Reincarnator - Chapter 155 : 1st Area (5)

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Chapter 155 : 1st Area (5)


Hansoo dodged the incoming attacks and kicked off of the walls as he proceeded inwards.

Along with the tremendous amount of skills behind him.

Boom! Boom!

The building which had maintained its original shape started to get smashed apart.

‘Let’s see. Not here…’

Hansoo destroyed a wall with a kick and then shook his head as he moved into a different part of the building.

Though it looked like he was just smashing random things, Hansoo was calculating the vibration of the building as he launched kicks.

After another moment.


‘It’s here.’

A location which was slightly less sturdy than the other parts.

Hansoo lifted his leg up and smashed it down.


Hansoo’s body, which had been enhanced by the silver liquid, started to create cracks upon the ground.

This is where it should end usually.

Since even Hansoo wasn’t strong enough to create an earthquake with just a single stomp.

But the result was slightly different.



The moment Akilen made that noise.


Hansoo lifted his leg and stomped down again.


The entire ground broke apart and a small hole appeared.

It was a pretty crappy method of hiding something but it had still remained until today because of that reason.

Since the higher races would’ve found it if there were things like mechanisms on it.


Hansoo frowned as he looked at the small hole.

Since it looked a bit too small for Hansoo to go in.

It might’ve been enough for a normal person but Hansoo wasn’t really a normal person.

This hole seemed a bit too small for a 2m sized man to go in.

He would definitely get stuck in there if he went down.


Hansoo hit the floor again.

Not with his foot but with the Forked Lightning this time.


But unlike how it had fared so far, the ground absorbed all the force from the Forced Lightning.

As if there was something very precious inside it.

‘I guess I can’t enlarge the hole anymore.’

He might be able to do it if he tried really hard but it would take quite a bit of time.

And the people chasing behind him wouldn’t let him be if he were to squeeze himself in there.

‘…Did they make it this small on purpose? This is a bit troublesome.’

For his size to come back and bite him in the ass.

While Hansoo was frowning due to this unexpected turn of events.


Akilen, who had been holding tightly onto his chest due to the rebound force of his kick, made moaning sounds.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then spoke.

“I have a request.”


Hansoo took a glance at the Hunters swarming towards him and spoke to Akilen.

“If you go beneath here, there’ll be a small black marble. I need that.”


Akilen then took a glance at the small hole below her.

A small but endless looking hole.


Akilen groaned a bit.

She wasn’t afraid of falling.

Though the hole was long to the point where she couldn’t see the bottom, her body wasn’t weak to the point where she would get hurt from falling.

There was another reason why she was groaning.

‘…It feels unpleasant.’

A feeling of needles being pricked onto her entire body.

She didn’t know what was below here but if its existence alone made her feel like this then it wouldn’t be something simple.

Akilen hurriedly asked Hansoo.

“What about you mister?”

Hansoo raised his spear and replied.

“I have to block them until you activate that.”




As Akilen stopped to ponder, Hansoo just hit Akilen with the back of the spear and pushed her into the hole.

Akilen screamed as she fell but he didn’t really care much.

Since it wasn’t like there was something dangerous below.

Activating it wasn’t that complicated either.

It would take a while but it wasn’t dangerous at all.

‘I’m the one in trouble.’


Hansoo started at the wall exploding in after covering up the hole with a large amount of rubble.



The circular research lab had lost its original shape from the constant attacks poured upon it and started to turn into ruins.

At that moment a laser flew in from the distance.

Karhal’s skill, .

A big laser beam which was made of five different colored smaller beams shot towards Hansoo.

Hansoo frowned as he saw this.

‘…It’s an AOE skill. And Quintuple Beam at that…Such a high level skill.’

It wasn’t one of the triple numberings but if one were to choose 3000 skills then it would definitely fit in those.

Out of hundreds of thousands of skills, a skill of this level was not something he could ignore.

No, it was actually an amazing skill.

‘And the mastery level is… Almost 100%’

Strength befitting of the team leader of the 1st Area.

He could dodge it.

Since the Quintuple Beam’s power was tremendous but it wasn’t that fast.

But the moment he tried to dodge it the laser beam will explode and melt down everything in the vicinity.

The ground itself wouldn’t melt but Akilen, who was inside the hole, wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

‘She’d probably die.’

It would be a problem if he got hit as well.

The moment he got hit the five different beams will drive into his body and gnaw upon his insides.

Like a parasite devouring the inside of a person.

‘I have no choice.’

Hansoo breathed in deeply and then raised his spear.

He then pushed his Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement to the limits and focused it onto a point.

He then smashed it onto the center of the laser flying towards him.


The sound of something smashing apart.

It wasn’t loud but the effect was clear.

The moment Hansoo smashed the center of the beam.


The beam that was comprised of five lights got smashed apart into bits.

Of course this wasn’t the end.

Though it had been split into five, every single one of those beams were powerful.


Hansoo moved his body above the hole Akilen went down into and then stood still.

He then crouched down and focused all of the mana in his body into the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.


Soon a giant explosion occurred.

Five giant explosions occurred around Hansoo as they swept all around his surroundings.

Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black colors swept around the surroundings and erased all the remaining bits of the building.

Along with Hansoo in the inner parts of the research lab.


As the dust settled and darkness was about to come back.

From the remaining lights of the five colors, the result of the giant explosions could be seen.

Traces of destruction which seemed like five meteors had hit.

The ground hadn’t been destroyed as if it was made of something incredible but all the rubble and building parts had melted down.

Although the user should’ve been content with the result of his skill, which had destroyed everything around its explosion point, Karhal made quite a discontent expression since he had to use up every bit of mana he had.

‘I thought this would’ve ended everything…’

Quintuple Beam.

A skill that had made him into the best Hunter of the village, his final trump card.

The might of the Quintuple Beam was amazing but a befitting amount of mana had to be used and it was slow so it was easy to dodge.

It was useful against giant beasts but was hard to use against humans.

But he had tried using it since the kid Hansoo held onto had disappeared somewhere.

Since he thought that Hansoo wouldn’t be able to dodge because of that kid.

And it was a success.

Hansoo had chosen to go up against the Quintuple Beam.

But it was only half a success.

‘How did he know the method of disabling the Quintuple Beam…?’

The sole method of disabling the Quintuple Beam.

The five beams synergized with each other and enhanced each other.

If one would stab the core part that connected these five beams and split them up then they could prevent the beams from entering their body as well as lowering the damage done by the beam.

But this was something that others wouldn’t be able to figure out or would have a hard time figuring out.

Since stabbing such a powerful skill with one’s own skill was something that was hard for a sane person.

Karhal made a bitter expression but then shook his head as he focused on the scene in front of him.

It was half a failure.

Which meant that it was half a success.

Tadak. Tadadak.

The body of Hansoo, which had been swept by the explosions of the Quintuple Beam, had been burnt quite well.

The strange armor he had on had cracks in it and his entire body was full of injuries.

Karhal laughed as he looked at Hansoo.

‘I’ll acknowledge it. I have lost to you.’

The Quintuple Beam was something he could only use by using every bit of mana in his body.

A skill which he had gambled everything on had only resulted in this.

Though the damage was significant, Hansoo still looked like he could fight.

If it was a one on one situation then he would be dead now since he had no more mana.

But he wasn’t alone.


The 19 members behind Karhal ran past him and were about to charge into Hansoo.

Hansoo who was standing still in the distance.

They might’ve been afraid usually but they saw it clearly.

They saw Hansoo being hit by the Quintuple Beam of the team leader.

Even the extremely powerful level 2 beasts whined after getting hit by the Quintuple Beam and either ran or fell dead.

Even Hansoo wouldn’t be fine.

‘We need to kill him off now.’

At that moment.



The 19 people made confused expressions from Karhal’s shout which had stopped them.

Karhal smiled as he looked at them.

“You all know that a wounded beast is dangerous.’

Everyone nodded at those words.

Since the most dangerous time of a beast isn’t when it’s up and running healthily.

It was when it received a large wound.

The moment the beast realizes that it wouldn’t be able to survive.

Then it would become the most frightening.

Since it would put its life on the line to attack.

A beast which wanted to take at least one more person down along with itself was an extremely dangerous one.

And them, the Hunters, knew about this very well.

Karhal spoke towards them.

“There’s not really a way to go near him. The kid went into the hole he’s defending. It seems like he wants to defend the kid.”

“Haha. He’s quite cool isn’t he.”

Etianon, one of the 19 members, laughed coldly.

‘I wondered why he was standing still above the hole.’

This changed the story.

If Hansoo couldn’t come at them then they didn’t have a reason to charge into him.


Etianon and the other Hunters leisurely took up positions and prepared their skills.

Large scale skills that were powerful like the Quintuple Beam but took long to prepare and had a slow projectile speed so it was only used on large slow beasts.

Large area skills that would be enough to sweep into the hole below him if he dodged, skills that a mere Farmer wouldn’t be able to resist.




Numerous beams started to make their way towards Hansoo.


19 dark and bright skills got shot out in turns in order to not disturb each other.

The skills were befitting of the 1st Area’s Hunters who were specialized to kill the beasts.

Except the problem was that the beast this time was Hansoo.

‘Tsk. Hurry up.’

Hansoo clicked his tongue and then held on tightly onto the Forked Lightning in his hands.

And then soon the bright blue flame in the very front of the barrage smashed onto Hansoo.


Azure Flame.

A skill that was a step above the Scarlet Flame.

Hansoo spun the Forked Lightning, which was covered in the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement, like a windmill and at the same time bred the pores of the third Pandemic Blade to the brim.

Bubble bubble

The pores bubbled as they covered Hansoo’s body.

The Azure Flame’s specialty and strong point.

Once it struck the opponent it wouldn’t come off or die down and continue to burn the opponent’s body.

Until it burned a set amount.

The normal amount was three times the size of a normal adult.

It was more than enough to burn a piece of armor and one person.

‘Except… That’s the disadvantage’


The pores that instantly enlarged started to burn up from the Azure Flames.

The Azure Flame tried to devour the pores but the pores divided up and fought against the Azure Flames.



The Azure Flame which had burnt the area it could disappeared with a whisper of a sound.

It hadn’t even touched Hansoo’s body and instead burnt the pores that blew up from his body.’

‘Damn. For him to use such a tactic.’

Etianon frowned deeply.

Since it was the first time his Azure Flames had been stopped without any results like this.

But this wasn’t the end.

Soon the 18 other skills smashed into Hansoo in turns.




Beams and projectiles that were sent out.

Hansoo started to smash all the incoming skills one by one.

Some he broke by splitting.

Some he sent flying away by smashing it.

Some he hit the core and destroyed it.

Karhal was shocked as he saw this.

Every one of these skills weren’t sent out half-heartedly.

These weren’t skills that should get smashed apart that easily.

‘What an amazing guy. He knows everything about the skills.’

Hansoo’s strong point wasn’t his strength.

It was the ability to use the strength he had efficiently to smash the weakness of the opponent.

‘What a pity. I kind of hope I could get him into our team.’

But Karhal shook his head.

They had crossed the line too much.

Even if a guy like that came in, it would only disturb their teamwork.

‘And…He’ll die soon anyway.’

Karhal smiled.

Since Hansoo’s body started to appear after he had defended all the assaults one by one and the resulting smoke had cleared.

A much more tragic look than before.

The armor was filled with cracks, his skin was burnt up and he couldn’t use his left arm because he sacrificed it to block two skills that flew into him.

Karhal was about to raise his hands to order a second wave of assaults but just brought them back down.

Since they were already preparing them.


The exact skills from before appeared in their hands again.

He would block it the same again but it wouldn’t matter.

Since he would’ve become a corpse by then.

‘Good bye.’

As Karhal was focusing all his five senses onto Hansoo in order to memorize Hansoo’s final appearance.


A shout was heard from Karhal’s ears that were extremely focused.

From the dark hole that Hansoo was blocking.

‘What are they saying…?’

The moment Karhal focused more of his senses onto his ears to hear better.


A chill ran down Karhal’s entire body.

Since Hansoo, who had become a mess, started to smile.

An extremely displeasing smile.

At that moment.



Confused shouts were heard from beside Karhal.