Reincarnator - Chapter 137: Elkadion (2)

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Chapter 137: Elkadion (2)

Hansoo stared at the human territory that was settling at a rapid pace from the headquarters of which was in front of the Holy Land.

Not having the Akadus wasn’t much of a problem.

Since the story of those who had rebelled spread out from person to person.

‘Good. Anyways, I wonder where the hell that portal is.’

Hansoo frowned slightly due to the portal which hadn’t been found despite them searching all around the Lazar.

The fairy wouldn’t have put the portal inside the mouth of the Lazar that was gulping down the lava even as a joke.

Since they had some common sense at least.

‘It should be somewhere reachable but it won’t come out.’

But Hansoo put away his worries for now.

It would be found sooner or later since the Akadus and the humans were searching for it together.

Even if the Lazar was extremely vast, it would be hard to hide from the eyes of the supernatural beings who could see things from a thousand miles away.

Hansoo looked towards Gwanje, who was constantly sending out carrier pigeons, and asked.

“It seems something good has happened.”

Anybody would realize it.

Since his expression was too happy for him to be sending messages about work.

Gwanje nodded.

“My wife is pregnant.”

“What good news. Congratulations.”

Hansoo nodded his head.

Birth was possible in the Otherworld.

They, who had reached the levels of super humans, could find out even if a woman was only a week into the pregnancy.

‘…He must be thinking about his daughter.’

Though it was news that deserved congratulations, Gwanje’s expression was a bit bitter as he spoke.

Gwanje looked at Hansoo who was staring at him and spoke after changing his expression.

“I won’t lose it no matter what this time. Anyways, there was something I wanted to ask… Is the current situation really fine?”

Gwanje asked with a worried expression.

All of Gwanje’s recent inquiries was focused in one area.

The race of the Akarons.

‘…It’s extremely unstable. Could we really call this an alliance?’

He wasn’t worrying about useless things because of his child and his wife.

Since the problem could be seen in his eyes while observing the entire Lazar as his job.

The current alliance was very ill-formed.

‘An alliance cannot be held together with just trust.’

Of course trust was the basis for an alliance.

Gwanje wasn’t worried about this.

But trust was like a bridge made from hay, extremely hard to create and maintain but falling out was easy and would only take a moment.

Trust wasn’t enough to support an alliance.

‘We don’t have the two most important things for an alliance.’

A need for the other.

And a way to deter the other,

There was a lack of this in between the Akarons and the humans.

No, it was actually the humans that were at a disadvantage.

“…The Akarons don’t really need us. And we don’t have a way to deal with them right now or anything.”

On the other hand the humans really needed the Akarons and they clearly had a way of dealing with them.

Since the Akadus and the Body Enhancement Surgery were both in the hands of the Akarons.

This current situation was the same as placing their lives in their hands.

The Akarons could engage in a war against them and not lose out on anything.

The chances of this happening were very low since the laws of the Akarons valued trust highly and clearly treated their saviors properly but how could he feel at ease when their lives were in the hands of the other?

At that moment.

A powerful voice was heard from behind.

Along with a very mannerful tone befitting of the voice.

“It’s a bit depressing if you can’t trust me that much. Then how about trusting your leader instead of me?”

“Who’s whose leader? Did we have a vote?”

Gwanje grumbled at Elkadion’s voice.

‘Damn. I didn’t even feel any presence. For there to be such a large difference in strength.’

The Taruhol of the past was at the same level as him.

But Elkadion, who had eaten up the thing called the Dragon Essence Blade, had risen to the point where he couldn’t be compared to her anymore.

‘Only someone like Hansoo could maybe contend in a one versus one situation.’

Even that couldn’t be guaranteed.

Since Hansoo and Elkadion both were much stronger than him.

The weak could not judge the strong.

Elkadion approached him and smiled while speaking.

“I’m very sorry but could you leave us alone for a moment? There are a few things we need to talk about.”

“…Pushing me away huh. Whatever, have fun playing together.”

Gwanje grumbled as he walked outside.

He wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway if they started to use their strange methods.

As Gwanje walked out, Elkadion spoke towards Hansoo.

“It’s better to send him off in order to speak freely. Since the topic about the Abyss may come up.”

Elkadion finished speaking and then touched the surroundings.


Four translucent crystals floated up into the air and soon those crystals created a barrier that stopped sound from escaping past them.

‘Her formation techniques are incomparably better than Oteon’s.’

Hansoo praised her in his mind.

It was almost at the level of a skill at that point.

Elkadion spoke towards Hansoo.

“First of all, I apologize about the Dragon Essence Blade. I didn’t make the Memory Crystal yet but… If everything went according to my plans then the Dragon Essence Blade should’ve been the reward.”

As Hansoo nodded, Elkadion continued to speak.

“I cannot give you the Dragon Essence Blade for now. Since there are things I must do for my race as well and I need the Dragon Essence Blade to sustain my body. But a promise is a promise, I am willing to give you a reward that you would definitely be satisfied with.”

Elkadion laughed quietly.

‘Hansoo, you would definitely be satisfied with this. Instead of a treasured sword, I shall give you ten thousand spears.’

All creatures created by god wanted themselves to get strong.

Since an eternal ally didn’t exist.

They would prefer to have one treasured sword for themselves instead of giving ten thousand spears out to their allies, this was also the only way to survive in the Abyss.

But Hansoo would be different.

Since he was like her.

“I hope you are interested in history. Do you know how this world was created?”

“Mmm…No I don’t”

“Follow me. Let me guide you to the Forbidden Area of the Great Temple.

Forbidden Area of the Great TEmple.

A place where only Karbana, the previous Great Priest who had died in the hands of Hansoo, could enter.

The entire history of the Akarons was written and kept in this place.

Since one of the most important jobs of the Great Priest was to record the Akaron’s history and relaying it to the next Great Priest.

So that the other patriarchs and the priests don’t make the same mistake as them.

“There would probably a lot of curses written down. The previous Great Priest, Karbana, didn’t really have a positive view of us you see.”

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders at those words.

“Wasn’t it a place where only the Great Priest could enter?”

“It seems I’ve even written down about that in the Memory Crystal huh. Anyways, since there are no Great Priests, wouldn’t that mean that I’m the Great Priestess. I’m thinking of taking the spot of Great Patriarch as well.”

Elkadion spoke out confidently and walked towards the Temple.

As Hansoo and Elkadion walked towards the Great Temple, the crystals and the soundproof barrier floated around them and followed them.

‘She deserves to be confident.’

Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the expressions of the Akarons who were staring at Elkadion after having entered the holy land.

And soon a giant white lake appeared in front of their eyes.

A giant underground lake where the essence of the Lazar was gathered in.

Along with the giant orb-like structure floating above it with a radius of a kilometer or so.

The giant structure was constantly sucking up the essence of the Lazar and tried its best to restore its original functions.

It seemed to have gained back most of its functions as it scanned Elkadion and Hansoo who were approaching it with a white ligh.


And as if it allowed them entrance, a white bridge crossed over the lake towards them.

Hansoo and Elkadion continued into the sphere after crossing the bridge.


White guards that seemed to be made from the bones of the Margoth ruthlessly raised their blades up against the intruders but instantly calmed down after feeling the waves radiating out from Elkadion.

And soon they reached a giant door in the deepest part of the Temple.

Elkadion opened the door.


A giant room was located behind the door.

Elkadion pointed towards the giant black boulder that was located in the center of the white room.

A giant cube of which the sides reached over a hundred meters in size.

“Let me introduce this to you. This is the obsidian we wrote our history on, the .

It’s a bit big right? This is why all the Great Priests need to have good stamina. You would need to climb at least a hundred meters to read this as you see.”

Elkadion touched the tremendous amount of white thumb-sized letters written down in the giant black stone and then looked towards Hansoo.

“There is information for our and your race written in here which will be your gift. Something that would give you a new form of strength.”

Elkadion laughed as she spoke.


Gwanje went to find Enbi Arin who was busy managing the entire Lazar along with him.

“Are you busy? Let’s have a talk for a moment.”

Enbi Arin, who had been in a chaotic rush due to organizing and distributing the countless amounts of new people, looked at Gwanje with a blunt expression as she replied.

“What is it?”

Enbi Arin didn’t really have a good opinion of Gwanje.

Since this guy was the person who hid the criminal Kale Dawson, who had caused a crime against her sister.

And who had been able to raise his own strength thanks to the protection of the Rerorerore clan.

Why would she be on good terms with him when he had gone against her openly from the start?

She was only holding it in since her and Gwanje’s position were not that low for them to bicker over such things.

As the united clan was being controlled by Gwanje and Enbi Arin who had led the top two strongest clans, the Cross clan and Rerorerore.

If the two of them fight then it wouldn’t just end as individual battles.

Gwanje went straight to the point.

Since she would understand.

“This cannot continue this way. We need to create a way to deal with them.”

Something the Akarons would need that they could offer and a way to deal with them.

There was nothing the humans could give to the Akarons for them to feel as if they needed the humans.

Maybe if a common enemy existed.

And because of this they needed a deterrent for the alliance to be stable.

Enbi Arin realized what he was saying instantly.

“Creating a method of deterring them is provoking them in itself. Do you think that the USA kicked the asses of those who tried to create nuclear weapons for fun?”

“We can do it secretively. It’s just in case of the worst scenario.”

“You don’t trust the Akarons?”

Gwanje shook his head.

“No, Personally I trust in the Akarons. There is a much higher chance of a problem occurring because of the humans than the Akarons causing trouble,”

“Then do you not trust Hansoo?”

One of the main reasons why they hadn’t tried to create a deterrent was because they trusted Hansoo.

Since they knew that Hansoo wouldn’t create a strange alliance such as this without any plans.

Gwanje shook his head again.

“No, I trust Hansoo as well.”

“And you’re trying to create a deterrent despite that?”

Gwanje clenched his teeth.

“I trust Hansoo and the Akarons. But I do not trust myself.”

Gwanje trusted the Akarons as well as Hansoo.

Since the trust they had shown him until now was enough at least.

Now Gwanje wasn’t sure about himself.

“Can I really say my personal opinions of trusting the Akarons and Hansoo is the correct choice? To the point of risking all these human lives?”


Enbi Arin didn’t rebuke Gwanje’s words and instead just clicked her tongue.

Gwanje continued to speak.

“I always thought that the people saying their nuclear weapons were for a defensive purpose was all bullshit. But I can really empathize with them now.”

Nuclear weapons were for cowards.

And Gwanje decided to agree that he himself was a coward.

Since the peace that they were tasting after a very long time within this damned Otherworld was too sweet.

He was afraid of this peace breaking apart.

“Please help me.”

“…We’re only preparing it. And if you use this for yourself then… It wouldn’t end at you. I’m going to shred your whole family.”

He wasn’t the only one with beloved and precious friends and family.

If something goes wrong then it would be another huge battle.

Gwanje nodded while looking at Enbi Arin who was threatening him with a vicious expression.

“Don’t worry.”

Maybe because Gwanje was answering in a straightforward manner, Enbi Arin calmed down and then stuck out her cheek.

Gwanje stared at this and spoke.

“…What do you want me to do?”

“Smack me once before you go. I threatened your family so I deserve it.”

“Keep it. If everything goes according to plan then I’ll smack you at that time. And how dare you try to end it with just a single slap?”


Enbi Arin frowned as she quickly moved away.

Opposite from Gwanje’s direction.