Reincarnator - Chapter 159 : Voting Offerings (3)

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Chapter 159 : Voting Offerings (3)

Dakidus’ Fortress, the Harvester, Atillan.

Dakidus frowned slightly as he sat inside the control room.

“Hmm…I’m feeling distressed for some reason.”

Crunch Crunch.


If one feels stressed, then they should eat.

Dakidus’ hands moved towards the transparent snack container next to him.

Then his four-meter-long mouth opened up as he started to eat the humans that were inside the container.

Crunch Crunch.


The control room was filled with screams in an instant.

And on every single one of these human’s bodies were skills—powerful defensive skills.

There wasn’t any form of suppression or control applied to the humans that Dakidus was chewing on.

They were all fresh humans that had just been brought in.

“This fucking bitch!”

If they could use defensive skills,then they could also use offensive ones as well.

As the humans who’d been trapped within the mysterious clear container were picked up by Dakidus’ hands, they all clenched their teeth and started to use their skills.

A black beam came out from the hands of an adventurer in Dakidus’ hands and smashed onto Dakidus’ eyes.

Then, a huge explosion occurred.


The entire room that Dakidus was in, which had clear walls, started to tremble from the attack.

Surprisingly, a skill which had a similar power to the Pentuple Beam of Karhal, had come out of a human who was merely a snack.

But of course, these people had been caught whilst they were adventuring inside of the Green Road.

They were much stronger than those who acted like kings in those puny little ceasefire zones.

“Grrr….A bitch huh. Isn’t that a bit too accurate?”

A beast-like rose up from Dakidus’ mouth—as if he couldn’t give up his beastial-instincts.

But the adventurer fell into despair when he heard that noise.

He could clearly hear the sneer hidden within.


A blue barrier had surrounded the entire body of the wolfman.

From the crown off the wolfman’s head, to the rest of the body, the blue barrier was currently protecting Dakidus extremely well.

“I heard that you guys were a bit smart. Don’t you know that just getting chewed up is more convenient?”


The adventurer was instantly filled with fear in that moment.

Dakidus threw the human into his mouth and started to chew.




Explosions and lasers came out from within Dakidus’ mouth.

However, Dakidus ignored the man’s last ditch efforts, and swirled his snack inside his mouth as long as possible, before slowly chewing him down.

The inner parts of his mouth were also protected by the blue barrier.

No, this kind of resistance was rather fun.

‘The main dish isn’t really fun to eat.’

Dakidus liked snacks because of these sensations.

Since they struggled in his mouth.

Rumble. Rumble…

As the resistance in his mouth slowly stopped, Dakidus made a bored expression, swallowed the snack, and then looked towards the border area in the distance while smacking his lips.

And then thought of the sixth sense that had disturbed him a few days ago as he made an uncomfortable expression.

The higher race—The Arukon.

If he ignored the other two Higher races that they shared borders with, then one could say that there shouldn’t be any reason for this sixth sense to activate, since humans were just mere livestock.

But why had it activated?

His role was just managing the farms in this nearby area, which grew these livestock.

‘Well. It seems that these guys called that a ceasefire zone.’

Dakidus made an amused expression.

He could constantly eat humans for free, without doing anything himself.

If it wasn’t a farm, then what was it?

Dakidus pondered as he thought of the farm, but then just nodded his head.

‘I should go a bit early.’

Even without that disturbing sensation from a few days ago, going a bit early to watch happened quite often.

Since watching the voting process that these guys had was quite amusing.

The last ones had often left quite an amusing scene.

‘The game’s quite nice.’

The moment Dakidus willed it.


The entire control room began to be shrouded in bright blue light.

At the same time, a huge quantity of mana started to come out from Dakidus’ body, which had a blue crown on the top of the head.


The mana that came out from Dakidus’s body started to spread out in all directions.

At that moment…


The control room Dakidus was sitting in started to tremble excessively.


Hansoo nodded as he looked at the surrounding swarm of people.

If he could use this to hasten the preparing process, then it’d be very good.

‘I should enhance the Sealing Jade a bit more.’

The core material was the Sealing Jade.

But in order to give the Harvester, Dakidus, a fatal strike, the Sealing Jade alone wasn’t enough.

Since the Sealing Jade, despite its tremendous power, wasn’t invincible.

If there wasn’t a limit to the Sealing Jade, why would the Sages have lost the war against the Higher races?

This was why he had to prepare, and had to enhance the Sealing Jade further.

The alchemists of the past had found a method of enhancing the Sealing Jade by using materials that could be found in ceasefire villages.

‘Let’s see…there are eight important materials in total.’

These items were definitely not something that he could earn in a short amount of time by trading the things he had.

But this wasn’t much of a problem.

After checking the market around town.

Everything he needed had already been prepared by stores that the Guards operated.

‘Of course they’d have them.’

The important materials he needed were also quite precious within the village, so they always had a surplus amount of them lying around.

There was just one problem.

He couldn’t buy them.

‘I have no money.’

Hansoo clicked his tongue.

In order to make everything fair in the world, the points given to those for their contributions could be used to borrow or buy things in the village.

Of course the best case scenario would be where they gave the best items out, and had them fight for the village—but such an ideal case has never worked out fluently.

Because then a ruckus would be created when everyone tried to obtain the best items.

And this point system was something that both encouraged hunting, and gave the farmers strength.

But Hansoo had almost no points.

How could he have contribution points when he’d just arrived in the village?.

And stealing wasn’t a very good idea.

Stealing from a shop owned by the Guards was the same as fighting them head on.

‘But wouldn’t that be the case for these guys as well?’

He was originally going to clash against the guards in order to gain the materials from the market, but there wasn’t a need to do it anymore, because of this event.

Hansoo took a deep breath, and then shouted, “Arumang’s Horn! Ellum’s Poison! Akarim Leather! And…”

Everyone made confused expressions at the shouts that came from Hansoo’s mouth.

‘Why is he calling out such rare items…’

The materials Hansoo had just called out were things that they could only buy by giving away a large amount of points.

For example, an Arumang’s Horn was something that could hide an adventurer’s presence to quite a large degree, just by having it on their person.

It was expensive since it was an item that allowed one to get away from the perceptions of the beasts.

Akarim’s Leather gave one a high amount of magic resistance if placed atop of their armor, and Ellum’s Poison was a high level poison that worked against even rank 5 beasts.

Why had he shouted out these materials?

‘Tsk. Maybe I’d be able to buy one if I emptied all my points.’

While the man, who was talking to Altair, muttered in his mind as he thought of his own contribution points.

Hansoo shouted out a final line after saying those eight materials.

“I will give a vote for those who bring me the eight materials I just shouted! Oh, and two for Arumang’s Horn and Akarim’s Leather!”

Hansoo’s shout rang out in all directions.


While a few people stopped in their tracks in confusion.



As soon as those words were heard, the ones located on the outermost parts quickly moved.

It was like a firework.

A scene where tens of people suddenly rushed towards the village.


The ones who were thinking about it a bit too long finally screamed out as well, and ran towards the Market.

‘Damn. My curiosity slowed me down!”

The man who was speaking to Altair started to run as well while grinding his teeth.

What did it matter where Hansoo wanted to take those things or how he wanted use them?

They had points.

And as long as they could get those items to him, they’d be able to get that vote.

What else was needed?

‘Though it’s a bit expensive…’

Using up all their points was still much better than being dragged away as an offering.

The man stole a glance behind him and smiled.

‘Well then. There are clearly those who’re out of this competition now.’

The man was actually quite nervous himself as well.

Being an acquaintance was sometimes very frightening.

What if the relation between Hansoo and the newcomers was deeper?

Without any thoughts, all 10 votes would go to those guys.

But it seemed like Hansoo clearly had standards.

Why would he give those votes to the newcomers who were just beggars?

‘Good. Good.’

The adventurers used various skills and stormed towards the market.

And when everyone had disappeared, Mackill and Altair, who’d arrived late, made expressions of despair when they heard Hansoo’s shout.

Contribution points.

Both Mackill, who’d been trapped within the human farm and had just arrived at the village, and Altair, a newcomer, had no contribution points.

Mackill’s expression was that of devastation, since she realized that there was no way for her to dodge this.

Mackill, who was in a daze, suddenly began to grind her teeth while looking at the Hunters and Guards, as well as Karim, the captain of the guards, and at Ekidu.

And then she shouted loudly.

“I thought I’d escaped from the farm, but it seems like this place is a farm as well!”

As her shouts were heard, the Hunters who were watching the fire from the other side, made amused expressions.

And Mackill was enraged again from those expressions, she shouted again.

“Damnit! I don’t know who’s taking these offerings, but aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?! Living like this with your strength! Shouldn’t you try to fight them with this much strength!?”

Their strengths couldn’t even be compared to hers.

And there were a large amount of these guys.

But for them to act this way…to sell their own race.

At that moment.



Sneers exploded out from all around her.

From the Hunters watching from above, to the Farmers who had leisure after obtaining votes.

While Mackill was frowning from this scene, Karhal, who’d followed Mackill all the way here, spoke towards her.

“I guess you haven’t seen them yet. The Harvesters.”


The moment Mackill replied.


Everything including the skies and the earth started to tremble.

As if something that was riding on a huge wave was approaching them.

The moment that Mackill was shocked from the powerful vibration, Karhal made a bitter expression.

“I guess they don’t really have manners because they’re bitches. Well anyway, it’s a good event for you. Look. Those are the things you’re asking us to fight.”

Karhal then pointed towards the sky.

The moment Mackill looked up towards where Karhal had pointed, Mackill wasn’t able to believe her own eyes.

It wasn’t something she should be seeing in a place like this.

“Oh my god…”


A golden castle that might come out in a sci-fi fantasy movie.

A giant circular castle with a diameter over 500m was approaching the village from high up in the skies.


The golden castle in the skies, when compared to the small wooden village below, made it shine with splendor even more.

And it wasn’t just for looks.

A humongous mana wave resonated out from the giant golden castle.

Despite being kilometers away from it, it still made their entire bodies feel prickly.

Karhal mumbled as he looked at the Satellite Fortress of the Harvester.

“It’s quite a scene right? Isn’t it like seeing an alien during the primitive era? Anyways, he came a bit early this time around. Damn…”


Mackill looked at Karhal with a confused expression, since his expression wasn’t quite good.

The other Hunter’s expressions were filled with nervousness as well.

Mackill couldn’t hold back her curiosity as she asked.

“Why are you guys nervous? You guys have nothing to do with the vote at all.”

And then Hansoo, who’d appeared next to them, spoke as he looked up at the giant castle.

“That’s a rule made by humans.”


“I’m saying that they wouldn’t necessarily respect that rule.”

Karhal added another line to Hansoo’s.

“I’ll say it simply. Their personalities are just like…the Fairy’s.”

“…I see.”

Mackill mumbled as he looked at the giant wolfman floating down from the castle, enshrouded in blue light.

Since the expression on its face was too familiar.

It was the same as the one on the Fairy’s.

‘Damn…just watch and fuck off this time around! Please! At least the Fairies look cute…’

If that guy fancied something, then even they, the Hunters, weren’t safe.

Karhal gulped down his saliva as he looked at the ugly wolfman.