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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生之金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Golden Marriage Chapter 73 Little Fei Machine

It is precisely because of the contrast that the good lining made is better and the badis even see as worse. Last time Lin Yu Tong and Shen Jun were together. When the feeling was good, they also felt that Shen Jun had many faults, but it was OK. But after being loved by Zhan Yi Fei in this life, he felt how far Shen Jun could really go. The love he experienced between these two people is totally different. Shen Jun\'s love depends on his mood. When he is happy, he can always make others around him feel bad when he is not. But Zhan Yi Fei is not. Even if Zhan Yi Fei is busy and tired again, he will always worry about the feelings of the other party.

Lin Yu Tong is grateful to Zhan Yi Fei for treating him like pearls, but at the same time, he can\'t help feeling sorry for such Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei can always put him on the top of his heart and think of everything for him, but there are too few people who think of Zhan Yi Fei.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhan Yi Fei is always confident and strong, it seems that no one needs to think about him at all, but Lin Yu Tong gradually found that the deep heart of Zhan Yi Fei is not necessarily as strong as he showed. All these things left an indelible mark in Zhan Yi Fei\'s heart, such as being disgusted by fathers, losing mothers at an early age, a rejection from fathers and stepmothers, and even murder for money.

He seems invincible and can do everything he can to get what he wants, but after getting it, he will become very careful. Especially the part he cherishes, he always takes it seriously. Of course, this is not to say bad, but a lot of things have a degree, if passed this degree, there may be some potential problems.

Lin Yu Tong had never really thought about it before. Today, Zhan Yi Fei still worries that they will have a separate day.

He thought he had done enough, but obviously it wasn\'t.

Occasionally, he even had the illusion that he was the queen from ancient times, under one person, above ten thousand people, with all the splendor and wealth, all the pets and favors, all he liked, as long as one mouth, tentacles can be obtained.

These are all given to him by Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei kept his promise and gave him the best life and love. And Zhan Yi Fei, who gave him all this, seemed very happy, as if he had the whole world. But the world seems to have only one support point, that is, he. Once he\'s gone, Zhan Yi Fei\'s world will not exist.

It seems to be too narcissistic, but he does feel this way, and the ultimate reason for this feeling is in fact one thing - Zhan Yi Fei is emotionally insecure.

So Lin Yu Tong often thought of a question recently: what else can he do for Zhan Yi Fei?

He can work to exhaustion, he will also earn less than a tenth of Zhan Yi Fei earnings; health, family doctors and dietitians Zhan Yi Fei can provide better than he trusted; career, his professional rush to learn to return to the teacher, anything he can actually do hesimply cannot help.

It seems that the only thing left is love.

Lin Yu Tong is playing with a pen. He doesn’t know what he wants to think, but his ears turn red.

Lin Yu Fei took a bunch of grapes and stood at the door for a while eating. He smiled and asked, "What are you complaining about, brother?"

Lin Yu Tong sat up suddenly and coughed uneasily. “Call me, right? You only complain. What are you doing?"

Lin Yu-Lan looked out from behind. "Big Brother and Second Brother, I\'ll plant a flower first. My friend also keeps a black dog. It\'s a girlie dog. It\'s called "Fa-Cai". This year, it\'s two years old. Isn\'t it going to be die in a short time? My dear friend wants to find a partner to Fa-Cai. Brother, can you ask if I can bring it to you and let it spend some time with Da Kuan?

"You didn’t tell your friend that Da Kuan is particularly cheap?" Lin Yu Tong laughed and said, "Be careful to have a litter of little bxtches."

"Yes, but my friend likes cheap dogs. And Da Kuan is cheap, but smart enough. If it can get together with Fa-Cai, then the offspring must be smart.

"I have to ask Gao Wen Liang about this. Da Kuan is his son. I can only ask him." Lin Yu Tong thought for a moment and then said, "But it\'s unlikely he will agree."

Da Kuan is lonely, but they certainly want to find a companion for him who can stay together for a long time, rather than a few nights stands and leave with his baby. Otherwise, with Da Kuan\'s handsome spirit, we can\'t find wives in the street.

"Do remember to ask for me, Big Brother?" Lin Yu-Lan said that she grabbed the remaining half of the grapes in Lin Yu Fei\'s hand and ran away.

"You\'re not going with her?" Lin Yu Tong asks Lin Yu Fei.

"No, I have something to ask for your advice. Are you busy or not? I\'d like to take up your time if you\'re not busy. Say so, but Lin Yu Fei had entered Lin Yu Tong\'s room and sat opposite Lin Yu Tong.

"No matter how busy you are, I can\'t ignore my brother, can you?" Lin Yu Tong put down the pen, took some snacks from the drawer and put them on the table. He opened a small package of crisp dates and began to eat them. "Say, what\'s the matter?"

"I remember eating all my food, brother, why do you still have some?" Lin Yu Fei took a small bag of dried tomatoes. He knows that his brother always keeps snacks in his drawer, such as dried figs or raisins and dates, or even bread, ham sausages and hot bamboo shoots. He used to do his homework when he was at school. When he was tired of writing, his brother would take it out to eat. Later, he used to write novels. He often comes to "fight autumn breeze", and when his brother leaves, all these things are left for him to eat. He remembered that he had eaten all the food the other day, but he didn\'t expect anything else.

"Your Brother Yi Fei brought it to me." He wrote a novel for an hour and wanted to rest his eyes and eat something. But when he looked at the drawer, he was cleaner than his face, so he spoke casually to Zhan Yi Fei on the phone. Unexpectedly, Zhan Yi Fei let him turn over his bag and said that he had stolen a lot of it.

Lin Yu Fei looked at the packaging of dried tomatoes and said, "Brother, it\'s not what I said. If you don\'t have a good time with Brother Yi Fei, I\'m not sure I\'m going to stand over there. He\'s so reliable. I feel that he has the best qualities from all good men.

Lin Yu Tong smiled, "well, truly best man. In fact, I have been reflecting recently. I always feel like I\'ve done too little compared to him. But you said he lacked nothing. What else could I do?”

"What you can do..." Lin Yu Fei thought about what his brother could do, but he didn\'t think of a reason, because he thought his brother was good at Zhan Yi Fei, but maybe not as romantic as Zhan Yi Fei? He held back for a long time and could only say, "This is what I think elder brother should ask his mother."

"Well, let\'s talk about your problem. What do I need to guide you on?”

"Oh yes, I want you to teach me how to write love letters." Lin Yu Fei grabbed his head and said, "I\'ve been writing for a long time. It\'s very popular. Can you help me look at it?"

"Here it is."

Lin Yu Fei is probably too entangled with this matter. When he came, he didn\'t bring it with him. Now he ran back to get his changed love letter. The love letter was written by him was to the classmate he had saved. The other person is called Yan Rui Na. She looks good and studies well. Although her family conditions are normal, his family doesn\'t care about it. Of course, he doesn\'t care much about it. Originally, he had no idea about her, but during his stay in hospital, the girl wrote him a thank-you letter, which Chu Tian Ye laughed at as a "love letter". Later, they contacted each other a little more, and then they became deeply emotional for a long time. Then they all went to S-listed universities, but they were strict. Rena did better in the exam.

Anyway, being able to go to school together in the same city is also a kind of fate, and just fell in love, the distance is just right.

Lin Yu Tong looked at it for a while and found that it was written a little bit...

When she is free, she will be invited to go out to the movies, eat together, and go to the park together.

What kind of love letter is this?

The guarantee is similar.

"Shakespeare said that love is not a marriage for the purpose of playing rogue." Lin Yu Tong put the letter paper on the table. "Are you serious about getting along with each other and making plans to spend your life with each other or... Just looking for a girlfriend?”

"Of course the former. Mother course do not to marry for the purpose of harming girls, of getting easy sex, it’s pure for family making.”

"... Why had I never heard my mother say that?

"Because your brain is filled with spilled water." Chen Su Ning brought up a plate of fruit. "And you\'re the victim of the disaster."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Fei went silently to collect the letter paper. As a result, Chen Su Ning said, "Don\'t accept it. I don\'t know you yet?"

Lin Yu Tong smiled and looked at his brother. "If you talk casually, you can write love letters, but if you are serious, you don\'t need them, because the most beautiful love letters are accompanied by a lifetime, never give up, and write with your life, not with your pen."

Lin Yu Fei nodded slowly, "yes, yes, right and reasonable, then I go!"

Chen Su Ning raised his eyebrows and looked at his little son\'s back. "Boy, why didn\'t Mom realize you could have said such emotional words before? But that sounds really touching.”

Lin Yu Tong was so embarrassed to say that he was too lazy to think about anything, so he used this trick to send his brother away.

Chen Su Ning then said, "By the way, I heard Little Fei asking you to ask me about something, what do you want to ask?"

Lin Yu Tong thought of Zhan Yi Fei and said his own question. He also mentioned Shen Jun smoothly, but he didn\'t mention anything about rebirth.

Chen Su Ning listens, looks at her eldest son, "I said, you seemed to be hell bent on Shen Jun at that time. But fate is something that I can\'t say, and I really didn\'t like Shen Jun. I watched him on TV and realized that he was very fake, just not for the sake of his eyes."

Lin Yu Tong laughed and said nothing.

Chen Su Ning also said, "Yi Fei is different. This child shines everywhere and is worthy of my eldest son. As for what you say, you don\'t have to be very deliberate. Just do anything that is good for you from the bottom of your heart. Didn\'t you just say it yourself? The most beautiful love letter is accompanied by a lifetime, never leave, and write with life, not with pen."

Lin Yu Tong said it was really just for perfunctory purposes.

But on the second day, when Lin Yu Tong passed by his parents\' bedroom, he saw his mother picking clothes for his father. He seemed to understand something. That night he returned to his old house with his book. One morning he got up and had dinner with Zhan Yi Fei as usual. After eating, Zhan Yi Fei went upstairs to change clothes and prepare to go to the company. Then he went upstairs too.

After entering the bedroom, Zhan Yi Fei picked up a suit and changed it, and saw Lin Yu Tong standing beside him looking at it all the time. He asked, "What’s the matter, baby? Did I realize I was handsome?”

Lin Yu Tong "crack!" After slapping Zhan Yi Fei to reach the necktie\'s hand, he chose one himself and then, with Zhan Yi Fei\'s surprising eyes, he circled it around his collar, pulled forward a little, tied it and said, "It\'s only when you find you have such a thick skin that you are right." Then he tied his tie, adjusted it, and kissed Zhan Yi Fei gently on his lips. "Come on, I\'ll send you out."

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei\'s briefcase and saw that Zhan Yi Fei was still standing in the same place and did not follow up. He laughed and asked, "What\'s wrong?"

Zhan Yi Fei came over and hugged him. "Nothing, just a little too happy. Let\'s go."

They both went out of the main building together. Lin Yu Tong always delivered Zhan Yi Fei to the car. Then, just before the driver drove away, he took out a water-blue paper plane and handed it to Zhan Yi Fei. "Open it after you get to the company."

Zhan Yi Fei said, "Okay, remember not to write all the time. Get up and walk every hour."

Lin Yu Tong nodded and watched the driver pull the car out of the door before wandering back to the house.

Zhan Yi Fei always holds Little Fei all the way. Several times, it wants to open it, but it doesn\'t move. Finally, it endures the company. Zuo Si Kai happened to be going into the building too. He saw Zhan Yi Fei with a paper plane in his hand. He looked at it curiously for two more times. "Your little Lin Zi folded it?"


"No wonder you brought it to the company." Zuo Si Kai laughed and said, "The little secretaries in the company say you are a pet wife, do you know?"

"Who first said that? Let him/her come to me and I will give him/her a bonus." After Zhan Yi Fei finished speaking, he went into the elevator with Zuo Si Kai, and when the door closed, he could not wait to stare at the folded paper.

"Is there any word in it?" Zuo Si Kai is also curious.

"Um." When Zhan Yi Fei opened it, he had a smile on his face. "This is a vacation time. I really don\'t want to work." It\'s nice to be at home with Lin Yu Tong every day. You can see it when you raise your head. Although they did not go anywhere in those days, they were at home, but it was the happiest and most comfortable time for him to live so long.

"What does it say? Look at the spring-hearted energy on your face."

"Secret." Zhan Yi Fei put the Little Fei machine away again and opened it again in his office.

It says: I wish to be held in your arms, I wish to be buried deep in your heart, I wish to live forever and never give up, and to be close with each other. May my little Fei gentleman have a good mood today? Big Baby~

Zhan Yi Fei put Little Fei in the drawer and locked it like a baby, then sent Lin Yu Tong a message: [Big Baby?]

Secretary Xu knocked at the door and came in. He saw the smile on Zhan Yi Fei\'s face that had not completely disappeared, and his heart said, "Hey?" "President, are you in a good mood today?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "Yes, why is this strange?"

Cheng Shi walks in and says, "It’s strange. You and Lin Zi have been warm-hearted for several days. You shouldn\'t be too comfortable coming to work in cold weather."

Zhan Yi Fei thought it was true. If Lin Yu Tong hadn\'t tied him this morning, sent him out and returned him to Little Fei, he might have been in a really bad mood. But now, of course, it\'s relaxing and pleasant to see and everything is all rainbows.

Secretary Xu began to report on today\'s itinerary, and finally said, "President Wang Wei Xin of Qinhai Pharmaceutical Industry will hold a birthday dinner the day after tomorrow. Are you going?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "Go ahead, and remember to prepare a dress for Little Tong, too."

Secretary Xu laughed and said, "OK."

Lin Yu Tong hasn\'t attended any activities since she married Zhan Yi Fei, because Zhan Yi Fei seldom attends such occasions unless it has to go. Lin Yu Tong was asked by Zhan Yi Fei to go to dinner together, but also very surprised for a while, "You want me to go too?"

Zhan Yi Fei said, "If you don\'t like it, I can go alone. Of course, I still hope you can come with me."

Lin Yu Tong said happily, "Okay, let\'s go together."

The couple started talking and talking about Little Fei, and never thought that they would meet Shen Jun in that day.