Reincarnator - Chapter 164 : Fallen God (2)

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Chapter 164 : Fallen God (2)

A village in flames.

Dakidus was standing in the middle.

With the appearance of a slaughterer.



Dakidus crushed somebody beneath his feet and then licked his claws after sensing his old instincts coming back to life.

‘This is better than I expected?’

He was confused when he fell at first.

Since an event that was illogical even with his imagination had happened.

For the Atillan to fall.

This had never happened before.

But even before he could deal with the confusion, another emotion pushed its way in.


It was something he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

It might’ve been different for the Defenders who dealt with those of the other races but him, a Harvester, didn’t need to get into dangerous situations.

The moment the abilities of the Atillan, which protected him, disappeared, and the bugs swarmed at him.

Dakidus, who had lost his invincible armor, felt fear creeping in from the corners of his mind.

Since the thought of him possibly being hunted down had come into his mind.

Without the Atillan, the skills and toys the humans had were more than enough to kill him.

No, accounting for everything he had done to them, just being killed would be a good ending.

He had roared out extremely loud as a bluff from the feeling which made him uneasy, the one that told him that he couldn’t get caught no matter what, and had crazily smashed apart the humans in order to make way for himself.

And then realized.

That the mana of these guys were also sealed.

At this same two clashing emotions rushed into him.


And rage.

If these things couldn’t use mana then they wouldn’t be threatening anymore.

Since the difference between their and his body was like that of the heaven and earth.

The moment relief erased the fear, rage appearing was quite a sensible order.

Rage had filled up his entire body up to his head.

For these bugs to come against him.

Dakidus didn’t want to accept the fear he had felt when the bugs had swarmed towards him when he fell from the skies.

He had to erase them all.

All the bugs that had seen his embarrassing look.

Dakidus crushed and chomps apart the humans.

How long had it been.

After a long while of fighting, the emotion that had filled Dakidus’s mind was not rage.

It wasn’t fear or superiority either.

‘Hmm, I had wondered why the Akalachia guys played hunt…’

The Akalachias did some strange things.

Releasing the protection of the Satellite Fortress by themselves and going to hunt the humans with their own body.

Their technology, which included the Satellite Fortress, gifted them powers that couldn’t even be compared to those of humans.

On the other hand, if they didn’t have the protection of the Satellite Fortress then the humans would actually be quite dangerous.

And one out of every 10 Akalachias actually died or got injured badly during their game of hunt.

Dakidus and his race, the Arukons, actually laughed at the Akalachias.

Maybe it’s because they were birds but it actually looked like they had a bird’s brain from their actions.

The Arukons had laughed at them to the point of sending them a warning.

To stop dirtying the pride of the Higher Race and act properly.

But he realized now.

There was a reason why those guys were powerful despite their small numbers.

The emotion that had filled Dakidus after a prolonged battle was bliss from the victory.

A sensation that he wasn’t able to feel during the times when he had been protected by the Atillan.

His instincts, which had been asleep within his blood and genes that hadn’t come out, suddenly exploded out during the battle.

To the point of surprising Dakidus.

This was a sensation he could not feel when using the power of the Satellite Fortress.

He could kill them just by flicking his fingers and their attacks couldn’t even leave a dent.

Why would he feel nervous?

He didn’t feel nervous at all back then.

A thirst of battle had not worked up inside him.

Since nobody would feel such things going up against ants.

But it was different now.

Though they were still weak, their blades still stimulated his nerves and all his senses were sharpened in order to destroy the humans who charged at him in order to injure him.

Hormones exploded all around his body and his heart trembled as if an earthquake was happening right inside it.

Dakidus unconsciously mumbled at the contentment which filled up his entire body.

‘I’m going to go enjoy myself once I return.’

Dakidus, who had recovered his leisure, growled in happiness.

The remaining ones saw this might and were running away in all directions and the Satellite Fortress, the Atillan, was recovering slowly as well.

Though it was still falling bit by bit, it wouldn’t fall all the way down.

It may take a while but he would be safe if things continued at this rate.

‘These damn bugs. If they all came at me at the same time it might’ve been dangerous but they’re only at this level.’

For them to miss this sole chance to kill him.

Well anyways, it was good for him.

‘I should play around a bit more before I leave.’

The moment Dakidus loosened up his muscles in order to continue his hunt.


Something rapidly closed in from the distance.

Dakidus’s both ears twitched.

And all the hairs on his body stood up at the same time.

This was not normal.

It was different from the attacks until now.

An attack that could pierce his skin if hit directly.


Dakidus nervously turned around, roared out and then smashed the thing flying towards him with his hands.


The object that had flown in smashed into Dakidus’s claws and then landed on the ground.

And surprisingly, cracks appeared on his steel-like claws.

Which proved the power behind that attack.

‘What the hell is this?’

Dakidus checked the crack on his claws and then verified the thing that had flown to him.


It was quite a high level toy as well.


The sword, which had cracked his claws, couldn’t withstand the force behind that clash broke into two.

Even if it wasn’t protected by mana, it was still metal.

Which means somebody had thrown this so hard to the point of causing the metal to break into two just from the force of the clash.

It was not a strength somebody without mana could bring out.

‘Who the hell has a strength like this…’

After verifying the object that had flown in, Dakidus turned his head around again.

And then stopped.

“So it was you, that greedy human.”

The human who had monopolized his gaze.

Dakidus frowned as he looked at Hansoo approaching him with numerous weapons dangling all over his body.

And a sensation of danger rose up slowly.

Dakidus was not stupid.

He was very conceited until now.

This was because he had a reason which allowed him to.

But the current situation was not where he should be or could be like that.

All of his six senses was warning him about Hansoo.

He needed to decipher between when and when not to be conceited.


The fur between his claws rose up and increased in length.

The fur that had grown intertwined with each other and then started to create a layer of metal armor above his skin.


The furs, which were already tough in itself, suddenly turned like a chainmail and covered his skin.

A power that was hidden deep within their genes and could not be used for a long time since it wasn’t needed.

Dakidus, who had turned into a semi-armored beast, spoke towards Hansoo:

“You have no sense of fear huh. What are you going to do by yourself?”

He himself was nervous against Hansoo.

Since Hansoo felt quite threatening to him.

But that didn’t mean that it felt like he would lose.

No, Dakidus was actually quite content.

Since the urge for battle was working up again due to the nervousness he felt.

The urge that he couldn’t quite solve due to those bugs having run away in the middle of the fight.

Hansoo chuckled at this Dakidus.

‘He’s full of confidence huh.’

He could tell just from Dakidus’ expressions.

Such an expression wouldn’t appear if one thought about the possibility of losing.

Since Dakidus should know what would happen to him if he lost.

Dakidus continued to speak as he looked at Hansoo.

“Well, I can somewhat guess what your plan is.”

Dakidus wasn’t stupid.

Ekidu would probably bring reinforcements while he bought time.

It was simple but quite a marvelous plan.

Because then he wouldn’t be able to run away and would get tied down by Ekidu’s forces.

The moment Ekidu’s forces come, he would die without being able to do anything.

But would that really be possible?

‘You brat. You see I’ve already trained quite a lot of people before you can.’

Dogs who got leashed at young age would have a hard time leaving as an adult even if they were released.

Like how their race had been in the past.

And if there was an exit path as well?

‘The Atillan’s functions are frozen but…This much should still be enough.’


As Dakidus willed.

The faint light beneath the Atillan floating in the sky suddenly got reinforced.

That was it.

But Dakidus looked towards the village with an extremely confident expression.


Booom! Boooooom!

Enkidu stomped through the remaining buildings and quickly headed towards somewhere.

Since it was clear where the runaways would head.

‘13th Area.’

13th Area.

The entrance where the Green Road began.

In this situation, where they had caused the rage of the higher race, the Green Road was the only place that they could dodge the rage of the Arukons.

Green Road.

A road that followed the path of conflict between the Higher races.

That was why it was safe.

Since even the Defenders of Arukon wouldn’t be able to travel through with their Fortresses.

Booom! Boooom!

Swarms of people could be seen in Ekidu’s eyes after a while of running.

People who were running away with just their body and without any skills.

‘Good. it’s not too late. Yet.’


Ekidu jumped over after stepping on a building and then blocked the path out to the 13th Area.


The people who were running flinched at the sudden object that had flown down from the skies and stepped back.

In case Dakidus had chased them down.

But they started to urgently shout after seeing the person who appeared from the dust clouds.

“Ekidu! What are you doing! Move!”

“Hurry! We don’t know when that guy would come chase us!”

Everyone was feeling urgent.

Of course they were.

What would Dakidus do once he came back to his senses?

Of course it would be a massacre against the bugs.

They could only live if they quickly entered the conflicting areas of the Akalachias, Arukons and Rebeloongs before that happened.

Being in there didn’t completely guarantee their safety but it was much better than being here.

Ekidu shook her head at those words.

“Everyone wake up! No matter what, it’s just a dog! If we all charge at him with our numbers then we can win!”

Ekidu explained the situation.

Dakidus’ might was indeed amazing.

But they weren’t normal humans either.

They were superhumans who had been trained with years of battle.

And though the skills had disappeared, the agility and strength enhanced by the runes still remained.

Every one of them was an existence that even an army would have a hard time dealing with in the real world.

Everyone stole glances at each other at those words.

They knew as well.

But how many would die during that process?

The scene of massacre Dakidus had shown them at the end was too threatening for them to charge in with just a sliver of possibility.

At that moment.


The faint light coming out from beneath the Atillan floating up in the sky brightened up a bit.

A very slight change.

But this much was enough to threaten the people.

“Damn…Is that thing going to start up again?”

Ekidu clenched her teeth after hearing the mumbles of the people.

The people who didn’t even know who Hansoo was were their lifeline.

And the Atillan which shone in the skies which seemed like it could assault them at any moment.

She had heard that it wouldn’t activate for a while from Hansoo’s words.

But Ekidu’s own legs trembled as well after thinking of the amount of people who had been erased from that light.

Even in the midst of this chaos, the people split into two groups.

People who couldn’t hold back the rage against Dakidus any longer and were about to charge right back in.

And those who were standing in place because they couldn’t completely wash off the fear they had against him.

At that moment.

“Ekidu! I have an even better idea!”

Ekidu turned around and looked at the one who spoke those words.

And then frowned.


Leader of the guards, Karim.

The loyal protector of the village.

Others might’ve been different but Karim’s words were hard to ignore.

Ekidu spoke towards Karim.

“What are your thoughts Karim?”

Karim pointed towards the sky.

To be exact, at the Satellite Fortress, theAtillan, that was still floating high up in the skies.

The Atillan which had sunk down quite far by this time could be reached by jumping off from a nearby cliff even without any skills.

Karim, the one who pointed towards the Atillan, spoke out.

“We all take over that thing. During the time Hansoo buys for us.”


Karim spoke out confidently at Ekidu’s reaction.

“This would be much more helpful. To that brave Hansoo fellow.”

Karim then pulled something out from his pockets.

‘….A book?’

Ekidu stared at Karim.