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Rebirthof The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi JinSen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter81 Special Chapter 1: Cheng Tian X Yu Bai (Part I)

”Cheng Tian, do you think we should buy something else? What does uncle and aunt liketo eat? I\'ll buy some more." Hua Yu Bai looked at Xiang Cheng Tian with aslight hesitation, a rare bit of frustration. It wasn\'t the first time he wentto his classmate\'s home, but it was the first time he met his boyfriend\'sfamily, which made him nervous.

”Youdon’t need to. They\'re very happy that you can come. Besides, you don\'t have tobuy all the fruits here. Don\'t be nervous. My parents are very open-minded. Youjust have to be yourself.” Xiang Cheng Tian shook Hua Yu Bai\'s shoulder andpulled him into the unit door.

TheXiang Family\'s apartment building was built by Xiang Cheng Tian\'s father\'s workunit. It has been more than ten years, but the community management is good, soit looks very new. After entering the building, it was clean, even without anyash of the walls.

Whenthey got on the elevator, Xiang Cheng Tian saw Hua Yu Bai\'s nervous look and hefelt helpless. He sighed and said, "You really have to see them before youcan settle down, silly boy."

HuaYu Bai bends his arm and puts his elbow lightly on Cheng Tian\'s neck."Weren\'t you nervous when you came to my house?"

XiangCheng Tian laughed and said, "Yes, I was more nervous than you. I was themost nervous person in the world."

HuaYu Bai glared at him and the elevator reached the twelfth floor.

XiangCheng Tian took out the key and was about to open the door. Someone insideopened the door one step at a time. Then a middle-aged woman\'s face with fivefeatures was exposed, like that of Xiang Cheng Tian.

”Cheng Tian?"

”Mom,I\'m back." Xiang Cheng Tian said.

”Hello,aunt." Hua Yu Bai handed over the fruits he had bought on the road andfelt sweat rolling in his hand.

”Hello,hello. Came to look back to mother, "Oh, come here. Why did you buy so manythings? It\'s too expensive." He took the fruit to his mother and shoutedto the house with great joy: "Dad, come out, your son is back!"

”Ah?It\'s so fast, isn\'t it possible to be late?” She put an apron around his fatherand came out of the kitchen with a spoon. He heard the young man next to hisson say hello to him. He laughed and said, "Good, Yu Bai, right? Stopstanding, wash your hands with Cheng Tian and get ready for dinner.”

”Let\'sgo and put things in my room first." Xiang Cheng Tian took Hua Yu Bai\'sbag, took him into his bedroom and closed the door. He whispered, "Look,my parents are very talkative. You don\'t need to be nervous."

”Well,it feels different from your personality." Hua Yu Bai said and breathedsoftly. Xiang Cheng Tian, whom he knows, is more stable most of the time, so itis hard not to forget that his parents may be very strict people, but it is theopposite.

”Myparents were busy when they were young, and I was with my grandparents. Mygrandfather was a very serious person, so I might just follow his character alittle. But I think my personality has been much livelier since we gottogether. Always feel very good mood, looking at nature is different.”

”That\'strue. There are more words than before.” Hua Yu Bai said, turning around inXiang Cheng Tian\'s bedroom. Standing in Xiang Cheng Tian\'s bedroom, he felt anindescribable taste in his heart. He had gone into Lin Yu Tong\'s bedroom,before when he went to The Lin Family, but he felt totally different from now.He didn\'t have any special emotions at that time. He had only one idea in hismind. Lin Zi had no bed in his bedroom. Now, he feels that everything he seeshere is new, even if it\'s an ornament, and he\'s curious about how it came aboutto be here.

”Actually,I haven\'t stayed too much since they finished this apartment. When I went toschool, I was living at my grandparents’ house for distance convenience. Then Istarted to live here in middle school again. When I finally stopped living inthe dorm, I soon went to college again.

”Well,it can be seen that the utilization rate is not high.” Hua Yu Bai pointed to asmall crystal boat on the bookshelf. "Can I see it?"

”Yes,you can take anything in this room."

HuaYu Bai laughed and put it in place after seeing it. Then he shouted to hismother outside, "Cheng Tian, take Yu Bai out for dinner."

Thedishes were almost ready. Xiang Cheng Tian took Hua Yu Bai to wash his handsand sat around the table. Hua Yu Bai did not move properly until the eldersmoved their first chopsticks.

XiangFather said to them: "Seven or eight hours on the train, you must behungry, eat more."

XiangCheng Tian said, "That\'s not true. We brought food to eat when we got onthe train."

Hisdad didn’t believe him at all, "Just you? What else did you bring? It\'snot a quick fix.”

XiangCheng Tian said, "That\'s true. Yu Bai has a bad stomach. How dare I makeinstant noodles for him? I brought an insulating box for the meal we boughtbefore we got on the train. By the way, I haven\'t taken out my box yet. I\'lltake it out in a minute.”

Helistened to his parents when they told him to do it later, and he stillenthusiastically and energetically bring clips of food to Hua Yu Bai. Hua Yu Bai,but he didn\'t give up his elders’ kindness. He took it seriously and answeredquestions from time to time from his parents.

Infact, before that, Xiang Cheng Tian had said everything he could to hisparents, so he knew that now his parents would ask some known things just toget closer quickly, and he didn\'t want Hua Yu Bai to be so nervous.

HuaYu Bai was not as rigid as he was when he first arrived. He even asked to helpwith the dishes after dinner. But for the first time, how his parents would lethim work, Xiang Cheng Tian said happily, "If he wants to brush, brush abowl, what do you grab? He does this at home anyway."

”Whyare you getting thicker and thicker, you little boy?” Xiang Cheng Tian fathersaid to Hua Yu Bai, "Yu Bai, why don’t you go sit down. You were tired onthe way. You don\'t have to work here."

”It\'svery kind of you, uncle. I\'m not tired. You should rest.”

”Forgetme. Don\'t rob me of my dutiful son chores. I\'ll wash the dished! Can\'t I washwith him?!"

Xiang Cheng Tian pulled Hua Yu Bai into the kitchen,closes the door, washed the dishes and watches Hua Yu Bai clean up the rest ofthe dishes. "Yu Bai, do you think my cooking is delicious or my father\'scooking is delicious?"

”Doyou want to hear the truth?”


”Ithink it\'s delicious, but it\'s two different flavors. One is the taste of home,the other is the taste of love.”

”Well,are you attached to Lin Zi? Speaking in such a literary and artistic way."Xiang Cheng Tian gave Hua Yu Bai a gentle flick with his wet hand. "Restassured, no matter what kind of taste youwant to eat in the future, you willdefinitely have it."

”Hmm."Hua Yu Bai put the dishes away and wiped away the dishes washed by Xiang ChengTian. They were busy working for a while, tidied up the kitchen, and cut aplate of fruit before going out.

Xiangfather and his wife sat on the sofa and chatted for a while. They saw twochildren come out and waved with laughter and let them sit on the sofa.

Bythis time it was dark, but it was still a little early to go to bed.

XiangYu looked at his wife and saw her nod slightly. He said, "Yu Bai, have youeaten to full?"

HuaYu Bai said, “Yes, thank you, uncle and aunt."

ZhouMin: "Thank you so much. I\'ll treat this place as my home. Don\'t be soangry."

XiangYu: "That\'s it. Although this is the first time we have met, I think meand your aunt both feel that you are close to us, and we will not object toyour being with Cheng Tian. It\'s just something of a concern. I hope you canlisten to us, too.”

”What\'syour opinion?” Xiang Cheng Tian\'s face is not clear, so he said, "Dad,what do you think of?"

”Yes,of course. You are the only older son in our family. Of course, I hope youdon\'t stay too far away. Although you have developed well in the B City, thereare so many people there and there is so much competition that there is nobetter place than here. What if you stay here, parents can take care of you,but over there, you all have to rely on yourself, it\'s a lot of hardwork."

”ChengTian, Dad and Mom think this, you stay here to develop your career, Mom and Dadhave some savings here, we can help youbuy a house, so you will not be much easier later, as long as you find theright job to live, stable, it will be very good.”

”ButMom, we\'re used to life there, and there are more opportunities in the B City,and most of our friends are there. Besides, I\'m ready to open a supermarket.I\'ve even chosen all the places, so I don\'t want to go back here and start allover again with the research.” Xiang Cheng Tian said, "I know that myneighbor Aunt Xu family\'s children didn\'t come back for two or three yearsafter they go out, and you\'re worried that I\'ll be like that. But you can restassured that I won\'t. We\'ll come back as soon as we have time. In addition, wealso have a good idea, as long as the development over there is good we willtake over to live there. Mom, you and my dad have not always regretted notbeing able to spend more time with me. We\'ll all be together in the future.Isn\'t that good?”

”Soyou are determined to develop in the B City?

”Yes,and my classmate has a real estate business in his family. They all promised tosell us a house at the cost price. There is no such house price even in thevillage.”

”Ah?What\'s the right thing to do?” Zhou Min was somewhat surprised. “The B Cityhouse, if it\'s cheaper or smaller, it\'s costs millions of dollars, at that cost...How much less do you earn?”

”Nothingis inappropriate. It\'s an apartment. It\'s just like brothers. It\'s not good forme to see the outside world too much." Xiang Cheng Tian remembered thepromotional pages that Lin Yu Tong had sent to him, and his heart burst withlaughter. It can be said that in the B City, a roommate abducted a friend to behis wife and has two brothers who are friends and friends in law. In one oftheir dormitories, except Lin Yu Tong, they are all only children in theirfamilies. Although Hua Yu Bai also has brothers and sisters, there is no bloodrelationship, and even if there is something really unreliable in the future,so for people like them, handing in reliable brothers is comparable torelatives, Lin Yu Tong and they are more brotherly. There\'s really nothing tosay.

”Thenyou\'re going to buy a house in the B City." I feel a little depressed tomy mother. As for such a child, he was too young to take with him. He alwayswanted to let him stay at home after graduation. Obviously, the child could nothelp his mother. In fact, apart from the fact that we can\'t get close to eachother, it\'s a good thing for children to be ambitious.

”Uncle, aunt, the construction of the high-speed railway from the B City to herehas begun. It will be open in the next year at the latest. At that time, fromthe B City to here it will only take up to three hours, as long as we havetime, we can come back for a weekend or two.

”Ah?How fast?!" If this is true, the time will be shortened by more than half.

”Really."Xiang Cheng Tian hugged his mother on her shoulder. "If you\'re not busy inthe store in the future, you can come and see us. My father can have a weekendoff. You can play with him for two days and then come back.”

ZhouMin has two clothing stores of her own. The business is still very good andthere are employees in the store. So it is not impossible to leave for twodays. On hearing this, she felt a little better in her heart. As for Xiang Yu,he works in the Water Conservancy Design Institute with high rank and salary,so it is not difficult to ask for leave fro few days.

XiangYu pondered for a moment, "Well, since you all want to be in the B City,we can only support it. But it\'s a big deal to buy a house, and then Dad\'sgoing to come and see it."

ZhouMin said, "Otherwise, Cheng Tian, you\'ll watch after you go back thistime. If you really like it, call your parents and we\'ll go back there."

XiangCheng Tian said, "That\'s OK, but Mom, can I have the householdregistration book for the registration."

XiangYu and Zhou Min looked at each other, and Zhou Min said, "Okay, when youwant to use it, ask your mother for it."

Beforecoming, Xiang Cheng Tian mentioned to his family that he wanted to register formarriage, but at that time he didn\'t mention buying a house, so Zhou Min hadsome worries. Although both her husband and she feel that Hua Yu Bai is good,they have only seen him once, and some things cannot be completely reassured.

Afterreturning to the bedroom at night, Zhou Min said to Xiang Yu, "Dad, Ithink Cheng Tian means to register marriage directly this time. But in thisway, you don\'t have to give away half of the money when you buy the house. IfYu Bai really can get along well with Cheng Tian, it\'s OK, but we don\'t knowmuch about him. Besides, they\'re far away, we won\'t have too many opportunitiesin the future. You said, in case of..."

XiangYu "I understand your worries. It\'s emotional to notarize property whetheryou buy it in my name or when they buy it. Besides, it\'s not good for ChengTian to say it. And Yu Bai doesn\'t look like a bad kid.”

ZhouMin sighed, "Forget it, it\'s still a vacation now, and the Civil SecurityBureau can\'t handle the formalities. Let me talk to Cheng Tian again when I geta chance."

XiangYu saw his wife open the door and asked, "Where are you going?"

ZhouMin laughed and said, "Cheng Tian said mean Yu Bai has a bad stomach. Letme give him a hot cup of milk. How does it feels to have been unable to livewith one\'s own parents since childhood. You and I know it best, not to mentionthat his adoptive parents later have their own children and are prone to caremore for them than him.”

XiangYu nodded. "Go ahead."

ZhouMin went to heat the milk, raised her hand and was about to knock on the door,but she heard her son\'s voice coming from inside, which seemed to be helpless,causing her raised hand to stop in mid-air.

”YuBai, I really want to be with you, and we have lived in the same room forseveral years. You think I don\'t know you yet? How can I go back to buy a houseafter finishing things here?"

”Ifit\'s your own money, of course I don\'t care. But we must not use my uncle andaunt\'s money to buy a house. When you say you buy a house after you have tohave it written down, I will contribute up half of it for nothing. Isn\'t thatnot very good? Although it is possible to notarize property when buying ahouse, we will surely find it difficult to ask uncle and aunt to bring it up.So you\'d better buy the house first, and then let\'s register. Just afterwards,we can come back to see my uncle and aunt again."

”Butthen I feel a little unfair to you."

”Whatis grievance? It\'s what I want to do. It\'s not what you mean. Besides, uncleand aunt\'s money does not fall from the sky, we have to hard work to buy you ahouse so I can live with you, thank them and say it’s too late for them to helpus buy a house, what a good grievance. So when you bought it until you\'vebought the house. It\'s pre-marital property, it won’t be mine in any sense."


”Wouldyou like milk, too?” Xiang Yu was puzzled to see his wife come in with a glassof milk. They don\'t have the habit of drinking milk at night.

”No,it wasn\'t sent in. Zhou Min told her husband what she had heard, and suddenlyfelt a little overwhelmed. "Dad, do you think I\'m too mean?"

”Normalpeople think more about it, and we are not saints. But since Yu Bai has thisidea, then we shouldn\'t be too grieving to him. I\'ll see to it. You can sendthe milk over. It\'ll get cold later.

”Hmm." Zhou Min knocked on her son\'s door and went in to see Hua Yu Bai helpingher son to pack his clothes. She smiled and handed the milk over. "Yu Bai,here you are. You have a bad stomach. It\'s good to drink some milk."

”Thankyou, Aunt." Hua Yu Bai put down his clothes first, and then drank themilk. "Aunt, I\'ll wash the cups." After that, he even took out thethermos lunch box he had mentioned before and washed it.

”Giveme the clothes you\'ve worn along the way and I will wash them togethertomorrow." Zhou Min patted his son, "You have only one pillow in yourhouse, and then you go to Mama\'s room and get another."

”No, Mom. One pillow is enough for us."


HuaYu Bai came back soon after washing. He saw that Zhou Min had gone and wasthinking about going to wash. Then he heard Xiang Cheng Tian say, "What towash? Go to wash with my brother."

Hedidn\'t wash it together in the B City, but here Hua Yu Bai has no such thickskin. He said, "You wash it first, and I\'ll do it later."

"Thenhelp me find my underwear," said Xiang Cheng Tian.

HuaYu Bai took it out for Xiang Cheng Tian. Xiang Cheng Tian goes to take a bath.Hua Yu Bai sat in the room and did nothing for a while. He sent a message toLin Yu Tong: [Lin Zi, what was your first time like to show your elderbrother\'s house?}

LinYu Tong quickly responded that if he quarreled with his him, he would befoolish.

HuaYu Bai:"..."

WhenXiang Cheng Tian came out of his bath, he saw Hua Yu Bai laughing muffled athis cell phone, sat down beside him and scanned the probe to see the generalcontent. He laughed and said, "This Lin Zi is really a living treasure." But I think there\'s some truth inwhat he said.

LinYu Tong is passing on the experience of "how to live in harmony withmiddle-aged women" through information.

HuaYu Bai does not say yes, but I also feel that what Lin Yu Tong said is right.For example, be diligent, sweeter and more careful, so long as you are not toounreasonable, you should be able to accept it.

Sothe next day, Hua Yu Bai got up early.

Infact, when he was in the B City, he also had the habit of getting up early. Hedid not cook. Cooking was the business handled by Xiang Cheng Tian. He wouldclean the house while Xiang Cheng Tian was cooking, or help pick vegetables.When he got up, he found that Zhou Min was going out to buy vegetables and askedif he could go with her. Zhou Min was worried that everything she wanted to buytoday seemed heavy, so she agreed.

Asthey chatted together, Zhou Min asked many questions about school life and whatplans they had for the future. Hua Yu Bai answered them one by one. Later, whenhe arrived at the place where he bought vegetables, he also offered to pay,help with carrying things, and even bargain. Zhou Min liked him even more andmore. He stopped in front of the seafood stall when they were leaving. When hesaw the big and fresh crabs one by one, he said, "Buying some crabs. Iheard Cheng Tian said you like seafood." It\'s the best time to eat crabsthis season.

HuaYu Bai said, "Okay aunt."

Twopeople looked there to pick crabs, a total of eight were picked, and then wentto sell fruit to buy peaches and grapes, and two large mangoes. When they gothome, a vegetable car had nothing on them. Fortunately, Hua Yu Bai came,holding the car in one hand and carrying a big bag in the other. Zhou Min onlycarried a bag of crabs, but it was not much. But just as she was about to goout of the market, she suddenly asked Hua Yu Bai to wait for her, and then shewent to buy something. It was packed in a black plastic bag, so he couldn\'t seewhat it was.

HuaYu Bai was a little curious as to what was in a black bag, he didn\'t ask even ifhe was afraid of something he couldn\'t say.

Theytalked and walked as they were returning. They were not bored all the way. Justout of the elevator, Zhou Min said, "There seems to be a scent in theroom."

HuaYu Bai laughed. "It\'s Cheng Tian who\'s supposed to get up and cook."

ZhouMin opened the door and saw his son carrying porridge and onion cake to thetable.

”Youwent and bought so much food?\' Xiang Cheng Tian watched the exploding vegetablebags and took them inside.

”Youwon’t come back for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Let\'s celebrate the Mid-AutumnFestival today. Take a bite in the morning and have a good lunch." ZhouMin said that he helped Hua Yu Bai ad she took out of the black bag a pair ofnew slippers. "Yu Bai, wear this."

”Thankyou, Aunt." Hua Yu Bai looked at Zhou Min gratefully when he found that itwas just right.

”Mom,why don\'t you have me? Asked Xiang Cheng Tian.

”Doyou have cotton slippers? What\'s new? You can dress casually. You will live herefor a few days anyway." Zhou Min said, "Go ahead, Yu Bai. Let\'s washour hands and eat. Let\'s leave the rest of them alone and let them bothwork."

HuaYu Bai smiled at Xiang Cheng Tian and went into the bathroom. After he cameout, he went into the kitchen to help Xiang Cheng Tian with his things andwhispered, "The lamp in the bathroom seems to be broken. Go back and buyit and replace it. Besides, shall we clean the glass windows before weleave?"

XiangCheng Tian really didn\'t pay attention to these, listening to this, he alsofelt that they should do a good job before leaving, nodding. “OK, I will listento you." Although he knows that this word does not have much weight,fortunately, time can prove everything.