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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 80: Final Chapter

On the 1st anniversary of marriage, Lin Yu Tong, as well as Zhan Yi Fei, began preparing gifts early. Although not as valuable as Zhan Yi Fei\'s private jet, it took him a lot of thought, at least he felt that Zhan Yi Fei certainly liked it, and especially liked it.

But now this gift has not been brought!

Zhan Yi Fei made a detour in his mind. For a moment, he hesitated to go back and take it. Although they could get back on the seventh, how could he receive gifts on the eighth day? But there were still days to go, and he would be curious.

"If you don\'t come first, I\'ll go back with Lao Xiang. Let\'s send you something. Never touch the packaging." Gao Wen Liang smiled and looked at Lin Yu Tong. "Should there be packaging, Lin Zi?"

"Yes, but... Come on, we\'ll be back before the eighth anyway. In fact, it\'s too late."

"Let\'s get on the plane first, and leave the most precious one to the end. It seems good, as long as I can bear it and not be too curious." After Zhan Yi Fei said it, he gave Lin Yu Tong a pointed look. With a hint of teasing and spoiling in his eyes, Lin Yu Tong succeeded in reminding him of the first time he received the pen from Zhan Yi Fei. He wasn\'t prepared for anything at that time, and he didn\'t forget his first anniversary after his marriage.

Zhan Yi Fei eyes with praise, should think of that scene?

Lin Yu Tong was a little uncomfortable to see, coughing a little, pretending nothing was seen, and headed into the cabin.

There are two attendants in the cabin. They see Lin Yu Tong coming in. They stand on both sides of the entrance and bow slightly to Lin Yu Tong. "Welcome Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, this way, please."

Lin Yu Tong was guided to the main cabin by two attendants. The plane has 19 seats. It has all kinds of facilities in the main cabin. There are tables and chairs, sofas and wine cabinets. There are LED displays hanging on the bulkhead. Snooker games are being broadcast. It doesn\'t seem to be much different from other private planes when you look at these places, but it\'s different when you look at them carefully. You can see Zhan Yi Fei\'s intentions in many details. For example, a table, at first glance, is a common brown wooden table, but the grain is not without any rules, standing on the longer side and looking down, the grain is very similar to the letter "ZL", but it is not printed on the back, but the natural texture of its raw materials. There are also matching chairs. The back of the chair is a tree, but the arm is in the shape of wings. There are other tableware such as passengers\' tableware, all with "forest protection" logo.

"This pattern has now become the logo of Yilin Group, and Yilin Group\'s "Yilin" has been changed to "Yi" in my name. A clear-eyed person knows that the company belongs to us both at a glance." Zhan Yi Fei touched the small sign with green and white crystal inlaid on the tableware. "I want to change the tableware at home into with this pattern. How do you like it?"

"I don\'t mind if you print this logo on your underwear as long as you\'re happy." Lin Yu Tong made fun of them and turned around. Then he saw that there were only two of them left in the cabin. He asked, "Will Brother Xiang not go with Gao Wen Liang?"

"They have their plans." Zhan Yi Fei sat down on the sofa. "The plane will take off in about twenty minutes. Would you like something to eat first?"

"No, what about my book? Should it be brought?

"Yes, there\'s a suitcase in the cloakroom. Go and see it."

Lin Yu Tong went to open the door of the cloakroom, and sure enough, there was a box in it. It was the biggest one in the family. Didn\'t he go for a few days? There\'s no need to take such a big box with him?!

However, when he opened the box, he dismissed the idea because he saw that the gift he had prepared for Zhan Yi Fei was also in it.

YF, did Wang Bo clean up the things?

"Yes, Wang Bo is very careful and knows what you have to take when you go out. What\'s wrong?

"It\'s nothing. It\'s good. It\'s all there." He just thinks Wang Bo is too powerful. Other than Wang Bo, who happened to see the box once, did not know what he had prepared for Zhan Yi Fei. Even Wang Bo himself was not sure what gift he was going to give, except that the box contained what he was going to use for his anniversary. Unexpectedly, Wang Bo helped install it. It\'s so thoughtful!

Lin Yu Tong\'s mood rose a little in an instant. They simply ate some food and then flew to a place that Lin Yu Tong had never thought of - a city in the northwest that was not very famous.

Lin Yu Tong, who thought he would go to the islands for vacation, or go to the historic sites of famous cities, suddenly felt that he was still thinking too simply when he got off the plane.

A middle-aged man named Wei Shan warmly welcomed their arrival and expressed great gratification.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t quite understand what Zhan Yi Fei wanted to do at this time, but he didn\'t ask anyone outside. After getting off the airliner, they took a helicopter and headed all the way to a local place called Fengqin Village. The village was large when viewed from the air, but it was said that not many people lived in it, and the shabby huts looked as if it could no longer withstand the wind and rain. Some people heard the sound of oars and leaves, pushed open heavy wooden doors and came out. They saw the outsiders who came out after the helicopter landed, and their eyes showed some unspeakable longing.

Most of them come out with children and the elderly, young and middle-aged almost none in the village, the village chief Wang An said, most young people go out to find a way out, they know filial piety when the New Year holidays come and they come back to see, will also send some money to the home, but those who are not filial, go out after the break of the news, some have not sent news for five or six years. The old man and his children look forward to the stars and the moon at home, and eventually become accustomed to the life of the old and the young. Wang An said, the old man has returned, and after a lifetime of hard life, even if there is any unwilling mood to work anymore, he has been left behind. But the children are still young. It\'s really painful to see them not wearing warm clothes and not having enough food and learning.

It would be silly for Lin Yu Tong not to know what Zhan Yi Fei is doing. However, he did not have any unhappy mood, on the contrary, he felt that Zhan Yi Fei was the most unique person in his heart.

Wang An and Wei Shan took Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong to most villages and took them to see the water source. Every family in Fengqin Village has water cellars, but the water collected in the cellars is not clean after all, and Fan Huang kept them for a long time. Therefore, anyone who can carry water in the family will go a long way to pick up streams and drinking water.

"Two days ago, there was a half mile baby in the village. When he went down the hill, he fell down and laid in bed." Wang An said and sighed. When he was young, he also thought about changing here, but many things tend to be simple, but difficult to do.

"Mr. Zhan, Mr. Lin, there are Fenghua Village and Mapo Village under Fengqin Village. These villages are similar. In the past two years, there was a primary school in Mapo Village where children could go to school, but the school was out of repair and there were no teachers willing to teach here, so the children in this area had not been to school for a long time. Wei Shan was born in the city of X, half of the local people, and he will know that these villages are because his grandmother lived in the nearby villages.

He used to come to Fengqin Village and thought about changing it, but it was too difficult. But just as he slipped into a sense of powerlessness, the news that Zhan Yi Fei was going to do charity came to his ears, so he mentioned his hometown and, with Zhan Yi Fei\'s consent, volunteered to visit it. After half a month, he felt that there was a great need for help in this area.

"Let\'s send the goods we brought in first." Zhan Yi Fei said, took Lin Yu Tong on the helicopter, very seriously asked: "It\'s hard to come out and take you to do public welfare activities, not angry?"

"Of course not angry. Look at different scenery, experience different life, so as to increase reading power. Besides, what\'s the point of doing the same thing as everybody else? And the scenery can be seen at any time, if you don\'t see it, it won\'t run, but there are some things that you don\'t do now, and it\'s too late to do later. Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes have worship that they can\'t say. YF, you can always refresh my good feeling for you. When I think you are too good to be better, you will be better than before. Hey, what should I do? I can\'t seem to fall under your suit pants."

"Then don\'t get up, I\'ll grab your pants anyway." Zhan Yi Fei put his arm around Lin Yu Tong and laughed, "Since you came back from the signing meeting, you\'ve become more and more homeless. There\'s less housework to do. Usually, besides picking me up at the door and going to see my parents, there\'s hardly anything else you need to walk around. So I want to find something to do for you. Compared with fitness and tourism, I think. You should like these more meaningful things.

"Do you want me to oversee the charity project?"

"If you agree, I have this idea. Some people will do the preliminary investigation. You only need to visit these places to make sure that the information of the investigation is correct and you can arrange for funding. As for the sponsored projects, someone will work out. You just need to check the results regularly to make sure that our money doesn\'t go where it shouldn\'t go.

"No problem." Lin Yu Tong looked askance at Zhan Yi Fei. "To be honest, if it\'s really just a few days of romance in a tourist resort, maybe years later, I\'ll only leave a vague impression in my mind, but this time I can probably remember it clearly for a lifetime."

It really impressed him that the ragged children outside took over new clothes and food one by one. At this moment, he was very sad, but very touched, touched them at least can do something, rather than just watch. They share their resources with these children, and they share happiness with them. How nice.

Next, they went to two places, basically the same as the Guardian, and the situation was not very optimistic. Although the local government also intends to improve the area, it is not easy for to spend more manpower and material resources whatever they do for such remote mountain areas, and there are still many such places still needing help.

"Take your time. As long as we get involved, it will get better and better." Zhan Yi Fei said.

"Well." Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei\'s arm and walked on the bumpy stone road. After thinking about it, Lin Yu Tong said, "After we were together, it seems that it is the first time we have taken such a bumpy mountain road." It used to be very flat everywhere in the city. Whereas it is now, after a short walk, shoes fall into a certain layer of grey, and on several occasions almost sprained their feet.

"More shoes should be added to the supplies." Zhan Yi Fei suddenly squatted down and helped Lin Yu Tong tie up his loose shoelace. He said, "the next time you come, you should wear a paste. If your shoelace is opened, you will easily have an accident. If you accidentally step on it, you may fall yourself again."

"I see." Lin Yu Tong pinched Zhan Yi Fei\'s ears and laughed when he got up.

"What\'s wrong?"

"Nothing, just feel that when you are around, everything is good. Why do you want to be charitable? Still so silently, only doing charity for the sake of charity.

"Drink, the wind is a little cold." Zhan Yi Fei pulled Lin Yu Tong to a big stone and opened the insulating water cup for Lin Yu Tong. There was some hot milk in it. He let Lin Yu Tong drink some before putting the cup away. Looking at Lin Yu Tong\'s moustache, he laughed and rubbed it, saying, "I used to live in the eyes of resentment, and I felt like I was wrong about what I did, but after I met you, it seemed to be getting better gradually. But it wasn\'t good enough to see everything, until you promised to be with me, a lot of things changed. I think everything is good, no complaints, know how to be grateful, so there is room to do this. Frankly speaking, all this is because of you, because you bring me enough happiness, so I can share a part of it.

"It seems that I\'ll be kinder to you in the future." Lin Yu Tong pulled Zhan Yi Fei to the stop. "Rest assured, I will never let your happiness go out of stock in the future. If it is not enough, I will try my best to make up for it."

"How to make it up?"

"So --" Lin Yu Tong kissed Zhan Yi Fei gently on the lips. "This is a sample, and when you get home, you can see the authentic products. Satisfaction guaranteed."

"That\'s what you said."

"Of course."

For the next few days, Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei wandered around the mountains every day. There is no bustling tourist area, no crowded people, and no appetizing snacks. But they had a different life together.

Wei Shan and Li Jun keep abreast of each other at any time. Wei Shan will take pictures of every place and record it. Occasionally, he would take pictures of Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei. Although, according to their original intention, they only want to do charity, do not want to intentionally publicize anything, but he feels that some meaningful photos should be taken.

Zhan Yi Fei initially decided to introduce tap water supply systems to the villages he visited, so that people in the villages do not have to go to fetch water from afar. In addition, it is also preparing to set up a grant fund. Lin Yu Tong thought it over. When he got back, he would call on more writers and readers to help him. He could donate clothes that he didn\'t wear at home, books that he didn\'t read, and books that were suitable for children. He would spend all his rewarding income and subscription income on mountain education.

Lin Yu Tong came out for a few days, but he hasn\'t changed these days, so when he updated, he mentioned donating clothes and books. Readers immediately responded and asked him if he had gone out to take part in charity activities.

Lumberjacks Xiaodong: Boy, did you do charity? You\'re not going to teach in the mountains, are you?! Don\'t scare me!

Binbin, a Lumberjacks: Donate clothes well. I\'m worried that my old clothes are all thin now. How to deal with it? Boy, you really rained in time.

Lumberjack: Have you donated any more clothes? (Please don\'t hit me!) Lumberjacks Ruo Ruo: The copyright fee of the boy\'s works is enough to support more than N teachers. Compared with his teaching, I think he is more reliable in writing books to support others who will go to teach.

San Chai Boy: I will continue to work as a writer, not to support teaching. This time, I went to the mountains with my lover and saw many children in need of help, so I have the current activities. There will be more because there are people who are responsible for donations. As for the direction and usage of donated items, before the Tongyi Public Welfare Website is fully established, I will report on it in Weibo. Welcome the lumberjacks to supervise and support it. I also hope that you can put forward any good suggestions at any time. This san chai boy is very grateful here.

Lin Yu Tong left a receiving address and telephone number. On that day, the phone almost exploded, and from the next day onwards, someone called and delivered things.

At the Eleventh hour, there were more express bags than usual, so the staff didn\'t expect to see anything so soon. Who knows that Lin Yu Tong readers drove directly over, not only with clothes, but also with a lot of quilts. This reader is from the province, not far away, and his family is a little rich, so Lin Yu Tong said in the text that he drove over.

Originally, he wanted to do what he could do and see if he could get lucky in shit. When he met the god, he really saw him after he pulled something! The God and the farm owner!

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t find anyone to donate. They thought the same thing as the staff. So when they got down from the helicopter and saw strangers looking at them, they didn\'t respond.

Binbin, the Lumberjacks, rubbed his eyes vigorously to make sure that he had saw it correctly. He strode forward and was overwhelmed with excitement. "Boy, vendor, I didn\'t expect to see you!"

Last time Lin Yu Tong opened the sales meeting, he was too busy with his work to go. He was so depressed that he met him.

Lin Yu Tong exchanged a look with Zhan Yi Fei and laughed and said, "Hello, may I ask you is..."

Liu Bin immediately stretched out his hand. "I am a Lumberjacks, Binbin, sixth groups. This is what you said in the article about donating clothes. Just the address you left is quite close to my home, so I\'ll bring something along to see it. It\'s great to see you.

Lin Yu Tong shook hands with Liu Bin, expressed gratitude, and then took Liu Bin into the rented office for a walk. A lot of materials have been put in here, so the studio is rented in the city for the convenience of receiving goods. The people in the studio are busy at the moment. There are several doctors sitting in the lounge. It looks like they are going to have a consultation.

After getting Lin Yu Tong\'s consent, Liu Bin took a picture of the situation on this side, then posted it on the Internet, and also helped his hometown to say something.

Readers mostly support Lin Yu Tong, but some netizens think it is deliberate hype, but this kind of comment came out less than a minute and was drowned by the contempt of lumberjacks, because many people now know the real background of Lin Yu Tong, they feel that Lin Yu Tong does not need hype at all.

Lin Yu Tong is totally free from malicious comments, how to do it and how to cope with it. Every day, in addition to write and update, Lin Yu Tong is busy sorting out some problems encountered in charity, and there are many good people\'s suggestions that he is also considering. Although it was said that someone was in charge, there were a lot of things that happened to him. But in this way, he really won\'t be too homeless.

In a blink of an eye, they have been gone for a week. Once again, Zhan Yi Fei has the feeling of lifting a stone and throwing it at his feet. Previously, Lin Yu Tong held a signing and sales meeting. In order to make Lin Yu Tong more popular, he did some peripheral work. As a result, so many readers came to Lin Yu Tong and made it painful to sign Lin Yu Tong\'s signature. This time, he was still kind-hearted, originally wanted to do charity, did not expect Lin Yu Tong so devoted, devoted to give him the cold shoulder.

Zhan Yi Fei was suddenly a little unspeakable congestion.

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei have known about Zhan Yi Fei for so many days, so he knows the reason when Zhan Yi Fei talks less. In fact, it\'s a bit thick-skinned, but most of Zhan Yi Fei\'s unhappiness is related to him, because whatever happens Zhan Yi Fei can solve, so usually Zhan Yi Fei makes others unhappy, only his ignorance will make Zhan Yi Fei unhappy.

Think about it carefully, it seems that after Fengqin Village, he really forgot the original purpose of this trip. Lin Yu Tong reflected in his mind for a while, and after reflection, he finally remembered that there was something left for Zhan Yi Fei.

He opened the suitcase and took out a book from it and handed it to Zhan Yi Fei. "Here you go, take your time."

Zhan Yi Fei saw the cover, knowing that it was The Little Yellow(Po-rn)\'s book, which he had always wanted to read, and looked at Lin Yu Tong with a smile. "How could it be that he had made such a touching cover, a gift for the first anniversary of marriage?"

Lin Yu Tong said, "Not all of them, just half of them. Let\'s see first. It\'s about the gift I\'m going to give you."

Zhan Yi Fei picked up the eyebrow, turned it over, looked at it for a while and then took a look at Lin Yu Tong. It was itchy. What will be the gift related to this book?

Lin Yu Tong sits in front of the computer and does not suffer from Zhan Yi Fei\'s gaze. He promised readers that the 8th would be more important because the 8th was his first anniversary of marriage. In the morning, not only will they be added, but they will also be given red envelopes and integrals.

Zhan Yi Fei sees Lin Yu Tong completely not wanting to disclose the performance, then continue to look. He looked more and more attentive, completely replaced himself with the role of Rong Wang, and then... Then he reacted shamefully.

But this is on the plane, and Lin Yu Tong writes and he do not like to be disturbed.

Zhan Yi Fei tangled for a moment, and finally did not interrupt Lin Yu Tong. He continued to read the novel, a total of 100,000 words, one word after another, three hours later.

Lin Yu Tong\'s afterglow pointed to Zhan Yi Fei and turned the last page, then closed the notebook. He laughed and asked Zhan Yi Fei, "How do I look?"

Zhan Yi Fei felt that his throat was dry and suddenly he could not look straight at Lin Yu Tong with a smile. He pressed down his heart and said, "Good-looking."

Lin Yu Tong said, "Just look good. Is the plane landing fast?"

It\'s in City B. He saw the runway.

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and drank a glass of cold water. I don\'t know what medicine Lin Yu Tong gourds sell.

Lin Yu Tong picked up his bag and said to Zhan Yi Fei, "Would it be all right if we don\'t go home for a while?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "No problem. Where do you want to go?"

Lin Yu Tong laughed a little mysteriously. "Go to the hotel."

The hotel was booked before Lin Yu Tong left. All the luxury suites were decorated with ancient style. The furniture and decorations from the entrance door to the interior were antique. Even the bathtub in the bathroom was made of wood.

When Zhan Yi Fei pulled the suitcase in, he felt like a stranger in ancient times, especially abrupt. Of course, Lin Yu Tong is the same, but Lin Yu Tong brought him in and went to take a bath soon afterwards. Zhan Yi Fei looked around and finally sat down on a six-pillar bed made of mahogany, thinking about the content of the novel and its special fragrance.

Does Lin Yu Tong mean the other half of the gift?

Zhan Yi Fei untied his tie and threw it aside. After throwing it away, he found that the tie was particularly damaging to the atmosphere. So he put it back again and put his suitcase in the wardrobe so that it could not be seen at a glance.

After washing for a while, Lin Yu Tong wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out. It\'s not cold when the air conditioner is on in the room, but Zhan Yi Fei looks a little strange. I wonder if it\'s because he hasn\'t held Lin Yu Tong for some days, and he feels particularly dry.

"I put the water in, and you wash it?" Lin Yu Tong stood barefoot on the ground and laughed as he looked at Zhan Yi Fei.

"Good." After Zhan Yi Fei said that, he stared at Lin Yu Tong for a while and then went into the bathroom.

When the door was closed, Lin Yu Tong tiptoed to the cabinet, opened his suitcase and took a suit out of it. This suit was made according to the style he wrote in his book. Although the price was high, the workmanship and material were excellent, and it had a very textural feel on the body.

After Lin Yu Tong was replaced, he looked in the mirror and decided that the effect was good. Then he took out the things that had been arranged in advance under the bed - a set of Longfeng Xi quilt and pillow, and red candles! ___________

He lit the candle, looked in the mirror once more, and scolded himself muttering: "Damn, is the color too wavy?!"

He usually does not like to wear red, but the clothes ordered this time are bright red, with golden silk moire embroidered on the excellent brocade, gorgeous but not gorgeous, luxurious but not luxurious, just right. He went to bed and laid himself in a particularly seductive position - sideways, with one hand on his cheek, and with the other hand turning a book at will.

Yes, that\'s The Little Yellow(Po-rn)\'s book.

Zhan Yi Fei was still muttering in his heart that even the bathroom was so retro, and he had never heard of such a hotel in City B before. He took a bathrobe casually and found that even the style of the bathrobe was quite ancient.

"Little Tong, you want to restore the book..." Zhan Yi Fei opened the bathroom door suddenly, holding his breath and looking sideways at his Lin Yu Tong in bed. After a while, he was almost seen to have nosebleeds. It was a little cool when I first came out of the bathroom, but now it\'s hot again.


"Well?" Lin Yu Tong smiled gently, "What\'s wrong? Is it not so good-looking?

"No, it looks good." Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes grew dark. He walked slowly to the bedside and looked down at Lin Yu Tong. "Is this the other half\'s gift?"

"Yes, do you want to take it down?"

"Of course." Zhan Yi Fei sat on the bed and gently took Lin Yu Tong into his arms. As Lin Yu Tong wrote in his book, he held Lin Yu Tong in his lap and looked at it lovingly for a long time.

Lin Yu Tong covered Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes in time. He stretched out his tongue and licked Zhan Yi Fei\'s lip. Then he went down and licked his throat knot. He heard Zhan Yi Fei breathing heavier and heavier, and he could feel the changes on Zhan Yi Fei even through the thick clothes.

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly grabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and slowly took it away. He looked at Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes as if he was about to blow out a fire. "Where\'s the lubricant?"

Lin Yu Tong\'s body was so stiff that he almost wanted to cry, "No, no."

Wang Bo didn\'t put lubricant on his bag.

FML, I feel dizzy.

Zhan Yi Fei is also crazy, the atmosphere is so good, and there are no key items?!

Lin Yu Tong felt the hardness of something underneath his buttock and quickly flashed aside, but before he got out of bed, he was caught by Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei pressed him on the bed. "Where else do you want to go at this time?!"

Lin Yu Tong said in a negotiable tone, "Shall we go home?"

Zhan Yi Fei tells him directly by action: Don\'t think about it!

The six column of mahogany shelf was shaking for most of the night, and Lin Yu Tong felt like he was falling apart. Zhan Yi Fei, however, did not know what medicine he had taken and was overexcited.

After another second of tossing, Lin Yu Tong had to regret that his gifts were too "dead", but the Zhan Yi Fei stopped at the right time.

Lin Yu Tong can finally breathe, "do you want to be so excited?"

Zhan Yi Fei laughed and asked, "Not good enough?"

Lin Yu Tong closed his eyes and said, "good, but are you sure you can go to the company tomorrow?"

Zhan Yi Fei held the man in his arms. "Yes, but you certainly won\'t be able to help me tie my tie."

Lin Yu Tong thought confusedly, that may not be.

Zhan Yi Fei woke up at six o\'clock the next day, but he never expected that Lin Yu Tong woke up. Lin Yu Tong, with a pair of dark circles under his eyes, sat in a chair and said hoarsely, "Let\'s go out for breakfast. You go to the company and I\'ll go home. I can\'t sleep here alone anyway."

Zhan Yi Fei had planned to take Lin Yu Tong back, but since he woke up, he didn\'t have to. He went to wash it briefly, Lin Yu Tong took clean clothes out of the suitcase and tied him.

"When you\'re tired, remember to go back and sleep a little longer." Zhan Yi Fei has some heartache.

"Isn\'t this the second year we\'ve been together? We need to tie you up." Lin Yu Tong laughs and says, "go, I want to eat the Fuji milk yam bag."

"Well, I\'ll take you home after eating."


Lin Yu Tong went to the breakfast shop with Zhan Yi Fei and sat down near the window. While Zhan Yi Fei was waiting in line, Lin Yu Tong happened to see a familiar figure passing by outside the window. The man was wearing a sick uniform, with a bandage around his head, and ran stumbling. Shortly afterwards, a number of people in white coats followed, and soon grabbed the patient\'s name and stuffed it into a car despite the opposition of the other party, which seemed to be the car of a psychiatric hospital.

"What\'s wrong?" Zhan Yi Fei came back with the meal. Lin Yu Tong looked down at his fingertips and asked strangely.

"Nothing." All of a sudden, when he was tying a tie for Zhan Yi Fei in the morning, his tie slid past his fingers, and the feeling of happiness was not there. When he was reborn, he felt that this life was like a dream, but now he think of it, but I feel that the last life is just like a dream. Many things began to fade out of his memory, fade out of his life, but he did not feel regretful at all. Many people, no matter what they encounter, can no longer mobilize their emotions.

“Yi Fei, thank you for choosing to be with me.” Lin Yu Tong suddenly said.

"What\'s a silly thing to say? Eat quickly. It will not be good to eat when it\'s cold." Zhan Yi Fei said that he had put a yolk bag in Lin Yu Tong\'s bowl and sent him another bowl of porridge. "I\'m tired and thinning out these days. Yesterday, I was tossed about for so long. I\'ll eat it and go back to sleep again."

"Well." Lin Yu Tong handed the yolk bag to Zhan Yi Fei\'s mouth. Zhan Yi Fei bit it. The rest of it went into his mouth. If nobody spoiled their time with each other, they directly regarded all the living things around them as air... it’s there, but we don’t care.

Lin Yu Tong was very glad that he had registered with Zhan Yi Fei without hesitation on this same day last year. Otherwise, how could he realize that this perfect love?

================= The END ========================

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