Reincarnator - Chapter 142 : Dark Cloud (3)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 142 : Dark Cloud (3)

Hansoo shouted while watching the charging Akadus.

“No need to worry about the clouds above them! Just break the joints of the original body!”


And as if he was demonstrating, the Forked Lightning in his hands flew through the air.


Hansoo’s Forked Lightning pierced through the air and through the black Akadus.

The Akadus that had been constantly regenerating from the black clouds couldn’t regenerate like they had done until now and instead fell down from the air.

Hansoo nodded as he saw this.

‘It’s working well.’

The members of the Dark Cloud race were quite annoying to deal with since the ones they controlled would be close to immortals if one didn’t deal with the black cloud behind the body.

But there was no need to worry about the clouds since the spiders which had been empowered with spells were destroying the Dark Clouds.

Since the spell empowering the blue spiders caused all spiritual entities to be restricted within where the physical body was.

Which meant that the Dark Clouds wouldn’t be able to do anything as long as the main body is damaged.

The people who had been watching this suddenly felt invigorated from this sight and then started to attack the bodies.


“Oh! It’s working!”

“Nice! These things don’t regenerate anymore!”

Everybody refocused and and started to aggressively attack the Akadus that had been charging towards them.

Though they had followed Hansoo here, they were being overwhelmed by the black clouds that were controlling the Akadus.

They would constantly regenerate if the clouds weren’t dealt with.

But even the cloud was hard to deal with since it was also surrounded with a strange energy.

But as those two things had disappeared, the Akadus were very familiar and much easier to deal with.

They were just like the beasts they had been dealing with in the Otherworld up until now.

Gwanje sighed as he saw this.

‘That’s a relief.’

Though he had followed Hansoo here due to the debt in his mind, he was stuck on how to deal with the enemies.

Since immortality was a terrifying thing to go up against

But he realized that this wasn’t the end for him and the others.


The golden Akadus came down from the skies.


Though the blue spiders were constantly gnawing on the clouds, the already enhanced bodies wouldn’t change.

The blackened golden Akadus looked at the surroundings.

As if they weren’t interested in the weaklings.

“…Damn. Is it really?”

They were clearly looking for the commander or the leader…

During that moment when Gwanje was questioning their actions.


They smashed onto the ground with a loud explosion and then flew towards Gwanje.


“Dodge it!”

The surrounding clansmen had tried to help but it was useless.

There was a huge difference between the normal adventurers to Baladi levels and from the Baladi levels to the Margoth levels.

And that fallen Akadus was much stronger than a normal Margoth level.

It ignored all the other people who were trying to stop it and smashed into the sword he was holding on his right hand.


Gwanje, who had barely stopped its nails in time, felt his bones creaking inside his body.

A single attack.

That single attack had caused his entire enhanced body to make sounds of breaking.

A fatal opponent that he hadn’t met for quite a while.

‘This won’t do. We need to group up…!’

Gwanje, who had collided with it once, decided to look for a safe route out and hurriedly looked around at his surroundings.

It would be too much for him to handle by himself.

Numerous Margoth levels would need to group up and smash it down in one go.

But Gwanje realized that the others didn’t have the leisure to do so.



Hansoo, who was fighting 3 at once, was quite busy himself and the other people around his level, like Enbi Arin, were fighting with the golden Akadus that had charged at them.

All the other adventurers were fiercely fighting with the Akadus as well.

The moment he realized that there was no one to help him.

Gwanje suddenly felt scared.

And was befuddled at himself for being so.

‘God. How long have I roamed the Otherworld…For me to get scared after all that.’

A position of a clan leader.

Commanding from the back was much more efficient than fighting in the frontlines.

It had really been a long time since he had met someone who he had to put his life on the line while fighting with them.

Especially an opponent who didn’t care for a compromise nor a negotiation and solely focused on killing him.


Gwanje clenched his teeth after blocking the claws of the Akadus again.

‘Damnit. I’m just making excuses.’

Enbi Arin.

Though she was also the leader of a large clan and had a similar power level as him, she was pushing back the Golden Akadus like an enraged lion.

He was merely scared.

But a thought instinctively ran by Gwanje’s head after he had fallen in danger.

‘Shall I maybe escape now? With my wife?’

They had found the portal.

Though the Silver Akadus were blocking the path, they were merely a threat to normal adventurers and not to him.

But he had thought for a moment too long.

‘Oh crap!’

During that short moment he had been pondering, the blackened sword of the Akadus flung off the shield Gwanje was holding, the .


The Akadus that was staring at him could be seen after the shield had been flung off.


Right at the moment Gwanje shut his eyes as the Akadus’ arm was swinging towards him.


The golden Akadus in front of him received a powerful blow from behind and rolled onto the ground.

Gwanje was flustered as he saw this scene.


Everyone who could deal with the Golden Akadus were busy.

But Gwanje soon realized who had come to help him.

“Your body…Is it okay?”

Hansoo took a glance at the giant gaping hole in his stomach and then shrugged his shoulders.

“This is nothing. It’ll heal up pretty quickly.”

If you could kill your enemies then it’s a profit even if you get a hole in your stomach or even if your legs and arms break.

And he was in a much better position than others from the start.

Since he had three hearts.

‘One’s gone.’

This much wouldn’t even be considered as a big injury in the Abyss.

‘Fighting with the races of the Abyss makes me think of the past…’

He also had half of his body destroyed in order to beat the Dark Cloud race in the past.

Hansoo took another glance at the huge hole in his stomach and then was about to run off to another direction.

‘We’ll arrive at Arklateroi after a bit more.’

Gwanje clenched his teeth while looking at Hansoo and then shouted out.

“Damn! Let’s retreat! We don’t need to go this far! Let’s go back! Don’t you have people you care for? There’ll be things left for us only if we are alive, why are you going so far! Is this a game or something?”

In a game it would become one’s goals to go further than others.

But in reality one’s survival is the highest priority.

The enemy’s battle prowess was much stronger than they had expected.

And the difference between being able to run away to the portal at any time and the enemy blocking off the passageway to the portal made was huge.

Like being trapped in a cage with a poisonous snake, this sensation made Gwanje very uneasy.

Hansoo spoke out.

“I’m doing this because I have people I care about.”


Hansoo muttered inwardly.

‘There’ll be nothing left if we lose.’

A single member of a race from the Abyss.

This single entity couldn’t even utilize all of its strength properly but was still causing this much chaos.

Things like these are what they would need to go up against in the Abyss.

And he knew too well what happened to the Human race who wasn’t prepared at all.

Since he had felt it with his body.

‘Hyung died back then as well…’ *

Gwanje was finally able to sense the difference between him and Hansoo that he hadn’t been able to as he saw Hansoo who had no thoughts of backing off.

Hansoo was looking at something very large.

Something that they couldn’t see.

‘What are you looking at? Why won’t you tell us about it?’

The reason why he had to continue forward even with a hole in his stomach.

Gwanje was curious about this reason.

Hansoo spoke towards Gwanje.

“There is something I was wrong about.”

“What? You crazy bas…”

Gwanje made a shocked expression.

For him to say such things after all this.

Hansoo shook his head at Gwanje’s words.

“Don’t worry. I’m saying that my expectations of not having anything to give you was wrong.”

Hansoo thought of the words the fairy had whispered to him from before.


Galkima muttered despondently while looking at the outside situation.

“God. This is really a disgrace. What the hell…”

Though they were toys, they were toys that he was controlling.

They weren’t things that would get beaten by those insects.

‘As I thought… I need a body.’

There was a limit with toys and clones.

The Dark Cloud race was battle race.

He needed a powerful body for his main self to control.

‘I just need to control this thing!’

Galkima grinded his teeth while looking at Elkadion in front of his eyes.

His plans were quite simple.

Throw away this currently weak body and move into another one.

This weakling of a body could barely use 0.5% of his original strength.

But he had suppressed this Elkadion in front of him with that much strength.

If he were to take the body of Elkadion then he may be able to use up to 5% of his strength.

Then his toys outside being smashed apart wouldn’t matter at all.

He would just need to chew them up with his main body and that would be the end of it.

And he had been quite confident.

Though the ones outside were smashing their way through in joy, he had confidence that he would be able to take Elkadion’s body before they arrived.

But her resistance was beyond his expectations.

‘I don’t know what kind of person this is. At this rate…It seems like my body will get destroyed and I’ll be forcibly exiled. What kind of a disgrace is this?’

No, being exiled would be a relief.

Those blue spiders outside.

If his soul were to get suppressed by those and at the same time have his body destroyed then he would just die right here.

A place where he had come for a feast would become his grave.

Galkima felt a chill run down his back.

And then was enraged.

At himself who was feeling threatened to this extent by those insects.

Galkima, who was pondering where to channel all his rage, suddenly grasped the head of Elkadion who had been resisting him so far.

And then whispered into her ear.

“Good. I will acknowledge that you’re quite skilled. For you to resist this much, I also have to acknowledge the guy outside. I didn’t expect for myself to get pushed back this far.”

Though he was pissed, he decided to acknowledge what he had to.

Since he never expected that 2 lifeforms could push him back this far.

At this rate eating up Elkadion’s body before the ones outside reached here was impossible.

But he had other methods as well.

“It seems that you care quite a bit about your race.”

Though completely taking over her mind was too much, he could find out what was in her mind most of the time.

Caring for her own race.

He will target that.

“I will say this now. Hand over your body and agree with the contract. Then I’ll allow your race to live. I will swear upon the name of the glorious king, Barbatoy.

Elkadion was shocked at those words.

He, a member of the demon race, had sworn upon the name of his king.

Which meant that he would definitely hold up his promise.

Since his entire race would get dragged into the hellfire furnace and get burnt for sullying the Demon King’s name if he didn’t keep the promise.

Galkima spoke while staring at Elkadion.

“But… If you deny this then I don’t have to hold back. I will show you, who has dragged me into this place, what true hell is.

As he spoke the black clouds behind him wavered up and down.

Which signified that he was extremely enraged.

He was that urgent.

The entire Arklateori trembled from the rage of Galkima.

Galkima bit down onto the molars of the human he had been controlling to the point where they and blew apart and added in a few more words.

“I promise. No matter what happens I will make sure to eradicate your entire race no matter what before I go. In front of you while you watch, with the toys that you made yourself. I will say this one last time. Hand over your body. Now.”

Galkima kindly stroked the back of Elkadion’s head after finishing his speech.

She wouldn’t be able to deny his offer due to her extreme love and caring for her race.

‘I need to deal with it carefully since it’ll become my body soon.’

Galkima’s ultimatum.

Elkadion’s expression stiffened at these words.