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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 76: Promoting Good Things

Lin Yu-Lan has a short winter vacation, but a long summer vacation, which lasts for three months. Now she left school for a few days. Every day at home, she either drew or played with the drawing software. Occasionally, she went out with friends on the same day, and came back before dark. That day, she went to the friend family again, saw the black dog called "Fa-Cai", and by the way told her the issue to the friend that Da Kuan\'s owner did not like to let his son have a one-night stand, so the blind date was no longer a problem.

The friend was disappointed, but the owner didn\'t want to pursue the issue further, and she couldn\'t help it for a moment. But to make her give up her like this, she was not willing to do so. She had to consult with Lin Yu-Lan and try again. She promised that if Fa-Cai had a baby, she would give Lin Yu-Lan one.

Lin Yu-Lan just planned to go to Lin Yu Tong, and he agreed with him when he heard the words, and thought it over. This time, she went directly to Gao Wen Liang and said.

Because Lin Yu Tong is at home most of the time, so the number of times Lin Yu Fei and Lin Yu-Lango to the Zhan family House during the holidays is more than usual. Brothers and sisters go to Big Brother\'s place now without even calling. The guards see that they let them in directly.

Lin Yu Tong is sorting out the outline of the story. The housekeeper came over and said, "Miss Yu-Lan is coming."

Gao Wen Liang, beside Lin Yu Tong, sniffed and laughed and said, "I can\'t help talking about it."

Lin Yu-Lan was just planning to go to Lin Yu Tong, and Wen Yan agreed, and thought, better to go straight to Gao Wen Liang this time.

Lin Yu Tong motioned Wang Bo to get some of Lin Yu-Lan\'s favorite food ready, then waved to his sister who ran far away and said to Gao Wen Liang, "I didn\'t expect my sister to be a baboon again. This girl is very small and has a bit of facial control. I wonder if Qin Huai will be scared away by her. "

"It\'s just recognition. Little Lan-Lan is still young anyway, but it\'s just an opportunity for everyone. I do realize that Wang was curious about Little Lan-Lan just because he saw your character. You are a man who gives people a sense of family integrity at a glance."

"My homely style is perfect? Me?" Lin Yu Tong was surprised. "Are you kidding?" Seeing Gao Wen Liang\'s expression, he felt even funnier, "In fact, that\'s all right. My parents’ education is not very strict. My brother and sister have been raised in a free style since childhood, and they are not required to do well in school as other children do. My mother\'s purpose is very clear, as long as a person is honest and hard-working, does not have any distortions on the line, the rest are non-starter. She attaches more importance to moral education. But seriously, I\'m not as good as Little Fei and Little Lan-Lan.

Remembering what Lin Yu Tong had done in his last life, Lin Yu Tong still felt a little self-conscious.

"What\'s worse than me and my brother?" Lin Yu-Lan has reached the distance where she can hear Lin Yu Tong. She strode over and sat down on the chair beside Lin Yu Tong. "Big brother, I think you should ask someone to get a small electric sightseeing car or something like that at the door. Otherwise, if you don\'t drive over, you\'ll have to walk a long distance every time, but it\'s exhausting."

"Did you come by yourself?"

"Well, I went to see Fa-Cai again, and my friend told me that if Fa-Cai had a baby, he would give me one." When Lin Yu-Lan finished, she looked at Gao Wen Liang and said, "Bright brother, you can lend your Da Kuan to us. If he really likes Fa-Cai, he will let it when it\'s okay." Lin Yu-Lan instantly got stuck and looked at the two dogs coming from afar in dismay. "Da Kuan has found his girlfriend?!"

"Well, her name is" Yuanbao ", which is what Da Kuan picked himself. Lin Yu Tong said, "Are you going to stop now?"

Lin Yu-Lan: "..."

Although she didn\'t know much about dogs, Fa-Cai lost just by a mile in terms of appearance. This Yuanbao is really beautiful, fluffy and shiny, and looks very smart.

"Where did you get it?" Lin Yu-Lan couldn\'t help asking.

"Your brother Xiang has selected five outstanding ones from all walks of life. Da Kuan chose from them for himself." Gao Wen Liang said.

"Hey, this is also the treatment of emperor and concubines. But then Fa-Cai and Da Kuan are really out of touch." Lin Yu-Lan sighed, "To my eldest brother, why did you just say that you were inferior to me and my second brother?"

"Nothing much, just talk to your brother Liang Liang is talking about the homely style. Someone wants to see you and my mother. The other party probably thinks our family child raising style is good. So they would like to see you and see if you and her son are predestined to be friends first.

Lin Yu-Lan is not foolish, as soon as you listen to it, you will understand. In fact, she knows that since outsiders knew that her eldest brother was married to Zhan Yi Fei, there are so many people who want to keep up with her family, even more so from time to time. But she didn\'t catch a cold at all. But if her brother said that, then naturally another matter!

"How old is the other party?" Is he handsome? I won\'t see him if he is not handsome.”

"One year older than me, and taller... I think it\'s handsome. Qin Huai is not as tall as Zhan Yi Fei, but it is definitely a taller.”

"I will see him then. Anyway, when I\'m young, I should know more friends. The key is what my big brother recommended, the character will certainly not be worse." When Lin Yu-Lan finished, she suddenly frowned. "But looking at your outstanding stocks every day, I don\'t think it will surprise me anymore."

"Just get to know each other. Don\'t think too much about it." Gao Wen Liang said, "In fact, the main reason is that you know your brother YF better, and your brother is not good to refuse. Of course, although the Qin family is not as good as TZF, it also has a position in the business world. If you can really become friends with Qin Huai, it is also a beautiful thing.

"Actually, she\'s only seventeen." Lin Yu Tong cried, "is it because I married early, so you all feel that seventeen years of love is also nothing."

"Nothing at all." Gao Wen Liang looks natural. "Now even pupils have boyfriends and girlfriends. Isn\'t Little Lan-Lan going to be an adult right away?"

"I can\'t tell you. But Little Lan-Lan, since you have no objection, then I will make an appointment to BBQ at home. The Qin family, like our Lin Family, is also three children family. They are not too old yet. They should have a common topic with us.”

Lin Yu-Lan is feeling bored during the holidays. Not only did she not object to it, but she also stayed with Lin Yu Tong.

In the evening, when Zhan Yi Fei came back from work, Lin Yu Tong told Lin Yu-Lan\'s reaction and said with a laugh, "Will the three brothers and sisters get married early in the end?"

Lin Yu Tong thought it was hard to say. He\'s married, his brother has a girlfriend, and his sister doesn\'t seem to mind having a boyfriend earlier.

Zhan Yi Fei bluntly said, "It\'s thanks to the good start I\'ve made with you."

"Thanks to my promise to marry you, don’t put gold light on your face!"

"What do you do with gold? How good it is to just stick to "jade". Zhan Yi Fei came to face Lin Yu Tong and was pushed away by Lin Yu Tong.

"What is cheap for a young man? I will do something about you" Lin Yu Tong pushed Zhan Yi Fei down and scratched Zhan Yi Fei\'s stomach for half a day until he was angrily suppressed by Zhan Yi Fei. Then Lin Yu Tong pretended to talk back to the original topic.

"I don\'t know whether artists have special ways of thinking. Little Lan-Lan\'s ideas are different from most people\'s. She seemed to care only about being in touch with each other, but she didn\'t seem to care about her age, identity or family background at all. Do you remember when I told you about the oil painting teacher she used to mention? She always said that the other side was handsome. I thought it was a young man. Later I realized that it was forty.”

"Maybe she only sees beauty and ugliness, regardless of extra factors."

"Well. Do you know what she told me after she first met you? The worst thing I ever did was to be with you before she could draw a picture of you. She only draws single men photos.”

"Ha, this girl."

The couple chatted happily with their little sister, who herself slept and drooled and did not know what expression Mrs. Wang Wei Xin would have had if she saw her.

Two days later, Lin Yu Tong fixed the BBQ time, invited parents and younger brothers to come over and invited the Qin family by the way. Wang Wei Xin was naturally glad to receive the invitation. While she answered that she must go, she did not forget to tell several children in her family that they must get along well with the Lin Family at that time.

Wang Wei Xin is very happy that the eldest son is interested in taking part in this kind of activity.

Qin Huai has his own words. He thinks that all the people who are born in well to do families are spoiled and spoiled, and rarely easy-going. He doesn\'t think there\'s anything wrong with spoiling, but he prefers easy-going people.

"To tell you the truth, after seeing Lin Yu Tong, I wanted to meet the Lin Family people." Qin Huai said so when preparing to go to TZF.

"You\'ve got so many things to do. How many people like you this year are twenty-two years old that they haven\'t even held a girl\'s hand?!" Wang Wei Xin feigned anger and glared at his eldest son. "At your speed, when can I hold my grandson?"

"Mom, you\'ll have to wait." Qin Rui trimmed his tie. "Let\'s not say if my brother can see Miss Lin Family in the right eye, even if he can, she\'s only seventeen. You want to be a grandmother. This idea is too advanced for your wife."

"That\'s it. Its three years before she reaches the legal age of marriage." Qin Shu, daughter of the Qin family, sat in the back seat and closed the door.

In this case, there was a person who was also watching Lin Yu-Lan, who got into the car and closed the door. The door was still banged loud enough to show its anger. This is Shen Jun.

Shen Jun had a hard time these two days. Xiao Wei was more eccentric than before since he saw Lin Yu Tong in the Qin family. What made him most depressed was that Qin Huai gradually alienated him, and he did not know what Lin Yu Tong said in the middle. It is impossible to endorse the products of Qinhai Pharmaceutical Industry. News came out that Qinhai Pharmaceutical Industry had found another spokesperson.

Originally, Shen Jun also wanted to show Xiao Wei through the advertising contract of Qinhai Pharmaceutical Industry. He didn\'t have to rely on Xiao Jia for Shen Jun, but now it\'s better! If he doesn\'t want to become more and more difficult in the future, he has to curry favor with Xiao Wei.

Qin Huai is not a fool either. He can see clearly what happened at his mother\'s birthday party. Although Zhan Yi Fei has a strong wrist, he will have the status of today in less than one year, but he is still polite in dealing with people outside, and cannot be ugly for no reason at all. But that day, Zhan Yi Fei showed so indifferent when he made clear that Shen Jun and Lin Yu Tong knew each other. It can only be said that Shen Jun must have done something that did not enter ZYT. YF eye, otherwise it would not have happened.

It is also a very important thing to do business and learn to look at the environment. It is not only Qin Huai but also many others who saw that Zhan Yi Fei is not very keen on the person called "Shen Jun".

"I heard a sister who was making amusement notes say that Shen Jun only relied on Xiao Wei for today." Qin Shu pouted her lips. "Unfortunately, a single face looks just right. I don\'t even understand the truth of being a man. Otherwise, I\'m sure I\'ll mix better than I do now." It\'s not too bad now, but I don\'t think it\'s going to last long.

"That\'s to say, this man is too utilitarian. Fortunately, it\'s just a friend who introduced him, but he doesn\'t need deep acquaintance." Qin Huai said and took out a clean craft paper bag, which was not small.

"What is it?" Qin Rui asked.

"Meet the family, give The Lin Family little sister a gift, lest mother say I am not interested. It\'s not easy to be a human being," Qin Huai said with a smile. "Why do I always feel like we\'re going to a blind date dinner? But the Lin Family girl is only seventeen. Would it be too abrupt for us to start think about marriage?"

"What\'s abrupt? The children from good families do not have reservations in advance. Don\'t you always feel that the girls I introduced to you before are too spoiled and selfish? Then look at this girl." Wang Wei Xin said, "If you have a good impression of each other, you can start with her as your friends."

"A blind date is a word of eight characters, and my brother is in a blind date." Qin Shu said, "but if you think about it, if it works, I will have a younger sister-in-law in the future, and it will be fun."

In a joke, the family soon arrived at TZF, totally unexpected is just a random action, actually contributed to a couple.

Because it\'s a special day off, Zhan Yi Fei is also there. Lin Zhi Song is absent and he can\'t come back from his business trip. But it doesn\'t matter. Chen Su Ning\'s character is always easy-going. She just talks with Wang Wei Xin. Without Lin Zhi Song, two women of the same age are more comfortable talking.

Lin Yu Tong had seen this family before, and now it\'s no stranger. After introducing them to both sides, Lin Yu Tong took a group of his peers to the barbecue. During this period, he paid attention to it, and found that Qin Huai did not intentionally attract his sister\'s attention. He got along quite naturally. His sister probably thought Qin Huai was very popular. After baking for a while, she asked Qin Huai if she could be a model and let her draw a sketch.

There was no objection in Qin Huai. According to Lin Yu-Lan\'s request, he stood on a tree not far from the barbecue area, and looked at the barbecue area casually.

Lin Yu-Lan set up the easel and just started to compose the picture. Qin Huai turned around and smiled gently and said, "I\'m sorry for interrupting, Little Lin. Can I look at the other side?" It\'s too cruel to see what you can\'t eat.

Lin Yu-Lan was stunned, looked at the barbecue area, then laughed and said, "Brother Qin, you wait for me." After that, he snatched two strands of chicken wings just baked by Lin Yu Fei, two strands of fresh mushrooms and shrimps, and handed one to Qin Huai, "Here, eat and draw."

"Will it not affect you?"

"I can start drawing from the bottom-half, anyway, you just eat and move up. That\'s all right." Lin Yu-Lan finished sitting in front of the easel, one hand chicken wings and one hand brush, eating fragrant, painting hot enough - early autumn, although sooner or later cool, but during the day is warm, Qin Huai wears not much, some places are also very clear outline...

Lin Yu-Lan draws more and felt her heart beat more involuntarily, and her ears are still a little red. Qin Huai took the food, but only two bites and he did not move. His face was not facing the barbecue area, nor the opposite side of the barbecue area, but towards Yu Lan’s mouth... The dip on the top of the mouth.

He thought to himself that the little girl was very interesting.

Lin Yu Tong had eaten almost. Turning around, Zhan Yi Fei was looking at Lin Yu-Lan\'s painting. He laughed and said, "What\'s wrong? Do you want a portrait, too?

Zhan Yi Fei did not answer the question: "Do you want to draw for me?"

Lin Yu Tong wiped his mouth. "Okay, what\'s wrong with that? Let\'s see what\'s the so called the "Soul Painter"!

Lin Yu Tong went to ask his sister for a piece of paper, found a cushion, and then began to draw Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei is not sure whether Lin Yu Tong has painting ability, so he sat aside and posed in a relaxed posture, not daring to move. Others were curious about what they saw, and came to watch the excitement. As a result, they were choked by a mouthful of wine in their mouth.

"Ha ha ha ha, what\'s this?!"

"This is my brother Yi Fei? Brother, are you kidding me????”

"Have you finished so quickly?" Zhan Yi Fei asked.

"Just a moment, right away!" Lin Yu Tong finished and drew a few strokes on the drawing paper. After that, he waved, "Okay."

Lin Yu Tong then drew a few marks on the drawing paper, and waved after finishing, "OK." Zhan Yi Fei got up and took the drawing paper, thinking that it would not be too miserable for adults to draw it again. After reading the results, he almost fell down without a breath. He had made psychological preparations in advance, but he was still very embarrassed. This big head and flower clothes are ten fingers long. Children\'s paintings are not painted like this. And he clearly is a light chair on the wooden table, but why looks like squatting on the toilet!

"Is it special?" Lin Yu Tong asked without changing color.

"Of course." A close call (?) At the same time, Zhan Yi Fei thought it unconscionable, gently said: "This is me in your eyes, I must be unique." Then he called Wang Bo, "Go and get someone to frame it and hang it up in my study."

Everyone except Lin Yu Tong: "..."

In contrast, when Lin Yu-Lan looked at the portrait of Qin Huai, Lin Yu-Lan felt that he had painted him like a fairy. So when he left, he took away the painting cheerfully and gave the craft paper bag to Lin Yu-Lan before he left.

The paper bag is a sketch book. At first glance, it doesn\'t make much difference with the market. But when you open the cover page, you know that the person who gave the gift is gone. The first page of the page is sticky with a lot of plum blossoms. The petals and dead branches are real. Buddha can also smell a pure plum fragrance. There were no plum blossoms at this time of the year. It is very likely that the beloved things that the owner had earlier got on the page.

Lin Yu-Lan liked it very much and put it away properly, and had contact with Qin Huai from time to time.

The two families looked at it and thought it was a natural development. Lin Yu-Lan was too young to be mentioned, so the people outside did not know that The Lin Family went closer to Qin family.

Shen Jun is naturally included in the unknown, so after pondering these days, Shen Jun finally decided to have a slow encounter with Lin Yu-Lan.

Lin Yu-Lan, a young girl of this age, is still in a good temptation stage. Shen Jun feels that too, in his present capacity, as long as the offensive is tender, the little girl can\'t resist it. His purpose is very simple, as long as Lin Yu-Lan falls in love with him, love cannot extricate herself, because to achieve this goal, then using Lin Yu-Lan to throw away Xiao Wei will become a very simple thing. Ten thousand steps back, even if Lin Yu-Lan does not love him, he has nothing to lose. At most, Xiao Wei\'s anger is more intense, but Xiao Wei\'s anger is still less? She was almost kneading him flat, but still not satisfied, so he had to find some way out for himself as soon as possible.

Shen Jun was also very conscientious. In order to give himself more chips, he began to please Xiao Wei and secretly recorded many videos of him and Xiao Wei in bed. After that, he tried his best to hide Xiao Wei\'s eyes and ears and got some information about Lin Yu-Lan, intending to use it in future when pursuing Lin Yu-Lan. But he did not think that it was because he moved this crooked mind that he could never be recovered.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t plan to revenge against Shen Jun, because he didn\'t want Lin Yu Tong to think he was very concerned about his last life. But now it\'s different. Shen Jun hit Lin Yu-Lan\'s idea. As the other half of Lin Yu Tong, he has a stand to vent his anger for his sister-in-law.

For such a good reason, you don\'t have to be so sorry for being "very emotionally careful" yourself!

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