Reincarnator - Chapter 174 : Green Road (1)

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Chapter 174 : Green Road (1)

Ortanion already figured out why Dakidus had come here while connecting the communication server.

‘Tsk. Dumb bastard, he wasted the mana crystals because he was fooling around again huh.’


This was why he could never like that Dakidus guy.

While others were struggling to do their best in defending their borders, that guy used the precious mana crystals to fool around with the Satellite Fortress.


And as the communication servers connected, Ortanion attempted to speak right away.

Towards Dakidus’s Fortresses which had already approached up to the mana crystal refinery depository.

Though they couldn’t use the Satellite Fortressss which were made for the Sages to their full potential, communicating in a short distance like this was easy.

But there were no responses from the Satellite Fortress.

No, it was worse than that.


Ortanion made a confused expression at the Fortress that had no responses but then that expression suddenly turned into one of shock.

Ortanion hurriedly shouted out.


Dakidus’s Satellite Fortress was aggressively pushing into the mana crystal refinery depository.

At this rate it would crash.

“God fucking damnit!”


Ortanion hurriedly poured his will to the crown on his head.

If it crashed at this rate then the entire mana crystal depository would get destroyed.

He had to stop this from happening even by attacking Dakidus’s Satellite Fortress.

But right as Ortanion’s Satellite Fortress was about to smash Dakidus’s Satellite Fortress with a blue light.

Ortanion stopped for a moment.

‘…The Satellite Fortress?’

Attacking the Satellite Fortress of one’s own nation?

While the enemy was watching right in front of them?

Even Ortanion had to ponder as to what he should do.

Since he had never even thought of such a thing happening.

‘How do I deal with…’

But in that short moment.

The situation jumped over Ortanion’s expectations and kept on rushing.

Towards the worst possible outcome possible.


A powerful light started to radiate out from Dakidus’s Satellite Fortress.

Like a sun that was burning up the last remaining bits of itself.

And soon.


The giant Satellite Fortress got blown apart.

From the explosion of the mana engine overloading itself.



The tremendously huge noises filled up the surroundings.

Noise that could be heard by everyone in the border area.

An overloading of the mana engine where the mana crystals were.

The tremendous amount of energy, which raised up that giant Satellite Fortress and allowed one to have the abilities of a god, had turned into a light of destruction as it swept its surroundings.



The mana crystal depository got blown apart.

And the explosion didn’t stop here as it swept through the mana crystals in there as well.

The mana crystaled got stimulated by the tremendous amount of energy sweeping through them.

And soon a chain explosion occured.



The entire area was swept across by a tremendous amount of blue light in an instant.

And Ortanion’s Satellite Fortress wasn’t an exception.


Ortanion screamed at the enormous amount of force which smashed into his body.

The defense of the Satellite Fortress was amazing.

Since it made a shield using the ample amount of energy of the mana crystal.

But the situation was bad.

Since the force that smashed into the Satellite Fortress was created by the explosion of those mana crystals.


The shield which covered the Satellite Fortress got blown apart by the tremendous amount of energy sweeping through it in just an instant.

And then it caused that giant Satellite Fortress to tilt and fall towards the ground.

And soon.


The giant Fortress crashed into the ground.

There weren’t any dust clouds.

Since the ground had long melted down from the huge amount of energy and temperature created by the explosions of the mana crystals.


Ortanion, who had been smashing around inside the fallen Satellite Fortress’s control room, crawled up after barely balancing himself.


Even the powerful bodies of Arukons couldn’t deal with the amount of force from before.

Ortanion, who was groaning as he saw his broken arm and leg, raised himself with his right leg which was still somewhat fine and grasped his head with his left arm.

And then looked outside to check on the situation.

‘Wait, the Refinery! What happened to the Refinery!…’

But as the Satellite Fortress spun while falling, the giant window of the control room had been facing the exact opposite direction of the Refinery Depository.

Towards the Akalachia’s and Rebeloong’s borders.


Ortanion checked the scene outside and ignored the pain coursing through his arm as he hurriedly opened up the communication server.


Thankfully the remaining energy supplied the system as the communication server got opened up.

And Ortanion screamed out in despair into the communication server.

The server buzzed a bit more and then a reply from Merutt came.

Though he hadn’t been swept by the explosion himself, he was still surprised.

The task of inspecting the Green Road had been given to Merutt.

It was so important that a whole Satellite Fortress had to be stationed there.

It was not something they could ignore.

But the situation was different.

A gap had been created in their defenses.

Would those two other snakes stay idle?

Ortanion shouted out while grinding his teeth as he looked at the Rebeloongs and Akalachias who were activating their Satellite Fortresses.


Hansoo, who had remotely controlled the Satellite Fortress from a distance, nodded.

‘It’s done.’

It might’ve been hard if it was a complex order but a simple order such as this could be made even without being on the Fortress itself.


The moment the Satellite Fortress got blown apart, the blue crown on Hansoo’s head lost its luster and cracks were created.

At the same time the blue jade, which Hansoo had taken over with the Dark Cloud, cracked apart as well.

Proof that the Satellite Fortress had been destroyed.

The large amount of energy roaring around his body started to disappear.

Like a well from which the water was drained.

“Damn… What a waste.”

He didn’t see the Satellite Fortress blowing apart with his own eyes but he knew right away by the aura disappearing from his body.

That the origin of the energy in his body had disappeared.

A result which was created by the Satellite Fortress in their control blowing apart.

Of course he felt regret when the Satellite Fortress, which they had so painstakingly obtained, got blown up like that.

But Hansoo shook his head as he looked at the two others.

“Don’t feel that way. We can’t use it anyway.”

Like how a car needed fuel to run.

The Atillan needed a large amount of mana crystals in order to move.

But the mana crystals was something that all the races struggled to keep as their own.

He might be able to receive it once or twice but in a situation where both sides were aiming for the Mana Crystals, there was no way that Hansoo could continue have a steady supply.

Even if he went on a rampage with the Atillan, it wouldn’t last long either.

‘This is good enough.’

Hansoo nodded as he watched the Satellite Fortresses starting to move around while radiating a blue light in the distance and nodded.

There wouldn’t have the leisure to continue to look over them anymore.

No, they would stop caring about the humans for the moment.

Since they would be busy fighting with each other.

There was a reason why Hansoo caused all this without worrying about getting tracked.

‘Though the chances of a war is low…’

A full on battle for just a single refinery was a bit too much.

But one thing was clear.

That they wouldn’t be able to do such a leisurely thing as leaving a Satellite Fortress in the Green Road.

The Arukons defending and the Rebeloons and Akalachias attacking as well.

They wouldn’t be able to pull Offerings for a while anymore.

Since they wouldn’t leave the leisurely Harvester’s Satellite Fortress to do such a thing.

They were now free of the Satellite Fortress’s overwatch.

Even if they wanted to they wouldn’t have the leisure to anyway.

Since fighting the Satellite Fortresses of the other nations would make them busy enough.

‘End everything now.’

It wouldn’t be easy even without the watch of the others.

Since the villagers and the adventurers of the Green Road were different.

And soon Hansoo dragged away Ekidu and Karhal as he started to move.

Into the tiger’s den in front of them.

Towards the path heading to the Destruction Jade, the Green Road.

And far away in the distance.

There was a pair of vicious eyes watching the three people from the beginning areas of the Green Road, the .


‘Those guys…which village did they come from. Why are their numbers so low. And what about the newcomers this time?’

Junghwan from the group, which held control of the beginning of the Green Road, made a confused expression.

Three people.

Usually the newcomers rushed up in a swarm.

And this was obvious.

The Green Road was like entering a strange land.

While leaving behind the village, which had a lot of issues itself but had safety they could defend on.

They would know that having a large amount of people would make them safer so usually the villages who knew each other grouped up to enter the Green Road together.

The narrowest part of the Green Road was only a few kilometers wide but it was still very narrow in compared to the villages that were spread far widely.

The people who started out from the various villages and headed towards the Green Road naturally moved in a fashion like water going through a funnel.

The three people team composition was quite strange from Junghwan’s perspective, this was because the funnel shape of the Green Road started from the beginning areas of the Green Road and the newcomer teams were usually hundreds in size.

He didn’t know if they were confident in their skills or they had a reason for all this but soon it’ll all get revealed.

‘I guess we won’t have to lift a finger anyway.’

This place was the funnel.

The people who started out from various villages all gathered at this place and clashed into each other.

Junghwan made an amused expression as he watched the two groups that were getting closer to each other.




Something flew towards Hansoo and Ekidu who were running through the trees.


Something that was heading towards the space between Ekidu’s eyes.

Ekidu, who was already nervous from entering the mysterious land called the Green Road and on edge from the thought of what they had to do from here, almost instinctively swung her hand towards the thing flying into her.


A single black arrow which had some red mana inserted into it.

But the moment Ekidu grabbed onto that arrow.



Ekidu’s body, which had caught the arrow, started to get pushed back while making grinding noises.

The momentum in that arrow had started to push Ekidu into the ground.

A long trench had been created from where Ekidu had been standing.

She tried to fling it off but she couldn’t due to the sticky red mana reinforcement of the arrow.

‘Break it!’

In that instant.


Ekidu powered up her White River Demonic Art and poured strength into the hands holding onto the arrow in her hands.


The red energy and the white mana reinforcement clashed with each other.

To the point of sparks being created between Ekidu’s hands and the arrow aiming for her forehead.

A huge shock wave radiated in all direction.


The result was Ekidu’s win.


Ekidu was finally able to catch a breath after all the momentum of the arrow had been dispersed.

“…This is.”

And Karhal, who had finally been able to see the shape of that arrow, frowned as he looked at it.

A familiar shape which he felt like he had seen somewhere before.

One might think that it was a killer move but Karhal knew.

That killing was not the objective.

‘Then he would’ve poured more skills onto it. Anyways…Where did I see an arrow like that before?’

If that arrow had flown in with the intentions to kill then Ekidu would’ve powered her White River Demonic Arts more.

While Karhal was making a confused expression at the arrow.

Ekidu suddenly frowned as if she had thought of something.

And in that moment.

“Hahahahahaha! It’s been a while Ekidu!”

A loud laughter was heard from the distance.

Hansoo asked Ekidu as he heard that laughter.

“You know each other?”


“Are you friendly?”

Hansoo asked just in case.

And Ekidu shook her head.

“Sorry but… No.”


Hansoo sighed as he poured strength into the hand holding the spear.