Reincarnator - Chapter 138 : Elkadion (3)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 138 : Elkadion (3)

Hansoo followed Elkadion’s guidance as he read the history written down on the giant black box, .

A history that was composed of war, battles and a struggle for survival.

It was already this much when only the impactful events had been written down.

‘It should be at least over a million years…’

Hansoo found out the true purpose of the Historan after a brief reading period.

“There are quite a lot of explanations about the army and tactics.”

Elkadion nodded at those words.


The Record of the History of War.

At the same time the information was recorded, the method of creating the tools of war that had been used was recorded as well.

The scent that activated the Berserk mode for the Akaron and the scent that made the Margoths go insane were among these as well.

Information that was so dangerous that it was only written on the Historan and only the Great priest and a few other chosen priests could read it.

Elkadion laughed as she saw this.

“It’s funny right? We wrote our people’s history of war and battle upon the Historan in order to not make the same mistakes. Of course this Historan is now filled with tactics and methods for war.”

“Is this the gift for us?”

Elkadion shook her head.

“No way. Though it’s very effective, it is too dangerous. And all the methods here are a tier below the Body Enhancement Surgery and the Akadus in terms of effect anyway.”

Elkadion’s words were full of pride.

She had the rights to though, since she had created something that had exceeded the legacy of all her ancestors with her own hands.

‘It seems there’s more. I should read a bit more.’

Hansoo suddenly frowned after reading for a while longer.

A whole section of the Historan had been erased.

Well, it was rather destroyed to the point beyond recognition.

As if it was done so something couldn’t be seen.

Elkadion laughed as she saw this.

“You’re curious right? As to what was written there right? Well, I only learned of it while I roamed the Abyss.”

But Hansoo shook his head.

Since he could guess to a degree.

The Historan was full of the history of war and the methods used in it.

It was written on the Historan.

And it had then been destroyed.

Which meant that there was only one possibility.

“What kind of methods were written down on this?”

Something that the war race of the Akarons, who had even left the Berserk scent written down, had deemed too dangerous.

The ancient Akarons had created such a method.

Elkadion laughed.

“You already know it. You’re probably quite familiar with it.”

Hansoo stared at the laughing Elkadion and opened his mouth.

“…The Soul Telautograph was something that your ancestors created.”

“Correct. Well, the original use for it was not sending souls. It wasn’t even created for war. It was actually… Created to receive souls.”

Elkadion started to talk about the Soul Telautograph in much more depth.


Thousands of years before Elkadion, the land above the Gragos was much more primitive.

Well, the methods and technology for battle had been quite advanced due to the history of struggle but the Akaron’s culture had been much more primitive.

They didn’t have Temples or priests.

Shamanism with Shamans as the core had been spread far and wide between the Akarons.

“That is clearly recorded upon the Historan. It seems a tremendous genius had appeared during this time. This is my thoughts but… That person was likely much more superior to me in terms of talent. Since they had thought of creating such a thing with their technology. That person’s name was probably written on the destroyed section over there.”

Elkadion suddenly gazed at the Soul Telautoraph that had been moved into the Temple.

A clunky machine-like capsule.

It was a piece of work that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the Akaron’s history.

Since the Akarons were much more advanced in genetics than in machinery.

Elkadion suppressed the rising jealously and continued to speak.

“Anyway, that person of the past had thought that sending away a soul of a valiant warrior into the sky was too regrettable. I would’ve felt the same way as well.”

The high level Akaron warriors who had been reinforced through war and battle.

Someone who had thought that their experiences and knowledge disappearing with their death was too wasteful created a machine by combining their talent along with their shamanism power.


A machine that had been created to pull back the souls of the warriors who had left behind their bodies and gained their rights to live alongside the gods.

“Well. It was a huge failure in terms of results. Though the idea was very good, the technology of that time wasn’t as advanced as that of now, no matter how much of a genius that person was. The biggest problem was energy, it was extremely inefficient you see.”

The Soul Telegraph used up a huge amount of energy to activate.

So much that nothing else but the giant creature that they were standing on, the Gragos, could handle.

No Margoths or Akarons could handle such a huge amount of energy necessary for its activation.

Hansoo shook his head as he heard this.

“They fucked up huh.”

“Scientists are normally like this. They aren’t good at waiting when the goal in front of them could be reached by crossing a simple line. And since Shamanism ruled over the lands during that time, they wouldn’t have had the Gragos as their Divine Beast… There wasn’t anything that they could lose. Anyways, this was the reason for the first failure but they succeeded in making up for that failure. They could just set it up on every single Gragos. The real problem was the second thing that happened.”

The reason for the second failure.

Hansoo could also figure out what that was.

Since there wouldn’t be a need for them to dig out the information from the Historan if the Akarons had succeeded in creating the Soul Telautograph.

“Something else other than the Akaron’s soul had been dragged here huh. Something from the Abyss.”

Elkadion made a content expression as she looked at Hansoo.

“I really like you Hansoo since there isn’t a need to talk a lot with you. You don’t know how glad I am that you are here when I returned.”


Elkadion met a strange race while roaming the Abyss.

A race that was extremely aggressive and loved to tear apart and gobble up other lifeforms.

Devils, a great race that split the Abyss along with the Dragons. The race, who were lower tier Devils, had told her about how some of their members had been dragged somewhere in the past. [PR: The one dragged were the lower tier devils, not the ones equivalent to dragons] How some weak race pulled away their souls and had even created a body for them.

In a place where there was plenty of food.

And Elkadion could figure out who the weak race that they were calling was.

“…The ones who had been summoned on that day ate up the bodies of the Akarons within the Soul Telautograph.”

A race of the Abyss had been placed inside a high level warrior’s body.

A low tier Devil meant that the level of their souls were incomparably high compared to those of the Akarons.

Dekuroma’s soul had remodeled the body it took over almost to the point of destruction.

Eight steel wings flung out from the back as the blueprint of a battle lifeform hidden deep inside their souls resurfaced into the world with the Akaron’s bodies as the basis.

The bodies turned darker as their size increased several fold.

Even if the material was the same, the resulting power levels would have huge differences depending on the way it was used.

Dekuroma, which had attained a body that was so strong that it was shameful to be compared with those of the Akarons, started a huge massacre upon the Gragos.

And Hansoo realized the identities of these things.

“…This is how the Tiradus was created huh.”

Elkadion nodded at those words.

“They say almost 90% of the Akarons had died by their hands. They would’ve all been killed if the Suppression stone that they made in a hurry hadn’t worked properly back then.”

Hansoo nodded at her words.

Since he could somewhat figure out what would’ve happened after that.

‘…Why wasn’t this written down on the Memory Crystal?’

The Tiradus, which they had painstakingly shoved the suppression stones into even by sacrificing themselves, had turned white and lost their aggressive manner but still retained their primal senses.

So they had started to guard the Soul Telautograph which was their way back.

One per one.

The Akarons destroyed all the other Soul Telautographs that weren’t guarded but they couldn’t beat the Tiradus after having barely survived from them and destroy the guarded ones so they choose the second best option.

Destroying all evidence and history so no one else who would want those machines would appear.

Elkadion, who had acquired all the secrets that even she didn’t know were created by her Ancestors who had erased the records from the Historan, smiled as she spoke:

“This is the end of the story. You can figure out what my gift is about now right?”

Hansoo answered with an expressionless face.

“You told me what it was yourself. You said that these were written upon the Historan in order to not repeat the same mistake. Are you going to then repeat the actions of the past?.”

Elkadion’s smile remained despite Hansoo’s harsh words.

Instead she made a prideful expression and replied:

“It became a problem only because our ancestors failed, there’s no fault with the idea. We can just learn from them and fix the mistakes they made.”

The first reason for failure, was the need for a large amount of energy.

This wasn’t a problem for Elkadion anymore.

Since she was now able to use the knowledge she had gained in the Abyss as the basis and get the Soul Telautograph hundreds of times more efficient.

There was nothing to fear either since the cure for the Calamity of Death had been created already.

The second reason for failure, the failure to control the souls they had called in.

“There’s a way to plan for this as well. If we combine the Crown of Thorns, the knowledge I gained from the Abyss as well as the information from researching the suppression stone… We can easily control them.”

If this succeeded then they wouldn’t just control the Akadus.

They would be able to control the Tiradus.

Elkadion spoke extremely excitedly.

“A tremendously strong army that we can’t even dream of would be made. You should know as well. Though your race has a lot in numbers, they are still weak. They wouldn’t even be able to beat the Akarons if we fought right now. This is why your subordinates are worrying as well.”

Elkadion pulled out the reason for Gwanje’s worries as she continued to speak.

“But I am very jealous of your numbers. We Akarons have too little numbers remaining. But what would happen if we can turn all the useless humans into the Tiradus? Heehee.”

Though there was a huge difference between the Akarons and the humans, there wouldn’t be much difference from the humans and Akarons who had been reformed by the Dekuroma souls.

Like how 5 and 1 having a huge difference but 105 and 101 not being that different.

This strength of an army would be much more favorable than just having a lot in numbers.

‘You should understand just how much this is needed currently.’

She hadn’t spoken of it to the other Akarons.

Since they would start worrying about everything they could possibly worry about.

Such a reaction was obvious since they felt there was no real need to increase their strength.

But Hansoo would be different.

But contrary to Elkadion’s hopes, Hansoo shook his head with a stern expression.

“A gift like that… I cannot accept it.”

‘As I thought… This one cannot escape the pattern that much either.’

Hansoo’s fear had come true.

Everyone starts to go mad for one single thing when they roam around the Abyss.


But there was nothing free in the world and there was a risk involved in gaining power.

Like now.

The problem was that if they didn’t have power in the Abyss, which was unlike the peaceful Orange Zone, then they would have a tremendously large chance of death over there.

No matter how big the risk of obtaining that strength was, it was better than dying.

And because of this all the people who roamed around the Abyss think of such risks too lightly.

Like Elkadion in front of him.

Hansoo denied the offer with a resolute expression.

“Where is the guarantee that a Dekuroma would get dragged here? There’s no need for the Soul Telautograph anymore since the cure has been accomplished. It is too dangerous.”

The control was one thing but there was another problem.

Since the Dekuroma were a weaker type that lived on the upper regions of the Abyss.

‘Destroy all Soul Telautographs before going up.’

He needed to go up.

But he couldn’t leave behind such time-bombs in a place where he wouldn’t be in the future.

Since this place needs to be one of the seven steps for the humans.

Elkadion’s expression dimmed down at Hansoo’s reaction.