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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 74: Enemies are bound to meet in a narrow road

Wang Wei Xin, President of Qinhai pharmaceutical company, seriously said that there was no business dealings with Zhan Yi Fei, and whether Zhan Yi Fei would know her without them or because she was an old acquaintance with her mother nobody knew. Before he was born, Wang Wei Xin and his mother were very good friends. Unfortunately, later, because of Zhan Hong Tu, they had some differences in ideas, and gradually alienated.

Wang Wei Xin is a very smart and capable woman. She may have seen Zhan Hong Tu\'s problems earlier when he started courting her friend, so she has repeatedly dissuaded Kang Jia Li from staying with Zhan Hong Tu, but her advice went to her deaf ears. Especially for Kang Jia Li, who is in love, some words are too good to listen to. Kang Jia Li eventually chose to marry Zhan Hong Tu, while Wang Wei Xin was angry and never contacted Kang Jia Li again.

"If it hadn\'t been for a coincidence, I would have run into some trouble in business trouble that happened to be known to her, and we might not have had any overlap moments." On the way to The Qin\'s house with Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei said, "Actually, at first outsiders didn\'t know that Zhan Hong Tu was treating me bad, but Auntie Wang knew a lot about the Zhan Financial Group. In short, she pointed me out a lot of issues, so I gradually became familiar with her later, and I also learned a lot about my mother from her mouth.

"Did she come when we were getting married?"

"No, she was abroad, but she had a gift sent. Do you remember a pair of swans made of platinum? The eye is the ruby pair. That\'s what Aunt Wang sent.

"Swan I remember them, but I don\'t remember the person who sent them. It was her." Lin Yu Tong recalled that the swans seemed to have been picked up by him and not placed outside. Because he did not receive the gift money when he married Zhan Yi Fei, instead he gave a gift to everyone who came to the wedding reception. So many people came with gifts, so many of them could not remember who sent them.

"Aunt Wang is very kind and likes sincere people very much. When it comes to you, you just need to act as you are. She is very impressed with you." Zhan Yi Fei patted the back of Lin Yu Tong\'s hand, saw the Qin house coming into view, pointed to the direction, and told Lin Yu Tong, "That\'s it."

A lot of cars have been parked outside Qin House, because they are not as big as TZF, so they are parked on the road outside. This is actually a surprise to Lin Yu Tong, because it is very small here. This is not because he is accustomed to the large contrast effect, but rather small, just like The Lin Family. But as far as he knows, Qinhai Pharmaceutical Industry is much stronger than The Lin Family. It\'s not possible to live in such a small house, let alone the Qin family has three children.

Lin Yu Tong has a slightly puzzled look.

Zhan Yi Fei explained: "When he was in his forties, Mr. Qin had an accident and passed away. Aunt Wang had three children. They bought the house together when Mr. Qin was still alive, so although she had the ability to change it and buy a new one, she never moved from that house.

Lin Yu Tong nodded and got off with Zhan Yi Fei, thinking that this must be a person of great affection.

When someone saw Zhan Yi Fei coming, they hurried to say hello. Zhan Yi Fei also chatted with each other for a few words, and by the way, they entered the Qin residence together.

This is Wang Wei Xin\'s 53-year-old birthday banquet, not a big birthday, but not a small number of people came. Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong greeted each other all the way into the main building, and Wang Wei Xin was talking with people of similar age.

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong to greet him in the past, and Lin Yu Tong sent the prepared gifts to him by the way. He and Zhan Yi Fei wore a couple clothes to that station, which was particularly noticeable.

After receiving the gift, Wang Wei Xin glanced around and waved to the west. "Qin Rui, come here, your idol is coming."

Lin Yu Tong thought Wang Wei Xin was talking about Zhan Yi Fei. He couldn\'t help smiling and trying to see who worshipped Zhan Yi Fei so much. As a result, the young man rushed to him and grasped his hand immediately.

"Boy boy, you really came to our house! Ouch, that\'s great. Hey, wait till I get the book!" the boy ran away without a trace.

"Let Little Lin see the joke. Qin Rui is my youngest son, usually spoiled by me, saying that is like calling rain wind." Wang Wei Xin shook her head helplessly, seemingly helpless to the youngest son.

"How can you exaggerate? I looked at Qin\'s younger brother\'s eyes, which were very clear. When he was frank and serious, he is one of the rare.’

"Hey, it\'s not as good as you said." Wang Wei Xin said that the smile in his eyes could not stop.

This son is the youngest and most like her husband among all her children, so she naturally takes care of him more. Fortunately, although it is a bit of fun, it is not out of the ordinary.

"Big Brother, Young Lin, it\'s a pleasure to meet you." As Wang Wei Xin\'s eldest son, Qin Huai naturally knows Zhan Yi Fei. He came to say hello, asked Zhan Yi Fei for business and expressed his regret that he could not attend the wedding at that time. "I heard that we missed the wedding that happens once for a lifetime. I think we must envy others who were there to see it, but unfortunately we weren\'t in the country at that time, otherwise we would go."

"Have a chance to come to the Zhan family mansion and I will show you the video then." Lin Yu Tong laughed and said, "Maybe after watching it, Mr. Qin\'s wedding banquet will be more memorable than ours."

"I\'m a fictitious one-year-old older than you Lin. It\'s strange to call you Mr. Lin. If you don\'t mind with Mr. Zhang, just call me by my first name."

"This husband does mind." Zhan Yi Fei pretended to be unhappy.

"Brother Qin Huai, let\'s go eat our food and let his mind cool off." Lin Yu Tong said he walked over to the young man\'s. By the way, he signed Qin Rui copy of the novel, and wrote a pile of blessing words in his book. At the same time, a strange voice came from outside.

"The one speaking outside..." Lin Yu Tong frowned almost imperceptibly and closed the book.

"It\'s like Shen Jun, the star." Qin Rui hugged his book in his arms and said, "It must be for advertising."

Sure enough, in less than ten seconds, Shen Jun and Xiao Wei joined hands and walked in. The voice of greetings suddenly stagnated, and the atmosphere in the field became strange. Xiao Wei did not know why, when he looked at Shen Jun, his face became very ugly.