Reincarnator - Chapter 139 : Elkadion (4)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 139 : Elkadion (4)

Elkadion’s expression quickly turned into that of disappointment.

‘I expected you, Hansoo, to understand at least…’

Wouldn’t she also know of the dangers of this plan?

But they needed strength that badly.

“It seems you’ve lost your edge after gaining a lot of things you needed to protect.”

Hansoo mumbled inwardly after seeing Elkadion’s expression.

‘She won’t give up no matter what huh.’

Hansoo laid down his decision as he opened his mouth while looking at Elkadion.

“It seems you have a bit too many thoughts inside your head, how about giving that body back to its original owner.”

“Are you telling me to leave this body?”

Hansoo nodded.

“Our race will win even without that power. Since I will make it happen. Be at ease and just leave.”

Even if Elkadion’s plan went ahead without any problem, there wouldn’t be that many benefits for the humans anyway.

Since if Hansoo’s plans were to progress the way he planned it then the humans would get strong enough to the point where they would be able to crush things like the Dekuromas with just their thumbs.

Like how Hansoo had gotten strong enough to kill the Dragon race.

Hansoo looked at Elkadion, who was looking back at him, and spoke out:

“We will do our best to help your race how your race had helped us. But if your plans exist then we wouldn’t be able to hold such an alliance.”

A tremendous pressure that pushed down on her soul rushed towards Elkadion.

‘He did say he killed the Dragons, right.’

Elkadion grinded her teeth.

There wasn’t that much of a difference in strength between them.

Since the Dragon’s Essence Blade was that powerful.

But the pressure did not come from his strength.

It came from the depths of the soul of the person who had roamed around the Abyss endlessly to the point where they had gotten strong enough to even kill those of the Dragon Race.

Elkadion frowned slightly as she shouted out.

At this point the gap that was between them was not something that strength alone couldn’t close up.

“How can I trust the humans? Can you trust them?”

Hansoo shook his head.

“Don’t trust in the humans, trust in me.”


“The Soul Fragment in that body. With that Soul Fragment the original owner of that body will become one of the seven kings who would have saved our race in the end. Of course the Akarons, which that king leads, would be treated well as an ally. Give up on that plan.”

Hansoo started to gather his strength as he spoke.

‘If you won’t go out then I shall do it for you by force.’

The Dragon Essence Blade and the Crown of Thorns.

Those two things combined their strength to push Taruhol out and allowed Elkadion to take over.

If he were to pull out the Dragon Essence Blade from within the body then Elkadion would disappear and Taruhol would come in control again.

Elkadion sighed as she looked at Hansoo.

And then mumbled with a benevolent expression.

“I cannot leave yet. There’s a lot of information I must hand down… And the Akarons need a leader more than anything else right now.”


“I know that you’re saying this because you’re worried. But I shall show you. Your thoughts may change if you see me succeed.”

Hansoo clicked his tongues as he saw the resolution within Elkadion’s two eyes.

These types were even harder to deal with.

Since they weren’t doing this from greed or profit.

It was the eyes of those who believed that their ideas were completely correct and acted in order to change what was around them to fit that idea.

“I guess our talk ends here.”

Hansoo swung his spear as soon as his words left his mouth.

Elkadion aggressively smashed her right hand towards the spear that was flying towards her.


Though a hand and a spear had collided, a large sound of two bells colliding was heard instead.


The Dragon Essence Blade’s bone fragments had climbed up Elkadion’s body and had already created a small shield in front of her hand.

Elkadion kept her smile as she spoke.

“Well. I understand if you cannot comprehend. Then we must do our best from now on. And in addition… It’s already in progress.”


Hansoo clicked his tongue again as he started to slash his spear even faster.


Soon the room where the Great Temple’s legacy was started to fill up with extremely loud sounds.



Oteon and Ailen who had been researching the Akadus within the Arklateori below the Holy Land slightly frowned at the sudden vibration that could be felt.

‘What happened?’

Such a large collision shouldn’t be happening.

The Akarons and Humans had formed an alliance and there weren’t any Tiradus or Margoths upon the Lazar.

‘Well. We should just continue our work.’

A request that their leader, Elkadion, had asked of them.

Oteon finished her thoughts as she looked at the Soul Telautograph in front of her eyes.


The Soul Telautograph that Elkadion had setup was letting out a blinding white light as it sucked up energy from the Lazar.

‘The Soul Telautograph is ready.’

It was now time to prepare the next level.

Preparing the material for the Soul Telautograph’s target.

Oteon looked at the unconscious man in the corner of the Arklateori.

A normal human.

A human who didn’t have anything outstanding about him.

That was why he was very important for this experiment.

The procedure from the Soul Telautograph was something that needed to work with the majority as the target.

Since there wouldn’t be much meaning to it if it worked on a special target.

‘Well, they aren’t really just ordinary.’

Oteon ground her teeth while she looked at the man on the ground.

“This is him right?”

“Yes, he is the one who got in while taking advantage of the situation where the Akadus had been destroyed and tried to mug us.”

“Fucking trash.”

Oteon mumbled quietly.

‘The fact that this thing is of the same race as Hansoo is very shocking.’

Well, there wasn’t anyone who would mourn this guy if he were to die.

And because of this he was even more suited for this job.

Oteon sat the man upon the Soul Telautograph.

And the final step.

“Ailen, give that thing to me.”


A orangish stone that was emitting light in Ailen’s hand.

A gem that Elkadion had applied a few more layers on compared to the suppression stone.

Oteon carefully shoved the gem inside the sitting man’s head.


The gem got easily inserted into the pre-made hole in the man’s head.

Oteon then started the Soul Telautograph up the way Elkadion had taught her after finishing all the steps.


Soon the Soul Telautograph started up as red liquid started to get pulled into the man’s body.

Ailen, who had been helping Oteon, mumbled as she looked at this scene.

“…Is this okay?”

To use a method that sacrificed others for strength.

The Akarons had not created any methods or techniques that used sacrifices for strength before.

Since it was something that went against their pride.

Most of the Akarons’ techniques were those that sacrificed themselves for more power.

Though this man deserved death, if this experiment was to succeed then there was no guarantee that the ones undergoing this experiment would only be criminals.

At that moment.


Arklateori’s ceiling shook aggressively.

As Oteon and Ailen looked at the ceiling in shock, the ceiling exploded out as something fell down.

‘…That is!’

Oteon shouted out in confusion as she saw the identity of the ones fighting.

Why were they fighting?

Elkadion crazily utilized the Dragon Essence Blade to stop Hansoo no matter what and shouted out loudly.

“Finish the test no matter what!”

The Dragon Essence Blade with Taruhol’s powerful body as the basis was rather formidable so much that even Hansoo who had the Forked Lightning and the Thousand Soldiers Armor could not handle it.

Hansoo, who had been pushing Elkadion back by using the Pandemic Blade and Nurmaha’s ring, shouted out aggressively.

“Stop the procedure!”

Hansoo didn’t know whether it would succeed or fail.

But it would be problematic no matter what happened.

If it succeeded then Elkadion would be able to confirm her choice and try to perform the procedure at a much more intense rate.

Oteon fell into a chaotic situation as she saw the two who were pushing each other back and shouting at her.

‘Who should I listen to?’

The fact that one was human and the other was an Akaron wasn’t important.

Since the Akarons owed this two too much for such a thing to be important.

The one who had allowed the Akarons to stand up on their feet by themselves.

And the one who had pulled the Akarons out when they had been stuck in a hole of despair.

Elkadion looked at Oteon and smiled.

‘Isn’t it obvious.’

She was working this hard for the Akarons.

But Hansoo was in the end working for the humans.

There was no way an alliance would come before one’s own race.

Oteon, who had been pondering, quickly made her decision.

A bit different from Elkadion’s expectation.



Oteon shouted out as she smashed the Soul Telautograph.

Elkadion made a sound that was almost a shout as she saw this.


Elkadion made an expression that was full of incomprehension and hurt while she stared at Oteon who was smashing the Soul Telautograph.

Oteon following Hansoo’s words hurt much more than the pain she received from getting beaten down by Hansoo.

But Oteon hadn’t smashed the machine because she thought that she needed to listen to Hansoo.

There was a slightly different reason.

‘I understand what has been bugging me this whole time now.’

And as she saw the two benefactors fight, she clearly realized which side she needed to take.

Oteon clenched her teeth and shouted.

“O Elkadion! This is not the path for us Akarons!”


Elkadion mumbled with a dazed expression.

“Even with strength, it wouldn’t be our race! Wake up! When did our race preserve our own bodies by sacrificing others and borrowing strength from others!”

Oteon crazily smashed the Soul Telautograph apart.

If they lose their pride then they wouldn’t be the Akarons anymore.

Power and intelligence wasn’t the thing that discerned whether one was a human or a Margoth or an Akaron.

Their rules and the pride that sprouted from those rules made them into the Akarons.

Elkadion flinched just as she was about to attack Oteon.

And during that short moment.


The Soul Telautograph made a huge noise and blew apart from Oteon’s final attack.

Elkadion, who had been fighting with Hansoo, made a dull expression. The fact that she had been denied by her comrade and betrayed by her race bored into Elkadion.

‘…I did all this for your future.’

And the final words of Oteon had hurt Elkadion too much.

‘Did I get twisted towards a wrong direction instead of improving in the Abyss?’

Elkadion shook her head while making a bitter expression.

‘No, I can’t be sure whether it was a failure or not.’

Though she couldn’t make another Soul Telautograph, there were still many left.

If she were to show a good result during the next test than the thoughts of Hansoo or the Akarons may change.

‘If using the the body of a human is an issue than I can find another method.’

The important factor was the strength of the souls those races had.

Hansoo smashed Elkadion again.

Since he knew that Elkadion hadn’t given up.


‘End it all here.’

He needed to pull the Dragon Essence Blade out from within the body.


Soon a battle of strength occurred between Hansoo and Elkadion.

During the time when the two held each other’s hand as they were trying to push each other down.


A dark aura permeated out from somewhere.

Hansoo frowned during the fight from the strange aura that had suddenly spread out.

And Elkadion’s expression brightened up.

‘It succeeded!’

If she could show that she could control this then persuading the others would become very easy.


Something pushed through the debris of the Soul Telautograph and walked out.

And Elkadion looked at the man who had walked out from with an expression of hope.

Then aggressively pushed Hansoo away.


Elkadion quickly got up after pushing Hansoo away and approached the man.

A rather formidable aura permeated out from the man who was surrounded by a dark aura.

The man didn’t budge a single muscle despite Elkadion having approached him and instead stared at her.


Elkadion stood next to the man and then spoke.

“Lower your head and kneel in front of me.”


The man listened to Elkadion’s words without hesitation.

‘Did it succeed?’

Oteon, who had been making a very worried expression, felt at ease for now.

Since it would be hard to control that person who was radiating such a fierce aura.

‘Anyways, she should be in a good mood. Since the experiment succeeded.’

While Oteon was looking at Elkadion, Elkadion looked at Hansoo after making the man kneel.

And then shouted out loudly.

“Hansoo! I beg of you, please!”

She then smashed the head of the man kneeling in front of her.


“Uh? What is this?”

Oteon was shocked as she saw this scene.

Why did she suddenly hit the head of the soldier who was listening to her obediently?

And what was she begging him for?

At that moment.


Oteon and AIlen freaked out at the sudden hands of somebody who had grasped their waists and was quickly carrying them away.

“Hansoo! What are you doing right now! What’s going on!”

Hansoo frowned at those words.

“I’ll tell you on the way. We need to prepare while she buys time for us.”


Hansoo made an annoyed expression at the tremendously formidable aura, which couldn’t even be compared to that from before, which had exploded out from behind them.

“Something that shouldn’t have crawled out actually crawled out.”


“What is this. How did you find out?”


The man looked at Elkadion with a strange expression after having attacked her.

While grasping tightly onto Elkadion’s hand that had smashed into his head.


The hands of a normal adventurer was causing the Dragon Essence Blade around Elkadion’s fist to crack.

Elkadion clenched her teeth.

A normal resident of the Otherworld might’ve not known but Hansoo and her were people who once roamed the Abyss.

How would they not notice that this guy was acting?

Elkadion thought of the dialog they had with the Akaron’s special communication when they held hands earlier.

She would block him here and Hansoo would go and prepare.

‘I will risk my life to stop him here. Please hurry up. After everything ends… And if we’re alive then I will give you my sincerest apology. About my arrogance.’



Elkadion clenched her teeth and attacked the man in front of her.