Reincarnator - Chapter 141 : Dark Cloud (2)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 141 : Dark Cloud (2)


A humongous army composed of both the Humans and the Akarons was marching towards Arklateori.

Enbi Arin, who had been at the very front of the army, looked at the people who were walking besides her.

The Cross clan that she led.

Gwanje’s Rerorerore clan.

Ariel’s Okonelly clan, one of the top 3 clans prior to the creation of Unity.

‘Well, I didn’t expect these guys to come.’

Enbi Arin chuckled as she looked at Ailen.

“Why did you guys come?”

Why would somebody who had suffered miserably after being held hostage by Hansoo come here.

And she had even arrived before herself or Gwanje as well.

Ariel mumbled quietly in reply.

“Mind your own business.”


Ailen didn’t continue to reply to Enbi Arin and instead mumbled quietly inside.

‘I can’t miss this golden opportunity.’

She had to acknowledge it now.

That the humans had started to spin with Hansoo as the center after he appeared.

She could tell just by looking around her right now.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Members of Unity who were swarming towards the factory in huge numbers.

It would be quicker to find those who hadn’t joined than counting who were here.

‘For so many to have come voluntarily…’

Ariel smacked her lips.

Ariel knew very well about herself.

Though she was female, she was more ambitious than males when it came to authority and she wanted her opinions to be stronger than anyone else’s.

There were two ways to achieve this.

Be amazing by oneself or line up behind someone who is doing amazing things.

Though it damaged her pride a bit, Ariel decided to aknowledge it.

‘The latter option is the better one here.’

This is why Ariel joined in on this fight even before Gwanje or Enbi Arin in order to help Hansoo.

‘I want to get closer to that guy.’

A relationship would progress quickly by owing and repaying debts.

It’s the same with banks.

Borrowing and paying the fees month by month diligently raised one’s credit scores much faster.

‘This is a chance. Though I wasn’t 1st… I should’ve caught his eye at least. It’ll be good if I get a bit closer to him…’

Ariel escaped her delusions while slightly blushing and came back into reality.

‘Anyways… Can we win with this?’

Though she had bet because she thought they could win, her confidence trembled when she saw the Arklateori in the distance.

If everything in the world could be resolved by people combining their strength then there wouldn’t be anybody searching for a god.

Solving problems with courage and friendship was only something that happened inside comics.

People searched for gods when something that is impossible, in any way shape or form, came up.

‘…It feels extremely grim.’

If there was a palace of an Evil God, it would probably radiate an aura like the one she was feeling right now.

Ariel looked at the Arklateori in the distance where that Dark Cloud member would be and made a nervous expression.

‘Were their choices correct?’

Ariel thought of Reziem, her right arm, who wasn’t here anymore.

She had told people to leave with him through the portal since she didn’t have any authority to stop them anyway.

There were probably quite a lot from the other clans as well.

‘Well. It makes more sense if they didn’t follow.’

The number of people who had run away was quite high.

They would be able to leave through the portal without much problems within this chaos.

At that moment.

A message flew towards Ariel.


Ariel was flustered at the extremely urgent message she had just read.


A member of the Dark Cloud race, Galkima, laughed like a maniac as he saw the massacre the Akaduses were performing.

Since there was no need to save those who ran towards the Portal due to a change of events.

‘Yeah, This is what should be happening.’

Everyone fought the Akadus with every bit of their remaining strength but it was all useless.

As long as the black cloud controlling the Akadus remains than the soldiers it controlled wouldn’t stop.

Of course the calmer ones attacked the cloud above the heads of the Akadus but this was also useless.

Since his body, Dark Cloud, was made in a way completely foreign to the knowledge and the energy of this world.

It wasn’t easy to break it.

Galkima, who had been watching the massacre, turned around and looked at the humans who were charging towards him.

The ones who hadn’t run away and instead decided to fight with him.


He was merely momentarily surprised at the humans and the Akarons who were charging in from the distance.

He was shocked for a bit since the ones who shouldn’t have been able to group up actually did, but they still wouldn’t be able to beat him with their combined strength.

Since the Dark Cloud race of the Abyss was too strange and weird for the creatures of the Otherworld to go up against.

‘Ahhh. This is nice.’

Galkima made an arrogant expression as he watched the things that would soon become his food.

A scene where every bit of manpower within an entire world had grouped up and were coming to fight him.

A scene where everyone feared him and wanted to drive him out.

A sensation he had never been able to feel in the Abyss.

Though he was strong, there were too many strange and unique beasts in the Abyss.

‘Heheh. The Dragons and the Devil Kings always live with a sensation like this huh? I’m really envious of them.’

Galkima looked at the man standing in the very front of the group called Hansoo.

‘I need to really thank you.’

Galkima muttered inwardly.

Since he wouldn’t have been able to feel this sensation if the Akarons and the Humans hadn’t gathered with him as the center.

Everyone fearing him and treating him as a nightmare wasn’t that bad either.

But this much was not enough to fulfill his desires.

Eating up those guys one by one while they run around in fear without any resistance?

That would only be enough to fulfill his desire for control and power.

It wasn’t enough to fill up the other desire the ones living in the Abyss had as a must.


The sensation one received after crushing the body and the will of the ones resisting, making them fall into despair.

‘I should infect Hansoo in a special way and treat him well.’

It was much more fun to snap the neck of the ones with a last bit of hope remaining in them than playing with those who already fell into despair.

Galkima finished his thoughts and got up.

And then muttered towards Elkadion who was tied onto the wall.

“Anyway, I really like these toys. I shall use them well.”

Galkima finished speaking and then looked towards the now blackened ten Golden Akadus.

‘These guys should be enough.’


The moment Galkima gave his orders the ten Akadus led the smaller Akadus, like generals, and started to fly towards the humans at a rapid pace.

Elkadion made a slightly pained expression as she saw this.

‘Hansoo…Please be careful. You might’ve been able to prepare things perfectly if you had a bit more time.’

The time given to Hansoo was nowhere enough for him to create something to deal with the Dark Cloud race by himself.

Elkadion looked at the Akadus that were flying away with despair in her eyes.



“They’re coming! They’re coming! Get ready!”

“Get into formations quickly!”

Everyone started to shout in a hurry as they saw the Akadus that were flying in from the distance.

A humongous amount of Akadus that one might mistake for a large cloud.

Mihee showed a complicated expression as she looked at Hansoo and the Akadus that were flying in while she was managing her own people.

‘I thought that I’d finally gotten the capital to stand next to him but…’

Mihee mumbled as she looked at Hansoo.

She didn’t say it but she had been extremely envious of Sangjin when Sangjin had followed Hansoo up.

Since Sangjin had gained the rights to stand next to Hansoo.

Though she was envious, she didn’t cross the line.

She acknowledged her own limits, worked hard and climbed up after gathering a large amount of strong people the moment Hansoo called her.

Thinking that she’d be able to help out Hansoo now.

But she realized the moment she came up.

Hansoo hadn’t called her because he needed them.

In that short moment they had been separated, a large amount of people were swarming around Hansoo already.

He had called her and the others after he had secured a safe land for them to live on.

And this is why she had been slightly happy when the Dark Cloud incident broke out despite knowing that she shouldn’t be.

Since a chance to help had finally come.

But she felt her confidence breaking apart as she saw the Akadus flying towards them from the distance.

‘…We have to fight with those things?’

Mihee stared at the army of Akadus that were flying in from afar.

The originally silvery body had been invaded by something black as it was constantly going through changes.

The claws had become sharper and the angel-like wings had been dyed black as well.

But ironically it didn’t look like a devil.

Since the blackened wings of the angel had gotten more agile and even more beautiful than before.

Mihee looked at the army of Akadus, gulped her saliva and then asked Hansoo.

“We can… Do something too right?”

Mihee looked at the adventurers she had brought up from below.

Adventurers who held a blue pouch and a spear while staring at the fallen angels approaching them from the distance.

Though they had gotten quite strong in a short amount of time, the enemy they had to face was a bit too much for a slightly grown chick.

These were enemies that even the ones who had been in the Orange Zone for quite a while had to focus everything they had against.

Mihee suddenly remembered the old memories and sensations that she had forgotten about.

Memories of when they had first arrived at the Tutorial and barely survived through it by clinging onto Hansoo without a single bit of knowledge about that place.

The powerlessness she had was the same as back then.

‘It’s annoying. I thought that I’d be able to help finally.’

Mihee made a depressed expression inwardly.

Hansoo chucked at her words.

“This isn’t something that will be determined by strength. It all depends on what you guys do.”

Strength could not determine what an army could do.

An army’s strength was pure in itself and very stable, one could trust on it until the end.

But this was in the end just a tool.

‘Someone who can solve everything with just the strength of an army… Is a god of war.’

They were humans and not gods.

So they could only try their best.

Hansoo spoke towards Mihee.

“I was able to finish my preparations against them because you had come very quickly. If we win then it’s all thanks to you.”

Ariel’s forces arrived second.

Then Gwanje’s and Enbi Arin’s.

But the ones Mihee brought just wordlessly grouped up with him and helped him out.

And this was the result.

Hansoo looked at the blue pouch that was in his hands.

Small pouches that were filled with tiny blue spiders the size of nails.


While Hansoo and Mihee had been talking, a large black cloud composed of Akadus had arrived right in front of the Humans.

And Ariel made an expression full of fear as she saw this.

The Silver Akadus could be dealt with but the Golden Akadus were out of her expectations.

And it seems they have gotten much stronger and more aggressive after getting infected.

Even she would get destroyed if she fought against just one of those things.

“Hey! Hey! Kang Hansoo! They’re coming! What the hell do you want us to do with these!”

Ariel shook the blue pouch that Hansoo had distributed around before coming here and shouted.

Hansoo chuckled as he saw Ariel acting this way.

‘How did she think to participate in this when she has this little faith.’

But it wasn’t that bad.

Since she was here after all.

He had the responsibility of decreasing the damage done to them as much as possible.

Since they came here and placed their trust in him.

‘Wait for me. I shall kill you.’

Hansoo mumbled with a cold expression while staring at the Arklateori in the distance where the Dark Cloud member would be then shouted out loudly.


A huge shout that resonated throughout the whole battlefield.

The moment this noise shook the battlefield.


Everyone either tied the blue pouch onto the distributed spears or used their own skills and threw the pouch all over the battlefield.

The pouches exploded in mid air as they dyed the completely black Akaduses blue.

‘…4, 3, 2, 1.”

After Hansoo had counted to 10 while watching this scene.

He shouted out loudly again.



The human army, which had been backing off, suddenly charged aggressively towards the army of Akadus which had arrived right in front of them.

“What the fuck! What the hell is this!”

Galkima was shocked and got up from his seat while he had been playing with Elkadion and singing through his nose.

‘No fucking way. How!?’

His clones that were controlling the Akadus, the black clouds, were constantly getting devoured.

From the blue spiders thrown into the air.

Galkima made an expression of pure disbelief.

‘He knows something about me? And he created such a thing in that short amount of time?’

The spider itself was an average spider.

Except a few things had been done to it.

He didn’t know what they had done to the spiders but the hundreds of thousands of spiders that had been thrown into the air were eating up his Dark Clouds, which even Elkadion couldn’t break, as if it was cotton candy.

Elkadion who watched Galkima make a flustered expression, made a similar expression as him and then mumbled to herself.

To create a way to deal with this in such a short amount of time would need a tremendously larger amount of information than the extent of her knowledge.

Since the Abyss had more useful and efficient information the further one went in.

‘Kang Hansoo… Which floor have you reached in the abyss?’

Elkadion muttered with an expression of disbelief.