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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 ChongSheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 71: Confession () Sweet stuffs

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyesand almost confirmed that Zhan Yi Fei would definitely want to know what hewanted to say. Everyone has curiosity. He thinks Zhan Yi Fei is no exception.Especially when this matter was related to him, Zhan Yi Fei cannot possibly notwant to know.

However, after thinking for a while, ZhanYi Fei asked Lin Yu Tong,“If I knowthe reason, will it affect the feelings between us?”

He thinks Lin Yu Tong will clearly say itearly, but the fact that it has been left until now. It\'s not good to be said.This can be any reason, but if it affects the feelings between them, he doesn\'twant to hear it at all.

Lin Yu Tong stunned, sat up and solemnlysaid, "It is possible."

And this is indeed one of the reasons whyhe has not spoken about it. The reincarnation itself is already bizarre, butthere is nothing to say. Anyway, Zhan Yi Fei believes that this is not the bigproblem. The big problem is let Zhan Yi Fei know that he was with Shen Jun, buthe was somewhat jealous, because it would break his impression in Zhan Yi Fei\'sheart.

Imagine a couple, one party thinks that theother he loves is also the same as him and love him back. The relationship isvery simple, but the fact is not the case. This is actually a very depressingand embarrassing thing. To put it bluntly, this time, frankly, it will leavesome bad memories in each other\'s hearts.

Zhan Yi Fei opened a can of beer - theybought it on the way. After he took a sip, he said, "When I finish eating,let me talk."

Lin Yu Tong was undecided and decided todrink with him. He decided when he came out, and as long as Zhan Yi Feilistened, he would tell the truth anyway. He is not worried that Zhan Yi Feiwill have a knot in his heart, but he does not want to go on. When the"Zhao De Hua Incident" occurred, Zhan Yi Fei said that it is along-term way for the husband and wife to treat each other honestly, then hewill be honest again.

Zhan Yi Fei drank a total of three cans ofbeer, and Lin Yu Tong only drank half a can. After drinking Zhan Yi Fei, hedirectly rested on Lin Yu Tong\'s leg. "You can say it, even if you saysomething wrong, I promise not to be angry."

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyesand the remaining half of the can was drank in one go seeing no one around,said: "I lived one more life than others. In the previous world it wasalso the same background as it is now, but I lived until I was 28 years old. Iknow that you want to ask as to why my heart must be very strange, why didI promise to register with you when you put it together? In fact, you also knowthat at that time, I had no feelings for you, after all, even the understandingcannot be talked about, and we were almost like strangers. "

Zhan Yi Fei subconsciously clenched Lin YuTong\'s hand, "But we are not anymore is not it?”

Lin Yu Tong fiddled with Zhan Yi Fei\'shair, "Yes, not anymore. However, there is nothing wrong with what youfound before. I did have a feeling for Shen Jun before the 11th holiday of lastyear, but I have not had it since then, because I experienced a... especiallyincredible thing. Not saying me. At the age of 28, I thought it was the end ofmy life. I didn\'t expect that I would open my eyes again, and I returned to theage of 20. I woke up and it was 8 years ago, so many things have changed."

"You want to tell me... Did you spendthe last life with Shen Jun?"

“Yes.” Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Feiwith a slightly surprised look. He knew that Zhan Yi Fei was quick-thinkingman, but he didn’t expect to be so agile. However, when he saw Zhan Yi Fei’s eyes,he secretly sighed and said that the last life was more and calmer. “Shen Junwas an actor, I was still an online writer. We have been together for almost afew years. It wasn\'t until later that he was picked up by Xiao Wei. I went toconfront him because the novel I was updating was plagiarized. To prove myinnocence, I went to Shen Jun to find the manuscript. The result just happenedto meet Shen Jun and his mother and Xiao Wei\'s parents met and they weretalking about marriage. At the time, Xiao Wei had a big abdomen, and it seemedto be at least five or six months old pregnant. I was angry with Shen Jun, andthen accidentally pushed Xiao Wei down the building. At that time, the fencewas still under construction, not finished. Xiao Wei fell down like this, onecorpse and two lives gone hers and the baby she was carrying. Shen Jun wasprobably out of anger at the time, pushed me back to the guardrail. I amlike... In fact, my bones may be very extreme squish before I fell by beingpushed by Shen Jun.”

"So you suspect that they had theexperience like you, they also went back to 8 years ago?" Zhan Yi Fei facedid not reveal any doubt, it seems that what Lin Yu Tong said was believed.

"Yes. But I don\'t think Shen Jun did.It\'s only Xiao Wei. Before I saw Shen Jun\'s TV series, the TV series was quitefamous, but Shen Jun\'s qualifications should be difficult to let the directorslet him act in that drama, but he still acted in it. Yes, this is eight-nineout of ten Xiao Wei\'s doing. I just can\'t understand, Xiao Wei, and what she isthinking. I also suspected that she was reborn with the focus, but she had nospecial move. But I killed her and her children, and it is reasonable to saythat she should hate me, right? But she hasn’t done anything to revenge againstme yet.”

“Who said she didn’t do anything?” Zhan YiFei suddenly said,“I still remembersomeone who sent me a photo of you and Shen Jun? The photo was maybe actuallysent from her hand. I have never said that to you, I just didn\'t want toreinforce the fact that you once liked Shen Jun."

"You care too much. I haven\'t had anyfeelings for him. I may not even hate him. Sometimes I am very grateful to him,if not for his pushing and killing me, how can I have a chance to be with you?I think that my mind has been caught in the door."

"What was I in the last life?"

"You? Anyway, when I died, you didn\'tget married, other things are not clear to me."

"Oh, this is really like me. You don\'tknow, actually I decided a long time ago, if I can\'t get you I would ratherlive alone for a lifetime." Zhan Yi Fei didn’t know what he was thinkingof when he said that, he slapped Lin Yu Tong’s ass and Lin Yu Tong’s shouted“ah!” and Zhan Yi Fei said again. “No wonder the stocks you invested in are doingso good. You have corporate intelligence from the future. It’s not right. Ifyou told me we could have made a fortune together. How can you do it alone?What about sneaking?”

“If I showed that I knew too much, wouldn’tyou even have doubts? I didn’t want to add any more doubts to your heart. Infact, this time I’m not afraid of your concern, I didn’t want to say it. Assoon as I lie down, my mind is the one you told me before--there is a long-termway to be honest with each other. Can you still say that I can still godown?"

"Well, look at you. Remember my wordsso hard, I will forgive you this once. If you look at the wrong person again, Iwill not be understanding. But in the future, something like this you are notallowed to hide again, your husband is not so stingy, your past I would notmake me refused you. Besides, if there is anything in my heart, why you knowwhat to expect? I am happy?"

"What about Xiao Wei and Shen Jun? Theyare mixed, they will definitely turn over the old account [1]revenge."

"They won\'t turn over, we will havethe two of them turn their backs."

Zhan Yi Fei turned over and leaned over LinYu Tong\'s stomach. "But when I talk about this, I have something to tellyou. Since this moment anyone who might attempt to destroy your relationshipwith me, that person will be treated as a class A enemy, so that Xiao Wei, evenif you don\'t say it, I have no intention of letting go of her. As for Shen Jun,actually I really didn\'t look at him as a threat. He can have it all today isbecause Xiao Wei is helping him. If Xiao Wei can\'t help, he won\'t be able to getup."

"You mean, you have long been spyingon Xiao Wei. Is there a defense prepared?" Lin Yu Tong can\'t believe it."Really?"

"Really. But I won\'t bother to talkabout them. You still think have to about how to make me happy at night. Istill have a lot of pent up anger today."

Zhan Yi Fei poked Lin Yu Tong\'s belly."I have to sleep. Baobeier, you think slowly. When I wake up, let\'s gohome. I have six days off, that will be enough and those days will all be dedicatedto you."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Maybe the surrounding wind is toocomfortable. It may be that Lin Yu Tong’s leg is too reassuring, and Zhan YiFei did sleep for a while. Lin Yu Tong suspected that if the person wakes up,he will not remember what he said. But let it be, anyway, he had finished.

Lin Yu Tong had some numbness in his legs,but Zhan Yi Fei seemed to sleep very well. He was not willing to wake him. Hestretched his fingers and rubbed his nose, then he nodded his nose. He put thesaliva on his nose, trying to ease the symptoms of the leg numbness, but it hasalways been a good way to use it this time!

No way, Lin Yu Tong can only be stiff.Later, Zhan Yi Fei’s cell phone rang, and Zhan Yi Fei opened his eyes and foundthat it was Xiang Jun’s call. He picked up and said a few words and then gotup. When he got up, he pulled Lin Yu Tong, but he listened to Lin Yu Tongshouted: "Don\'t stop! Don\'t touch me! Ah!"

Zhan Yi Fei is still awkward. He squattednext to Lin Yu Tong. "Is the leg numb? Which one?"

Lin Yu Tong pointed to the right leg, andZhan Yi Fei bent over to hug. Lin Yu Tong at this screamed louder, "ah ahah ah! Do not, do not touch there, no no!"

If someone was around after hearing this sentencethat person will be curious look over here, but only to see a man on top ofanother man - Zhan Yi Fei was tossed down by Lin Yu Tong, Lin Yu Tong wasscreaming under him, and Zhan Yi Fei was laughing.

"You can make a profit just with yourlegs." Zhan Yi Fei said that he slammed Lin Yu Tong\'s nose.

"Rape? Have you seen the forced objectthat I cooperate with?" Lin Yu Tong was so awkward that his leg was alittle better, only a little numb. He moved his legs and asked casually:"How is your saliva better than mine?"

"Because every cell in your body hasmemories of my various body fluids, if your cells know ..... Then these bodyfluids will eventually allow you to surrender, so each one I began tocompromise with me.”

“Rogue!” Lin Yu Tong got a feverish rednesson his face and smiled and pushed Zhan Yi Fei away. After he got up, he found abottle of water and after he drank it he still felt a bit dry.

"Let\'s go home." Zhan Yi Feisuddenly reached out and said.

Lin Yu Tong took a look at the drinkingwater bottle. Zhan Yi Fei just made a simple action, but that made his heartsurprisingly soft. He handed it over and smiled back with a word, "Okay."