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Chapter 1187: A Hard Life

After finishing her plain porridge, Grandma Ye said calmly, “If she comes out to see me later and accepts my arrangements, nothing will happen. If she doesn’t, we will release this.”

“There’s a hundred copies. We need to hire a few people to paste them. We will paste them at the front gate and the back gate of the school to let the entire school know that the good student they know actually has a sugar daddy!” Ye Zhixiang could almost see Ye Jian’s ending. She said excitedly, “At that time, she can forget about her university entrance examination. Haha, she will never have the chance to take her university entrance examination!”

Damaging Ye Jian’s reputation was Grandma Ye’s top priority. She thought that she could control Ye Jian. But she didn’t know that what was waiting for them wasn’t a joyful result. It was a nightmare.

It was hot during June in the Southern Province. At 9 am, when the sunlight shone on your skin, you could already feel your skin hurting.

The fans in the classrooms of Provincial No.1 Middle School never stopped working. They whirled and blew warm wind on the grade twelve students who were revising nervously. This was the last burst of fire for all the grade twelve students. The atmosphere in the entire school became more serious. Even the students from grade eleven and grade ten became quieter after they finished their lessons.

Mrs. Tong’s expression was cold as she walked out of her office. She walked hurriedly to the school entrance.

“Mrs. Tong.”

“Mrs. Tong.”

Lessons had ended so some students greeted her politely. Mrs. Tong nodded at them slightly. She looked really stern. It was as if she had marked a few scripts that scored zero. The students’ hearts palpitated furiously.

When she saw the figure standing in front of the school gates, Mrs. Tong took a deep breath and curbed the burning anger in her heart. She stepped out of the school gates.

“Mrs. Tong, sorry to disturb you again.” Grandma Ye’s gaze landed behind Mrs. Tong. She noticed that Ye Jian didn’t come so her smile turned colder. “Why didn’t my granddaughter come out with you?”

As a teacher, Mrs. Tong’s professionalism stopped her from cursing. She maintained a faint smile and replied, “Your granddaughter is in Provincial No. 2 Middle School. This is Provincial No.1 Middle School. You came to the wrong school.”

“I have a granddaughter studying in Provincial No. 2 Middle School but my granddaughter, Ye Jian, is studying in your class. Mrs. Tong, is your memory so poor that you forgot the family of your student?”

Grandma Ye’s mocking didn’t cease the smile on Mrs. Tong’s face. “If there’s nothing you want to say, I will return to my classroom. The students are having their university entrance examination soon. No parents dare to come without a reason. They are afraid of ruining their children’s future.”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that when you act like this, it’s really hard for me to believe that you’re Ye Jian’s grandmother.”

“Mrs. Tong, please tell Ye Jian that if she doesn’t come out to see me, something big will happen in school tomorrow.” Grandma Ye gave up. Her expression turned cold and she opened her mouth furiously, “If that happens, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Mrs. Tong left without stopping in her tracks or turning around. She only left a back view for Grandma Ye.

After Grandma Ye left Provincial No.1 Middle School with a gloomy expression, Hou Zi immediately heard about what happened. When he received this piece of news, a faint and cold smile appeared at the corner of his lips. He ordered, “Buy ten pure black cats and let them accompany this old lady who likes to play young people’s ‘games’.”

Since he knew who spread the rumor, he naturally knew what their family was afraid of.

Since Old Sixth’s girlfriend wanted them to be afraid, he would let them remain frightened for a longer period of time.