Reincarnator - Chapter 144 : Dark Cloud (5)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 144 : Dark Cloud (5)

“This damned insect!”

Galkima frowned as he watched the scene of the golden toy he had sent out getting destroyed through the cloud.

With this he would need to deal with each and every one of them one by one.

‘He won’t surrender either.’

Galkima looked at Hansoo in the distance with an annoyed expression then grinded his teeth.

There was no reason for Hansoo to get scared right now.

Galkima looked at the golden Akadus that was standing next to him suddenly.

One that had just recently finished its repairs.

It would be quite useful in the fight.

Though it was a toy, it was enhanced from his abilities.

And it was a special one.

But Galkima felt uneasy again after seeing the golden Akadus.

Since it felt like it was proving that he was scared of Hansoo.

‘For me to rely on a toy like this.’

Galkima clenched his hands into fists and then quietly raised them.

Then he smashed the golden Akadus in front of his eyes.


A golden Akadus that was hard even for Hansoo to break had crumpled up and got destroyed.

The entire torso blew apart as the core turned into dust.


Galkima finally made a content expression after destroying the golden Akadus with his own hands in an instant.

Strength was overflowing from his entire body.

‘Though he had killed the Dragon race that was only back when he was strong. Which means that the important factor is strength.’


A law that ruled over the Abyss.

And the guy in front of him was clearly weaker than him.

‘I should take the chance and use this place as a farm as well.’

Galkima smirked.

The greatest luck that could befall their Dark Cloud race was being summoned by some weakling.

Since then they would be able to take control of all the lifeforms in this place and convert those souls and energy into food for themselves.

And if he returned to the Abyss after gobbling that up for a while then his rank in the Abyss would rise up quite a bit as well.

To go from a deadly jungle where one may get eaten if they didn’t eat the opponent to a livestock farm where there was no danger whatsoever!

How amazing was this?

‘I need to deal with this guy fast.’

The moment Galkima, who had taken over Elkadion’s body, put his eyes upon Hansoo.

He flinched.

Because Hansoo’s expression, which used to be expressionless, had stiffened up.

Hansoo played around with the blue spider pouch in his hands and then spat out a few words.

“If you come out from that body and fuck off right now then I won’t kill you.”

There was nothing to gain from fighting him.

Though there was a reward it didn’t matter much to him whether he received it or not.

It was best to end things without a conflict occurring.

Galkima was dumbfounded as he was about to open his mouth to speak but then just closed it.

Since babbling on wasn’t his style in the first place.

‘I’ll leave your head intact at least.’

Since he, Galkima, was also truly curious.

As to how this guy will react after getting his entire body broken apart.

And the head was needed to see this reaction.


As Galkima applied strength onto his entire body.


A tremendously large sound rang throughout the entire insides of the Arklateori.

Elkadion’s body, which had been further enhanced by the Dark Cloud, disappeared from the spot it had been standing on with an explosive speed and appeared in front of Hansoo’s eyes in an instant.

Then a fist was swung out.


The fist he had thrown had smashed into Hansoo’s chest above his armor as Galkima expected.

A fist with the strength of someone from the Dark Cloud race smashed into Hansoo’s body.

Galkima was confident as he was aware of the explosive strength that could be felt throughout his entire body.

That this one blow was the end.

‘If your strength was around the same level of this body’s original strength then even blocking this one attack would be hard.’

There was quite a difference between Elkadion’s body that had been enhanced by the Dark Cloud and the one that had not.

A single fist was enough to deal with someone who fought to a standstill with Elkadion.


Hansoo’s body flung backwards like a meteor and then slammed onto the wall of the Arklateori.

At the same time the giant factory suddenly trembled as if a meteorite had struck it.


A single attack.

Though a quarter of the giant factory, which was even larger than hundreds of sports fields combined, had been destroyed by that single attack, Galkima’s expression was still very dark.

‘Yeah, So your experience is still there despite having a weaker body huh.’

Galkima grinded his teeth.

At the moment Hansoo was attacked.

He had used all the strength in his body to send his body backwards.

And due to this the tremendous amount of power that should’ve smashed his body had instead dissipated.

‘And…Did he get hit on purpose?’


Galkima grinded his teeth as he looked at the blue spiders that were eating his true body, the Dark Cloud.

When he struck Hansoo, Hansoo had left behind the spider pouch on his hands and had gotten sent backwards.

And thanks to this there were now spiders all over his body.


Hansoo walked out from the falling rubble as he mumbled.

“If you don’t have any thoughts of returning then I shall gladly make you so you won’t be able to.”

Galkima muttered as he popped one of the blue spiders that were eating away at him.

“You damn insect. I don’t even have thoughts of returning now.”

Actually his soul being constrained within the body made him feel at ease.

Since there was only one way for this to play out no matter what Hansoo planned.

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders, pulled something out from his pocket and inhaled it.

‘There is too much of a difference in physical strength compared to what I expected.’

The tactics he wanted to use would only work when he was capable enough to.

Hansoo ruthlessly inhaled the Berserk mode scent in order to level the playing field.


Though not as much as the Berserk Emperor’s Fluid, this was still an Akaron product that could allow one to showcase a tremendous amount of strength in a short period of time.

Silver liquids inside Hansoo’s body started to bubble.


Galkima smirked at this, bounced up from his place and then smacked Hansoo once more.


A powerful shockwave rang throughout the entire Arklateori.

And then another part of the Arklateori was broken again.


Galkima flew up to Hansoo, who was embedded in the wall, and then laughed at him.

“The Akaron’s technique huh. That’s pretty nice. But don’t you think it’s a bit lacking? And I know that it has a time limit as well.”

Galkima then looked at his physical body.

This existence of the Otherworld, who he hadn’t even heard of from the Abyss, still had quite a nice body.

And the techniques of the Akarons who had made such a body like this were worthy of praise as well.

But there was a limit.

The difference between Hansoo and him were astronomical.

Galkima looked at the small injury on the surface of his right leg.

A small scratch that Hansoo had made in the previous collision.

In order to create this scratch Hansoo almost had his left arm smashed apart.

At these words a loud shout was heard from the distance.

“Don’t worry since it wouldn’t take that long. Anyways, you made things easy for me since you ate up an Akaron’s body.”


At that moment.



Galkima freaked out as he looked at his leg’s current state.

His whole leg was rotting away.

“What the hell! What is this!”

‘Poison? Bacteria?’

He knew that Hansoo had a strange skill that spread spores.

But if the gap could be closed with a single skill then it could not even be called a gap.

Since injuries caused by those skills could just be healed right back up. [PR: A single skill shouldn’t be threatening to him since there is a large gap between them both, a gap that can’t be closed with just a skill.] Galkima hurriedly looked around the area of the injury.

There was a tiny amount of black liquid on his skin.

This liquid came in through the scratch, flowed through his veins and was eating away at his body.

No, it wasn’t really eating away at his body.

The black liquid was disassembling the silver colored body and the essence which filled his body step by step as it was climbing up.

At the atomic level.

As the silver liquid’s molecular structure was disassembled it turned black and the transformed black liquid infected more of the silver liquids inside his body.

Galkima clenched his teeth as he saw this.

At this rate he would die by getting his entire body infected.



Galkima raised his right arm and chopped off his rotting leg.


Thankfully for Galkima, the rotting stopped after he cut off the leg.

At the same time new flesh started to grow out from the area on his leg that he had cut.

At this rate his leg would be recovered in a short amount of time.

But at that moment.

“Where are you looking?”


Hansoo jumped out from the rubble and approached Galkima like a bolt of lightning and attacked him again.

A pain which was inflicted upon himself with his own hands.

Galkima flinched at the pain that he felt from the body he wasn’t quite used to yet and allowed Hansoo to attack him once more during that short moment.

“You fucking insect!”

Galkima was enraged at Hansoo who had attacked him again even before his injury had healed and attacked him with his right arm.


His strength was so strong that a typhoon was blown around where he had attacked.

‘Receiving it is too much.’

At the moment Galkima’s attack hit him, Hansoo raised the Forked Lightning in front of him like a shield and then smashed the floor with all his strength.


Hansoo, who had diverted away most of the power that flowed through the spear and onto him, shot back like a meteor again and then got implanted into the wall again.


The shockwave from Hansoo getting embedded into the wall made the whole underground area shake.

But Hansoo ignored the pain which could be felt from his back and instead checked his arm.

Though he could withstand the pain, he at least needed an arm to attack.

‘Hmm. Thankfully only a crack this time.’

Hansoo looked at his right arm which had a long crack running through it.

It was still this much after he had dodged, diverted and shielded it.

And Galkima’s body was so tough that even with the Forked Lightning he was only able to leave a scratch.

But Galkima’s body proved that this much was still enough.

“This bastard! Kuaaaaa!”

Once when he flinched from his own injury.

And once when he had retaliated with his right arm.

Two scratches, one on his neck and one on his side, were done by Hansoo’s spear that had struck his body like lightning.

Very small scratches.

But Elkadion’s body that Galkima had taken over were rotting away with those places as the center.



Galkima could only rip his body off again with his own hands.

He had to.

Since he would die by having his body rot away if he didn’t.

Hansoo spoke quietly as he saw this.

“Your greatest mistake… Was taking the body of an Akaron.”

The Akarons’ history was definitely not peaceful at all.

Repetitive war and more war.

They had created numerous techniques to raise their strengths in order to go up against the Margoths.

But if half of the Akaron’s history was going against Margoths then the other half was filled with internal disputes.

“This fratricidal history is so long… Of course there are a lot of methods to deal with their own race.”

It was hard to create a medicine that would raise one’s strength by even 10%.

Since they had to worry about the side effects.

But creating a deadly toxin that would destroy the opponent in an instant was a piece of cake.

As they found out more about their own body, the techniques to deal with the opponent developed more and more.

And Mekido, who worried about the might of these techniques, stopped all production of weapons and techniques that were harmful against their own race.

Hansoo thought of the conversation he had with Elkadion and then mumbled.

“If you were in a human’s body then you wouldn’t have suffered from such a fate. You probably wouldn’t even have thought of crawling in there if you considered this situation for a bit.”


Galkima’s expression was filled with fear.

With time his body would be able to get used to this.

Since his body was analyzing the black liquid climbing through his body even as of now while the injuries he had cut away were healing back up.

But why would Hansoo give him time to do so?

Which means that he would need to smash that Hansoo guy apart without receiving a single scratch.

And Galkima knew.

That such a thing was an impossible feat.

Galkima stuttered as he backed off slowly.

“Wait! I’ll go back! So please remove this blue spiders!”

Wouldn’t Hansoo have made those offers for a reason?

Hansoo laughed coldly.

“You should’ve taken the chance back then.”

There was a simple reason why he gave that proposition in the beginning.

Since it was better to avoid the fight if there was even 1% chance of losing.

And even more so if such a large thing was at stake like this moment.

Though he had prepared to deal with him, battles didn’t always play out the way one wanted.

He would fall into a tight spot if that guy ran around and bought time.

And this is why Hansoo offered Galkima a way to leave back then.

But the leg has been cut off like he had planned and he wouldn’t be able to run away anymore.

Why would he let the fish go when it had been caught already?

Since the fairy would only give him the reward if he killed Galkima.

“I told you before right? That it wouldn’t take that long.”

“Is it okay for this person to die! If I die then this person dies as well!”

According to the memories of this body, the real owner of this body, Taruhol, was quite precious.

Was this Taruhol dying not mattering at all?

Hansoo spoke with an expressionless face.

“I’ll deal with that on my own so you can just die now.”

“God fucking dammit!”

Hansoo raised his Forked Lightning, which was covered with a large quantity of the toxin, and then smashed it towards Galkima who was screaming and charging towards him as if he had gone crazy.