Reincarnator - Chapter 143 : Dark Cloud (4)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 143 : Dark Cloud (4)


Gwanje and Hansoo were slowly smashing their way towards the Arklateori through the intense battlefield.

Since they knew instinctively.

That they needed to deal with the leader instead of wasting time here.

‘We need to get Hansoo in there.’

More and more Akadus started to charge towards them the closer Hansoo and his party got to the entrance.

In order to block Hansoo from getting in.

“Block them!”

Gwanje shouted out loudly as he ordered the adventurers to block the Akadus.


The Akadus who were trying to block them from the entrance and the humans and the Akarons who were trying to block those Akadus collided fiercely.

Gwanje clenched his teeth and charged forward as if he was trying to redeem his cowardice from before.


A silver Akadus got smashed apart from Gwanje’s kick and flew up into the sky.

Then a tunnel could be seen behind that Akadus.

A path that lead inside of the Arklateori.

‘We’ve arrived!’

Gwanje was extremely excited.

‘Well, there might’ve been a large amount of casualties without Hansoo…’

The damage they had received was little enough to conclude that they had dealt with the situation without that many casualties.

Gwanje finished his thoughts and looked at Hansoo and asked.

“Anyway, you’re sure that you can beat him after you get in there right?”

The other people didn’t have the strength to help Hansoo even if they went in.

Allowing Hansoo to deal with the Dark Cloud member after sending him in and blocking the entrance to the factory was hard enough already.

Since the viciousness of the Akadus had remained even though they had pushed their way all the way up to the entrance.

And the total number didn’t seem to get lowered that much as if the Akadus that were being newly produced by the factory were coming here after being infected.

Hansoo was the one to deal with the issues in the inside.

Hansoo nodded at Gwanje’s words.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ve prepared quit a lot of…”

Before Hansoo could even finish his words.


A tremendously evil aura started to get radiated out from the Arklateori.


A dark aura that nothing up until now could come close to.

Gwanje felt a chill run down his entire body.

A dark aura that radiated throughout the entire battlefield.

Gwanje clenched his teeth and muttered with an expression of disbelief.

‘Why was he dealing with us using the Akadus…When he was this strong?’

If he himself could wield such a tremendous amount of strength then he wouldn’t have played around with the Akadus in the first place.

He would just come out and kill them all off at once.

And the aura he was feeling right now was that powerful.

The adventurers throughout the battlefield also felt an aura and all made fearful expressions because they didn’t know how to deal with this.

The simple aura that had exploded out had driven out the thought of battle from their heads and instead replaced it with fear.

During that short moment they had flinched at the aura.

The movements of the surroundings Akadus changed

“Uhh! What’s going on with these things!”

“Why are they only attacking us suddenly!”

The target of the Akadus changed completely.

Their main targets had been the Akarons who had taken the Berserk Emperor’s Fluids and were charging towards them.

But after the vicious aura exploded out from the inside of the factory.

They didn’t even take a glance at the Akarons as they only attacked the humans.

Gwanje clenched his teeth at the sudden change of events.

Hansoo analyzed these events that had suddenly occurred.

‘She lost the body.’

Hansoo spoke towards Gwanje.

“Take care of this place. Make sure nobody can come in.”

Hansoo then flew into the tunnel.

Gwanje clenched his teeth as he saw this scene play out.

‘Control this situation?’

Everyone was stealing glances and were caught in a chaotic situation due to the sudden explosive aura.

How could they not.

Even Gwanje himself had wanted to run away.

At that moment a carrier pigeon flew into him.


Gwanje turned solemn as he read the message.

And then muttered with a very heavy expression.

‘Hansoo you told me that you were fighting because you also had someone precious and dear to you.’

Then him choosing to defend his precious person was the right choice.

The current chaotic situation was the best moment to escape.

Gwanje clenched his teeth and carefully disappeared from the battlefield discreetly so others wouldn’t realize.



Hansoo quietly muttered as he sensed the aura that was radiating from the distance while charging through the tunnel.

‘He’s doing it on purpose.’

He needed to ruthlessly charge forward.

After a bit a familiar scene unfolded in front of his eyes.

Soul Telautograph.

Elkadion who was standing next to it and the collapsed body of the human.

Galkima, who had taken Elkadion’s body, looked at Hansoo and laughed out loudly.

“Hahahahaha! I can figure it out to a degree now. As to how this one and you knew about me!”

He couldn’t read her memories since it hadn’t been long since he took over the body.

But reading the most recent and vibrant memory that she had wasn’t that hard.

‘To return from the future after killing the Dragon race.’

This was why he was able to stay calm despite the difference in strength.

Why would he fear someone like him if he had killed those of the Dragon race?

‘But you are just but an insect at this moment. Let’s see if you can remain calm after hearing this story.’

Galkima finished thinking and spoke with a leisurely expression.

“It seems there was somebody with a very interesting memory out of the ones who had been running towards the portal. Do you know as well? That one of your underlings was creating a suppressive measure?”

Hansoo frowned at these words.

Suppressive measures.

Of course he knew.

But why did this come up right now.

And he had already told Gwanje to demolish the plan before he had come here.

Galkima made an amused expression as he looked at Hansoo.

“You see, I kind of found it first. Someone like you or me could probably survive even if this beast rolled. But I wonder how many of your race can survive.”

It had already been quite a while since he had sent away a Golden Akadus along with numerous other silver ones.

He could make this giant beast roll whenever he wanted

Using the Suppressive method the humans had prepared.

‘If I knew that I’d find something like this then there wasn’t even a need to steal this guy’s body. Keeping the promise would be a bit tedious.’

Well, he could just take all the Akarons up into the sky with the Akadus.

Galkima’s expression, which had been smiling proudly, turned extremely cold quickly.

“You insect. I shall salute you for pushing me this far into a corner. But this is far as you go. Surrender now.”

Actually with his current strength controlling everyone outside even without making the Gragos roll would be a piece of cake.

Since the endlessly produced Akadus along with his powers was enough.

But the man in front of him made him feel uneasy.

If that guy had run away after feeling his strength then there would be nothing to fear.

So he had let loose his aura on purpose.

In order to test him.

But he hadn’t run away despite feeling the difference in strength, appeared in front of him and even continued to remain vigilant the whole time.

‘So, you killed the Dragon race huh?’

Dragon race.

A terrifying top tier ruling race of the Abyss whose name in itself struck fear into others.

Though he was playing king in a place like this, if he were to get in the way of a Dragon race member then he would merely get used to wipe their toes.

For him to kill such existences and to come back.

If he didn’t fear the Dragon race then what in the world did he fear?

“Surender. And cut off one of your arms and both your legs. Otherwise your entire race wouldn’t be able to prevent getting destroyed.”

Actually him killing everyone wouldn’t profit him in any way

Since the ones he needed to control would get turned into corpses instead.

But the man in front of him made him feel too uneasy.

To the point where he had to threaten him.

At that moment


A carrier pigeon flew towards Hansoo.

A carrier pigeon from Gwanje.

“This dumbass….”

Hansoo frowned as he read the message.


Gwanje, who had been crazily heading towards somewhere, made a depressed expression as he saw something on the way.

People whom he had sent to destroy the Suppressive method.

But their bodies had long turned cold from the ambush.

Gwanje clenched his teeth and headed towards the location where the Suppressive method was after seeing the corpse of the man who had died right after sending in the message.

And then cursed out after seeing the scene of the place.


He could see the Silver Akadus that were crazily pouring in the Graphites in the distance.

And a blackened Akadus that was standing in front of them.

The golden Akadus, no, Galkima who had been controlling the Akadus made a surprised face.

Since he had never expected that somebody would come all the way here.

But the golden Akadus realized who had come here and then laughed as it spoke.

“You’re quite brave aren’t you. Aren’t you the one who shook after getting hit once from before?”

It was making fun of him and laughing at him despite being a machine.

Gwanje grinded his teeth at the words of the golden Akadus.

‘Was there another one.’

There had been 10 in the battlefield.

But originally there had been 12.

It seems that it had succeeded in fixing one of the two broken ones.

And that guy had come here after figuring this location out.

The Akadus continued to speak as he looked at Gwanje.

“Where did your underlings go, why did you come alone? I can still see the image of you struggling around and looking for your underlings.”

The Akadus was full of leisure.

Since the one in front of him could not beat it no matter what it did.

Gwanje replied expressionlessly at those words.

“They have to guard the entrance.”

Gwanje wanted to take all the forces he could and come here as well.

But he could not.

Since then he would get caught in the eye.

He was barely able to escape the battlefield using his Margoth-level skills.

But for a clan leader to take all his members and try to run away?

No matter what excuse he would give, it wouldn’t look like anything other than them escaping.

Then the already nervous group of adventurers formations would break down in an instant and a huge chaos would be caused.

Then it was obvious where the remaining Akadus would head into.

‘Enbi Arin. I hope you lead them well.’

At this point the Golden Akadus’ expression turned from ridicule to regret.

“Which means that you’re alone. How are you going to do this?”

Gwanje clenched his teeth and breathed in and out.

If he couldn’t block that guy here then they would all die.

Due to the Suppressive method that he had prepared.

‘Ahh…I should not have prepared something like this.’

Gwanje was filled to the brim with regret.

This wasn’t because everyone was going to die because of his mistake.

Since he wasn’t going to let such things happen.

Gwanje, who had been pondering with a heavy expression, gulped down something that was in his hands.


The moment he swallowed it.

His blood in his entire body started to boil.

The silver liquid inside the blood to be precise.

A power level that was merely at the Margoth level started increase explosively.

And then an irreversible change started to surround his entire body.


Gwanje made a sad and depressed expression as he saw his flaming body.

‘Am I really going without even being able to see my daughter’s face.’

He wasn’t in the position to make Elkadion hold responsibility.

Since the mistake he made was much bigger than the one she had made.

And this was why he was going to take responsibility for it.


The golden Akadus was shocked at Gwanje who had started to shine with silvery light.

“You. Did you really?”

It knew that medicine well.

Since it had seen the Akarons take it in order to deal with it.

Berserk Emperor’s Fluid.

A secret measure of the Akadus that burned up one’s life and allowed them to have the might of a crazy emperor for a short moment.

Gwanje looked towards somewhere in the distance with a bitter expression.

Dying wasn’t that bad.

Since he would’ve died already at the hands of the Great Priest if it hadn’t been for Hansoo.

He was just extremely sad.

That he wouldn’t be able to see his wife’s face anymore because of a single mistake he had made.

‘Hansoo, I believe you can make this place truly peaceful.’

Then his wife and his daughter inside his wife’s stomach would be able to live in happiness at least.

“That’s why you are going out with me here you fucking bastard.”

Gwanje, who had started to shine with a smokey silvery light, felt his heart burning up and muttered out.

TL note : Is it his physical heart burning or his emotional heart? Or both…