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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 75 White Lotus and White Moonlight (Completion)

Many of the people present found Xiao Wei\'s face changing, but they didn\'t understand the reason for her face changing. Even Shen Jun didn\'t understand what she meant. He unhappily pinched Xiao Wei\'s hand, signaling her to pay attention to the occasion and not to lose face in front of so many people.

Xiao Wei calmly vented her anger and knew she shouldn\'t, but when she saw Lin Yu Tong, she couldn\'t control her fantasy. She tried not to be too obvious, but with little success. Although it can give Qinhai pharmaceutical advertising, she is also in favor of, but if you know that there is Lin Yu Tong, kill her will not agree to Shen Jun!

Qin Huai didn\'t know if he was tired of it, so he came to greet Xiao Wei. At that time Shen Jun didn\'t know whether he was intentionally giving Xiao Wei eye drops or other reasons. After two sentences with Qin Huai, he immediately greeted Lin Yu Tong. "Lin Zi, it\'s a coincidence that you also met Mr. Qin."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and said, "Where is my man Yi Fei, so I\'ll join in the fun."

Shen Jun was directly punctured by Lin Yu Tong\'s whimsy smile. His heart flirted with a thought. He could not tell how he remembered that when he was with Lin Yu Tong, he had no time for each other. Maybe, as most people say, what is the best thing that you can\'t get over? Or is it that you don\'t know what you really have until you lose it?

At first, he chose to be with Xiao Wei. He thought he was right, but sometimes Xiao Wei\'s control was too strong. He borrowed a lot of favoritism from her. At the very beginning, he thought Xiao Wei loved him so much, but recently he always felt that he was too naive. Xiao Wei is very unhappy when he is happy and obedient to him, but when he comes to temper, he does not regard him as a lover at all, but as a controllable lover. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t help him much, but at least it didn\'t override Xiao Wei on the basis of good family conditions, a pair of "How can you be today without me?" How it looks.

If it hadn\'t been for him at that time...

Xiao Wei saw Shen Jun in front of Lin Yu Tong and clenched his fist in an instant. "Shen Jun, old classmates are talking to you. What\'s your surprise face?"

Shen Jun looked back and said, "Nothing, just remembering something old."

Lin Yu Tong heart jumped "ha ha", and Xiao Wei almost broke a silver tooth.

Shen Jun said to Lin Yu Tong, "I heard that you have become a writer, and you have developed very well."

Lin Yu Tong said, "it\'s just a pleasure to get together. It\'s all good for the readers."

Qin Rui said, "What is face? Was there anything written well like his novel? Man, if there is no such thing as a good talent, even if someone wants to save face, it is useless. "

The speaker is not intentional, but the listener is intentional. When Shen Jun thought of his situation, he felt a sudden upset. Xiao Wei has arranged all his advertisements and film appointments. The resources are good, but the response is not very good. So he always wanted to find some endorsements himself, not to rely entirely on Xiao Wei, so that she would never be superior to her, but she would not be able to understand.

Zhan Yi Fei then slowly came over and hugged Lin Yu Tong, pretending not to know him, and asked, "Little Tong, these two are...?"

Lin Yu Tong simply said his name and called him a college classmate. Zhan Yi Fei, "Oh," broke out and said "glad to meet". After that, Shen Jun and Xiao Wei wanted to continue, but he took the Lin Yu Tong directly to Wang Wei Xin. Wang Wei Xin is a celebrity in shopping malls. Neither her age nor thoughts are small.

Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong introduced each other there, and thanked them by the way. Every one of these people gave gifts at his wedding banquet, which he remembered quite well.

Lin Yu Tong thanked each other and finally sat down next to Zhan Yi Fei. Then he listened to Zhan Yi Fei and analyzed the situation.

In this small discussion group, except Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei is the youngest. But when he raises his hand, he takes the lead with him beside. After a while, including Wang Wei Xin, he begins to listen to Zhan Yi Fei.

I don\'t know how many people want to get involved and participate in the discussion, but they really don\'t have the qualifications to even put their nose in the conversation including Shen Jun and Xiao Wei.

Shen Jun watched the Lin Yu Tong, who occasionally put up a sentence on the side, and his heart was somewhat unpleasant.

At first, he also thought about whether Lin Yu Tong was indifferent to him because he knew Zhan Yi Fei, but later he overheard some people say that Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei were not originally together because of love, but because of other reasons, which made him think about his affairs in the field with Xiao Wei. He could not help but wonder whether Lin Yu Tong would be there at that time. It\'s because he\'s angry with Xiao Wei that he\'s so determined.

Xiao Wei thought that after her rebirth, she had worked hard for so long, but she was not as depressed as one tenth of the Zhan family. What made her want to vomit blood was that she did not know why the excellent Zhan Yi Fei really liked Lin Yu Tong.

Shen Jun secretly pulled Xiao Wei aside. "What on earth are you angry with?"

Xiao Wei said, "You repeatedly asked to come to the Qin\'s home, but didn\'t you know that Lin Yu Tong would come early that’s why you asked to come here?"

&; &; &;

Shen Jun sneered. ”That\'s why you are so eccentric? What\'s wrong with it? No, what happened? I\'m not doing anything with him anymore. Besides, he\'s already married. What can I do? Did I tell you about it?"

Xiao Wei said, "You don\'t know it yourself! If he\'s not married, do you have any ideas about him?”

Shen Jun was too lazy to pay attention to her. He shrugged her hands and left. He had a hard time trying to rub shoulders with Qin Huai and felt nothing could make him let go of this opportunity.

Xiao Wei quickly grabbed Shen Jun. "What do you mean? Haven\'t I done enough for you? What\'s good about him that you\'ve been thinking about all along! "

Shen Jun stood for a long time, and finally became impatient and told the truth. "I think he did more for the people he liked, and he did not show himself as high as you did."

Xiao Wei scornfully said, "Does he stand tall in front of Zhan Yi Fei and doesn\'t look at himself..." She gave a sudden pause and stopped talking.

Shen Jun nodded. "Yes, he\'s a rich man. You don\'t seem to have any identity like he does, let alone look at a poor family like me. Xiao Wei, that\'s what your heart really thinks?"

"I don\'t understand! Would I still want to marry you if I really did, as you said? You know how much I want a child!"

"Yes, you think about it, you said what you think, but I don\'t want to fxck it! Have you ever thought of my happiness?!" Shen Jun lowered his voice, but could not suppress his anger. He couldn\'t imagine why she wanted tied themselves up with children and marriage when they were both so young and fighting hard. Xiao Wei sometimes feels like mental crazed patient!

"You... You don\'t understand at all!" Xiao Wei shivered with anger. She also talked to Shen Jun about rebirth, but Shen Jun did not believe it all. Shen Jun believes that she probably knows some information about future generations, so she can know so many potential stars and where house prices will rise. But he did not believe that Lin Yu Tong had killed them, and even more did not believe she was pregnant, so she was eager to find her own child.

In the view of Shen Jun, Xiao Wei is simply making trouble. He thinks Lin Yu Tong is not the kind of person who wants to override him because he is good, but Xiao Wei is doing this. Under such circumstances, how can he believe what Xiao Wei said?

Xiao Wei stood in his place, feeling breathless. She could not figure out why it became so. Obviously she can start better with Shen Jun, but why is this world less than the last one?

How good was Shen Jun to her? Which is like now, clearly she did more for him, but he is not as loving her as the last life.

Is that karma?

Xiao Wei had not spoken for a long time, and Shen Jun was looking for another chance to talk to Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong went to the bathroom and happened to meet Shen Jun on his way back. He wanted to leave directly, but Shen Jun decided to stop him. "Lin Yu Tong, you are not trying to hide from me, are you?"

Lin Yu Tong said, "No, but my lover is waiting for me. I don\'t want him to wait long."

"Wait!" Shen Jun saw that Lin Yu Tong was leaving and said in a slight hurry, "Did you say it because Xiao Wei and I were out of town?"

"I don\'t understand what you\'re talking about. Didn\'t you have a good time with Xiao Wei?

"OK? Oh, her man... Forget it. Now what\'s the use of that”?

"I don\'t know if it\'s useful or not, but I advise you to be kind to your old classmate. Don\'t you say her uncle is the boss of an entertainment company? You can go very far with her. But if you don\'t stay with her... Will there be a reason for her second uncle to help you?

"Can we not talk about her?" Shen Jun now has a physical and psychological aversion when she hears Xiao Wei\'s great help to him. He looked in Zhan Yi Fei\'s direction and asked Lin Yu Tong, "How are you getting along with Mr. Zhan?"

"Well, at least he\'s dedicated to me." Lin Yu Tong finished, smiled, "He\'s calling me, excuse me."

Shen Jun\'s mouth opened several times and could not say the words of retention again, and Xiao Wei looked at the reaction of Shen Jun with Lin Yu Tong smile and her teeth itched. Lin Yu Tong would not suffer as much as she does now if she spoke ironically or even with hatred. But Lin Yu Tong laughs so frankly, as if she were alone in Shen Jun\'s study.

How could he laugh so happily and so freely? Shouldn\'t he hate her for stealing Shen Jun, or worry about her revenge? He could not have known that she had been born again.

Lin Yu Tong also felt quite unexpected. He was just a little disgusted with Shen Jun and Xiao Wei. No more. Perhaps influenced by Zhan Yi Fei, these two people really become indifferent characters, and there is no need to pay attention to them.

Happy life is the best revenge for the enemy, which seems to be true now.

There are two vines in the backyard of the Qin family. It is said that in the Qin family, this is the most precious thing besides human beings. Because this was planted by Wang Wei Xin himself when Qin Huai\'s father was alive, Wang Wei Xin attached great importance to it and was not touched easily in peacetime.

Zhan Yi Fei had heard before that there were two grapes in the Qin family. Just as Lin Yu Tong liked grapes, he asked Wang Wei Xin if he could take Lin Yu Tong to see the grapes.

Wang Wei Xin may not agree to change for someone else, but she still has a preference for Zhan Yi Fei, so she agreed, and even generously allowed Lin Yu Tong to take two strings back.

This is the time when the grapes are ripe. Lin Yu Tong listened to Wang Wei Xin\'s words and began to speak before he saw the grapes. He and Zhan Yi Fei just wanted to see it, but unexpectedly they still let them go there! ____________

"Thank you, Aunt Wang." Lin Yu Tong went to the backyard with Zhan Yi Fei. Only then did he know that these two grapes were still specially supervised and managed.

"I\'ve been beaten by my mother for this grape." Qin Rui said walking at the front, "Take your time and let Aunt Li cut the grapes you like. You are the only one allowed to pick the grapes except my family. I\'ll get you a bag."

"This grape is really big." Lin Yu Tong counted by the light, two grapes, a total of more than 20 bunches of grapes, each bunch is ripe, and each bunch is not small. The grapes were full and appetizing, but they never seemed passive. It can be seen that its owner loves it.

"You are drooling." Zhan Yi Fei said.

"Oh, it\'s so tall." Lin Yu Tong looked up at his neck for half a day, looking at which string was good, his eyes were like someone who had to pick out flowers.

"If you have ladder, which string do you like, just say so." Aunt Li smiled and stood by pointing to Lin Yu Tong a few strings in her apron and sleeves.

"There\'s an artificial ladder here, so you don\'t have to bother." When Zhan Yi Fei finished, he pointed to the string that was not the largest but not the smallest. "How about this string?"

"All right." Lin Yu Tong nodded. "Can I borrow your scissors, Auntie Li?"

"Certainly." Auntie Li handed the scissors, and Zhan Yi Fei immediately picked up Lin Yu Tong and asked him to cut the grapes.

"Left to left... Oh, I bumped into grapes. " Lin Yu Tong said, see Zhan Yi Fei and adjusted the position, is convenient for him to cut, then gently grasp the bunch of grapes, who knows at this time a worm suddenly flew towards him, he subconsciously hide, Zhan Yi Fei also moved with his power, this position is not too right, he began to command, "a little more to the right."


"OK, OK." Lin Yu Tong "Gaddle" a bit, cut the bunch of grapes. Auntie Li answered and put it aside. At this time, Qin Rui came to bring the bag with him.

These people were out drinking wine, and when they heard the sound, they came to see what was making a scene.

Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong were too focused, so they didn\'t find out. Zhan Yi Fei just took Lin Yu Tong to another bunch of grapes, and Lin Yu Tong suddenly swayed like worms. "Ha ha ha ha ha, please don\'t scratch my itch!"

Lin Yu Tong drops the scissors and holds the tip of the knife so as not to accidentally poke Zhan Yi Fei when twisting. He stretched out his hand and scratched, then gently pulled Zhan Yi Fei\'s ear. "Come on, I want that string over there."

Zhan Yi Fei moved tirelessly and jokingly, saying, "Baby, you seem to have gained weight recently, ten pounds more than when you were in W city."

"You are the one who is fat!" Lin Yu Tong said with a fake wounded face, holding grapes to Zhan Yi Fei’s mouth, "Eat and gain a little strength, if you eat this elixir, this fairy will guarantee you great power in the future!"

"How can I not know that this grape has this effect?" Wang Wei Xin finished laughing and asked Qin Rui to pass the bag.

"Aunt Wang, Er..." Lin Yu Tong hurriedly came down from Zhan Yi Fei, somewhat embarrassed, especially when he saw many people laughing and watching him and Zhan Yi Fei.

"I didn\'t expect YF to be like this in private." Some elders laughed and said, "I thought he was an old fried dough stick all the time. It seems that Little Lin is special."

"Well, let Uncle Guan see a joke." Zhan Yi Fei is also a rare uncomfortable, thought in my heart, but just did not secretly pinch the buttocks...

"What\'s this, young man? You should have been more casual. Don\'t be too rigid."

"You\'re right." Zhan Yi Fei answered in a solemn way. He turned around and saw Lin Yu Tong joking at him. Smiling eyes, he seemed to say, ‘Don\'t think I don\'t know what you are thinking!’

"Come and try the wine I just ordered." Wang Wei Xin said, "By Little Lin, I heard YF say that you have a brother and a sister, and I will bring Aunt Wang\'s family to visit in the future."

"Okay, thank you, Aunt Wang." Lin Yu Tong put the grapes in a paper bag and handed them to Li Jun, who came to take over. Later, I chatted with a group of elders and listened to some of Zhan Yi Fei\'s experiences. I wondered how envious it was in the eyes of the young people present.

Shen Jun was born with regret for the first time. He couldn\'t say why. Just when he saw Lin Yu Tong\'s hand being held in Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand, his heart felt like it was held by something stiff, and it was so painful that he couldn\'t breathe. This feeling is very short, but it is clear enough for him to remember all his life.

If he hadn\'t opened a window to Xiao Wei, would he be different today? Maybe he can\'t have the resources that many people don\'t envy now, but at least he doesn\'t have to crawl under other people\'s feet and have no dignity.

Zhan Yi Fei always holds Lin Yu Tong\'s hand, even if it talks seriously with the business legends about business problems, it still has not relaxed.

Lin Yu Tong is not really interested in business. He learned business administration because of his father\'s wishes. But now he is not bored at all, as long as he can sit beside Zhan Yi Fei, it seems that everything is good.

"Aunt Wang, thank you for your hospitality today." Near nine o\'clock, Zhan Yi Fei said to Wang Wei Xin, "I have something to do with Little Tong, so I\'ll leave first."

"Do you have to go back so soon?" This is what the guest next to Wang Wei Xin said, and his voice seemed very sad.

"Yes, Mr. Li, have the chance to make another appointment." Zhan Yi Fei said, with Lin Yu Tong turned to go, but listened to Wang Wei Xin said: “Yi Fei, Little Lin, you wait a moment.”

"Anything else, Aunt Wang?"

“Little Lin fell in love with my grapes and I want to give him some gifts to take back.” Wang Wei Xin told his eldest son two sentences. Qin Huai left soon. Soon after, he came out with a pot with soil, in which a grape seedling was planted.

"Take it back and plant it. It\'s rare to meet someone who likes grapes as much as I do." Wang Wei Xin said.

"Then I won\'t be polite to you. You can rest assured that I will take good care of it. I\'ll invite you to eat it when it bears grapes." Lin Yu Tong held it in his own arms and went out with Zhan Yi Fei. It was vague to hear someone behind him say, "Whose family has such a child, and it’s a great virtue for his family background."

"No, not to mention Yi Fei first, then Little Lin. I look at them and I feel very well. Even if he is rich and Little Lin is still well mannered. He is hardly proud of himself. I must know something about his mother and his sister." Wang Wei Xin gave his eldest son a pointed look.

In order to put aside the past, Qin Huai had to turn a blind eye, but this time he just rubbed his nose and didn\'t utter a word. But Shen Jun, who had never been too far away from him, listened to Wang Wei Xin\'s words more carefully.