Reincarnator - Chapter 154 : 1st Area (4)

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Chapter 154 : 1st Area (4)

“Damn…What the hell are we supposed to do.”

Mackill stared at Hansoo in front of her and mumbled in a daze.

‘If we were to combine our forces with this guy instead…’

But Mackill shook her head.

Even if they combined their strength with Hansoo, they wouldn’t be able to beat the 40 above.

But then Hansoo wouldn’t die that easily either.

‘This is shit. Is this the life of a slave?.’

Hansoo spoke towards Mackill.

“Do you still think that you need to stay here?”


The reason why Hansoo only heard about this farm from rumors.

It was simple actually.

Since nobody had seen people crawl out alive.

Their destinies were set.

Being thrown away after taken advantage of and being used.

Hansoo spoke towards Mackill.

“Help me. I will keep you alive.”


“You can live if you’re a livestock. Since you’re useful. But during times of danger…You will be the first ones thrown away. Do you think this world is that laid back for you guys to stay safe forever?”

Mackill clenched her teeth.

Those words were correct.

It was just that they were in denial of reality.

They needed to struggle a bit more.

To get out of here.

‘But…Is this the right side to stand on?’

Mackill breathed in and out and asked Hansoo.

“Give us a guarantee then.”

They needed to escape.

And the rope had come down as well.

The rope that would save them from hell.

But they still needed to check.

In order to see if this rope was a rotten piece of vine.

Or a ladder that would lead them to the outside world.

Mackill glanced around at the surrounding people, who were murmuring to each other in nervousness, and spoke out.

“What do you need to find in there? Could we escape outside safely with that?”

They weren’t placing their hopes on Hansoo’s strength.

The important thing was what did such a strong guy come here to find.

‘Yeah. Who knows?’

Mackill muttered in her mind.

The research lab looking building that they had found had been almost destroyed into rubble.

The only remaining things were a few of the blue gloves and necklaces they had.

They couldn’t use it well because they didn’t have that much mana but the item itself was amazing.

And if there was something even better than this in the lab?

It wouldn’t be that hard to defeat all the Hunters up there and escape.

But Hansoo shook his head.

Since the Sealing Jade he was looking for wasn’t really a weapon.

“We can’t escape safely per say.”



“These bastards. Why aren’t they starting already.”

Keron, who had stuck his two arms and legs onto the wall, made a bored expression as the scene he expected didn’t play out.

But then going down was a bit burdensome as well.

Since it’ll become quite annoying if Hansoo and the 20 of them combine their strengths.

‘Well. Then was coming with Karhal a relief?’

Keron stole a glance at his side.

Since their team leader, Karhal, was very powerful.

Though he didn’t like the situation, Karhal was still very reassuring to have standing next to him.

‘Well. There shouldn’t be a need for the team leader to step out personally.’

The only way for the ones below to live is attacking Hansoo.

And in the midst of that fight, they just needed to jump down and suppress him after he gets tired.

‘And it’ll be troublesome if the slaves die as well.’

A whole month was left.

At that moment.


Keron’s expression, which was staring at Mackill with happy thoughts of future plans, suddenly froze.

Since an entirely different scene than the one he expected played out.

Keron shouted out in anger.

“These bastards! Running away!?”


Keron jumped down from the wall as he saw the 200 people dashing away in all directions.

In order to punish them for their insolent resistance.



Mackill grinded her teeth as she looked at the Hunters jumping down from the wall and making large explosive sounds as they landed.

‘Damn it all! I’m not so sure if this is the right choice or not.’

But there was no other way.

Since she could sense it faintly as well.

If they stay trapped in here then they’ll eventually get slaughtered.

‘…Trust him.’

According to that guy’s words, if he found the thing in the lab then they could win.

But it was easier said than done.

The nightmare of the past came back to her as she saw the Hunters flying around swiftly towards them.

Mackill drove away the fear tingling throughout her body and then asked again while clenching her teeth.

“Damn…Is that really better? We can just…”

Hansoo replied with a stern expression.

“It’ll become more dangerous then.”


Mackill breathed in from Hansoo’s words and then shouted to everyone running with her.

“Everyone spread out and run! And escape!”


Everyone who heard Mackill’s shout flinched and pondered.

They had heard before.

That they needed to separate the enemy’s forces while running around.

But it wasn’t easy to act.

To run away when fighting as a group wouldn’t even suffice.

Wanting to group up in a dangerous situation is a human instinct.

Hansoo added more words to Mackill’s while running.

“If you group and fight then you’ll all get massacred. Since they will try to kill you since you’ll be a threat. But if you spread out and run they will not kill you. Since you aren’t a threat anymore.”

“Then…What happens if they ignore us and go for you? Then we will just get smashed apart.”

As somebody shouted out, Hansoo just shook his head.

“No way. Those guys cannot let any of you escape. Since if a single one of you left and reported to the village, it will become very troublesome for them.”


“Hurry and split up! And run away as much as you can!”


They heard up to this point and started to split up in all directions.

Some into the depths of the darkness.

Some towards the tunnel they had fallen from.


200 people splitting up at the same time was quite a scene to behold.

Since some of them really did look like they could escape.

And even if they were Farmers, they had roamed the Otherworld for multiple years.

They all had something up their sleeves to help them survive.

And as 200 of these people all started to run with their lives on the line, it looked like hundreds of fireworks going off in the darkness.

Sending off hundreds of sparks in all directions.

But Mackill clenched her teeth.

Since she knew about the result.

‘They… Won’t succeed.’

And just as she expected.

The Hunters immediately responded to the Farmers running away and went into action.


The 40 Hunters fell down from the skies and split into two groups according to Karhal’s hand motions.

Then they separated all around and started to capture the ones who started running away.


“Hahahahaha! Where are you running off to!”

Even hunting for rabbits would be harder than this.

Though the Farmers were pretty fast, the Hunters, who had lived as a Hunter for almost a year, were much faster than them.

The 200 Farmers started to quickly get captured by the Hunters one by one.

And getting suppressed was quite easy because they were all spread apart.

Mackill grinded her teeth as she saw this while running away.



They were handling the Farmers very roughly.

And the Farmers, who couldn’t even think of resisting, were of no threat to them at all.

But they were swinging the Farmers around very roughly as if they were trying to vent their anger on them.

They wouldn’t kill them but just almost.

As if they were proving that this was the result of a slave who revolted against their owner.


Mackill asked Hansoo urgently.

“Can we just not bring it to you while you fight? That’s so much better!”

It didn’t require that many hands to bring an object.

But Hansoo shook his head.

“You guys aren’t enough.”


Mackill frowned deeply at those words.

She knew as well.

That if Hansoo remains here the others wouldn’t even be even able to reach the deep parts of this place.

Since they couldn’t outrun the Hunters.

Mackill pondered for a moment and then spoke to Hansoo.

“There’s not really a necessity for me to go right? Akilen! Come over here!”


One of the youngest girls running next to Mackill replied instinctively.

Though she had been ordered to split up, she hadn’t been able to make up her mind to run away and had stayed running by Hansoo and Mackill.

Mackill looked at the girl with a pain stricken expression.

‘Damn. For things to have played out like this.’

This girl was a very high spirited girl before she had been kidnapped by those guys.

Of course she was.

The girl had also roamed the Otherworld for numerous years.

But the girl had turned extremely depressed in just a few months after getting kidnapped.

“Guide this guy there.”

Mackill muttered as she looked at the people behind her.

Guiding the way was a waste of time for her.

She had a duty as a leader.

‘I can’t… Die peacefully by myself.’

The moment she finished speaking she ran in the exact opposite direction of Hansoo.

“Keron! You dirty bastard! I’m over here!”


Mackill started to run at an extremely fast speed, as if she was proving that she had the ability to be their leader, throughout the darkness.

And somebody from Karhal’s group, who had been watching Mackill, quickly separated out from the group.


Keron looked at Hansoo with a regrettable expression but then shook his head as he quickly started to follow behind Mackill.

Since she was quite fast.

If she got outside of the darkness while he was paying his attention somewhere else then it’ll become very troublesome.

‘Twenty…Too excessive.’

Akilen clenched her teeth while running away.

The remaining number was barely 20 now.

Which meant that they cared greatly about the man next to her but this made her feel even more depressed.

They wouldn’t even be able to move a finger if they get caught.

‘Damn. The time Mackill bought us was fruitless…’

While Akilen was freaking out from the gap that was closing in.

Hansoo suddenly lifted that Akilen.


“Too slow. Guide me the direction quickly. We’re going to get caught at this pace.”

As if his words weren’t meaningless, the moment he lifted up Akilen his speed exploded numerous times faster.


The gap that had been closing increased in just a moment.

But as if the group behind him couldn’t let Hansoo go like that, they used their own skills and started assaulting Hansoo.

Behind Hansoo, who was running through the darkness while causing the land to tremble with every step, red and blue lights and objects flew towards him.



Hansoo swung the Forked Lightning with one hand to deflect off the most threatening attacks, nullified the curse types with Nurmaha’s ring and then received the rest with his body.

‘Tsk. As I expected it’s not easy.’

The shock that penetrated through the Thousand Soliders Armor, Dragon Essence Blade and Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement could be dealt with but the curse type skills that he didn’t have the mana to nullify dragged him down.

‘Mana’s the problem.’

His skills were all amazing but he didn’t have nearly enough mana to use them.

‘I’ll need to solve this issue in this zone.’

Hansoo refocused on blocking the attacks.

Things could be dealt with since it was only twenty of them.

If a few more attacks had flown in then he might’ve been dragged down to the point of being captured.

‘The Racial Metamorphosis…This isn’t the time to use it yet.’

“This won’t do. Hang onto me.”

“Pardon? Aaaak!”

Even before she could finish speaking, Hansoo had thrown her into the air in front of him and used both hands to deflect the attacks behind him.


The range of defense was much different from one hand to two hands.

As he cut off the freezing and curse type skills that could hold him down and blocked the incoming damage, the gap that had been slowly closing in reversed and was getting further apart.


Akilen, who had been thrown, barely caught onto Hansoo’s front like a koala and sighed in relief.

‘He’s really reliable.’

Hansoo’s physique was very large to begin with so most of the attacks hadn’t reached her small self.

It was like a giant shield in front of her blocking everything for her.

Akilen, who was now in safety, started to refocus on what she had to do.

Since her job was a guide.

‘Let’s see. Past the black boulder and…To the right of the ditch.’

The destroyed ruins and rubble flew past Hansoo, who was running at an extremely fast speed, very quickly.

And in between those ruins the blue gloves that had lost their light could be seen from time to time.

These were all remnants they had found.

But Hansoo wasn’t looking for such a thing.

‘He…Probably wants to go over to that place.’

Akilen, who had been looking all around their surroundings, suddenly pointed towards a direction.

“That way!”

A giant circular building that still maintained its shape and looked a bit different from the other ruins.

Hansoo inspected this building for a moment and then nodded.

‘This is it.’

Research lab.

The Sealing Jade was in here.

‘Though it’s a bit dangerous…’

Butt he didn’t have a choice.

He had to get it no matter what.

Only then would he be able to start solving the Yellow Zone.

“We’re going in. Hold on tight.”

“Huh? Uhhh?”



Hansoo deflected the skills that flew in from behind, smashed the wall of the building in front of him and jumped inside.