Reincarnator - Chapter 146 : The Hunter’s Plateau (2)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 146 : The Hunter’s Plateau (2)


Hansoo’s body got sucked into the depths of the portal.

Bubble Bubble

Hansoo’s body, which had been flowing through the currents of space time, suddenly entered a space filled with a sticky fluid.

This space which was full of the sticky liquid was extremely dark because no light could reach into this location.

Hansoo repositioned his body within the sticky liquid.

Since he had arrived here, he needed to get out.

‘It has really been a while. Kangri Worm.’

Kangri Worm.

A giant larvae that lived in the depths of the great jungle while gobbling up the soil.

At the same time it was the portal that the humans came in through.

In the past he had accidentally drunk a large amount of this liquid but the current Hansoo was not him of the past.

Hansoo used his body, which had been further enhanced by the Dragon Essence Blade, and smashed down the Forked Lightning.


The liquid sac that was surrounding Hansoo got ripped apart along with a desolate cry.


The sac had been ripped but no signs of light entering could be seen.

Only an extremely agitated scream could be heard from the liquid sac.

Well, this was obvious.

Any creature would scream in such a manner when their stomach suddenly gets ripped apart while sleeping peacefully in the depths of the ground.

‘It’ll heal up soon anyway.’


Hansoo raised himself up but didn’t exit the Kangri Worm right away.

Hansoo started to fill up the overflowing liquids of the Kangri Worm, which was over 6m long, into the pouch by his waist.

‘This is useful in many ways.’


As an abnormally large amount of body fluids started to exit out, the Kangri Worm screamed out in panic.

Hansoo only then finally closed up the sac, which contained the body fluids, carefully existed the Kangri Worm and started to slowly dig his way up.


As he moved the dirt away, a familiar yet strange scene appeared in front of his eyes.

Tremendously large trees that he hadn’t seen for decades.

Trees that towered over tens of meters in height surrounded the location Hansoo came out of.

The Great Jungle, .

Thousands of kilometers was nowhere close to the actual size of this place.

A giant jungle filled with mysteries that nobody had searched in their entirety.

At the same time a place where the humans had to struggle in order to survive.

Hansoo needed to turn this place into a land that is beneficial towards the human race.

‘First, find the ceasefire zone.’

This was a land where countless predatory races roamed around.

But there were still areas divided up clearly between these guys.

He needed to find the human villages hidden between these territories.

It would take a long time for Hansoo to search through the jungle by himself and gather the materials but a lot of the things he needed would be at the villages.

‘Let’s take it slow since I’m not in a hurry.’

The process of getting through the Great Jungle, Usas, needed to be executed quite carefully.

The predators didn’t like the smell of the Kangri Worms so they weren’t present in these areas but once Hansoo exits the territory of the Kangri Worms then he would constantly encounter and fight against the predators.

Time wasn’t the important part in this zone.

He needed to deal with the predators carefully but still achieve a clear result.

He didn’t know where he had arrived in the tremendously large territory of the Kangri-Worms but once he can find the correct direction then he would be set.

At that moment.

A voice which was calling over Hansoo was heard.

“Hey! Over there! Newcomer! What happened! What’s going on below?”

Hansoo looked towards the location where the voice that was calling him came from up above the trees.

A group of around 10 people were looking at Hansoo.


Altair sighed in relief as she looked at the person standing below the tree.

‘Thank god. There are still survivors.’

Altair thought of the incident from 3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago.

When she was roaming around the ant tunnels of the bull.

A giant earthquake swept through the Gragos.

Thankfully her and her comrades were in front of the portal so they escaped through the portal without a single moment of thought.

But Altair was shocked after coming up here.

Since there wasn’t anybody who welcomed them.

‘This has never happened before.’

Altair mumbled with an ominous expression.

In the Red Zone the helper clan existed in the beginning area.

In the Orange Zone the raiders had appeared before them but they were able to meet humans the moment they came out.

No, there were humans everywhere actually.

But weirdly not a single trace of humans could be seen in this place.

Excluding the ones who she had come up with, the man she was looking at down below was the first human they found in 3 weeks.

‘…Of course they aren’t quite the best ones to be with.’

While Altair was looking around her and frowning.

Hantae, the leader of this group who was standing next to Altair, spoke out with a frustrated expression.

Altair was somehow scared of something as she continued to roam around the surrounding jungle and could not venture out for the past 3 weeks.

“Damnit, we aren’t a rescue squad or anything! Let’s hurry up and go! Don’t be willing to take in some random person you find!”

‘Damn… Her danger sensing powers or whatever. It’s really annoying.’

Hantae clicked his tongue.

If they didn’t need her trait then he wouldn’t even be talking to her like this.

Altair frowned at Hantae’s words.

‘You’re getting more and more brave huh.’

Even Hantae couldn’t do whatever he wanted down below.

Since clans and loose rules still existed.

But after the thought of only ten of them remaining and the fact that no one was around them, the strongest person in the group, Hantae, became more and more ruthless.

He had even looked at her with lustful expression a few days ago as well.

Altair sighed deeply as she spoke out.

“Don’t be like that. He might be helpful to us as well. Who knows, he might be somebody strong.’

Altair maintained her position as she ground her teeth.

Her, a vice-captain of the scouting team, and Hantae, vice-captain of the shock troopers, were at the same level in terms of authority but she could not do anything without her clan due to the vast difference in personal strength.

‘Damn. I might really get raped at this rate. That guy over there really needs to be somebody strong.’

But Altair didn’t really have much hope.

Though Hantae was a bastard of a person, he was very strong.

Unless one was a Margoth level, they could not beat him.

But Altair could not remember any Margoth levels with that man’s face.

This was the reason why Hantae was still acting with leisure after seeing that man as well.

‘No, I think another person was added to the Margoth levels…’

But Altair soon shook her head.

‘It’s probably just a false rumor.’

On average it took around 3 to 4 years to reach the Margoth level.

How could rumors about such a strong person not spread during that time?

Unless they became so strong in such a short amount of time that rumors didn’t even get to spread.

‘That’s even more of an impossibility.’

Hantae, who had been looking at that Altair, clicked his tongue as he walked out.

“You deal with this place. I’m going to scout around this place. You, come with me as well.”

Hantae then picked out a rather pretty girl from the group.

Altair grinded her teeth as she saw this.

‘This bastard. Is this really the time for that.’

The girl he had pointed to, Elis, was not even part of the shock troopers Hantae laed.

She was someone under her authority.

Elis was somebody she cared for because she didn’t really run away quickly in times of danger and was quick to catch on but Hantae was getting more and more blatant in his actions.

As if he was trying to set a clear example as to who was the boss between him and Altair.

Hantae grinded his teeth and growled as he saw Altair’s frown.

“What? Are you saying I can’t? What do you think I’m going to do. And it’s obvious that a shock trooper and a scout gets paired to go.”

Even before Altair could say anything towards Hantae, Elis acted out first.

Since it was clear who would get hurt if this continued.

And the beasts here were very strong despite their small numbers as if they were trying to prove the power of a small group of elites.

And the reason why everyone quietly set Hantae as the leader was because of a few sneak attacks they had encountered.

They had realized that Hantae’s power was a necessity in order to survive in this giant jungle.

If this group of ten got divided in half then it would become even harder to survive in this Yellow Zone which was full of some mysterious aura.

‘I need to end this here.’

Elis spoke out towards Altair.

“I’ll be back vice-captain. Don’t worry too much. We’ll just scout around the surroundings.”

“…Be careful.”

Altair looked at Elis’s back disappearing into the distance with a sorry expression.

And firmly made a resolution to herself.

‘I must get stronger and recruit more people.’

That guy was acting this way because they were low in number and weaker than him but once their numbers increased and stronger ones appear then her position will rise due to her unique ability.

If some bastard like Hantae got ahold of the boat’s control then they would all sink.

Altair finished her thoughts and then approached the man who had come out from the ground below.

“Welcome up here newcomer. First time at the Yellow Zone right?”

Altair constantly examined the man in front of her during the whole time.

‘I can’t tell with just my eyes.’

But her danger senses weren’t warning her about this guy at all.

Which meant that this guy wasn’t screwed up in the head at least.

Altair leisurely spoke to Hansoo.

“This area is much more dangerous than below you see. So we were recruiting the newcomers while roaming around this place. Since it’ll only hurt us if the newcomers just get killed off randomly as well. You know the Helper clan right? There’s something similar her as well, that is us. Anyways, how is the situation down below? No newcomers are coming up?”

There wasn’t really a need to show their disappointment even if they were letting him in.

Since it was clear who was stronger.

What would a newcomer know?

‘Joining us won’t hurt you.’

Altair mumbled inwardly.

The reason why she was lying was not because she wanted to order this guy around.

‘There are just too many people who are too proud.’

If they don’t clearly set the grounds as to who is the alpha then those guys would rebel.

And it was easier for them, who had been here for 3 weeks, to set the mood and lead the newcomers.

Hansoo quietly stared at Altair.

‘Quite an amusing bunch of people.’

Well, there wasn’t a need to tick them off by telling them to stop lying.

Hansoo spoke out while staring at Altair.

“There’s no one to rescue. At least for now. There won’t be anyone coming up for now anyway.”

“What? Why?”

“The zone below has been united, with the control of the new clan leader, Gwanje, nobody will come up for a while.”

Altair made a surprised expression.

‘Huh, that fellow really caused a ruckus huh.’

She knew that their clan leader of the Rerorerore clan had some ability but for him to unite the entire zone below.

During the moment in which Altair was lost in shock.

Hansoo quickly turned around and headed into the depths of the jungle.

‘He’s just leaving?’

Altair frowned while she looked at this and then spoke.

“Where are you going? I said it’s dangerous, are you quite confident or something?”

Hansoo shook his head at these words.

“The ones in danger isn’t me but you guys.”


“It’s coming. There.”

The moment Hansoo pointed towards a direction.

Altair was shocked.

Since that direction was the direction Hantae and Elis disappeared towards.

Altair perked up her ears and focused her senses towards that direction.

Boooom! Booooom!

Loud explosions were heard as the giant trees of the jungle blew apart.

And one could tell that noise was getting closer and closer.

Altair frowned deeply as she saw this.

Since that thing was something they were familiar with.

“Damnit… Let’s get the hell away from here newbie”

Altair shouted towards Hansoo.

Since this guy would just get shredded apart if he went against that leopard.

Even if he was somebody who did whatever he wanted, she still didn’t prefer seeing somebody getting killed in front of her eyes.

A leopard that was 3m long in size.

It didn’t even look like a monster but blades and skills didn’t really work against it.

And its stealth abilities were amazing as well.

‘Damnit… It got all the way here before showing itself.’

They had barely been able to run away a few days ago after losing a comrade when they had been attacked.

Hansoo chuckled as he heard her words.

“Aren’t you guys a bit too weak to be called a rescue squad?’


Hansoo stared at the black leopard running towards them from the distance.

‘This is a good start. To meet this thing before the predator races.’

Black leopard, Kali-Crawn.

Predators that were at the top of the food chain.

Humans who were located at the very bottom of this chain.

And one of the beasts that were located alongside the humans.

There was nothing to throw away about that thing.

‘Shall I try it out then?’

Hansoo’s body started get covered with the Dark Cloud he had gained as a reward from below.


Elis who had come out to scout the area shouted out loudly.

“We have to hurry back and help!”

Of course they could hear what was going on since they were still quite close by.

But Hantae frowned as he looked at that Elis.

“Be quiet for a moment.”

Hantae shut Elis up and looked towards a corner of the jungle.

Well, actually at a woman who was standing in between the trees of the jungle like an image.

‘What kind of woman…Why is she here?’

She was a tremendous beauty as well.

Hantae carefully approached the woman who was standing in the corner of the jungle.