Reincarnator - Chapter 160 : Lawless (1)

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Chapter 160 : Lawless (1)

Dakidus pondered as he looked below.

As to whether he would just watch.

Or play around and have some fun.

Dakidus pondered for a bit and then quickly made a decision.

‘Shall I have some fun then. We’re on the losing end this time anyway.’

Dakidus clicked his tongue as he looked down as if he was feeling some dislike.

Usually the Farms rotated around as they gave the Offerings.

To the other two Higher Races other than his.

Though they all had enmities against each other and were in constant competition, they all had a silent rule regarding the farms.

And because of this, it was forbidden for them to interfere with the farm itself too much.

Since playing around with it a bit too much will reduce the amount of the harvest.

But it should be okay this time.

‘Tsk. Why does it have to be when we receive… Why aren’t the humans able to recuperate?’

The amount they’d receive this time around was much lower than what the other two had gotten.

But since the amount they’d get is lower, playing around with the humans to a certain degree wouldn’t matter as well.

‘Well. As long as I don’t kill a lot of them.’

And there was something else that was bothering him anyway.

The expressions of those whom he had seen as he approached on the Satellite Fortress.

For them to be laughing around when they knew that he was coming.

“Hmm. Were they called Hunters? Insolent.”

Dakidus made made an expression of discontentment.

Farmers and Hunters.

It didn’t matter much how they divided themselves.

A soldier ant and a worker ant.

That was basically the difference he could see in his eyes.

They were acting quite nervous and cautious since they had seen him but that much wasn’t enough.

They needed to fear him much more than that.

‘Mmm. This is what’s called fairness.’

The Farmers would like it a bit too.

Since these humans seemed to like the word fairness.


Hansoo shook his head while watching the Harvester who had stopped halfway while coming down.

Since it didn’t look like things would proceed smoothly.

The smile on its face proved it.

And Hansoo wasn’t the only one who saw this.

Karhal and the other Hunters were also mumbling quietly.


They couldn’t curse out in case Dakidus was listening but their intentions were clear.

‘Just shut up and watch. Eat your snack from right there.’

Karhal mumbled as he looked at the giant snack container floating next to him.

Everyone knew.

That every time that crazy wolf guy fancied something, a tremendous amount of casualties got created.

But only half of their wishes were fulfilled.

“Don’t worry so much. Do you really think I’ll treat you badly or something?”




Everyone made dumbfounded expressions as they watched Dakidus pull out another person from the snack container to eat him.

Since his actions contradicted his words just now.

Dakidus chewed and swallowed the snack in his mouth, looked around at this surroundings and then spoke:

“Don’t worry I said. It’s a gift really. There’s nothing bad for you. Mmm. Oh yes. Shall we just do a treasure hunt?”

The moment Dakidus finished speaking.

The blue crown on top of Dakidus’ head started to shine.

And soon.


Blue light poured out from the giant golden castle and then created a large screen in the air.

And a sentence appeared on that blue screen.

-Reward : Wish ticket.

“What the hell is this…”

Everyone made confused expressions as they read the sentence floating in air.

At that moment.


Something came out from the giant fortress and then extended downloads.

Around 100 shining objects had been spread all around the village.

‘A treasure hunt…For him to throw the rewards away in such a carefree way.

The treasures that had landed were shining so brightly that they were clearly imprinted into their sights.

While everyone was making confused expressions.

Dakidus smiled as he spoke.

“The rule is very simple. Find that. To those who find that thing, I’ll allow you one wish. Within my power.”

Everyone was shocked at these words.

Harvester, Dakidus.

He was like a god here where the Higher races ruled.

Since what Dakidus was able to do was far beyond their imaginations.

Dakidus made a content expression while he looked at the surprised faces of many and then slowly started to speak again.

“Didn’t I say it already? I told you it’s not bad. How would I dare do anything to you when you guys are the precious offerings. If you get that to me then I’ll grant any one thing you wish that is within my power. You can even get yourself out of the offering forever. I can even make you the leader of this village. If you want something I have then I can give you some runes or artifacts you guys spoke of.”

Everyone’s eyes shone from those words.

Dakidus continued to speak:

“Well. We have a bit too many runes, skills and artifacts you see. Since there are quite a lot of people who get caught. We don’t know well but there should be a lot of useful things if you see them. I can even drop you off at the end of the Green Road, in front of the portal.”

The more Dakidus spoke.

The more people’s eyes changed.

Sharper and sharper.

Those things wouldn’t just be useful.

The people those guys caught weren’t limited to the ceasefire zone.

They would have some tremendous things as well.

‘If I can get it then…Everything will be over.’

Dakidus was not somebody who would play tricks on them with this.

Since he had too much pride to do so.

The rules of the village didn’t matter, he just told them that he would give them runes and take them to the portal if they could acquire it.

At the exact same moment, people started to move out.

Towards where the lights fell down.

At that moment.


From the giant fortress in the sky, countless amounts of light pillars dropped down.



The light pillars suppressed everyone who were stealing glances while trying to move around discreetly.



While Hansoo frowned while looking at the pillar of light pushing his body down.

Dakidus smiled and spoke.

“Don’t move so carefreely. That’s cheating. You should at least hear out the rules.”


Everyone nodded despite groaning out.

It was important.

Since going against them was the same as going against Dakidus himself.

For them to go against the words of Dakidus, who was like a god with a bad personality, in a place like this.

They wouldn’t die in a pretty way.

“Don’t go out of the village. It would be troublesome if the number of offerings decreases.”

The moment he finished speaking.


The pillar of light that was suppressing them spread out in all directions and tied onto the wooden walls.

At the same time a giant sky blue barrier surrounded the village.

The moment everyone looked at him with confusion.

Dakidus shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

“What are you doing? You can move now?”


The rules have been all told. Do what you need to do.

At that moment.

‘That bastard of a dog…’

One of the farmers mumbled very very quietly.

So quiet that it was barely audible to the person next to him.

It was the first time he was seeing the Harvester.

Since he wasn’t here the last time they sent the offerings.

But for him to be such a despicable being.

‘He’s really tyrannical.’

And for there to be no rules.

Which means weaklings like him couldn’t do anything.

The moment the Farmer, Arton, mumbled quietly.


“This insane bastard!”

The Hunters and the Farmers were scared out of their wits and got away from Aton.


The moment Aton flinched.

A blue beam of light smashed onto him from the skies.


A clearly different pillar from the one before.

Aton didn’t even leave behind ashes as he disappeared from that spot.

“See, you shouldn’t curse out others that easily. Just do it inwardly. Inwardly man.”


Everyone gulped their saliva from Dakidus’s words.

They might’ve cursed out on a normal occasion but they couldn’t right now.

Since Dakidus was listening to everything.

As long as the Satellite Fortress was standing, Dakidus was basically in control of this village.

“Now! Let’s begin! Acquire it and bring it to me! Then you guys will pass.”

But nobody stepped out hastily.

While everyone was planning things out.

Dakidus growled out.

“Will I need to add a few more rules for you to work harder? Like limited time…”

Even before those words could end.


A few people who realized that there was no more way to dodge this quickly started to move.

And the others who saw this felt nervous as they also started to move.

“Damn! Since things have gone this far, I might as well!”

“Get lost!”




The start was a bit rough but the spread was very quick.

In just a moment the entire village was filled with screams and explosions.

‘My god…’

Ekidu clenched onto her head while looking at the village that had turned into a sea of flames.

The rules she had so painstakingly kept were smashed apart in an instant.

Because of that bitch floating around up there.

Hansoo also mumbled quietly while looking at Dakidus floating in the skies.

‘These guys definitely need to die.’

How could the humans unite when these things existed?

The humans were problematic as well but there was no way humans would be alive if something like that came from time to time to play around.

And in reality, starting from the yellow zone the survival rate decreased quite a bit.

About 3 billion more people who would cross over in the next 5 years.

The time in total may have shortened a bit but the amount that would come was the same.

Since the quicker the unification with the Abyss was, the faster the people got sent here.

And actually the amount of humans who had been sacrificed here had lessened because the border between the Otherworld and the Abyss had worn down quicker.

‘Well. Getting killed when the border gets destroyed is similar.’

Anyway, this game may become a chance or a dangerous situation for him.

‘The work will become a bit complicated but if I can acquire that then it would be a bit easier to accomplish my goals.’


He did say he would grant them one but he obviously wouldn’t grant them everything like the genie of a lamp.

Since they weren’t that benevolent.

They would only grant them however they felt and only to a certain degree where it wasn’t suspicious.

Since they were proud but still would sense something against a wish that crossed the line with their sixth sense.

But this was still very useful.

‘I should get it.’

The blue treasure that had fallen the closest to him was in the northeastern direction.

Hansoo quickly advanced towards the location countless Hunters had already left towards.



In just a moment, Hansoo’s body flew over the heads of the Farmers.

The Farmers couldn’t participate in this fight anyway.

Since they would just get killed by the Hunters even if they got it.

Basically it was an unexpected competition.

Something that Dakidus created since he couldn’t just watch the Farmers fight to their deaths.

‘It’s there’

He could figure it out even without the light from the treasures.

Since it had been long since the explosions along with seven colored lights had started to spread out from that location.



“Get lost!”

“Damn! How dare a 11th Area brat come here! Go back to your area!”

Numerous tens of Hunters were fighting against each other.

The number of treasures was 100.

It wasn’t a large amount of treasures since the Hunters were counted by the thousands.

‘It’s here.’


A single blue gem, which was embedded deep within the ground like a meteor, was sending out lights in all directions.

Hansoo jumped into the middle and then poured in a large amount of mana onto the Pandemic Blade.

He then spread it on top of the Hunters.




Everybody freaked out at the sudden yellow pores that were gnawing at their mana and then quickly defended their body with their skills.

And then growled as they looked behind them.

“This damned bastard…”

They had heard that the newcomer was strong.

But for him to be at this level.

‘Damn… My mana is disappearing very quickly.’

The might of the skill he had just released was so powerful to the point where the mana reinforcement around their bodies were quickly getting melted down.

And for him to attack first against all of them.

‘It means he’s confident.’

But it was too late to avoid collision.

‘That bastard first…’

The moment the hunters instinctively turned around to look at Hansoo.


Hansoo clicked his tongue and took a step back.

And the Hunters laughed as they saw this.

Since they thought that they had pressured him away.

But that wasn’t the reason why Hansoo had backed off.


Something flew towards the location he had moved away from with a deafening sound.

And the Hunters who had finally felt the aura freaked out as they backed away.

And soon.


Something fell down while smashing apart the ground.

And somebody walked out from the dust clouds as he spoke.

“Oh my. Newcomer. It hasn’t been that long since I guided you around but for us to meet again. Anyways, you guys can all go and do what you need to do. We’ll take care of this now.”

The Hunters gulped down their saliva as they backed off.

“…Hellum. Fucking hell.”

‘For the Guards to act.’

Them, the Hunters, were naturally very aggressive in nature because of what they do.

But they still followed the rules of the village and feared the laws.

Would they do this because they respected the village?

The outer zone, 1st zone, where the Hunters lived and the inner zone, 3rd zone, where the Farmers lived.

The 2nd zone which was located in between those things.

The people who maintained the law, seized the Farmers on the inside and suppressed the Hunters on the outside.


People who had decided to stay within the village even after 1 year.

Most people left after filling up their yearly contracts so there wasn’t that many of them but every one of them were much stronger than the Hunters.

Since all of them had at least stayed in the village for a year.

The core force of the village that fought against the 1st and 2nd rank beasts and kept the order in the village.

It could clearly be seen just from how the Hunters, who had been growling and fighting each other only up until now, were backing away.

“Good. Cheer up everyone.”

The moment Hellum nodded and turned around.


A single laser beam smashed onto Hellum.

“That’s a bit difficult, you see, I need that too.”

The Hunters freaked out as they saw Hansoo who had attacked Hellum without a single thought.

‘That crazy bastard! What the hell is he thinking!’

Hellum alone was intimidating enough but attacking the guards itself was breaking the rules.

No punishments, just elimination in that instant.

The event where the 430 Hunters of the 4th Area, who had tried to flip the village upside down, getting erased in just a day was still very clear in their memories.

“…What is this?”

This was a challenge.

Hellum, who had blocked the attack with the shield on his left arm , glared at Hansoo with a frozen expression.