Reincarnator - Chapter 168 : Test (3)

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Chapter 168 : Test (3)

Mackill fell into despair as she looked around.

Since they had long separated.

“Damnit! We have to hurry and kill him!”

“You bitch! What do you want us to do!”

“You think we want to die as well?”

A crossroad of choice which their lives were on the stake.

And the people had completely split up after standing in front of this crossroad.

But this was obvious.

Since the Green Road that they had a large amount of hope for was just a path towards their own destruction.

And according to that guy’s words, there was only a single way for them to live.

Betraying the humans and sticking by his side.

Mackill clenched her teeth

They could not win.

The gap between them and the Higher race, Arukons, was too wide.

And they didn’t even know anything about their forces.

They couldn’t even deal with Dakidus who came to check on the village once every few months.

But kill Dakidus here and follow Hansoo?

The Arukons won’t forgive them at all.

They would stomp them thoroughly in order to set an example.

Deciding which side had the greatest chance of survival for them was very easy.

It was just a choice between dying valiantly or surviving like dogs.

‘Hansoo. What are you thinking…’

Mackill looked towards Hansoo with a confused expression.



While everybody was splitting up.



The fight was getting more and more intense.

Hansoo, Ekidu and a few others were still fighting against Dakidus.

Well, they couldn’t see the fight but they could hear it.

Since Dakidus and the powerhouses who could deal with him had long gotten far away from this place.

It might not have been possible if they were surrounding them but their assists had ended because of their internal disputes.

Dakidus used this and had long gotten far away from the surrounding people along with Hansoo and the others.

‘Damn…We need to hurry and chase.’

Those who could go had to chase at least.

At that moment.

One of the bickering people shouted out loudly.

“Nobody can leave! Everyone stop!”

‘This crazy bastard…’

For them to completely block everyone instead of having reached a neutral ground.

What kind of conversation did the have to reach a result like this?

Mackill made a dumbfounded expression.


‘Pefect. Heheheheh.’



Dakidus laughed towards Hansoo’s spear that was flying in.

Of course Dakidus wasn’t really feeling leisurely or anything.

His entire body was in a mess and the attacks that were flying into him were still vicious.

But there was no need to worry.

As long as the attacks of the weaker ones had stopped, time was on his side.

The blue light raining down from the skies was getting brighter and brighter as well.

The Satellite Fortress was radiating a huge amount of energy that couldn’t even be compared to that from a single individual.

This meant that the Atillan was winning over the Sealing jade and recovering its original power.

The crown on his head started to shine a bit more and it started to slowly reactivate the internal scanning system of the Atillan.

It had started from the levitation system and slowly worked its way up.

The mana inside him was still not moving but what did that matter?

Since most of his strength actually came from the Atillan.

The moment Atillan’s mana engine reactivated back to full capacity and the attack systems come back online it will all end.

‘At that moment… I will kill you all.’

Dakidus grinded his teeth.

His entire body was sore and painful.

Even when he had fought with the Sages in the past he hadn’t gotten injured this badly.

He would dish out all this rage and pain he felt right back at them.

‘Metiron… He might say a few things but… He should understand.’

Dakidus grinded his teeth after thinking of the General of the human area that Clementine had left behind.

He had promised to let the ones standing by his side live but the more he fought the angrier he got.

There were a lot of villages anyway.

It wouldn’t matter that much even if he killed them all.

Dakidus channelled this rage and smashed Hansoo in front of him.

If he tried a bit harder then he could probably beat all these guys to death.

But there were a lot of risk involved in it and wasn’t that fun.

‘Tsk. It’s not that easy huh.’

Dakidus grinded his teeth as he saw Hansoo who had stabbed a blade into his side while receiving his own attack shouted at him after Hansoo had backed away.

“Hahaha! Everyone out there is going to die because of you! I don’t know why you have started all this but… Aren’t you regretting a bit now?”

Dakidus smiled.

“If you give up now at least I’ll forgive you. I’m saying this to you girl, Ekidu, as well. Why do you think those guys aren’t following you? It’s because you have no credibility. They’re seeing which side will win. Which means you are causing all those guys to die!”

At that moment



Dakidus received a tough blow while he was speaking out and then got flung out.

Hansoo, who had smashed Dakidus in the stomach, threw away the smashed hammer and mumbled.

“Well you see, your judgement is a bit premature. As to who will win.”


Dakidus chuckled.

Hansoo’s spirit was very good but he didn’t have the strength to back it up.

That was the same as trash.

What would he do in a situation like this?

And even the Atillan was completing its preparation to activate.

The internal scanning system recovered and started to show the inner parts of the Atillan.

At that moment.


Dakidus frowned as he read the information flowing into him through the crown on his head.

Something had invaded the Satellite Fortress, the Atillan.

Some beast-like organism was running through the inner parts of the Satellite Fortress.

‘….It’s not just some random beast.’

Though the mana barrier was gone, the inner structure of the Atillan was still extremely complex.

But this invading beast was running through the inner parts of the Satellite Fortress and was heading towards a specific location.

A normal beast wouldn’t be able to do this.

“You’ve done something.”

It was clear where the beast was heading to.

Mana engine.

The structure that was the basis of the Atillan, which activated with mana.

The mana engine was the thing that allowed the creation and movement of the Satellite Fortress.

But Dakidus just laughed at Hansoo.

“What? Are you going to smash it or something?”

Figuring things out was another story but it was impossible to break it.

Would they have kept the most important structure without any defenses?

The mana crystal was protected by three layers of metal walls.

A special location that was protected even better than the control room.

‘A Kali-Crown huh. How dare he with just that…’

Even without mana, if that thing tried to get through the triple metal walls then it would take an eternity.

It didn’t seem like a normal Kali-Crown.

But the result would still be the same.

That engine will start up before he would be able to destroy it.

Then he would gain back his powers.

‘He was trusting in that?’

The moment Dakidus was about to smirk at Hansoo.


The black leopard which had been completely controlled, the Kali-Crown, started to cause a ruckus.

As if something that had been controlling it had disappeared.

At the same time.


Something started to invade through the walls.

Through the small gaps in between the walls, through the mana wires connected to the outer engine or the small tunnels created to repair the mana engine.

The black cloud started to seep in and started to take over the core of the mana engine.

Dakidus couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Ha! Hahahah! What’s it going to do? Is it going to eat over the Satellite Fortress or something? Hahahaha!”

Dakidus even stopped fighting as he laughed out loudly.

Wounds opened up and pain intensified but he couldn’t stop laughing.

It made no sense whatsoever that Hansoo was trying to eat over the Satellite Fortress with a trick like that.

This place, which had the entire authority of control over the Atillan, had 27 artificial intelligences systems inserted into it and each of them were all protected by 12 layers of fireproof walls.

Set up in a way that one needed to take over all 27 of them in order to control the Atillan.

This was nowhere close to enough.

“Don’t worry. One’s more than enough.”


Dakidus frowned.

He then checked which system the black clouds were eating up.

‘…Energy Transmitter?’

The location the black cloud started to eat up was not the location that was in charge of controlling the Satellite Fortress.

It was actually the location that provided the blue barrier around his body.

Dakidus scoffed as he saw energy flowing into the location that was in controll of giving the user of the Satellite Fortress strength.

‘He’s taking over the most useless part huh.’

Somebody who doesn’t have the authority wouldn’t be able to use the power of that fragment anyway.

It was impossible unless they had the crown on his head.

But in order to receive the transmission, he needed a receiver.

At that moment.

Hansoo laughed coldly as he pulled out something.

“You see, I’ve picked up something interesting on the way.”

Dakidus frowned as he saw what that was.

“That is…”

Blue Jade.

A toy he gave to the hunting dogs.

No, it wasn’t the blue jade.

Since the blue jade couldn’t get dyed black.

Hansoo, who was touching the black colored gem, laughed as he spoke.

The Satellite Fortress wasn’t his target in the first place.

Since to eat up all of it, the Dark Cloud was nowhere enough.

‘I can do that slowly.’

But this was more than enough.



The black jade started to aggressively transmit to and receive from the infected mana engine’s section.

Very ruthlessly.


All the intel that was being sent towards Dakidus had been cut off.

And at the same time the slowly floating Atillan started to fall back down again.

As the infected mana engine had forcibly transmitted mana, the other sections which had barely come back had lost their mana.


The Sealing Jade, which wanted to suppress, and the black jade, which was radiating energy, started to aggressively clash.

And the result was that the black jade won.

It wasn’t possible to suppress the volcano-like mana that came out from the black jade with the sealing jade.

Though it was but a part, it was still a part of mana that was keeping that giant castle floating.

A tremendous amount of mana, that felt like it would melt his body down, surrounded Hansoo’s body.

And during a time when nobody else was able to use the mana, the mana that came out from Hansoo’s body really stood out.

And Dakidus freaked out as he saw this.


Even he couldn’t control the Satellite Fortress with such skill.

Since if he could do it then he would’ve sent out the energy with the crown on his head already.

The energy transmitter was actually the last of the systems.

But for him to cancel the lock of the mana engine, which had been set to start up the most necessary systems in order, and to forcibly pull out the energy to use it.

Even he couldn’t do such things.

“You… How! How did you! Are you a successor of the Sages?”

Knowing the structure of the Satellite Fortress, knowing that secret and even being able to forcibly cancel the lock.

It’s something that wasn’t possible unless he was a successor of the Sages.

“I’m not a Sage. But why is it surprising? It shouldn’t be the first.”

Indeed this was not the first time.

Suddenly three people swept by Dakidus’s head like lightning.

“You bastard…”

“Do you remember?”

Hansoo mumbled as he controlled the overflowing mana in his body.

His friends had done this already.

A similar event such as this.


Hansoo laughed coldly as he looked at Dakidus.

“A thief not being able to use it properly is obvious.”

This technology, this fortress, everything from the blue jade to the crown on his head.

If these had been created by them and they could use them to their fullest potential then Hansoo wouldn’t even have been able to fight against them.

The three slave races who had lived under the mercy of the Sages.

But they had stolen the which was the basis of the Sage’s power and even completely annihilated them, stole their technology and civilization.

How could Hansoo not ignore them?

These were guys who hadn’t done anything with their own strength.

Because they didn’t have the ability to repair and create the artifacts of the Sages.

Guys who were still fighting with each other in order to gather one extra artifact of the Sages.

Even those rich fellows who received a huge inheritance would be better than this.

Since they were at least successors.

These were sinners who had sunk the Gods and replaced the God’s position.

“Let’s end this. There’s a lot more I need to do other than you.”

His senses came back as mana appeared and Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement worked again.

No, it was more.

Since the overwhelming amount of mana was a tremendous amount compared to what he usually had.

A tremendous mana that caused the Pandemic Blade, which he usually focused on the tip of the spear only, to appear like clouds.

The surrounding situation flowed into him through the enhanced perception.

And he realized why no reinforcements had come.

‘…They made the worst possible decision huh.’

Hansoo mumbled as he swept his senses across where the villagers were gathered back in the distance.