Reincarnator - Chapter 161 : Lawless (2)

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Chapter 161 : Lawless (2)

Hellum spat out his words with a frozen expression.

“Is this a challenge? It seems you’ve gotten a bit too excited from becoming a Hunter…”

Hansoo chuckled at those words.

“Don’t pretend like you came to do a Guard’s job.”

The others were acting this way because they had been suppressed by the guards for too long.

One could figure it out with just a bit of thought.

Dakidus had clearly said that there weren’t any rules while the Treasure Hunt proceeded.

Which means the rules of the humans were all ignored.

Actually, if there was somebody who tried to interfere with the game by maintaining that rule then Dakidus would erase them first.

That guy had just come to fulfill his own desires.

The Hunter’s expressions started to worsen from Hansoo’s words.

They had finally realized that Hellum hadn’t come to execute the rules of the village.

‘Damn…Because there’s a lot at stake, even the Guards are acting up.’

The Hunters grinded their teeth.

The Guards had never come out despite the countless games the Harvesters played.

But they had interfered since Dakidus had started quite a large game from the lack of humans he would Harvest this time around.

Hellum clicked his tongue while looking at them.


He wanted to pick it up and leave quickly while they were still confused but they had realized.

And it would be dangerous at this rate.

‘One is okay but…If they all come then it’s dangerous.’

If Plan A fails then he could just go onto the next one.

Hellum chuckled as he shouted.

“Hey, you guys. I’m sorry for trying to trick you but wake up for a bit. What are you going to do if the things end this time around?”


“Only one of you will get the treasure. One. Can any one of you guarantee that you will gain that one treasure?”


Everyone made bitter expressions from those words.

They had charged in because the worth of the treasure was priceless and Dakidus was urging them but they didn’t have any guarantees.

And this was the reason why they weren’t attacking each other to the death.

Since they would need to handle to after storm all by themselves if they couldn’t acquire it.

They didn’t even have the confidence to beat Hansoo behind them.

Hellum spoke towards the Hunters.

“So let’s form an alliance.”


“Yeah. We will take that to the center of the village together.”

One of the Hunters spat on the ground as he spoke.

He was strong but he still wouldn’t be able to handle it if all of them attacked.

That was why he was trying to talk things out.

“For who? You’re just going to…”

Hellum shook his head.

“Was there a rule saying that the wish could only be used for a single person? We just need to wish something that we can all benefit from. Ally with me as the center. If we group up with this many people then others wouldn’t be able to attack us easily either. It’ll be much safer.”


“Is there anybody who just wants to die this time around? Let’s go low risk and low return. It might not be as good as a monopoly but… It’s not bad right? If I make a strange wish then just attack me then.”

It was quite an enticing offer.

But one of the Hunters frowned as he spoke.

“What about when we end? If we remain then Karim, the leader of the Guards, could just punish us.

Hellum chuckled.

“Did we cause a coup d’etat or something? Do they have any say if we just quietly take it over there?”


The Hunters started to nod.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t like they had caused a deadly sin.

They had merely fought with the other Hunters.

That was as far as things went this time around.

Hellum made a content expression while watching the Hunters nod and then spoke towards Hansoo.

“You should fight with us well. I’ll forgive you attacking me.”

Right now, all the other Hunters and the Guards were competitors.

If they were going to group than it would be better the more strong people they had.

Since the best scenario was taking the treasure without fighting at all.

‘And…He doesn’t really seem easy to beat.’

The arm which held the shield was still numb.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then spoke to Hellum.

“Are all the other Guards in a similar situation as you?”


Everyone had brains that could think.

If they tried to act as a moralist in a situation like this then they would only lose out.

Since they hadn’t stayed behind in the village to just maintain the village itself.

It was just that they still had things they had promised the village.

‘It’s a good chance for a good fortune before leaving the village.’

This was actually the greatest thing Hellum had trust in.

Since he wasn’t the only one doing this.

If Dakidus were going to punish them then they would at least need to wipe out half the Guards and the Hunters.

‘And that’s not possible.’

If one person made a mistake then they would get punished but if things blow up this large then nobody would actually receive any punishments.

Like how the 1st Area’s human farm had been quietly solved.

Hansoo pondered at Hellum’s words.

‘Which means that the village is literally lawless right now.’

A situation out of control.

Nobody could perfectly guess what that Dakidus guy would do and how the villagers would react.

But the current situation of the village wasn’t that bad for Hansoo.

Since opportunity always accompanied danger.

‘Dakidus. You insolent thief. First I’ll play how you want me to.’

That guy would welcome what he was about to do.

Since he would clearly draw out the scene he wanted to see.

‘I should use it now then.’

As Hansoo willed it.


The Dark Cloud started to move aggressively under Hansoo’s control.


“It’s really a chaotic situation.”

Karhal, the leader of the 1st Area’s team, clicked his tongue as he looked at the blazing village.

And Sebastienne, a 1st Area team member who was standing next to him, also nodded.

“Anyways, are we not going to move out? Shouldn’t we do something as well?”

If everyone from the 1st Area’s team combined forces then getting one treasure would be pretty easy.

Karhal shook his head at those words.

“Why would you waste your strength already? We can just take it from the tired guys who bring it here. They wouldn’t have a choice anyway.”


Sebastienne took a glance around her surroundings from Karhal’s words.

As if a large amount of people had similar thoughts as them, quite a large amount of people had gathered around the center of the village.

They had made this choice since it was a bit too late to go after the treasures.

There were both positives and negatives to this.

The positive was that just like Karhal said, if they wait here then the tired people will bring the treasures to them.

Since Dakidus had told them to bring it here.

But there were negatives as well.

‘It’ll become troublesome if strong guys group up and come here.’

Already the clear examples of those strong guys, the Guards, were moving around.

Which meant that they’d rather move out and finish them off instead of waiting for the food.

‘How would this play out?’

Whatever happened, a collision was inevitable.



Sebastienne grasped her head.

Since the bug inside her head started to resonate.

A black colored bug that Hansoo had gotten after coming out from the Darkness.

6th rank beast, Peradione.

A beast which bore into the head, ate the person’s brain and evolved into a 5th rank beast.

The Peradione was usually green, not black, and couldn’t even live inside the heads of those who had over 15% in runes.

Since they just could smash it with their mana.

But whatever he did, it was much stronger than the Peradiones they knew of.

There was only one thing he had offered them.


They didn’t like such a thing entering their head but they couldn’t really do anything since they had been caught when they were about to be killed.

And that Peradion was vibrating and screaming out inside their head.

To every 30 members of the 1st Area’s team including Karhal.

‘Yeah. Let’s at least hear what he’s got to say.’

Karhal and Sebastienne, who started to listen to what Hansoo had to say, suddenly cursed out loud.

“…I knew he was crazy but he’s just seriously insane at this point.”


“Ah! It’s not something against Dakidus!”

Karhal urgently shouted upwards, stole some glances between the surrounding Hunters around him and then clenched his teeth while frowning.

‘Yeah. Let’s just see how far he goes.’

Karhal finished his thoughts and shouted towards the Hunters around him.

“Hey listen for a second! How long are we going to stay like this! Listen! We can gain many more things if we go and act instead of standing here!”

There weren’t many who would ignore the words of Karhal who lead the entire 1st Area’s team.

Everyone listen in on Karhal’s shouts.


The deepest location in the 2nd Area.

On top of a giant storage unit which was protected by multiple layers of wood, a woman and a few others were standing.

Ekidu and a few other Guards who hadn’t lost themselves to greed yet.

Ekidu frowned as she looked at the chaos in the distance.


She had groomed the village the best as she could because she had thought that the village was the sole hope of the Yellow Zone.

Though humans were constantly being sacrificed, numerous people were constantly heading out towards the Green Road.

But that village had fallen into chaos in just an instant.

‘Fucking bastard of a dog.’

Ekidu, who was sighing while watching the village, sighed again as she looked around her.

The Guards were also in chaos to try to gain profit.

The same with Hunters.

It was almost impossible to control this situation with a single person’s strength.

Ekidu, who was pondering whether to go out or not, made a decision.

To stay at her location.

‘I cannot leave this place. This treasure hunt will end in a day. We’ll move then.’

A large chaotic scene had occurred because of a damned dog but as long as Dakidus disappeared then this whole thing will calm down.

It would be much better to just fix up the village back to its original status after this whole thing ended.

‘And since not many people have died… There would be a lot of things to do after it all ends.’

She could jump in if things got worse but at this rate there was no reason for her to interfere.

This would only get worse if they try to control the situation.

‘Dakidus. You must feel a bit depressed.’

Ekidu stole a glance at the sky.

There was a clear reason why he had played a game such as this.

He wanted things to become much more chaotic but for it to just end like this.

At that moment.

Ekidu felt a chill run down her spine.

Since Dakidus started to laugh.

A very content expression.

The moment Ekidu made a nervous expression.


The walls of the building Ekidu was standing on blew apart.

They had only placed it for aesthetics, the wooden wall couldn’t handle the sudden assault and had gotten blown apart.

And Ekidu frowned as she looked at the man who walked out.


A person who she was keeping a close eye on.

Why did this guy suddenly appear here?

Ekidu spoke to Hansoo who was walking towards her.

“Mister Kang Hansoo. This place is off limits.”

The most tightly guarded place in the village was not the residence of Ekidu, the leader of the village.

Since they could just raise a new leader if one disappeared.

There was another location.


A location where the numerous artifacts and items the village had collected for 19 years were stored in.

Items that they could only lend to the Guards and Hunters because it was hard for the village to gather as well.

Every other place could get emptied out but not this place.

There was a reason why Ekidu had ran over here in the midst of the chaos.

The moment Ekidu shouted towards Hansoo.


More wooden walls started to get blown apart behind Hansoo and fell down.

And the Hunters who had gathered.

There were at least a few hundred.

‘Karhal, 1st Area’s members…And other Hunters as well. He hasn’t come alone huh.’

Ekidu frowned.

Since she finally realized what Hansoo was trying to do.

The Village’s items that thousands of people had gathered over 19 years.

If he could steal all of this then it would a tremendous profit, even more so than finding jewels.

‘…So he was a bandit huh. Well, there aren’t any Guards here to block you anyway.’

There weren’t any Guards left.

But she was here.

‘I’ll make you regret it real quick.’

They always existed.

Those who coveted the wealth of the village.

Defending that wealth and sustaining the village was her role.

The moment Ekidu clenched her fists.


Mana waves exploded out from Ekidu’s body.

The roof of the building Ekidu was standing on blew apart as it spread out in all directions.


Ekidu looked around without any emotions.

If this place got robbed then it would be the end.

She could not allow anybody who threatened the village to be alive.

“That is the line. If you cross it then… I will eliminate you on the spot.”

Karhal gulped his saliva as he looked at Ekidu who wasn’t using any honorifics at all.

She looked calm and when everybody was talking informally, she was using honorifics and speaking formally.

But she was still the leader of the village.


Only the powerful could become the leader.

And Ekidu would only get mad on one occasion.

When she judges that the village is in danger.

‘Damn. It seems like it’s the first time she’s been angry since the Rebellion of the 4th Area. Is this really fine.’

Karhal stopped in place and pondered.

If there wasn’t the bug in this head then he wouldn’t even have come this far.

Hansoo said he would release them after one favor but for that favor to be this dangerous.

And the ten or so Guards standing behind Ekidu.

The ones who had been in the village the longest and the most powerful ones in the village.

People whose love for the village was so strong that they maintained order in the midst of chaos like this.

Those guys were the ones who caused the massacre of the 4th Area in the past.

The ones who had swept away the entire 4th Area in a day.

‘This bastard, why did he come here…’

Karhal thought of the massacre of the past and then nervously looked at Hansoo.