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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 77: Neither big nor small.

Shen Jun sees that it is not convenient to make a move in the home country, so he plans to meet with Lin Yu-Lan in a foreign country. When the Lin Yu-Lan starts school, the TV play he has filmed has been finished up, so that he can relax himself in the past. At this time, however, Lin Yu-Lan had an extra friend who looked very close. The friend, whose surname is Huang, is three or four years older than Lin Yu-Lan. She is tall, fair-skinned and has a pair of phoenix slanted eyes with a gentle upward tilt. It seems that when she looks at anyone it is in a flirtatious sorta way, but when you look at her carefully, its nothing at all.

This is Lin Yu-Lan\'s new roommate, Huang Ya Li, who was arranged by Zhan Yi Fei to be next to Lin Yu-Lan.

Lin Yu-Lan did not know the exact identity of Huang Ya Li, only that this beautiful sister with a pair of electric eyes was ordered to protect her.

In addition to class time, Huang Ya Li will mostly follow Lin Yu-Lan, and by the weekend, she looks like a very rich and unemployed vagrant, who clearly has the status of a student, but seldom sees what she learns. In addition to protecting Lin Yu-Lan, her life focuses on shopping, eating, watching movies and gambling.

Lin Yu-Lan didn\'t know her very well, only that she was good to herself. As long as she is in the apartment, she will be sure to cook good food for her. If she is not cooked in the apartment, eight to nine of them are sleeping. Lie and sleep, sit and sleep, or stand and meditate. Lin Yu-Lan thinks this is really a strange person.

In response, Lin Yu Tong laughed and said, "Everyone has their own hobbies. Maybe your sister Ali likes sleeping and cooking, just as your brother Qin likes to pound and dry petals when he is free."

Lin Yu-Lan is not biased, but rather strange. She thinks Huang Ya Li is also very rich. Why does she still work as a bodyguard? Or is it that her brother YF offers a very high salary?

Lin Yu-Lan was not very defensive when facing his own people, so the idea was written on his face. After Huang Ya Li saw it, he always smiled a little and did not explain much. Until one day, Lin Yu-Lan was preparing to go to school. Huang Ya Li got on the bus and asked her, "Little Lan-Lan, do you know Shen Jun?"

"Shen Jun?" Lin Yu-Lan had no idea what Huang Ya Li was talking about. "Who is Shen Jun? Should I know him?"

"No. It\'s best not to know." Huang Ya Li laughed and whipped the car out.

Lin Yu-Lan was somewhat puzzled, thinking all the way about who Shen Jun was. She thought the name was familiar, but she didn\'t know where she had heard it.

In reality, there are many children as big as Lin Yu-Lan who are fans of Shen Jun, but Lin Yu-Lan is not in the list. She pursues all the big contacts who are in the field of painting, and artists, unless they are the top ones, with good figure and face, and high exposure, she will know, otherwise...

In the words of her friend with a dog, she is "star blind".

Thanks to Shen Jun\'s high reputation, he thinks that Lin Yu-Lan is sure to know him and he has prepared entering gear script. Lin Yu-Lan is sketching around the campus with her classmates. Shen Jun slowly walks past and asks her, "can you draw a portrait for me, please?"

Shen Jun speaks English. Although his accent is somewhat bad, he was understood.

Lin Yu-Lan looked up and thought that the man opposite was quite good-looking, but not good enough to make her want to paint. He said, "Sorry, I don\'t paint for strangers."

Shen Jun felt embarrassed and doubted his appearance for the first time. Is he not handsome enough? Even if Lin Yu-Lan really did not know that he was a famous artist, but he was such a good-looking man to be a free model, Lin Yu-Lan actually objected?

Shen Jun has a sense of embarrassment that he is ready to be thrown down, but he is rejected for thousands of miles. He struggled to adjust his facial expression, trying to look like a sad little boy. He said in Chinese: "sorry, am I too presumptuous? But only one of you around here has black hair and looks closer to a Chinese.”

Lin Yu-Lan knew of course that there was only one black hair in the neighborhood, because the only girl with black hair had gone to dye blue hair the other day. She pointed to the blue haired girl. "My classmate is also a Chinese. She likes to paint people. Please go and ask her if she can help you."

Shen Jun knows it\'s doubtful to go on, so he nods his head and leaves. However, as soon as he had gone three steps, Huang Ya Li rushed over with her name of Lin Yu-Lan, crouched down beside Lin Yu-Lan, and proudly said, "I finally bought it." She opened a jewelry box and showed it to Lin Yu-Lan. Maybe it was because things were so valuable that she took a careful look around.

"How is it?" Not bad?" Huang Ya Li took out the watch in the box. The bright light on the dial was diamond inlaid.

Shen Jun turned around when he heard the words "I finally bought it." When he saw what it was, he felt unable to walk. This watch, which he saw in a magazine, is a limited edition of Patek Philippe made eight years ago. It is not necessarily available even if it is rich. It can be said that it is one of the goals many watch lovers want to collect. He had thought about getting one before, but at first ,the price was a little too high. Second, even if he had money, he would not be able to buy it.

Ever since Xiao Wei knew he didn\'t want to get married so soon, he was very strict in economic matters. He had more pocket money than ordinary people, but there were also many. Although he didn\'t like it, Xiao Wei provided him with resources and had access to his money, so he couldn\'t help it. This is one of the reasons why he wants to get rid of Xiao Wei as soon as possible.

Huang Ya Li, seeing Shen Jun never left, said to Lin Yu-Lan with a trace of doubt, "This man looks familiar and feels like a popular star named Shen Jun. Xiao Lan, do you know him?"

Lin Yu-Lan didn\'t quite understand what medicine Huang Ya Li had drunk. She shook his head and said, "I don\'t know."

Huang Ya Li smiled at Shen Jun. "Hey, are you the male star in "Two Encounters"?

Shen Jun\'s heart said that he had finally come to know something interesting. He stood in his place with a quiet bend in his lips. "Yes, you know me?"

Huang Ya Li closed her watch box, got up and walked up to Shen Jun a few steps later, whispering something to him. Shen Jun seemed very happy after listening and nodded to Huang Ya Li. Huang Ya Li waved to Lin Yu-Lan and said, "Little Lan-Lan, I\'ll go to guide Mr. Shen around. You can go back after class."

Lin Yu-Lan answered, somewhat doubtful, but the thought of having to hand in the painting after class quickly shifted her attention to the drawing board.

In the next few days, Lin Yu-Lan rarely saw Huang Ya Li, and the person named Shen Jun never appeared again. Huang Ya Li seems to be with that person these days.

Lin Yu-Lan knows Huang Ya Li\'s skill, but she doesn\'t worry much about her loss, but occasionally she feels it’s a little strange.

Before going to bed, Qin Huai called her and asked her how she had been these two days. Lin Yu-Lan simply "reported" the situation. In the past, there were some big grim little girls. At this time, she showed a rare gesture of a little girl. "Brother Qin, I didn\'t realize a long semester before, but now I suddenly feel that the time is too slow. And you?"

Qin Huai deliberately said, "No, I think time passes quickly. You\'ve been away for days in a twinkling of an eye."

Lin Yu-Lan muttered and muffled, "Oh."

Qin Huai heard that she was a little depressed. She laughed and said, "Okay, as long as I can make you laugh. I\'m going through the formalities now. I\'m going to K City next month. I used to hesitate a little before. Now that you are in L City, I don\'t need to hesitate. K City is closer to you. So I\'ll go there."

Lin Yu-Lan jumped up from the sofa when she heard his words. "Really? Really? That is great! Brother Qin, how kind you are! You are so handsome!"

Qin Huai has not been praised before, but listening to Lin Yu-Lan saying that he is good, this mood is particularly different, looking forward to meeting as soon as possible, the mood is also more intense.

Lin Yu Tong\'s call to his sister was busy for half a day, and finally stopped, put the phone aside and said to Zhan Yi Fei, "This girl, the line is busy these days as soon as you call."

Zhan Yi Fei laughed and said, "She must be busy calling Qin Huai now."

Every three to five days people come report to him about Lin Yu-Lan\'s recent situation. He will know something special in advance. After all, Lin Yu Tong attaches great importance to his brother and sister. He always takes care of their safety.

Lin Yu Tong curiously dialed Qin Huai\'s cell phone, and the line was busy.

"Qin Huai will go to K City next month to continue his studies. He will probably visit Little Lan-Lan from time to time." Zhan Yi Fei said as he changed his clothes, "This kid is very interesting. He and Little Lan-Lan are both very romantic people. I think they should be able to get along well."

"Yes, that\'s good. I won\'t be surprised to hear that they are going to get married tomorrow." Lin Yu Tong put all the clothes Zhan Yi Fei changed into the laundry basket and asked people to come and collect them. He said, "But then again, how do I feel like you\'ve been in a particularly good mood lately?" Is there anything I don\'t know about?

"Of course, have you forgotten what day it will be?" Zhan Yi Fei did not say that Shen Jun had been hooked. Shen Jun wants to lure Lin Yu-Lan to get rid of Xiao Wei from himself. Now that he has a better goal, he will not let it go. Soon Xiao Wei will know what Shen Jun has been doing abroad in the name of rest. But it can only make him a little happy. His happiest thing is that it will be October 8th soon.

"How can we forget that we were about to register for the first anniversary?" Lin Yu Tong said, "Time flies so fast."

"Having a good time, you will naturally feel that time passes quickly. What gift do you want? Zhan Yi Fei kissed the lips of Lin Yu Tong. "The date of registration should be considered as a wedding anniversary. Let\'s celebrate it."

"Necessary." Lin Yu Tong took the car keys and said, "Let\'s go. I\'m going out to meet Yua Bai and then go to my parents and see you off at night. How about that?"

"Certainly." Zhan Yi Fei goes out with Lin Yu Tong in his arms and sits directly in the co-driver\'s seat. He fastened Lin Yu Tong\'s seat belt and waited there. See Lin Yu Tong not move, he pokes out Lin Yu Tong\'s face, "hurry up, courtesy and reciprocity."

"Gee, you still like it so much when you are old." Lin Yu Tong said so, but the action of fastening Zhan Yi Fei\'s seat belt didn\'t stop at all. After that, he pulled Zhan Yi Fei\'s cheek and said, "Sit down, uncle\'s driving. Don\'t you listen to me?"

"The buttocks itch again, right? Who are you going to be an uncle to? Zhan Yi Fei holds Lin Yu Tong\'s neck. "Tell me about it again and see how I can tidy you up."

Lin Yu Tong\'s most sensitive place is between the neck and ribs, by such a grip, directly learn the turtle to pull up the neck, "Don\'t make trouble, drive, we have to pay attention to safety."

Zhan Yi Fei just released his hand, but before taking it back, he pinched it on Lin Yu Tong\'s nose and laughed and said, "It\'s getting smaller and smaller."

Lin Yu Tong thought he was as big as you, why not big or small? But he didn\'t want to talk about the past, so he didn\'t talk about it. He took Zhan Yi Fei to the door of the company and was going to walk him directly, but he talked with Hua Yua Bai an hour before and they made an appointment, he simply went with Zhan Yi Fei.

Secretary Xu greeted Lin Yu Tong and then reported the itinerary of the day as usual. After Zhan Yi Fei heard it, he asked Lin Yu Tong, "Are you going to the conference room to listen to the meeting?"

There is a morning meeting every Monday. The managers of each department should make a key weekly report. By the way, they should give a brief account of the progress of key projects in recent years.

Lin Yu Tong looked at the time and said, "No, I\'ll sit for another twenty minutes and leave. You go on being busy."

Zhan Yi Fei, if no one bent over Lin Yu Tong\'s forehead and kissed it, laughed and said, "Drive for safety in a moment."

Lin Yu Tong "Hmm" said, sitting on the sofa and flipping through the business magazines on the tea table.

Secretary Xu kept up with Zhan Yi Fei and took notes of the meeting. The new secretary Xiao Chen is the first time to see the interaction between Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong. His face turns red for a moment. She admired their feelings and came to Lin Yu Tong and asked, "Young Lin, what would you like to drink?"

Lin Yu Tong said, "Black tea."

Xiao Chen brought a cup of black tea to Lin Yu Tong and stood aside as if waiting for Lin Yu Tong to tell her what to do.

Lin Yu Tong flipped through the magazine for a while, feeling a little bored, casually asked Xiao Chen, "Do you have any benefits for Eleventh?"

Shortly after Xiao Chen Gang came to the company, she was not very clear about this, so she relayed what Secretary Xu said to Lin Yu Tong, "It is said that there is travel subsidy. It seems that according to the position and the length of service here, and there are different. Young Lin, can you sign me?" Xiao Chen said after a long time of entanglement.

Lin Yu Tong said, "Yes."

Xiao Chen rushed to get Lin Yu Tong\'s signature for the ghost novel she bought. After signing it, she whispered, "Fortunately, I\'m applying for the position of secretary. Otherwise, it must be very difficult to get a sign. There are a lot of your readers in this building, but every time you come here, you are basically with the president. Nobody dares to ask your sign.”

After Lin Yu Tong signed, he looked up at Xiao Chen and said with a smile, "What dare you do? Your president is human and won\'t eat you.

Xiao Chen still feels that ordinary people dare not do it. She collected good books, determined that no one would come in, and said, "no one will eat. I\'ve been in the company for a month and a half, and I don\'t dare talk to the president yet. In addition to Assistant Cheng and Vice President Left, few people dare to look directly at the president.

Lin Yu Tong thought about how Zhan Yi Fei usually works alone, but it is not incomprehensible. He joked, "Okay, then I\'ll go back and ask this question to him so that he doesn\'t always have a straight face and scare you."

Secretary Chen shook his hand in horror. ”Don\'t do that. If you really say that, I probably won\'t be able to get the first travel subsidy. That\'s terrible. You know, the position I\'m applying for as a secretary I had to go against more than 6,000 resumes. There are so many people who sharpen their heads to enter Zhan Financial group. It was a miracle that I could stay!”

Lin Yu Tong seems to know how Secretary Chen came in. The Personnel Department probably valued the girl\'s right mind. Although she seems a little simple and her social experience not much, it is not necessarily a good thing. Anyway, she doesn\'t need her to do any important work. In the early stage, she handed over a cup of tea, copied some documents and so on.

Secretary Chen saw that Lin Yu Tong was silent, but without any displeasure, he knew he hadn\'t said anything he shouldn\'t have said. She asked Lin Yu Tong, "Young Lin, if you are bored, would you like to watch TV for a while?"

Lin Yu Tong said, "OK."

He didn\'t sit for long and didn\'t bother to turn on the computer.

After turning on the TV, Secretary Chen gave Lin Yu Tong the remote control and said she could be called whenever he wants something. Then she went out. Lin Yu Tong randomly chooses the stage to see what is worth watching. At this time, an entertainment news has attracted his attention -- the mysterious love of Shen Jun in L city night club.

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