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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 79: Where to go?

Lin Yu Tong was talking about letting Zhan Yi Fei call him when he was about to leave work, but in fact he didn\'t receive a call from Zhan Yi Fei until he stood outside Zhan Yi Fei\'s office, because it might be a while before Zhan Yi Fei was busy.

"You haven\'t been out of the Zhan office, have you?" Lin Yu Tong asked Secretary Chen at the front desk.

Secretary Chen laughed and said, "No, it wasn\'t long before I got in."

Lin Yu Tong left some dried plums for Secretary Chen and went in to find Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t know that he was here, but he was still buried in his head and wondered what he was thinking until Lin Yu Tong put the cake on his desk. "Sir, please pay for the delivery."

Zhan Yi Fei was stunned, and then laughed down at the document, said solemnly: "There is no money in your pocket, can you use your body to pay the bill?"

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t expect that he would even play rogue. He picked up the cake and said, "No beauty exchange."

Zhan Yi Fei opened the drawer, took out the cheques book from inside and pushed it over. "Then fill it in by yourself."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Tong took the cheques book, went around the table and put it back in the drawer. Then he asked Zhan Yi Fei, "What were you thinking about just now?"

He didn\'t even find out what was important.

Zhan Yi Fei sat down on the sofa with cake in one hand and Lin Yu Tong in the other, eating and saying, "Zhan Hong Tu suffered from severe depression after forcible drug detoxification. Yesterday, they called me there to prepare me for anything that might happen. I\'m going to spend all my inheritance from him on charity when he\'s gone."

"Okay, but will Wang Bin Yan agree?"

Since Zhan Hong Tu was sent abroad by Zhan Yi Fei, Wang Bin Yan has been looking for him for a long time and has reported to the police. The police also contacted Zhan Yi Fei. Although I don\'t know what Zhan Yi Fei said, the police are not looking for him, but Wang Bin Yan should not stop there?

Zhan Yi Fei cut a small feed into Lin Yu Tong\'s mouth. "Capital stock is the premarital property of Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bin Yan. Wang Bin Yan can get dividends every year, but the stock cannot move. Otherwise, she would not rush to transfer that two percent to her name. Now what if she doesn\'t stop? Zhan Hong Tu left her at most two apartments after she left. It\'s kind of me not to interfere.

"What were you thinking about?"

"When Zhan Hong Tu was sober, he said that he would not leave me a penny even if he threw it all away." Zhan Yi Fei laughed at himself, "So in the end, I\'ve been robbing him. Do you think I\'m a bit immoral? Sons are not like sons, fathers are not like fathers. I really don\'t know how the relationship between father and son of strangers came into being.”

Lin Yu Tong seldom sees Zhan Yi Fei having this kind of negative mood, sniffing words and holding his hand, "Even if there is a mistake, it is his fault, you shouldn\'t think what you have done is wrong. You can\'t choose your origin. You can\'t choose what kind of father you have. But you are already a very good son, just because he does not know how to cherish it, do not believe you go out to inquire, how many people want to have a child like you?”

How many would hate their own sons, like Zhan Hong Tu, to the point where they wanted to erase their lives?

Zhan Yi Fei thought about it and laughed and said, "Fortunately, my lover was my choice."

Lin Yu Tong showed an expression of - that\'s for sure." Okay, finish your meal and keep busy. I\'ll brush the news for a while.”

Shen Jun\'s affair with the mysterious beauty seemed to be very lively. He planned to eat hazelnut while watching the follow-up development.

After opening the web page, Lin Yu Tong searched the word "Shen Jun", and sure enough, a bunch of news came out. Nine Chengdu was about Shen Jun being photographed having a private meeting with beauty. Someone who knows the inside story vaguely says, "Ah ah, there\'s a lot of excitement here. If it weren\'t hype, someone would be in trouble."

Netizen A: It is said that Shen Jun is totally dependent on his girlfriend today. If his girlfriend knows this, he is not in going to be trouble?

Netizen B: Maybe this mysterious beauty is his girlfriend.

Netizen C: I\'ll see the real chapter after the second encounter.

Lin Yu Tong feels that there are still a lot of people who understand things online. Now even if Shen Jun\'s "derailment" is so popular, the Star Ring Entertainment can\'t shut him down at once. After all, the money invested has to be recovered at the cost, but it\'s hard to say after the broadcast of "Second Encounter".

Zhan Yi Fei\'s "divorce meter" is playing well.

Lin Yu Tong peeled a handful of hazelnuts and sent them to Zhan Yi Fei. Then Lin Yu Tong sat back on the sofa and sat like a cat waited to watch the news.

Zhan Yi Fei looked at him seriously and asked, "What are you looking at? It\'s a little bad-looking laugh."

Lin Yu Tong squirrel-like hazelnut peeling, he said: "Look at Shen Jun\'s gossip with the mysterious beauty, this Huang Ya Li is really powerful, I guess Shen Jun must think at this time that the thigh, Xiao Wei is angry enough."

When Zhan Yi Fei met Lin Yu Tong and said that these people were completely passers-by A\'s tone, he was happy to be with him. "Huang Ya Li is about to pull out, Shen Jun can\'t find her at that time, Xiao Wei can\'t make him feel better. As for Little Lan-Lan\'s side, Qin Huai is almost passed as her lover, and even if Qin Huai can\'t pass, they are now as glued as paint, and no one can insert themselves- in.”

Lin Yu Tong said yes, he turned off the entertainment news, logged on his author\'s account and went back to comment, then told Zhan Yi Fei about Hua Yua Bai and Xiang Chen Tian. It\'s mainly about houses.

Zhan Yi Fei sniffed, laughed and said, "What\'s the question? Where in the middle of the picture, you go directly to the person in charge and say, it\'s hard for them not to listen to you? In Zhan Financial Group everyone knows I\'m going to let you climb on my head.”

Lin Yu Tong bumped his shoulder Zhan Yi Fei and squeezed it from behind him. "Not all of you?” But it feels good. Lin Yu Tong is happy to "haw" on the side of Zhan Yi Fei. "I\'ll go to Brother Cheng and ask which side of the house has a good layout. You stay busy first."

Zhan Yi Fei sent a hazelnut to his mouth, smiled and shook his head.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t see Cheng Shi after he went out, but nobody in the building didn\'t know him, so nobody stopped him as he walked anywhere. Lin Yu Tong thought about it and went to the sales department to look at the sales situation after the opening of each house.

For the sake of performance, the sales department is busy day by day. But no matter how busy they are, some people can\'t neglect the president’s husband. He Shuo, the sales manager, knows the origin of Lin Yu Tong. He took him to see the real estate model in sales first, and then showed Lin Yu Tong several well-sold household models and patterns with slide mode.

Lin Yu Tong took pictures of everything that felt good on his mobile phone. He Shuo helped to get some promotional pictures with him and then left the sales department.

Zhan Yi Fei was almost busy at this time, but they did not rush home after going out of the company, but went to the mall for a turn. Lin Yu Tong chose a coat for Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning, and a very handsome windbreaker for Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei put on the new windbreaker and asked Lin Yu Tong, "What about you?"

Lin Yu Tong said to the salesman, "Just bring me a small two scarves. I want the same size as this gentleman."

Zhan Yi Fei went to pay, and Lin Yu Tong went to The Lin Family. On the way, Zhan Yi Fei received a phone call from Huang Ya Li. The general content was that the matter had been completed. She was also ready to withdraw. Just remember to call her. Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t say much about anything else. There were two "Hmm" and one "OK" during the whole conversation.

Lin Yu Tong thought the phone was mysterious, but he didn\'t ask much. At this time, Huang Ya Li was preparing something and was planning to go back home by a long way.

Shen Jun did not know his decision, but suddenly felt uneasy. Ever since Xiao Wei knew about his fiddling with Huang Ya Li, she had a feeling of indescribability, but she had never been like this. It was like sitting on pins and needles. He knows that Xiao Wei\'s temper is not good, but he doesn\'t want to get entangled with Xiao Wei anymore, so he has to hold Huang Ya Li\'s thigh with his head held up.

Fortunately, although Huang Ya Li did not pay him the details, at least she did not nag about him as Xiao Wei did, and she was generous. During this period, she also took him to know many important people in the circle, such as Chu Tian Ye, the president of Chufeng Entertainment.

Shen Jun feels that even if Xiao Wei is thrown away now, he can also make great progress.

But what about the facts?

When he entered the Starring Entertainment Gate with an unprecedented high profile, he was told that the advertiser who had planned to use him would not use him anymore, and that the hero of an idol teen drama play to be launched in November would no longer be him.

Xiao Wei said with a cold face, "Your contract with Star Ring still has four years till expire. The company will not provide you with any resources in these four years, but if you have any activities during this period, the profit will be submitted to the company by 40% per the contract content. If you want to cancel the contract in advance, you can. Just pay a liquidated damages of 28 million. I don\'t think it\'s a problem for that mysterious beauty, is it?”

Shen Jun thinks this is a problem. Why is it not a problem? Is the mysterious beauty so kind to him that she can give him 28 million dollars at once?! It\'s not a pit in the head. It\'s just a joke, not to mention that they haven\'t known each other for a long time.

"Xiao Wei, since I entered the Star Ring, most of my income has been under your control. Now you want 28 million with me? Are you not ashamed?! You want 28 million dollars. At least give me my money first.”

"Why do I have to give you money? Are we married? Have we registered yet? I don\'t even have a boyfriend or a girlfriend relation with you now. Why do you ask me for money? Shen Jun, you really can\'t see. When I asked you to marry me, you didn\'t. Now you want to divide up my property? Didn\'t you always wonder how much money I had? Xiao Wei took out several documents. "You can see how many I have. If you had been good enough to be with me, you would have half of them, but now, I\'m sorry, they have nothing to do with you."

"Why do you have so many assets?!" Shen Jun was shocked. He didn\'t expect Xiao Wei to have hundreds of millions of dollars and several apartments when she was young.

“Do you regret it? It\'s late." Xiao Wei put things away and looked at Shen Jun with a look of "I\'m glad I didn\'t marry someone like you".

"Xiao Wei..." Shen Jun was a little regretful, but Xiao Wei didn\'t look at him and got up and left.

Now Shen Jun, even close to her, and she feels sick. Don\'t you like mysterious beauty? Let him find the mysterious beauty.

Needless to say, Shen Jun will naturally look for Huang Ya Li, but every time he calls Huang Ya Li, he quickly picks up Huang Ya Li, this time directly into "the number you dialed is empty, please check and dial again."

Shen Jun did not desperately fight several times, but all the results were the same. He finally realized that he might have been deceived. But who would cheat him? Who can get the best benefit after cheating him?! Think about it, Shen Jun thinks Xiao Wei is the only one. There is no reason for others to do so, only Xiao Wei, after confirming his "derailment", can give him up in good faith, and then occupy his income. By the way, maybe Lin Yu Tong, because he hit the idea of Lin Yu-Lan at that time.

But he didn\'t tell anyone about it. Lin Yu Tong can get the news ahead of time and prepare for it?!

Shen Jun panicked and began to face the audience. If there were no new works for a long time, they would be forgotten soon.

He quickly took out the business cards of several important people Huang Ya Li introduced to him, but each of them contacted each other, but none of them could get through like Huang Ya Li\'s.

Shen Jun had no choice but to find Xiao Wei, who had lost interest in him. Shen Jun knelt down onXiao Wei\'s feet, explaining to her that all this had been deliberately arranged, even telling Xiao Wei that it was probably Lin Yu Tong\'s job.

"Didn\'t you say that he didn\'t like us all his life and wanted to kill us? Maybe he\'s just trying to get back at us in this life, so Xiao Wei, you should blame him instead of me! "

"Blame him? Did he show me your true colors?” Xiao Wei shrugged Shen Jun\'s hand. \'Do you think I don\'t hate him? But what if I hate him? Do you know what will happen to anyone who dares to move one of his fingers against him? When she was born again, she only wanted to kill Lin Yu Tong once more, but he was protected by Zhan Yi Fei. She hasn\'t lived enough yet. How can she dig her own grave?

"Xiao Wei, then we should be together more, otherwise we are not separated as he intended? You can rest assured that he will double his attention to you.”

"Don\'t put gold on your face. If we\'re not together, he doesn\'t care at all." When she first saw Lin Yu Tong\'s smile on Zhan Yi Fei, she knew that the last life was just a nail buried in her body. For Lin Yu Tong, it was just a black history that had been turned over and not worth mentioning.

"You shouldn\'t want to contact me anymore. I\'m going to go abroad and settle down. I\'m not going to come back."

"No!" Shen Jun\'s face was suddenly stained with a touch of anxiety catalyzing madness. He probably knew that if Xiao Wei gave up on him at this time, all his previous efforts would be in vain. He grabbed Xiao Wei\'s arm and said, "You can\'t go!" What shall I do if you leave?!"

"You let me go! What do you like to do! " Xiao Wei said, turned around and left, but Shen Jun threw him on the sofa. Shen Jun finally remembered that he still had Xiao Wei\'s handle. He was in bed with Xiao Wei and had a friendly video!

"Xiao Wei, don\'t push me. We just need to be as good as before. I\'ll treat you well. Don\'t give up on me. We can\'t do it when nothing happens?" Shen Jun said that when he saw Xiao Wei\'s face rejected, he suddenly became vicious. "If you really go like this, neither of us can think of it better in the future!"

"You, you are too shameless!" Xiao Wei, who had struggled for several times, had not succeeded in breaking away from Shen Jun\'s shackles and was almost breathless when pressed by Shen Jun. She was so frightened that she touched the teapot on the tea table that she did not want to hit Shen Jun on the head. "Pat!" There was a sudden silence in the room.

The trend of online entertainment news has changed, and Shen Jun accidentally rolled down the stairs and was injured and admitted to hospital.

Lin Yu Tong is still waiting to peel the walnuts to see Shen Jun and Xiao Wei tear, but this direction is different from what he expected, which confused him.

Is it Xiao Wei who did it?

Lin Yu Tong crossed his legs and gossiped with Gao Wen Liang and Chu Tian Ye as he ate. "I didn\'t really see it. I thought Xiao Wei had a cold violence at most, but it wasn\'t just cold violence. It seemed that she was really hot headed."

Chu Tian Ye, who has Entertainment Company and knows more news than Lin Yu Tong, he said, "I heard Xiao Wei has been looking for someone to watch Shen Jun these days, so no one can get close to him, but nobody knows why. It was said outside that Shen Jun rolled down the stairs, but someone on the other side of the rings revealed that Shen Jun came out of a high-rise office that day when he was pushed out of the rings, he did not fell down the stairs.They arranged to ask for information that Shen Jun woke up, but Xiao Wei refused to let Shen Jun see his mother. The old lady was so anxious to tell Xiao Wei.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly enjoyed thinking of Yiu Yan Qiu\'s attitude towards him in his last life. Shen Jun, a mother, he had done all he could for her in the last lifetime, but when Xiao Wei arrived, she treated him like that. This life should suffer some hardships.

It has to be said that Shen Jun and Yiu Yan Qiu are exactly the same in their bones. They want to stick to them when they are good, but they are a little bad. They want to avoid them by all means. It\'s too dark in the bright interior, and it\'s also drunk to be bright and bright on the surface.

Zhan Yi Fei and Xiang Jun came in and Zhan Yi Fei said, "Okay, don\'t talk, let\'s go."

Gao Wen Liang and Chu Tian Ye both stood up. Only Lin Yu Tong did not understand that this was a sudden noise. "Want to go out? Where to go?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "we\'ll know when we get there. Come on."

Lin Yu Tong followed with curiosity, got on the car and drove all the way out of the old house. Lin Yu Tong sat in the car for a while and noticed that the car seemed to be heading for the airport. He asked Zhan Yi Fei, "Are you going to pick someone up at the airport?"

It\'s not going out, is it? They didn\'t bring anything with them...

Zhan Yi Fei laughed and said, "Won\'t tell you."

Lin Yu Tong thought about it for a long time, but he didn\'t figure it out. So when he arrived at the airport, he and Zhan Yi Fei all the way to the airport, saw a private plane with Zhan Yi Fei & Lin Yu Tong on it, and a small pair of small wings encircling green groves at the end of the plane.

Zhan Yi Fei said, "I was going to bring you back on the eighth, but on the eighth, I have to get back to work and have no time to go out with you. So let\'s go out on vacation and celebrate the first anniversary of our official husband in advance."

Lin Yu Tong said, "But I didn\'t bring anything with me."

Gao Wen Liang laughed. "What do you do when I chat with Chu Tian Ye for half a day?"

Did you want to pick up his luggage secretly?!

Lin Yu Tong asked, "Where are you going?"

Zhan Yi Fei: "A place where you can be happy."

Lin Yu Tong is happy and foolish at the same time, "But you brought me out happy, then I want to give you a gift can still be at home!"

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

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