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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 9: Acting

When he was feeling impulsive, Zhan Yi Fei did not even think about confessing to Lin Yu Tong saying that he secretly liked him for many years and had already liked him before he went abroad to study. But when he thought about his current situation with Lin Yu Tong and Shen Jun, Zhan Yi Fei suddenly lost his courage.

No one can face any problem without fear, at least Zhan Yi Fei thinks he still needs to continue to practice and cultivate feelings between the two of them.

Zhan Yi Fei knows that Lin Yu Tong is only a friend at best, but he knows that anything is possible as long as they get along.

Lin Yu Tong also has the same opinion as Zhan Yi Fei, except that he thought that "anything is possible" is not on the emotional level for the time being, but because of a pile of dirty clothes in front of him.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s clothes were originally washed by the housekeeping staff when they came to the door when he left, so he was used to taking clothes off and put them in the basket, but now they don\'t have a housekeeping staff...

Lin Yu Tong frowned Zhan Yi Fei\'s underwear, actually several underwear!

Washing his underwear? Or should he call the laundry person to come over?

The coat and shorts is okay, but if you change it into underwear, it is always a bit guilty to send the underwear to the laundry .

But what was piled..... was a bit too...

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help but get mad, and finally he just closed his eyes, put the underwear in and wash them together, thinking that the lazy people in the school would likely also putting clothes casually. When you wash underwear in the washing machine, it won\'t be smothered love!

After the ideological struggle was over, Lin Yu Tong went to clean up the kitchen. The Sunday was today, he planned to pack up and buy some food.

There is a supermarket near the apartment, although it is not big, but the things stoked are quite complete and the dishes are still fresh. Lin Yu Tong took a pocket money for grocery shopping and went to the supermarket while listening to the song. After a while, he received a call from his mother. "Ah? You and my dad are coming over?"

Chen Su Ning said: "Well usually, when you are in class you wouldn\'t have the time. Today, everyone is resting its weekend. Mom and Dad are going to see how you are doing there. Besides, where does my son live, I have to to see it for myself?"

For Zhan Yi Fei seeing Su Ning, although he did not say anything about it, but she still had a lot of opinions, the most important thing is that she wants to see what happened to she son and Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong also understands the thoughts from his parents a little bit. He know that even if they don\'t come today, they will still find an excuse to come over some other day and Lin Yu tong said, “That\'s it, but I\'m going to the supermarket ow, maybe After a while, you are almost ready to call me."

Chen Su Ning hanged up the phone and Lin Yu Tong rushes to call Zhan Yi Fei. Before this Zhan Yi Fei\'s stepmother, Wang Bingyan, called to let Zhan Yi Fei go home to eat, Zhan Yi Fei said that he might have a business trip, but Zhan Yi Fei did not go on a business trip, but went to take the rings. The ring he was looking for he does not have the right size so the merchant has to adjust the rings size and Zhan Yi feri was told so wait a few more days.

When Zhan Yi Fei learned that his father-in-law was coming he apologized apologetically: "I was negligent. It is reasonable to say that we should have in invites them earlier."

Lin Yu Tong said: "Don\'t get so serious, then were you planning to wait till when we move to a new home to ask them? No, this is not the point. I am calling you to tell you, for a while[cough] they will come in a while, don\'t let them find that we are really not couple because of marriage."

Zhan Yi Fei was slightly hesitant. “What do you mean by making them feel that we are real couples?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "Yes, right? Or do you think they don\'t have eight or nine - nine thoughts that I am excited to suddenly marry someone, they will definitely get to the bottom of it, so I am in trouble, just say... Let\'s say that we were love at first sight. ... Love at first sight! "

Zhan Yi Fei smiled." I know. Yes, I\'ll be coming back soon, is there anything you need me to buy? "

"No, I have to buy food at the supermarket it, if there is nothing else I will hang up Ah!"



“The meat dumplings you made last night were delicious. Can you make it again today?"

“Ah, what can\'t I do?"

The two parents would come at home in the noon. The dishes to be made were discussed with two more words before both Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Ton continued to do their own things.

Lin Yu Tong had bought almost all of the ingredients needed but as soon as he thought about Zhan Yi Fei, he went to get a pack of dumplings. He couldn\'t say anything about why he did it. Lin Yu Tong felt that when Zhan Yi Fei asked him if he could make another meat dumpling. The tone of the man was particularly pitiful. Lin Yu Tong grew up with his parents and his parents were very concerned about the type of child he was so he couldn\'t understand how Zhan Yi Fei felt like living with a stepmother and an uncaring father. However, it is conceivable that his life growing up was definitely not good enough. Otherwise, he will not be so ridiculously pitiful, and when he was young, he was sent abroad to study. When he came back, he lived alone.

Some of the thoughts spurned themselves until he actually reached to the apartment. The sound of the car rang next to him. Lin Yu Tong turned his head and saw that his parents came over.

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning were caught in traffic jam on the road, so it took a long time to get there. Chen Su Ning saw his son actually taking out the dish and she quickly got off the bus and picked it up. "How do you say you walked out to buy food Ah? No, why did you just go buy food?!"

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: “Is this not to because I wanted to sunbathe the sun to make up body calcium? Or if I don\'t go out I\'m the sun I am going to be moldy."

Chen Su Ning was still a bit distressed. She couldn\'t help but look at her son. She found that although she was a little bit tanned, he was not thin, he was still a bit om the fat side. But there was still a little complaint in the words. "Honey you tell me about this kid, when I call to ask him, what he was lacking he said that he wasn\'t lacking anything , but how can you run out to buy food yourself? Don\'t tell me that you\'re planning to cook these Ah."

Lin Yu Tong said very carelessly: Yi Fei said that he could ask for a housemaid, but I did not allow it. Two people are more than enough for our small apartment Ah, and if we add some outsiders at our home. I would be feeling awkward?!. "

Chen Su Ning felt that whole thing was dubious, to say the heart that live freely how can the child know how to take care of things at the apartment it was really scary. Lin Zhi Song could not help but ask:" You\'re the maid? "

Lin Yu Tong side received a good cook says:" No, anyway, two adults, do not throw anything two or three days are enough to pack a back. When Chen Su Ning went upstairs, he thought that he would definitely find an excuse to send someone to clean up the house. Who knows that there is no place to start, from the living room to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the bathroom, it is really clean.

Lin Zhi Song I couldn\'t help but say a little, "My son is really capable."

Lin Yu Tong mouth felt sour and he reprimanded his father in silent. What man is capable Ah to do competent housework?! And obviously this is thanks to the gift of Lin Yu Tong obsessive-compulsive disorder. In fact, many times he just wanted to wipe the table, but the table he found the chair also needs to be wiped. After cleaning the chair, he felt that the coffee table has to be wiped. So he wiped it, and the house was swept away.... This was repeated every day, it was a habit.

Chen Su Ning finally put a little heart and inspected the house turned for a while, then he saw the second bedroom, and she frowned again. "Child do you sleep with Yi Fei?"

Lin Yu Tong heart cursed FML, how could he forget this part. He hastened to make a little uncomfortable expression,"Aaaw Mom, what could make you think that Ah? We sleep in one room."

Chen Su Ning just wanted to say: then why is that the second bedroom didn\'t have a bed? This is clearly your sleeping style! But before she opened the door, Zhan Yi Fei came back.

"This, this are the clothes that were washed out? Where are you going to hang them to dry them? Mom will help you to hang them," said Chen Su Ning.

Lin Yu Tong hasn\'t answered yet, Zhan Yi Fei said: "Don\'t trouble yourself Auntie, you sit and eat fruit, I will hang the clothes."

Then he went to wash his hands and opened the washing machine, and then he saw underwear entangled between the clothes was exposed to his eyes.

Zhan Yi Fei saw everyone looking and he subconsciously asked the elders.

Chen Su Ning glanced at Lin Yu Tong, her eyes threatening, and then she smiled and said to Zhan Yi Fei: " Yi Fei is back. "

Zhan, Yi Fei nodded," I\'m sorry Auntie and Uncle, I should have come to ask you to visit the house."

Chen Su Ning said:" I know that you\'re busy, and we are all one family, in fact, this is nothing. I am mainly worried about Tong Tong. When he was a child, he loved to sleep on the ground. I wanted to come over and see if your floor here is not cold. "

Lin Yu Tong was watching his father, he not dare to wink at Zhan Yi Fei and my heart could not help sigh out the sentence:? My biological mother hey, you too can make a cliche of it

Who knows Zhan Yi Fei face was not red and he jump to say "Auntie, you don\'t have to worry about it. Although there is no heating now, the ground is quite warm, but Yu Tong is sleeping with me, so he can\'t freeze himself. "

Lin Zhi Song looked surprised at Zhan Yi Fei, Lin Yu Tong hastened to give a secretly thumbs up to Zhan Yi Fei!

Chen Su Ning mouth was soured.," and that he does not get him falling to the ground? "

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong and said:" No, I\'m holding him to sleep all night. "

Lin Zhi Song:" ...... "

Chen Su Ning:" ...... "

Lin Yu Tong wanted to just give Zhan Yi Fei a kowtow bow ....this superb acting!

At this point, the washing machine work completing the tone sounded.

Lin Yu Tong actually wanted to explain why he will help wash clothes, but his parents are here and he can\'t explain the problem.

Fortunately, Zhan Yi Fei did not ask much.

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and looked at Lin Yu Tong for a while. Lin Yu Tong received this look, then replied with a grateful smile.

However, in fact, Zhan Yi Fei was only fortunate in his heart. It seems that it is good to be stupid and patient. The dirty clothes piled up there for a few days. Didn\'t his child said he wasn\'t going to wash his clothes for him? Sure enough, to a kindhearted person, you have to learn to show how to be pitiful in front of him!

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One day, Zhan Yi Fei drove Lin Yu Tong and suddenly stopped by the side of the road

Lin Yu Tong: Wing Fei, why are you stopping?

Zhan Yi Fei pointed to a billboard on the right side of the road: Child, do you see the dumplings on the billboard, does it seem to bring an appetite? When I was absent the first two days, I bought it home and cooked it. It is especially difficult to eat, so don\'t buy it later.

Lin Yu Tong: If I am not at home, do you eat frozen dumplings? !

Zhan Yi Fei: The things cooked outside are tasteless, I can\'t be hungry.

Lin Yu Tong:......

Zhan Yi Bing snickered, until one day, Lin Yu Tong saw Cheng Kai because of the wedding.

Lin Yu Tong: Cheng Ge, this hotel has a good environment. If the food is good, please book this.

Cheng Shi: Don\'t worry, when you are not at home, Yi Fei has been here to eat, saying that this hotel cooks good food

Lin Yu Tong: What? → _→

The next day, Lin Yu Tong returned to his family, Zhan Yi Fei opened the refrigerator and wanted to cook some dumplings, but hedidn\'t find it.

Zhan Yi Fei hurriedly called Lin Yu Tong: Child, where are the dumplings in the refrigerator?

Lin Yu Tong: Since you can eat at a five-star hotel, so I sent to Yu Bai and Xiang Chen Tian .

Zhan Yi Fei: Don\'t be like that Ah/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

The next day, when Zhan Yi Fei opened the refrigerator he found that there were three bags of dumplings in the refrigerator. Three different fillings were his favorite!