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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 82: Special Chapter 1: Cheng Tian X Yu Bai (Part II)

After breakfast, Xiang Cheng Tian, together with Xiang Yu prepared food for lunch, while Hua Yu Bai went out with Zhou Min to buy two headed mops and light tubes. Zhou Min thought it would be OK to clean the glass before the Spring Festival, but she couldn\'t refuse her son\'s kindness and Hua Yu Bai wanted to invite them to the B City together during the Spring Festival, so she didn\'t persist.

After buying the mop, Zhou Min exchanged it with Xiang Cheng Tian. Zhou Min gave Xiang Yu a hand. Xiang Cheng Tian ran to clean the glass and change the light bulb with Hua Yu Bai. After busy working, the morning was almost over, and the kitchen smelled like a meal. Xiang Yu steamed the eight crabs they bought. Once the orange crab shell was peeled off, it was filled with crab yellow meat. The delicious scent poured into the nose at once, causing people to move their fingers.

Xiang Cheng Tian and Hua Yu Bai each peeled one and passed it out, but it happened to be one for Xiang Yu and one for Zhou Min, "Dad, you eat / Aunt, you eat."

If it was before, whether it was Xiang Yu or Zhou Min, the crabs peeled by the younger generation would surely be eaten by the younger generation, but this time they did not refuse, but laughed and handed the one they peeled to the two children.

This time, Xiang Cheng Tian and Hua Yu Bai peeled again, but the result was given to the other side. They often seem to do something for each other, so when two people take the crab peeled by each other, they don\'t look too chatty, but laugh and eat it naturally. In fact, it\'s just a simple exchange action, but in the eyes of Xiang Yu and Zhou Min, it reminds them of many good things.

”Look at you guys. I remember us more than twenty years ago.”Zhou Min smiled at Hua Yu Bai and said, "At that time, your uncle and I were poor students. The monthly meals were very limited, but we both liked to eat together. I remember that there were baked squid sold in front of our university. At that time, we bought a bunch of them for only one dollar. Then your uncle ate the whiskers himself, and the big squid body was left to me. I had a very simple idea at that time. I think I must work hard after graduation. I can buy two copies whatever I eat so we can eat together.”

”Then I think you will succeed soon."

”No." Xiang Yu said, "I registered with your aunt as soon as I graduated and moved out to rent a house. As a result, Cheng Tian was born the next month."

”We had just graduated, and our salary was not high, and we had to rent a house. If we had another child, we could imagine that the pressure was great. Several times I wanted to get rid of this kid, but I was reluctantly, and he was born. You see he\'s very tall now. When he was a kid, he was very difficult to raise. He was sick in three days.” Zhou Min said, "He turned out to be so big in a twinkling of an eye."

”Don\'t you have to cry too mom? When I was a child, you didn\'t go to the hospital any month." Xiang Cheng Tian said, "But Mom, you can rest assured that many people will take care of me in the future, and you don\'t have to worry too much."

”No, Yu Bai is more reliable than your boy." Zhou Min said, "Yu Bai, eat fast, eat as much as you like. I don\'t think the same as your uncle. Well, as long as the children are happy and well, everything else is secondary, so don\'t be too restrictive. Aunt said these, just hope that you will treat each other well in the future, whether rich or poor.”

”You can rest assured that we will be responsible for our own choices.”

”That\'s good." Zhou Min laughed and looked at Xiang Cheng Tian. I don\'t know what to think of again. She was a little trance-stricken.

It was only later that Hua Yu Bai learned why Zhou Min and Xiang Yu were so happy to agree for him to be with Xiang Cheng Tian. In addition to the fact that the elders are satisfied with their own conditions, there is one more important point here, because she too was an orphan once.

Xiang Yu was the second born child, mainly Zhou Min, who grew up in an orphanage without knowing who her parents were. Hua Yu Bai met a good teacher who lent him money to go to school, while Zhou Min met a kind dean who always took good care of her. Although there were so many children in the orphanage, the Dean did not have much time to care for her alone, but she has been very grateful to the dean for letting her go to high school, even to college. Although she had to work and study part-time after she went to college, it was very hard and tired, but only with the help of the Dean could she be today.

Until now, Xiang Yu and Zhou Min also visit the orphanage every year to send something. Although the original Dean is no longer there, the abandoned children are always sent off a batch and come again a new one.

Hua Yu Bai and Xiang Cheng Tian lie in a bed and sigh after listening. "Then uncle and aunt must be very eager to have you, especially aunt."

Xiang Cheng Tian drew a toothpick and put it on his mouth to bite. "So I have to try to stabilize as soon as possible and take them over. My father will have to work another seven or eight years then he will have to retire, but if the conditions permit, I want him to retire ahead of time. He\'s not in very good health. He suffered too much when he was young."

Hua Yu Bai nodded. "It\'s still possible if we work harder." Then he poked Xiang Cheng Tian in the cheek. "Why did you bite the toothpick again? Is it so uncomfortable?

Xiang Cheng Tian quit smoking. He used to smoke one or two cigarettes before going to bed, but he can\'t smoke now. He\'s really annoyed, so he often puts something in his mouth to bite.

”It\'s just a habit. I always feel like there are shortcomings if I don\'t smoke.”

”Why didn\'t I see that in the B City?"

”When I was in the B City, I could do pre-sleep exercises at night, and I fell asleep when I was tired, but you didn\'t let me do it here. I had no use for my strength. Of course, it was very uncomfortable. Actually, I tell you, my bed is not as big as the B City, but its load-bearing capacity is certainly not worse than that over there. If you just don\'t moan too loud. It\'s all right.

”No, it\'s awkward.” Hua Yu Bai couldn\'t let go. He was a little embarrassed at the thought that his elders knew he was doing that with Xiang Cheng Tian.

”Just after tasting the meat, you want to make me switch to vegetarianism. It\'s too bad of you.” Xiang Cheng Tian threw the toothpick into the garbage can and bit Hua Yu Bai lightly in the ear.

”Hoarse..." Hua Yu Bai took a little breath. "I just wanted to say that as long as you keep your voice down, I\'ll just have to serve you. Don\'t think about it now."

”Ah?! Serve me? Why do you want me to whisper when you serve on me? Do you want to sit on it?”

Uum, no way?"

”Well, you have to give me some time to build up my mind. Shall we wait till we get back?”

”No, you say you can hold your breath.” Hua Yu Bai said that after seeing Xiang Cheng Tian staring at him instantly, he smiled and licked Xiang Cheng Tian\'s lips. "No, I\'m angry. Don\'t mention that you don\'t have lubricants or anything. I saw you put them in your bag before I came."

”..." Xiang Cheng Tian was so convinced that he couldn\'t help it. He was slaughtered by Hua Yu Bai.

Hua Yu Bai laughed and went straight into the quilt. In less than 30 seconds, Xiang Cheng Tian burst out with a rude sentence: "Fxck!" Then the voice quickly turned into a muffled voice.

Lubricant was not used this evening, but they were both in a bad mood, but on the next day they regretted not using it, especially Hua Yu Bai. There is only one or two blobs left in that bottle. It is estimated that the bottle will be thrown away after it is used up, but they couldn’t! In order to make them less busy, the kind-hearted Ms. Zhou not only put the laundry in their bag, but also... She also saw the bottle of lubricant.

They got up and went out to buy local specials. They wanted to bring some for Lin Yu Tong and Long Le back. But Hua Yu Bai accidentally twisted his waist when they were fighting on the road. When they came back, they found Ms. Zhou\'s face was very strange. At first they didn\'t understand, but then they knew why when they saw the packed things in their bags.

That\'s all right. Now they can\'t hide the fact that they went into the cave before they got married.

That afternoon, Zhou Min gave his son, his family registration book and asked him to register with Hua Yu Bai. However, because Hua Yu Bai insisted, they still did not register and stepped on the train back to the B City on the 8th day.

Surprisingly, Xiang Yu and Zhou Min were in the same train.

At first Hua Yu Bai thought they just wanted to see the house, but later when he bought the house, he realized that Xiang Cheng Tian\'s parents came not just to see it, but his father came to add his name to the real estate certificate.

When buying furniture, Xiang Cheng Tian said, "Okay, don\'t be moved anymore. As long as we live well, we will repay our parents."

Hua Yu Bai nodded heavily: "Okay."

Although he knows that this word does not have much weight, fortunately, time can prove everything.