guy?’

Merelin made a confused expression.

Someone this strong was roaming around this Maze.

Which meant that he had not been scouted like her in the village.

She didn’t understand how she had been scouted when someone that strong hadn’t been.

At that moment.

“Found him!”

“This fucking bastard!”



A single beam of light flew towards Hansoo.

A familiar beam.

Ekidu rushed up ass he saw the familar beam of light rushing towards Hansoo who was fighting Mirtin.

Since she knew what it was.


Ekidu was shocked as she covered her body with the White River Demonic Art and faced the arrow.

Since it was aimed at Hansoo who was busy fighting the beast.

The Mirtin hadn’t been completely dealt with yet.

‘If it’s the Snake’s Path…I can block it!’

Marun was quite strong but she was a level above him.

Even if Marun had made a sneak attack, she would be able to block it.


But Ekidu realized something was wrong after blocking the arrow.



The arrow which had blue and red aura combined within started to penetrate into the white aura around Ekidu’s body.

An arrow which was numerous time stronger than the one Marun shot out.

Ekidu had been pushed back in an instant, all the way to Hansoo and the Mirtin.



For them to get in their way in a time like this.

Ekidu tried to hurridely get away from the attack range.

Since her heart would get penetrated if a second assault came.

But the second attack did not come.

Darlton instead started to shout out in glee.

“Hahahahahaha! I’ve found him! I found him!”


‘What the hell. Who is he shouting to.’

But the confident attitude made her feel uneasy.

Ekidu and everyone else frowned at Darlton’s shout.


“Huh. What a praiseworthy fellow.”

Akitrus, who had been standing outside, made a content expression.

Since they had done well.

‘I have to go in and turn that guy into dust personally…’

But there was one thing in his mind.

While Akitrus was pondering.


A man flew at the side of Akitrus and landed.

Junghwan, who had been watching over the test, had flown over here from the chaos.

Akitrus frowned as he looked at Junghwan.

‘This guy is…’

He didn’t know every bug alive but it was clear which organization this man belonged to.

The red marble that was in his hand.

And the confidence to stand in front of him like this.

It was obvious that he was one of Metion’s underlings who ruled the Green Road.

‘Clementine…That bastard.’

Akitrus frowned as he thought of Clementine who had threatened him in the past but then shook his head as he spoke out.

“What’s wrong?”

“What the hell are you doing? This is under our jurisdiction. If you guys mess things up like this then what the hell do you want us to do?”

The man respected him but did not fear him.

A completely different attitude from the other humans.

‘This bug.’

Akitrus wanted to turn this guy into dust with the Akion but he suppressed the urge.

Since that Metion guy was also crazy and quite an insane one at that.

Touching them would result in a backlash befitting of their craziness.

Akitrus frowned for a bit and then growled out.

“There’s a lot for us to say from our side. Didn’t you say that we wouldn’t need to worry about the humans anymore?”


Junghwan made a confused expression at those words.

That was correct.

That was why they were managing the village.

But did a problem occur or something?

How could a problem occur to creatures like them?

Akitrus glared at Junghwan.

‘These guys didn’t know it either huh.’

But Akitrus didn’t drop his suspicions.

Since he was suspicious about something from a while ago.

‘These guys…Wouldn’t be setting up a trap right?’

By his logic, there was no case where Dakidus would get killed by a bug.

Of course Dakidus with the Satellite Fortress dying to the ones in front of his eyes was unrealisitic as well but the chances were much higher than dying to the other humans anyway.

And the fact that the human confidently went into the maze was quite suspicious.

‘Is this guy…Trying to drag me into the Maze?’

He was confident himself.

If he had Akion, the spear of Punishment, he would burn every human he found.

If these guys killed Dakidus?

And they were using tricks and traps to come at him?

The Maze would become a very dangerous place.

Akitrus thought up to this point and then decided to take the safe route.

‘If you guys aren’t guilty or anything then…You won’t deny it.’

“I want to ask you for assistance.”



Junghwan had never heard of those dog-headed bastards ever asking for assistance.

Junghwan made a confused expression while holding tightly onto the Red Jade in his hand.


“Aren’t… Aren’t you coming?’

Darlton shouted out in panic from the necklace that didn’t have any response while looking at Hansoo and the others.