Reincarnator - Chapter 178 : Maze (2)

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Chapter 178 : Maze (2)


The hunters fell into despair as they saw Marun who had turned into a corpse.

They couldn’t even think of running away.

It was the Arukon.

The ones who dominated the Yellow Zone and were in possession of the Satellite Fortress.

Nobody could annoy them and get away with it.

Akitrus looked at the surrounding bugs and then pondered.

Since the Underground Maze would be the worst choice if they were thinking of running away from him.

He would become a trapped rat.

He could judge that him spreading the news of the Underground Maze was a trap, ignore it and just search around the Green Road.

But if he wasn’t thinking of running away?

‘Annoying rat.’

Akitrus growled.

If it was a human who had dealt with Dakidus then he might’ve really gone to the Underground Maze.

Since even they, the Higher Races, had a hard time roaming around that place.

If that rat was being impertinent and was trying to kill him as well then it would’ve gone into the maze.

Of course it might be like any other rat and try to run away after tricking him.

‘The chances are half and half…’

He needed to make the correct choice.

If that rat made him roam the Underground Maze and ran?

If he erased all the remaining traces of himself and hid within the humans then he would be impossible to find.

Since the human managing the Green Road, Metiron, wouldn’t stay idle if he massacred the humans in search for one.

If the humans use the Destruction Jade in a tense situation like this where the Akalachias and Rebeloongs were constantly looking for a chance, things would become troublesome.

‘The fact that I cannot use the Satellite Fortress is annoying.’

Akitrus growled.

If he could just use the Satellite Fortress then he didnt even need to trouble himself like this.

Since he could just search around the entire Green Road on it.

But they didn’t have the spare forces to send a Satellite Fortress this way just to chase a single bug.

‘That retarded Dakidus. To have lost to a bug even with the Satellite Fortress…’

Anyways, the search for that bug would be really troublesome now.

Akitrus, who had been cursing Dakidus, pondered for a moment and then looked around at the bugs around him.

And then smiled.

“Hey you guys, come over here.”


The nearby Hunters made nervous expressions at Akitrus’s call.




Multiple laser beams were erasing everything in their path and destroying the terrain.


Karhal and Ekidu ran in between these beams as they screamed.

The danger rose everytime the number of beams increased.


Hansoo received the laser beam with his body again as he shouted.

“We’re almost here! There!”

In the distance.

There was a strangely cracked land.

A 50-meter-wide Abyss along with a black tunnel inside that abyss.

It would need to be at least this big for those large beasts to be able to comfortably enter and exit.

And during this time, Karhal was gulping down his saliva while staring at the tunnel that was slowly closing.

‘Damn. We’re really going in huh.’

But going in seemed like the better option right now.

Since nothing could get worse than the situation they were in at least.


Just when Ekidu and Karhal had gotten right up to the door while Hansoo was blocking the beam with his body and was about to jump in.



Projectiles and skills flew in from the inside.


Karhal, who didn’t pay attention to the hole because he was so focused on what happened behind him, suddenly freaked out.

‘…Did Clementine’s underlings get here already?’

Ekidu made an expression of despair.

It might’ve been different if there were only Clementine’s underlings but the Triple Fusion Beasts were right on their tail as well.

But Ekidu soon realized that her fears were a bit off.

‘The strength… Is weak.’

If they were like Karim then skills equal to or above Karhal’s Quintuple Fusion would’ve flown in.

But the skills that came out from the insides were quite weak.

So weak that Ekidu could just take it with the Scarlet Yang Armor and the White River Demonic Arts that had turned into rags by the Triple Fusion Beasts.

“Get on me!”

Ekidu shouted towards Karhal.

Since her physical capabilities were higher.

“Damn…At least care for my face a bit.”

Karhal complained but realized he shouldn’t be doing it in the current situation as he got on Ekidu’s back.

And Ekidu raised her speed and started to dash towards the hole.

Loud noises came out from the hole Karhal and Ekidu were heading towards.

“Get lost you bastards! Don’t drag them here!”

“You crazy bastards! What are you doing!”

Ekidu realized the identity of these people at those words.

People who had run away from the Triple Fusion Beasts and had hid within the suspicious looking hole.

They had finally found peace but had freaked out and attacked when some strange guys were dragging the beasts towards where they were hiding.

But Ekidu clenched her teeth and ran inside even faster.

Since she couldn’t really care about their situation right now.

If someone asked her who she would fight between the ones in front of her eyes or the Triple Fusion Beasts behind her, there wasn’t even a need to consider the first option.

The vicious aura within Ekidu’s body exploded out.

The White River Demonic Art’s power had increased after she had become more frantic.




While the people were backing off from the aura radiating from Ekidu who was charging in.


Karhal and Ekidu had been able to get into the hole safely.

Ekidu hurriedly stood up inside the slowly closing door, suppressed the White River Demonic Art, which was the cause of her vicious aura that was flaring up, as she shouted towards Hansoo.


“Hey! Run!”

They only needed Hansoo to come in.

The urgent shouts of Ekidu and Karhal rang out but Hansoo was focused on dodging the attacks of the Triple Fusion Beastq while circling around as if he hadn’t heard them.

Karhal saw this and realized something as he grabbed ahold of one of the people sitting in the hole alongside them.

“Hey! Hurry and send support fire!”

“Uh? Huhh?”

“What are you doing you bastards! He’s buying time until the door closes! You think those guys outside would just leave if that guy died?”

Karhal then pointed towards Hansoo who was covered in blood.

The tens of people woke up from those words as they started to send their attacks at the Triple Fusion Beast.

Booom! Boooom!


As attacks flew in from the inside, the Triple Fusion Beast turned its head and looked towards the inside of the hole.

It hadn’t realized their existence when it had been focused on the one in front of its eyes but as the weaker ones attacked it, its instincts flared up.


One of the beams that was focused on hansoo headed towards the entrance of the tunnel.

And the people freaked out as they saw this.

Since they all knew the might of that beam.

“Uaaaak! Hide!’

“Damn! Why did we do that!”

The people who had been sending the attacks hurriedly hid behind the doors that was closing.

‘Damn! This…This door shouldn’t get destroyed!’

Karhal closed his eyes.

If this door melted down from that beam then it was the end.


The beam that came out from the beast’s mouth smashed into the half-closed door.


The metal door made strange noises as it caught on fire along with some smoke.


The cries of people were heard because of the heat of the beam that had flown through the half-closed door and through the tunnel.

Since it was extremely hot.


Thankfully the door had been able to block the beam of the Triple Fusion Beast.


But the people were now so terrified that they didn’t even try to peak their head through the closing door.

As no reactions came the Triple Fusion Beast ignored the group as it started to focus on Hansoo again




Two of them constantly had their beams on Hansoo and one of them charged towards Hansoo as if it wanted to devour him.

And Hansoo’s mana, which had been barely holding on, started to dry up.

As the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement got shredded apart and the Thousand Soldiers Armor turned into rags.

‘It’s good!’


Hansoo dodged the Triple Fusion Beast’s front legs as he jumped into the hole.


The enraged Triple Fusion Beasts had even stopped the beams as they ran towards the entrance of the Maze.


But the almost-closed door was wide enough for Hansoo to enter but it was too small for the Triple Fusion Beasts, which were the size of small buildings, to enter.




The people tensed up at the attacks of the Triple Fusion Beasts which were slamming the closed door as they powered up skills in their hands.

Since they would get massacred if it got breached.

The faint lights of the skills in the darkness showed the fear and despair of the people.





As if the beasts had lost interest at the door that wasn’t opening up, the sounds of them attacking the door disappeared and the people sighed out in relief.

And the skills showed the faces of the people.

‘Who is it?’

Merelin, the woman who had been leading the people inside, made a nervous expression while looking at the three new people who had entered.

Those people were all tired and had been injured while running away from the attacks of the Triple Fusion Beast.

‘And one seems to have a really foul personality.’

The man who had come on the back of a woman and had grabbed ahold of them was still looking at their direction with an expression full of contempt.

‘Well. It’d be like that too.’

Merelin remained tensed up as she mumbled.

Since her own group wouldn’t be good in their eyes since her group had tried to attack them while the three were running in with those beasts behind them.

But her group had a few things to say to.

‘What the hell do you want us to do when you are bringing three of those things over here.’

While the two groups were glaring at each other.

Ekidu patted Karhal’s back.

“Calm down Karhal. There’s nothing to be gained from fighting here.”

“Fucking hell. What a person of virtue you are.”

Karhal growled towards Ekidu but just spat out once and looked over his wounds since he knew her words weren’t wrong.

Since the current situation wasn’t the best to fight with these guys.

This place was the headquarters of their enemy.

There was nothing to be gained in making more enemies.

Karhal asked Hansoo.

“Are you going in now?’

Hansoo nodded.

This time, when most of the Triple Fusion Beasts had gone out, was the best time to get through the Maze.

Of course the obstacle in getting the King’s Crown still existed.

At that moment.

Someone spoke to Merelin.

“Merelin. We aren’t…trapped right?”

At those words Merelin’s expression changed.

From what it seemed this tunnel was where the beasts had come out from.

They were trapped in the nest of those things.

Merelin shouted out.

To Karhal who seem to be the weakest.

“Dammit! What are you going to do? We were going to leave after hiding here for a bit but we can’t leave anymore!”

“Fucking hell. This was why I didn’t want to enter on her back.”

That was the reason why he was hearing these things.

While Karhal was frowning.


A very faint vibration throughout the maze.

Hansoo frowned and looked at Merelin’s group in front of his eyes as he felt that.



In another part of the maze.

One of the doors that the Triple Fusion Beast could not smash apart no matter what had been destroyed.

And a Triple Fusion Beast was laid out on the ground with only half its body.


While the people who had been chased by Akirus were crying out in fear.

Akitrus who smashed apart the door with the blue spear in his hands, the Akion, and had even killed the Triple Fusion Beast, shook off the blood on his eyes and tsked.

“Insolent mixed blood.”


Akitrus, who had smashed apart the door with Akion that used the power of the Satellite Fortress to activate, stared at the hunters behind him.

And there was something on all those Hunter’s necks.

Blue Jade.

The dog collar that made hunting dogs.

‘It’s good to have brought quite a lot of them.’

He just needed to wait here.

For the hunting dogs to find him while he waited.

He could just leisurely run over and smash his heart apart.

With the Akion, the spear of blue light.

Akitrus made a content expression as he spoke.

“Half of you search the forest and the other half search around the Maze. Once you find him just send the signal with the necklace. And for those who want to laze around…”

While everyone made nervous expressions at Akitrus’s words.

Akitrus erased the smile on his face as he growled out and spoke.

“The only ones who will live are the ones who find him. Search for him with your lives on the line. If you can’t find him…I’ll blow up the necklaces.”

The necklace that had a large amount of energy.

There was nothing to think about as to what would happen if these necklaces blew apart.


Everyone ran either to the forest or the maze in despair from those words.

Extremely quickly.

‘You rat. I’ll see you soon. He should’ve known that he would get trapped if he went into the maze…Does he have something in reserve? Or perhaps…’

If that rat had gone into the Great Jungle then he could just chase in glee but if he hadn’t then something was suspicious.

Akitrus, who had been smiling in contentment, suddenly made an expression full of suspicion.