Reincarnator - Chapter 162 : Lawless (3)

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Chapter 162 : Lawless (3)


Dakidus made a bored expression as he looked down.

Everyone was acting in a similar way.

They were all grouping up to own one treasure and combined their forces to move it to the center.

But this was not what he wanted.

It would be more fun if they fought harder for the treasures.

He had set the stage for them by getting rid of the rules of the village but for them to act like this.

‘This won’t do. I’ll need to put some more rules down.’

They were doing this because they weren’t in much of a hurry.

Though it was chosen that the rules didn’t exist, this was only within his own mind.

Though the ones below would be full of discontentment.

‘That’s why you should’ve done well by yourselves. Good. First of all, let’s rip off the limbs of those who haven’t been even able to touch the treasures…’

The moment Dakidus pondered and smiled as he was about to change the rules a bit, his ears twitched.


Dakidus’ eyes moved towards the Armory.

A location where they stored quite a few rare toys.

Then Dakidus smiled as he looked at that location.

‘Oh this is going to get fun.’

Dakidus looked at the ones below with an amused expression.

Nothing could escape his eyes and ears within this village.

But of course his eyes would be attracted to the amusing thing.

‘That kid went after the treasures at first but now is aiming for the Armory. Must be quite a greedy fellow.’

A very realistic person.

He liked those types a lot.

Dakidus looked at the guy named Hansoo in amusement.

His nose gaped and ears twitched.

‘Shall I get a bit closer to watch.’

While he could watch and hear from where he was, this wasn’t really himself watching but rather him getting the intel from the Satellite Fortress.

It was a bit inferior to directly hearing and seeing things.

‘Yeah, you need to get up close for a show like this.’

A fight between the strongest bugs against the greedy and smart bugs.

What else would he watch in this current situation?

As Dakidus willed.

Dakidus, who was shining with blue light, cut through the village and moved towards the air above the Armory.


Hellum, who had acquired a single treasure along with a large amount of Hunters and was traveling towards the center of the village, suddenly made a confused expression as he saw Dakidus moving.

Where would they take the treasure to if Dakidus moved like that?

And Dakidus, with his blue crown, made an awkward expression.

‘Oh right. I should finish up the treasure hunt now as well.’

He had forgotten about it since the situation over by the Armory was extremely amusing.

But the solution was quite simple.

Since the important part was getting the treasure to him.

Dakidus shouted out loudly.

“I’m changing the rules.”


“Bring the treasure to where I am. I will be at the Armory.”

Hellum and the other guards flinched.

Since they knew what would be over there by now.


Hellum was a Hunter from the 5th area when Ekidu’s massacre had started and had watched it all.

But for them to have to go there now.

Of course they were a bit reluctant to.

But Hellum clenched his teeth.

‘Since things happened as they did. Let’s take it to the end.’

It was better to mess things up hard than to just do things half-heartedly.

If everyone like him, the ones carrying the treasures, caused a ruckus then even Ekidu wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Since the chaos would’ve been far above what Ekidu could handle.

Hellum shouted towards the nearby Hunters.

“Let’s go! Our goal has just changed a bit!”

Soon the 100 treasures and the people carrying those treasures jumped across the walls, past the buildings and started to head towards the Armory.

Like a swarm of ants moving towards a giant piece of candy.


The disappointment was as big as she had hoped.

Ekidu heard the sound of Dakidus approaching her from the distance and stared at Hansoo expressionlessly.

“…You know that you are the one who caused all of this right. Kang Hansoo?”

It was now out of control.

Soon the Armory will fall into chaos.

Due to the thousands of Hunters coming here with the treasures as well as the ones with Hansoo.

Ekidu thought of the event in the past.

When she hadn’t been able to find the village and had barely arrived at the village after having lost 17 people.

The village had a lot of benefits a but also a lot of problems.

But it was still important.

‘Yeah. This…This is the Oasis.’

Even if everyone fought each other to acquire water, the Oasis was still needed.

The rules of the village and the stocked items gave the humans the power to survive on.

‘I’ll protect it no matter what.’

That was what the village was like to her.

And she needed to redevelop the village back to its beginning with a tremendous amount of strength in order to defend the village.

‘I didn’t want to use it…’

Ekidu didn’t use her strength often.

But since it has come down to this.

She needed to show it.

As to what happened to those who threatened the village.


Ekidu’s entire body started to get covered by a bright white flame.

At the same time the iris that covered most of her eyes got smaller and smaller as if it was getting replaced by white.

Deadly White Eyes.

Something that happened when the whites of the eyes covered the black parts entirely.

Hansoo nodded as he saw this.

That aura and that mana.

As well as the special skill that devoured the user’s consciousness.

‘Triple Numbering.’

That was quite a high-ranking skill.

Since Hansoo remembered it.

‘312th rank. White River Demonic Art.’

It was white and pure.

But this made it even more fearsome.

Since that white was not a color of peace.

It was a crazy demonic art that ate up all of one’s emotions that would get in the way of combat once it was activated.

This was why the White River Demonic Art’s symbolic color was the color white.

Since it turned one’s mind white.

They would cause destruction until they wake.

Until everything they had enmity against was erased.

The fight would only end if the enemy died or the user died themselves.

‘That was why she tried to avoid fighting huh.’

Crack. Crackle.

Karhal flinched at the sight of Ekidu, who was slowly approaching them while looking at her entire surroundings with the remaining whites of the eyes, and spoke to Hansoo.

“Yo…Do you even have a way of dealing with that?”

At that moment.


Ekidu’s body suddenly disappeared in the distance.

In an instant.


Ekidu appeared right in front of Hansoo and then stretched out her legs.


The moment Ekidu’s left kick cut through the air and touched Hansoo.


A huge explosive sound was made as it rumbled their surroundings.


The Forked Lightning bent to the point of almost being folded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hansoo got sent back after smashing through three buildings and then slowly stood up as he watched Ekidu charging at him with a furious aura.

‘I guess I’ll die if I don’t use it.’

Ekidu’s level was above his expectations.

In just an instant.


Hansoo’s entire body got surrounded by scales.

And his already beefy muscles ballooned up even more.

Thump Thump Thump Thump

The three hearts constantly pumped as they started to send the dragon’s blood throughout his body.

Hansoo then swung the Forked Lightning.

Towards Ekidu who was flying towards him.

In an instant.


Another huge explosive sound was created from Hansoo and Ekidu’s collision.

At the same time all the buildings nearby got smashed apart and started to crumble.

Just from two clashes.

Karhal swirled his tongue around as he saw this scene.

‘…For him to be able to fight with Ekidu.’

A skill he didn’t use when he fought with them.

For him to be able to go through a Racial Metamorphosis.

He seemed confident but for him to be hiding such a thing.

But Karhal realized that he wasn’t really in the situation to leisure around.

Since the most powerful guards in the village, the ones guarding the Armory, had started to attack him.




Soon the surrounding areas around the Armory got filled up with explosive sounds.

‘Good. Very good.’

Dakidus’s body got more and more closer towards the ground as he saw this scene.

Since being closer was better to see things more clearly.

Booom! Booooom!

A few pieces from the skills flung around to him but they all got disintegrated by the blue barrier surrounding him.

While Dakidus was looking at the fight with an amused expression.


The walls blew apart as some other people entered the battlefield.

Hellum and the Hunters who were participating in the Treasure Hunt.

They had been able to reach the Armory first because they had started from where Hansoo was.

Hellum took a glance at the chaos happening around him and then urgently shouted upwards.

“O Dakidus! We have come! With the treasure!”

Dakidus looked at Hellum and then made a bored expression.

He didn’t really like it when a guy, who hadn’t even shown him what he wanted to see, came to ask for power.

But a promise was a promise.

Dakidus spoke out.

“Okay. What kind of wish do you want?”

The Hunters behind Hellum all stopped at Dakidus’s words.

They had rushed over here in a hurry but hadn’t really thought about what kind of wish they should ask for.

‘Not enough intel.’

And they didn’t know as to how far Dakidus will fulfill their wishes.

But while others were pondering.

Hellum did not, even for a moment.

Since he had thought of something the moment he heard the goal had changed to the Armory.

Hellum shouted loudly to Dakidus.

“Please make me invincible!”

Dakidus’s expression changed.

From a bored one to an impressed one.

“Oh, everyone behind you?”

As Dakidus looked at him in amusement, Hellum laughed coldly and replied.

“No, just me. And it doesn’t have to be long.”

Hellum’s expression was full of confidence.

Since that Dakidus guy, who loved chaos and destruction, would definitely know what he was planning.

He would definitely fulfill his wishes.

And as he expected.

Dakidus laughed coldly as he answered.

“Sure. It shall be done. Except, it won’t be fun if it lasts too long so…The limit is 30 minutes.”

In the next instant.


Hellum’s entire body got covered by the blue barrier.

Just like the barrier around Dakidus’s body.

Hellum laughed coldy as he looked at the blue shields around him.

“30 Minutes. More than enough.”

The Hunters grinded their teeth as they saw this.

“You bastard…What are you trying to do. Are you trying to get to the end of the green road in 30 minutes or something?”

30 minutes.

It was too short to really do anything.

For him throw away such an important wish.

Hellum shrugged his shoulders at the Hunter’s words.

“No, at first i was going to ask for an artifact or a skill. But…I don’t really think I need to go that far to get those things?”

Hellum then looked towards the Armory.

‘Even if I asked for an Artifact or a skill… It’s Highly likely that Dakidus would just throw it away here due to his personality.’

A person with a good artifact getting beaten up to the death.

This was the thing Dakidus wanted to see.

Of course he wouldn’t send people to the end of the Green Road.

But this wish was different.

Since he was planning to show Dakidus the exact thing he wanted to see.’

‘And without this I feel like I’ll get killed by the crazy Ekidu.’

But it was now all over.

He just needed to brush him off and walk out.

Since nobody would have the strength to chase him down after the whole village becomes a mess.

‘And…There are plenty of Runes around here.

Hellum smirked as he started to attack the Hunters who had followed him.



“Aaaaaa! This bastard, for real!”


The Hunters attacked a few times, realized that none of their attacks worked like how Dakidus had said, and had all separated and started to run away.

The Guards were much stronger than the Hunters.

And even more so now since he didn’t really have to worry about retaliation from them.

“Hahahahhahaha! Where are you going!?”

The moment Hellum was about to chase them after laughing out loudly.


A tremendous amount of destructive force came out from the corner of the Armory.

Hellum was shocked by this and looked towards the origin of this noise.

‘Ekidu. Kang Hansoo.’

Hellum grinded his teeth after seeing the traces of great destruction caused by Ekidu and Hansoo in the distance.

‘…What the hell did these guys shove down their throats to have become that strong?’

Just as jealousy filled the entire mind of Hellum, his head rotated around quickly.

‘Yeah…I can always get runes anywhere.’

But the unique items around Hansoo’s body?

And the White River Demonic Art that allowed Ekidu to turn into a crazy wargod?

Those things would be extremely hard to find even within the Armory or from Dakidus.

‘I must eat those.’

He wouldn’t even dare to get between those two.

But he was invincible currently.

He needed to use these 30 minutes wisely.

And the others participants who had found the treasures were also approaching towards this direction.

They might ask for a similar wish as him.

“Hahahahahaha! Let me butt in here as well!”


As Hellum laughed out loudly and was about to jump towards Hansoo and Ekidu.

And Hansoo, who had been looking around his surroundings calmy in the middle of the fight, suddenly nodded.

‘If it’s this much then… Everyone in the village should’ve gathered.’

Most of the useful actors of this play had gathered

And the fans for these people had gathered as well.

Hansoo looked at Dakidus, who had come down to the point where he could stretch his arms and touch, and laughed coldly.

He had at first thought of using a treasure to get closer.

Since the might of the Sealing jade was better the closer they were.

But if the opponent came closer to him on their own accord then there wasn’t a need for him to go closer.

“Instead of just watching, you should join as well. Dakidus.”

‘The reinforcement has already finished a long time ago.’

Since he had long emptied the markets where the Guards had disappeared from on the way here.

The moment Hansoo grasped the Sealing Jade in his pockets tightly.


A tremendous amount of vibration that couldn’t even be compared to that from the darkness had swept through the village.


Hellum freaked out as he saw the blue barrier around him melt down.