Reincarnator - Chapter 176 : Green Road (3)

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Chapter 176 : Green Road (3)


The main instigator of all this chaos, Junghwan, made a confused expression while surveying the area from above a cliff.

While looking at the Triple Fusion Beast that was attacking a single person with its laser.

It wasn’t that weird up to this point.

What was weird was the result.

‘Why is he alive? Did something go wrong?’

It seemed like it attacked at random but there was a reason for all of its attacks.

Junghwan made a confused expression as he hurriedly checked the other areas.

Since that wasn’t the only location where the Triple Fusion Beast popped out at.



The Triple Fusion Beasts, Which had been released into the funnel area, were chasing and driving people in all directions.


A 30m tall monster that was charging towards them with black colored claws that were larger than a human’s body was like fear itself.

‘Damnit! It’s much larger than a normal 1st grade monster!’

Merelin, an ex-Hunter from a village, grinded her teeth as she saw the beast running around in a rampage.

One might think that size didn’t matter anymore to these Hunters, who have reached the level of a superhuman, but size was actually a very important factor.

Since one’s mass and size didn’t really increase along with the runes.

Even with the same amount of strength, if a human got hit by those claws then they would just get flung into the air.

And their own reach was much shorter as well.

They can overcome this to a certain degree with their skills but if mana, resistance and defense was around the same level then having a larger body was always better.

‘Fuck it, let’s try attacking it!’

Merelin was an adventurer who had been in the Yellow Zone for almost one and a half years.

She had fought against a few 1st grade Monsters before.

She had never seen something as powerful as this before but she wouldn’t just stay idle and get killed.

Soon a large amount of energy was gathered in her hands.

She prepared her skill, Diffusion Shot, and then flung it towards the beast.




The Triple Fusion Beast felt its skin burning in as it looked towards Merelin.

And she frowned from this scene.

Since her skill had only barely made its skin burn a bit.

‘Damn…I should’ve have enlarged it to affect more area.’

A human would die if a hole the size of their head was created on them but to a large beast it would just tickle a bit.

Those things wouldn’t stop in their tracks just because a few needle holes were created in their body.

No, they would actually just get even more enraged.

One would need to blow apart a part of their entire body in order to stop their movements but in order to increase the effective size of a skill the damage would decrease drastically.

A single arrow to the heart would kill a human but for such a large beast, a hole the size of a few human’s heads would be needed.

‘But… My skills work against it!’

It wasn’t like the Arukons where their skills didn’t work at all.

Then it was possible.

Since she wasn’t alone.

Merelin turned around and shouted to behind her.


At that moment all the people who were running away looked at each other.

Merelin’s comrades, the 85 people, and the 117 others from a different village.

And these people figured something important out in that short moment.

Something very simple but important as well.

‘If we don’t attack… It goes for the weaker ones first?’

That bastard of a beast with a mouse’s head and a wolf’s body was weird, it miraculously found the weakest target first and was killing them first.


Everyone looked around their surroundings.

If they all attack then at least 50 of them would die in the process.

Actually, it might even be more if their teamwork isn’t perfect.

And they couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t be part of that 50.

But if they run then a much lesser number would die.

Since that beast wasn’t focused on them right now.

As they finished thinking.


They all ran in different directions.

“You fucking bastards!”


Merelin shouted out in befuddlement but then started to madly run away as well.

Since fighting it alone would just end in a meaningless death.

“Damnit! Spread out and run!”

Merelin shouted out as she ran.

And as the people who were attacking it started to run away, the Triple Fusion Beast started going for the weaker ones in order one by one.


“That’s how it should be.”

Junghwan nodded as he watched the chaos.

It didn’t matter if it the person was a good and trustable person or not.

Since they already had their standards.

One’s own strength.

An absolute strength that can even go against a hundred people alone.

That was the only important factor.

‘The villages are useful but they have too many useless things.’

Junghwan mumbled as he fumbled around with the Red Jade in his hands.

Something like this wasn’t even needed in the past before they made a compromise with the higher races.

Since reaching the portal after getting through the Higher Races proved one’s strength by itself.

But after they had a compromise and the Higher Races backed out, there was a need for them to do a few things.

Since they would enter in large groups if left alone.

Then weaklings would come up which would result in making it hard to control the huge masses.

So they release the Triple Fusion Beast.

And using its amazing ability which found out the weakest ones first.

‘But… How did he survive?’

It attacked the weakest ones.

But weak ones should not be able to survive from its attack.

But the person who had been hit by the laser from before was still alive.

Which means that he was quite strong.

‘…It had never attacked the strong one first before.’

But even before Junghwan could turn his head to look at that special man after losing interest in the villagers who were running away.


He was shocked at the Red Jade in his hands which trembled as he hastily looked outside.

Since an impossible event had occurred.

‘What? The Triple Fusion Beast died?’

Of course it could die.

But when these things felt danger, the instincts of the Rebeloongs within its body would activate.

Group hunt.

It would run away the moment it felt danger.

At the same time it would sent out a super sonic wave that only Rebeloongs could hear and call its comardes.

Its death meant that it didn’t even have the time to run away.

‘Did that guy possibly…’

Junghwan looked down below the cliff in a hurry.

Then he opened his eyes wide as he looked at the man who was now fighting a second Triple Fusion Beast.




A red laser which had erased 20 Hunters from the face of the world in an instant.

Hansoo’s body withstood that laser and stood still.


The red laser collided with the golden reinforcement around Hansoo’s body and got diffused around.


Trees got burnt and the ground melted down from the diffused beams.

Even the diffused beam was that strong.

‘Rebeloong’s destruction beam.’

If the Arukons had powerful bodies and the Akalachis could fly into the skies then the Rebeloongs had many more of their kind as well as being able to use a destruction beam.

Abilities that the Sages had bestowed upon the weak races that couldn’t even defend their own bodies.

And the Triple Fusion Beast, which was made up of mixing these three races, could use it as well.


And as if Hansoo couldn’t handle it for long as well, he quickly swung his Forked Lightning to smash apart the beam as he moved out.

And as Hansoo came out from the beam the Triple Fusion Beast was wary and ready to defend itself.

It had to.

Since after it had come to help its comrade after hearing the desperate cry, the only thing it saw was a corpse filled with holes.

And the one who did all that was in front of its eyes.

Since the Arukon’s body, which was physically enhanced, was constantly sending warning signals from its sixth sense.

Hansoo frowned as it looked at the Triple Fusion Beast that didn’t even care for everything else and was only focused on him.

‘Tsk. is it because I killed Dakidus?’

Usually it would only go for the weakest one first but that’s only if their opponents weren’t a threat.

He wondered why it had specifically ran over to them but it seems like they sense the traces of Dakidus within his body.

To be exact, the body of Dakidus that the Thousand Soldiers Armor ate up.

But this was actually a chance in some sense.

‘Try shooting it again.’

As Hansoo motioned with his hands to attack again, the Triple Fusion Beast spat out the beam again.


A beam of laser came out from the Triple Fusion Beast’s mouth as it flew past the ground.


Hansoo didn’t even think about dodging the destruction beam as he blocked it with his own body.


The Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement got shredded apart.

And the mana within his body was getting drained like a pond within a mountain in flames.

But he had to do this.

Since it would run away otherwise.

Hansoo shouted towards his back loudly!


“Just a moment…It’s done!”

While Hansoo was buying time.

The Quintuple Beam in Karhal’s hands flew towards the Triple Fusion Beast.

But he didn’t spread it out.

Small. Very small.

The five beams, which had condensed into a size in which a thin woman may barely be able to go through, flew towards the Triple Fusion Beast.

Which was sending out a beam of laser from its wide open mouth.


The Triple Fusion Beast screamed.

The attack wasn’t fast.

It could’ve probably dodged if it flew into the air.

But it didn’t.

‘It cannot use two traits at the same time.’

A beast made by fusing the three races.

But it could not use all three at the same time.

Only one at a time.

Which meant that while it was shooting the laser, it was merely a stationary cannon.


A hole was created below the Triple Fusion Beast’s waist.

But this was not a fatal wound.

A hole a bit larger than a human’s head could be easily healed within a night to that giant beast.

There was a reason why it had chosen to use the Rebeloong’s trait to attack instead of the Akalachia’s trait to dodge.

It would’ve ran away if Hansoo wasn’t here but there wasn’t really a need to stop attacking to dodge an attack like this.


But as the Triple Fusion Beast made a snort-like noise and was about to pour all its strength into the beam.


The body of the Triple Fusion Beast, which had been laying down in the distance, blew apart.

At the same time something within the corpse which was blazing white suddenly dashed towards the Triple Fusion Beast which was sending out its beam.


The Arukon’s genes that was a part of the Triple Fusion Beast madly sent warning signals.

But Ekidu’s speed when she was using the White River Demonic Art was numerous times faster than the Quintuple beam.


And in the next instant Ekidu jumped into the hole created in the Triple Fusion Beast’s body.

A loud noise of friction was heard between her Scarlet Yang Armor and the flesh of the beast due to the size being a bit small but Ekidu opened up the injury and hacked her way in.

Even before the beast could handle her.

And soon.


The Triple Fusion Beast went on a rampage.

Nothing would be able to handle the pain of something smashing their organs and cutting their muscles from the inside.

Kwaduk! Kwaduk!

The Triple Fusion Beast dug around its injury in order to pull out the bug inside its body but it was all futile.

Since Ekidu didn’t allow herself to be caught by the hand which was carefully entering the body just in case it would hurt itself.

Ekidu actually just dodged away from the hand and madly bored towards the more important organs.



The Triple Fusion Beast fell on the ground after its heart was blown apart.

Just like the corpse which it had seen after it got here.

And Hansoo frowned as he looked at the Triple Fusion Beast.

‘How many died from this thing this time around?’

Hansoo frowned.

He had also taken the test that Mount Liang had given them.

And this test will continue on for close to a month.

Until the number of people got reduced by almost half.

If his trait hadn’t awakened to a certain degree in the past then he would’ve died then as well.

Karhal shouted towards Hansoo.

“What are you going to do now? What about those guys?”

Karhal then pointed towards Marun and his comrades who had surrounded him.

‘These damned bastards.’

Karhal frowned as he looked at Marun who had stopped in place to watch instead of running away.



Marun, who had chosen to watch instead of running away, made a shocked expression while looking at Hansoo.

‘It’s not that they only have three but just that they only need three huh.’

They were confident with just three.’

“…What are you going to do Marun?”

One of the Hunters, who was making an expression full of fear, asked Marun.

Since almost 30 people had died in that short moment from the beams.

Even when they didn’t fight directly.

It would be a huge problem if things like that swarmed the forest.

Marun smiled as he spoke.

There was quite a useful thing in front of them.

“Well, it seems like we’re lucky. We should help each other in times of trouble. It doesn’t look like they are having easy as well.”

He didn’t know why they were travelling with only three people but he knew that they wouldn’t deny his offer at a time like this.

Marun then looked towards Hansoo and the other two in the distance.