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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 83 Special Chapter 2: the delivery boy

Amused Landlord: Boy, don\'t you do seamless dumpling this time?

San Chai Boy: No, I\'m going to take a month off. I\'ll open a new story chapter in August. I almost have a full text completed.

The Amused Landlord:...

Amused Landlord: Believe it or not, if I send this to the forum, a bunch of people will want to kill you?

San Chai Boy: And at the end of killing me then what?

The Amused Landlord: What did I do to know such an alien as you?

Lin Yu Tong thought about it and answered, "Maybe you write my favorite character to death every time, so God can\'t see it."

The Amused Landlord recently wrote one of the deputy CPs and managed to keep a good couple away from each other. The cruelest thing is that the dead can no longer live, the living can never die, and the real life can never be the same again.

Lin Yu Tong was eager to fly to strangle the Amused Landlord for writing one of the main characters into death, which could add to the heart of the Amused Landlord. He was still a little happy. At the beginning of this month, the third novel he serialized was a finished text, and according to his previous habit, he should have started the new novel before the end of all, but this time he has not done so, but left a blank period.

The main part is the near the end, he still has some problems, and he wants to update 30,000 words every day after opening the new novel, until the end, so he wants to finalize all of them and update into large quantities. Presumably this update speed will be enough to become a hot topic in the network circle, and it will also be good for his own promotion. Anyway, he is not short of money, not to mention fame, as long as he is happy, as long as he interacts with readers happily, what’s wayward about that?

As for the blank month, he will make a trumpet to distribute two of his drama novels, White House Fighting Novel, Rong Wang and His Little Counselor.

This is also the end of the article, which is YY and Zhan Yi Fei. He went up to see how the online reviews were.

Of course, he had to get rid of all the delicious particular sxx scenes.

Gao Wen Liang always pays attention to the official developments. After knowing his decision, he asked, "How do you intend to update this article? Counting in what you wrote later, it\'s 200,000 words altogether, right?

For San Chai Boy, who writes long stories, this is only a short story.”

”Anyway, it\'s not for profit. I was just in the mood. It\'s not a problem to see more people and five or six thousand people readers a day." Lin Yu Tong put a mouthful of mango pudding in his mouth.

”I found out that you really became unscrupulous when Yi Fei went on a long business trip. If you don\'t exercise well, just look at the bags in your garbage can. Aren’t you really afraid he will find out? Gao Wen Liang picked up several colorful snack bags in the garbage can with a long unused straw. What kind of "beef jerky" is on the bag, "squid shredded" is on the bag, "syrup" is on the bag, and "cheese" and "cheese sausage" are on the bag, as well as several ice-dripping cartons, which make people\'s eyes gawk.

”I don\'t know. I think I don\'t cook at home.” Gao Wen Liang was also speechless.

” You can\'t tell me not. He won\'t let me eat too much snacks. If he knows, he\'ll have to find ways to make me eat less.” Lin Yu Tong also knows that snacks are bad, but he likes to put snacks in the drawer, and then write for thirty or forty minutes, whatever he wants to eat. He always feels more comfortable after eating.

”Is there anything else you can hide from him in this house? You better ask for blessings." Gao Wen Liang shook his head and walked along two boxes of pineapple crisps, nicknamed "Sealing Fee".

Lin Yu Tong shouted at the back: "Why don\'t you leave me a box? You’ve got those two boxes!"

Doesn\'t it mean there\'s nothing in the house he can hide from Zhan Yi Fei? That\'s a gross seal fee! It can be imagined that Lin Yu Tong still had such a small chance to throw them away, so before the servant came to clean up, he packed all the snacks in the garbage can into ta bag. Who knows how fast he got there? Just as he was about to take the garbage to the recycling bin, Zhan Yi Fei came back...

A day ahead of schedule.

”Baby, what a surprise?” Zhan Yi Fei was a little surprised when he saw Lin Yu Tong\'s muddled face. Was it too happy or?

”Surprised.” Lin Yu Tong secretly hides the garbage bag behind him, regretting not finding a black garbage bag to hide things!

do you have in your hand?” Zhan Yi Fei saw it with a sharp eye!

”Just... There\'s nothing I was just throwing away." Lin Yu Tong took a few strides and grabbed Zhan Yi Fei with one hand, kissed him severely, trying to distract Zhan Yi Fei\'s attention.

As soon as he loosened Zhan Yi Fei, Zhan Yi Fei licked his lips and smiled delicately, "Sata\'s beef jerky, mango pudding, squid shredded... Plum, vanilla ice cream? Baby, you have a rich variety of snacks." Zhan Yi Fei stroked Lin Yu Tong\'s lip and did not look away from the slightly guilty face for a moment. "Did you have a good time eating while I was away?"

"Yes, it\'s OK." Lin Yu Tong rubbed his nose and thought that he was caught in the bag anyway and broke the jar. "I left you a lot more. Would you like to try it?"

” No, you are not allowed to eat these in the future, they have all kinds of additives and preservatives, you eat too much and it hurt the spleen and stomach.”

”But I quit smoking. If I don\'t eat snacks, my mind will go on strike.” Lin Yu Tong felt that some things could be changed and conceded, but some things could not. He also knows that snacks are not good, but his mouth is greedy. And knowing that he has such a hobby, lovely readers always spare no effort to recommend all kinds of delicious snacks to him in the comments section.

”You may not eat snacks." Zhan Yi Fei took the garbage bag and said, "Let\'s go downstairs and have a look with me. I\'ve asked you to find some specialist snack makers who can make health snacks for you. After a while, what you want them to do and they will make them well behind. Later, they will specialize in making snacks for you after the main meal, so that you can at least maximize the safety of the ingredients."

”Is it true or not?” Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes lit up in an instant. Zhan Yi Fei was pulling him ahead. Now he was pulling Zhan Yi Fei. "You\'re really the most intimate lover in the world!"

”Uh huh, I don\'t know who just said that.”

“Why did you suddenly come back?"

“What does it look like?”

” I\'m not too surprised." Lin Yu Tong looked down at six neatly dressed people standing downstairs. After thinking about it, he told them what he liked most but didn\'t buy much because of hygiene problems. Unexpectedly, all of these masters will make different styles.

In order to stay at The Zhan Family, these masters also took out the job to watch over the house. Each of them made six kinds of tables of food for Lin Yu Tong, many of which were not available outside. Lin Yu Tong is almost full with every taste. Finally, all six of them really stayed, specializing in making snacks and snacks after meals, including all kinds of drinks and ices.

Zhan Yi Fei asked the Secretary to take these people to sign the contract. Before he left, the secretary told him in particular, "There must be one item in the contract. It is necessary to make sure that the employer can provide snacks after eating on time, eat there will bonus deduction."

Secretary Chen looked at Lin Yu Tong with a smile: "Good chairman."

Lin Yu Tong coughed softly and whispered, "I\'ll do it if I don\'t feel like it, or if it\'s so strict, I\'ll call you Daddy later."

Zhan Yi Fei asked the servant before he went upstairs, so he knew that Lin Yu Tong had no lunch at noon. He asked someone to prepare the meal and then took Lin Yu Tong to the table. "Your memory line is too short. You call me back after three days, so even if you really call me Dad, I have to take care of you because you don\'t take your health seriously. You said you were in charge of my three meals on time before, for fear that my stomach is not good, now why the other way around?”

Lin Yu Tong was also thinking about this question, and later he found that it should be related to his full-text manuscript. Since he began to save his manuscripts in full, Wang Bo often called him at dinner time. He hummed and hawed and then missed all the meals, because he had more and more snacks to eat in between writing and was not hungry at the meal time. In addition, he always felt sleepy after eating, and his inspiration was cut off. So....

Of course, it may also be that he had a good time, so he didn\'t have any sense of crisis, and he always does things as you like.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt that he had to rethink. After rethinking, he said, "I will pay attention to it later."

Zhan Yi Fei: “Well, somebody will report it to me on time if you don\'t eat in the future."

” Who?!”

” You\'ll know when I\'m not here."

Lin Yu Tong:"..."

The next day, Zhan Yi Fei went to the company. Lin Yu Tong was busy with his business as usual, but this time his snacks were processed on the spot, without any preservatives or bleaching agents. He also thought it was good when he wrote. Although the six chefs were paid a lot of money, he ate happily and Zhan Yi Fei was relieved. It seems that even the writings was more efficient.

At noon, Wang Bo came to ask Lin Yu Tong to have a meal on time. Lin Yu Tong just wanted to say "I\'ll come in a minute", but suddenly thought of Zhan Yi Fei\'s saying, "If you don\'t eat, someone will report to me on time." He was frightened to hurry downstairs.

Sure enough, the meal was ready. Lin Yu Tong sat down and took chopsticks to eat. Then Wang Bo suddenly said to his mobile phone, "Master, can you see him?"

Lin Yu Tong turned his head and saw Wang Bo talking to his mobile phone, which showed Zhan Yi Fei\'s head.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice came quickly. "Yes, just put your cell phone where I can see him."

Lin Yu Tong:"..."

Wang Bo placed his mobile phone directly opposite Lin Yu Tong and he too looked at Lin Yu Tong helplessly. Lin Yu Tong bit the chopsticks and asked, "Where\'s your meal?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "It\'s coming in a minute."

Shortly after he finished, a restaurant attendant familiar with Lin Yu Tong came to deliver a meal to Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei laid it on the table and Lin Yu Tong could see him eat. This lunch is a total of four dishes and one soup. It\'s well-known, which is what Zhan Yi Fei often eats, and it\'s well done. But Lin Yu Tong didn\'t know how it all happened. Looking at the dishes opposite Zhan Yi Fei, some of them were not tasty. He eats a meal at noon every day, counting that he has three or five chefs busy, and makes him at least eight main dishes, one soup and one dessert, which will never change in a week. But he often doesn\'t eat them. Although he doesn\'t waste them, he doesn\'t eat the meals that others eat at home. But how does it feel when he thinks he is not treasuring them when compared with what Zhan Yi Fei is eating?

Zhan Yi Fei did not seem to notice anything unusual. He picked up the chopsticks and ate some, but did not eat too much.

Lin Yu Tong looked at it for a while without saying anything. After eating almost, he listened to Zhan Yi Fei\'s instructions that he should have a good meal in the future. He should have gone down, and then went upstairs and stayed in front of the computer for a while. He gave himself an alarm software to remind him to rest and eat when the time came. He arranged the time strictly according to the school schedule, and then began to wonder how long it took him to not make snacks for Zhan Yi Fei and how long he hadn\'t brought lunch to see Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei never said that, but he was surprised to find that it had been more than two months. He could remember the last time he cooked for Zhan Yi Fei, or on Valentine\'s Day...

”Mr. Lin, what do you think is unsatisfactory? If so, please give me your advice and I will try to improve it. Six new pastries and snacks chefs, Master Liu, who is the most skilled pastry maker, looked at Lin Yu Tong in surprise. He did not understand that he had only worked in The Zhan Family for two days. Why did Lin Yu Tong say that he was not needed to make pastries recently?

”I don\'t mean that." Lin Yu Tong quickly explained, "You made delicious snacks. I mean, do you accept apprentices? I want to learn from you. Mr. Zhang usually only eats the snacks I make, but he has eaten them many times. I want to learn some new styles. You make them so delicious, so I\'d like to ask if you accept me as your apprentices. Of course, you can only do technical guidance, and I will pay extra for the remuneration."

”That\'s true. That\'s OK." Master Liu insisted that the student would not rob him of his job, and it was even more impossible to go out to be a snack maker, so he accepted the tuition fee naturally.

”Please don\'t mention it to anyone first. Especially Mr. Zhan." After Lin Yu Tong finished, he adjusted his working hours and decided to work half a day and spend the rest of the day learning to make snacks.

”But if you study at home, Mr. Zhan will surely know that." Master Liu feels that it is too difficult to teach at home and hiding it from the homeowner.

”That\'s all right. I\'ll look around when you make snacks. If I don\'t understand it, just ask you. Just tell me. In fact, even if I know it, it\'s nothing. At most, I will steal a glance here and there.”

Master Liu:

Say "stealing from teachers" in front of the Master. How magnanimous is this? Really good?

Lin Yu Tong ignored Master Liu\'s embarrassed eyes and went to update the novel. After that, he bought a particularly handsome bicycle on the Internet and an insulated takeout box that could be put in the back seat of the bicycle. A few days later, he learned two new kinds of snacks. He took the two newly made snacks and some of Zhan Yi Fei\'s favorite home-cooked dishes, and rode his bicycle to Zhan Yi Fei.

He said he was going to surprise Zhan Yi Fei.

So many passers-by saw that there were four cars of the same style protecting a single bicycle-riding "messenger", driving toward the city, some people were very curious to take pictures, and sent to micro-blog, saying that this is the best protected "messenger" in history.

Netizen a: Open your eyes, I haven\'t seen such a bastrd messenger, ride a bicycle to deliver meals, and followed by four cars around!

Netizen b: How handsome is it? Is it a take-out? It’s this acting?!

Netizen c: How do I think this messenger looks like my god writer?

Netizen d: Upstairs you say that, I also feel the same ah.

Netizen e: Humbly asking, do you mean San Chai Boy?


Lin Yu Tong didn\'t even know that he had sent a loving lunch and it was broadcasted live. When he arrived downstairs, he took out the prepared food from the thermal takeout box in the back seat and took a special elevator to Zhan Yi Fei\'s office.

Zhan Yi Fei had just asked Secretary Chen to order anything at noon. Lin Yu Tong opened the door and went in. "Oh, good afternoon, everyone."

Secretary Chen:"..."

Cheng Shi:"..."

Secretary Chen: "Thank goodness, we finally, don\'t have to worry about what to order at noon."

Lin Yu Tong laughed: "Want to eat together?"

Secretary Chen waved his hand quickly. "No, no, no, you two just eat in your own world."

Cheng Shi also laughed and said, "Yes, you have your own world."

Zhan Yi Fei hasn\'t been fed recently. He has been talking about it several times while he thought people were not paying attention. Lin Yu Tong came to deliver the meal again with difficulty. How dare they disturb?

Soon, only Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong and Lin Yu Tong were left in the office to wash their hands, take out the contents of the food box and eat with Zhan Yi Fei. While eating, he blamed himself and said, "I\'ve been busy writing things recently. I haven\'t cooked for you for a while. Have a good taste?"

Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyebrows: "For a while?"

Lin Yu Tong coughed softly and said, "Okay, it\'s a long time. Fast food, two new snacks I learned from Master Liu. I made them myself.”

Zhan Yi Fei finally turned to feign anger and laughed, but he soon found out that Lin Yu Tong was sweating heavily and frowned again. "Why is it so hot?" Is there no air conditioning in the car?

Lin Yu Tong wiped with a paper towel. "Came by bike, you were afraid that I won\'t exercise. But to be honest, it\'s a little far from here. It\'s hard for me to ride back. I won\'t leave this afternoon. You\'ll take me back when you get off work."

Zhan Yi Fei took it. "You really are a hard worker. Take a rest and eat again. Don\'t eat everything right away."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and nodded. He opened Zhan Yi Fei\'s computer here, which was specially designed for him. He thought about the comments in the updated chapter. Unexpectedly, today\'s commentary style is a little strange.

Lumberjack friend: Boy, you can\'t change your job?! It\'s terrible. My friend said he saw you deliver takeaway. Please tell me it\'s not true. If it is true, I would be confronted with literary panic in the future.

Lumberjack Asha: Not great. Didn\'t you always open a new novel as soon as one is over? But why this time there is no news of the new novel, you will not really go to develop career in the food delivery industry!

Lumberjack Army: It must be a fake. My God won\'t give up his vast forest!

Lin Yu Tong looked at it for a while and was confused. After landing, he asked:... How do you know I\'m delivering food?!

Lumberjack abcde: No! This is true?!

Originally quietly watching, and more people have been expressing absolute disbelief, hoping that Lin Yu Tong can explain why he is not really writing a novel in the future. However, his career is also too legendary, the professional span is too large, so big that it makes people stagger ah!

Zhan Yi Fei asked, "Why do you laugh?"

Lin Yu Tong turned his notebook around and gave Zhan Yi Fei a look at the comment. He also found the recorded video according to the video address left by the reader.

Zhan Yi Fei watched it and went online directly.

Farm Owner: He came and sent me a love lunch / attached picture.

Lumberjacks Yue Ning: The Winglin sign on the tableware on the owner\'s bowls and chopsticks is noticeable at first sight.

Lumberjack friend: I found that whatever the owner and the boy do, they will eventually turn it into a romantic sweet thing.

Lumberjacks Bear: 1

Lumberjack Emperor: 10086

San Chai Boy: I just want to have a quiet lunch ==.

Farm owner: I\'ll take him to lunch quietly. Thank you for your attention to my children.

Lumberjack: Walk slowly...

Lumberjack\'s Dream: Have a nice meal!

Lumberjack ABCDE:...

Zhan Yi Fei just handed the chopsticks to Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong held him in his arms, took a selfie, and then posted it to Weibo. He added that he really came out to deliver take outs to his vendor, and the selfie was a proof, and that he did not change his career. As for the new pit, it will open next month. This time I will choose a posture that allows them not to rush any more. And here he wish everyone a pleasant lunch = 3=

”Are you finished?”

”Hmm." Lin Yu Tong took the chopsticks and gave Zhan Yi Fei his favorite rice noodle. "Taste it."

” Eat together." Zhan Yi Fei bites it and puts the other end in Lin Yu Tong\'s mouth. They laugh and look at each other. They pull together and kiss each other tightly.

”You lost”

”Yes, I lost. I never won when I met you. But..." Zhan Yi Fei laughed, "It\'s also a pleasure thing to lose."

”What do you enjoy?

”Naturally...” Zhan Yi Fei bent over and murmured, "Enjoy the moment when you come to me on your own initiative."