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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 84 Special Chapter 3: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

In the largest study, there was a dim wall lamp, and the light was very empty. Apart from the bookshelf with books close to the wall, there was only a rocking chair made of rosewood.

There is a man sitting on the chair. Although he is in the rocking chair, his figure does not shake with the movement. It seems that he is just like a picture embedded in the air, which gives people a feeling of depression. It was not until footsteps came from the doorway that there was a slight change in the painting.

”What have you found out?" When the door was opened, Zhan Yi Fei turned around and looked at Li Jun, who had just entered.

”Yes, the chairman. The main reason for the accident was Shen Jun pushing him. He was with Mr. Lin when he got his college classmate Xiao Wei pregnant, and she was hit by Mr. Lin when they were talking about marriage. Mr. Lin clashed with Shen Jun in a fit of rage, so..."

”What did Shen Jun say when he woke up?”

“He woke up, but the doctor said it would probably be traumatic quad paraplegia and it would be very difficult for him to move anything below the neck.” Li Jun looked carefully at Zhan Yi Fei\'s face after saying that he was not worried. Since hearing the news of Lin Yu Tong\'s accidental death, his big boss has become extremely indifferent. It\'s like he was insulated from everything, and now he looks like a ghost. Of course, people can\'t get too close. They always feel that they will be frostbitten if they get too close.

”Give him the best care."

”You mean..."

”I want him to live and regret. It\'s too easy for him to die." Zhan Yi Fei said and waved.

Li Jun answered "Yes" and gently closed the door. Just after he left, Zhan Yi Fei rose and left the study.

He spent his life trying to build his own kingdom, but in the end, he found that none of the family, fame and status he got really made him happy. Only such a little thought he had no desire to even move.

Not all means are fair and square to be in today\'s position, but he never thought of getting Lin Yu Tong in dirty and ungentlemanly ways. But now he is not sure whether he was wrong to wait or not. If he took Lin Yu Tong forcibly, even if Lin Yu Tong hates him to the bone, at least he would be alive

After the heavy sound of closing the door, the quiet in the study was restored. Zhan Yi Fei left the house and drove to the funeral home alone. The wind swept up the fallen leaves of a place, which made the eyes feel more bleak and desolate.

Zhan Yi Fei flashed many pictures in his mind many years ago. He met Lin Yu Tong for the first time, saw Lin Yu Tong\'s smile for the first time, and found himself quietly moving for the first time. And the child who would spoke sadly in a soft and waxy voice that his piglet had grown up and even had a "lover", had his own career, but when it was time to enjoy the joy of success and love, he lost his life without warning.

Lin Yu Tong never yielded. How could that unyielding character, not fight back after suffering losses?

The funeral parlor at night is much more terrifying than during the day. During the day, the atmosphere here is heavy, at least there are many people around, and a little somber. But at night, the proportion of the dead here is obviously higher than that of the living. There are fewer people looking at corpses here, and there are almost no watchers left. Only some staff members are still there, but all of them are psychologically resilient. Nearly everyone had to tighten their skin when they came in. However, Zhan Yi Fei did not feel strange at all. He walked slowly to the corpse takeover office. He was not angry when he learned that he could not see the body of the deceased for reasons other than his relatives. He just made a quiet phone call and waited in place.

Within a minute, someone came up quickly. "Are you Mr. Zhan Yi Fei, please come in?"

Zhan Yi Fei nodded. The man immediately brought Zhan Yi Fei to the corpse storage place and showed him Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong laid quietly in a transparent body storage box. His face was pale and his bright eyes would never open again. Zhan Yi Fei put his hand on the box and looked at Lin Yu Tong carefully, as if it was not a cold body in front of him, but his life.

He looked at it for ten minutes until a warm liquid came out of his eyes...

Lin Yu Tong sat up! He opened his mouth and shouted, "Yi Fei, that\'s not me!"

Zhan Yi Fei was holding an e-book in one hand, holding Lin Yu Tong in the other and caressing Lin Yu Tong\'s head. Hearing Lin Yu Tong sitting up in his sleep and shouting suddenly, he had to turn around and look at him in silence, then he asked "Why not you?"

Lin Yu Tong jumped into the air and looked at him for half a day before he realized that he had a dream.

Zhan Yi Fei squinted. “Honey, you\'re not doing anything bad to be discovered, are you?”

Lin Yu Tong shook his head. "No, I just dreamed that you were crying over my dead body."

He never imagined that Zhan Yi Fei could be crying and seeing it for the first time in his life, even if he was in a dream. To be exact, he never thought Zhan Yi Fei could cry. It may be that Zhan Yi Fei who contacted him on weekdays behaved so strongly that there was nothing wrong with him, so he thought Zhan Yi Fei would not cry, but he just answered that sentence --- just because he died?

He had never had such a vivid dream. It was so real that it was almost certain that the pictures in the dream must have something to do with the past life. Did Zhan Yi Fei visit him after his death?

But even if you have seen it, it\'s not surprising, maybe not.

Zhan Yi Fei put down his book, sighed, dragged Lin Yu Tong into his arms and continued to hold them. "Have you been tired lately? Why do you dream like this?”

Lin Yu Tong wiped his face. "If I count on the lunar calendar, I\'ll die in another week."

Zhan Yi Fei heard that he stopped touching his head and hit Lin Yu Tong with a brain meltdown. “My beautiful man is going to live to be a hundred years old. If you won\'t say that later see how I can pack you up. "

Lin Yu Tong rubbed his head and knew he shouldn\'t have said that, so he quickly changed the topic. "By the way, let\'s go to mom for Mid-Autumn Festival? Call Wang Bo, Xiang Ge and Gao Wen Liang, and take a vacation for the rest of the house.”

Zhan Yi Fei thought about it and said, "Come back and tell them, and don\'t forget to let Uncle Wang prepared something. I\'ve heard that Dad seems to be addicted to root carving recently. I\'ve got people to find some raw materials and bring them back with me.”

Lin Yu Tong breathed out secretly, saying that the somber mood had passed away.

It was only during the Mid-Autumn Festival that he realized that it had not really passed away, and that Zhan Yi Fei might have begun to feel some invisible pressure long before he dreamed. He would find this because Zhan Yi Fei gave him a platinum gem-inlaid long-life lock. The small lock is only the size of a pigeon egg, but it is extremely delicate. On the one hand is the long-lived 100-year-old words plus an engrave insignia, on the other hand, almost every gift will be brought with the "Wing Forest" logo, with diamonds and emeralds inlaid. This long life lock is attached to a moderately thick platinum chain, either on the platinum side or on the gemstone side. It seems strange but it was a platinum. After all, adults seldom wear long-life locks. But no matter what, he can\'t deny that it took more than three or two days to make this lock. But why did Zhan Yi Fei suddenly order a long life lock for him?

It can only be said that Zhan Yi Fei still cares about his last life.

”Anyway, it\'s getting cold. You wear it and nobody can see it in your clothes, at least until the end of this month. Zhan Yi Fei said just take out the chain and put it on Lin Yu Tong\'s neck.

Lin Yu Tong knows Zhan Yi Fei\'s heart is not solid, but he didn\'t say anything, and he didn\'t put it in his clothes deliberately. It\'s not ugly anyway, so it\'s worn.

Lin Yu-Lan came up and said, "Brother, the moon cake is baked. Can I take it out? I\'m hungry. I want a moon cake with egg yolk stuffing."

The moon cakes are baked by Lin Yu Tong, who has "the power of life and death". He smiled and said to Zhan Yi Fei, "I like the gift very much. I\'ll return it to you later. I\'ll go and see the moon cakes first."

One of the moon cakes was specially made by him, only two of them, so they must not be started by others.

Lin Yu Tong followed his brother and saw the long life lock. He laughed and said, "Brother, you have a good relationship with Brother Yi Fei. I think Brother Yi Fei is going to spoil you. He is really afraid of melting in his mouth and freezing you in his hand. You are so big that he even send you a long life lock."

”Speaking of me, Qin Huai is not very good for you, too? I don\'t know who it is. I\'m engaged at the age of eighteen.”

”We call it taking feelings seriously! Brother Qin said, we will get married when I reach the age of 20. There\'s only one month left. I\'m twenty years old. We\'ll go and register then!" Lin Yu-Lan was smiling, obviously looking forward to that day.

” Pop, good fortune." Lin Yu Tong rubbed his sister\'s head, opened the oven, and took out all three layers of moon cakes. Two of them shaped like doves holding trees on their wings. He picked them out and put them aside. Then he found the yolk pie that her sister wanted to eat. "You, cool it and eat it. Be careful to not burn your tongue."

”Ah-hoo!" Lin Yu-Lan took a bite after blowing and suddenly "vomited".

”Hmm? Not good?\' Lin Yu Tong was stunned. This is not the first time he\'s not baking moon cakes, so it shouldn\'t taste that bad should it?

”It\'s not bad either. It\'s just... Oh!" Lin Yu-Lan put the moon cakes aside and ran to the bathroom. She retched for half a while before coming out. Chen Su Ning and Lin Yu Tong were both waiting outside the bathroom door.

”Did you eat too much at noon? Is it still uncomfortable?" Chen Su Ning looked at her daughter anxiously and saw her look strange. She gave her a quick pat. "Lan-Lan are you?"

”Okay, it seems. Lin Yu-Lan looked at her mother with an embarrassing smile. She was very graceful. She threw her hat on the reef and all was forgiven.

Not really, in fact, they met up just a few times! Qin Huai is twenty-five years old. She can see that he has endured hardships, just as she did on his birthday. Then there are two things about it. Especially when Qin Huai and she are the first people to be serious dating, they can\'t help not doing the deed.

It won\'t really be so soon.

Chen Su Ning was so angry and speechless that she grabbed her daughter\'s nose lightly and pulled. Then she went to Wang Wei Xin. Wang Wei Xin and his family were also invited to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, so they are here. Qin Huai and Gao Wen Liang are playing poker with their younger generation.

Wang Wei Xin, who was watching Chen Su Ning\'s flowers, was called by his future parents in law and asked with a smile, “Su Ning how come?"

Chen Su Ning stared at Lin Yu-Lan. "Before, we weren\'t holding the wedding day of Lan-Lan and Qin Huai soon. I originally said that the later date was better. I think it\'s better to make it earlier now, just the day you met.

Wang Wei Xin said, "I\'d love to, but why did you suddenly change your mind, didn’t you always say you wanted Lan to stay with you for half a year?”

Lin Yu-Lansaid, "Aunt, you\'re going to be a grandmother."

Wang Wei Xin\'s eyes lit up. "Oh, my God, is it true or false?"

Lin Yu-Lan bit his lip. "I\'m not sure, but it looks like it."

Wang Wei Xin said hurriedly, "Would you like to go to the hospital? Is there anything wrong with your body?”

Lin Yu-Lansaid, "There\'s nothing uncomfortable, but sometimes it\'s a little nausea."

Chen Su Ning only saw her daughter vomiting for a while, but after all, she was not reassured. After discussing with Wang Wei Xin, she called Qin Huai over and asked Qin Huai to take her daughter to the hospital to have a checkup. After seeing it, she could go straight to the hotel she had reserved.

Because of the large number of people, the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet was ordered outside directly. The banquet was held at 7 p.m.

Qin Huai knew he might be a father soon. He was nervous, excited and a little guilty. As he was driving on the way, he couldn\'t help saying, "Lan-Lan, this is something I didn\'t think about, you are still so young, if you really want to be a mother, will it not be easy to accept?"

Lin Yu-Lan can see it very well. "No, it’s best to have children while young. My medical friends say that their figure recovered well, and my parents and aunts are lonely. If there is a child at home, there should be more laughter."

Qin Huai breathed a sigh of relief and smiled expectantly.

After two people arrived at the hospital, after a thorough examination, it was confirmed that Lin Yu-Lan was pregnant. The fetal sac could be seen by B-mode ultrasound, just like a peanut. Qin Huai was happy, and Lin Yu-Lan was happy too. They went to the hotel together to announce the news. Everyone in the room was happy.

Lin Yu Tong immediately joked at Qin Huai, "OK, brother-in-law, you were afraid that my sister will run away, so soon you wanted her to become a mother."

In front of so many people, Lin Yu-Lan finally felt embarrassed and stopped Lin Yu Tong\'s mouth with a piece of moon cake. "Don\'t talk, brother!"

Qin Huai is very frank. "Uncle, aunt and brother, you can rest assured that I will treat Lan-Lan well."

Lin and Qin have been together for three years, and they are satisfied with each other. So Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning don\'t feel bad about anything, except that their daughter will not have to stay around for a short time, and they reluctant to part with her.

Lin Yu Tong knew what his parents thought and said, "Dad and Mom, I have discussed it with Yi Fei. When you think about it, you can move in with us. We have a lot of people there. It\'s more lively. Besides, I can rest assured of your presence and safety."

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and Gao Wen Liang said, "Yes, Aunt, I can learn to grow flowers with you then."

Chen Su Ning thought for a moment, "maybe when we get older, it\'s too early to bother your younger generation. But when it comes to liveliness, it\'s special for everyone to get together today. I want to have the cheek to recognize my two sons. Chen Su Ning looked at Gao Wen Liang and Xiang Jun. "Little Xiang, Liang-Liang, you two are like brothers to our children. Uncle Lin and I feel that you are very close to each other. Why don\'t we just recognize you two as our working sons?"

Xiang Jun nodded, Gao Wen Liang rushed up to fill Chen Su Ning and Lin Zhi Song with wine and laughed in a room. The Mid-Autumn Festival had a good time.

The meal lasted until eight o\'clock. Later, Lin Yu Fei and Qin Shu went to sing together. They didn\'t leave until more than ten o\'clock in the evening.

Zhan Yi Fei arranged for the Qin family and Lin Zhi Song to be sent back before they got on the car with Lin Yu Tong. They both drank a little too much tonight. They had not seen each other for a long time. They were confused together. Fortunately, it is not exaggerated to be that drunk and confused. Zhan Yi Fei remembered to take a bath, and Lin Yu Tong has never forgotten to bring his Mid-Autumn Festival gift to Zhan Yi Fei.

It\'s a pair of small moon cakes baked by Lin Yu Tong himself. It\'s a pattern of small wings pressing out of custom-made molds holding small trees. Zhan Yi Fei was not willing to eat. Later, he went into the bathroom. Lin Yu Tong fed Zhan Yi Fei. At that time, Lin Yu Tong was sitting on Zhan Yi Fei\'s leg. Zhan Yi Fei drew a handful of water and poured it on Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong fed Zhan Yi Fei\'s favorite pineapple pulp pie. He laughed and said, "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival."

”Happy Mid-Autumn Festival." Zhan Yi Fei licked Lin Yu Tong\'s finger and said, "This is the best moon cake I\'ve ever eaten so far."

”I\'ll make it for you every year after that."

”All right?"

”Well, that\'s all right." Every year after that, they will eat moon cakes printed in the same mold every year.

The author has something to say: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to my friends! Oh, Au Au.