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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 ChongSheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 70: Confession ( )

Since the beginning of reborn, Lin Yu Tongthought about whether Xiao Wei and Shen Jun would be rebirth again like he did.After all, he dragged the two people together and all three fell, but he alwaysfelt that when he was looking at Xiao Wei. There was a murderous vengeance gazestaring at him. If Xiao Wei is really rebirth again, it is impossible for herto make a little movement or none at all. Therefore, while secretly guessing,he is also trying to avoid being bullied by these two people as much aspossible. But now it seems that maybe he still thinks too simple. According tothe current situation and the time when he was just born again, Shen Jun is unlikelyto be reborn again, but the possibility of Xiao Wei\'s rebirth is too great.

In the last life, he did not dare to sayhow much help and things he had done for Shen Jun, but he was absolutelyunambiguous in the place where he could contribute. Shen Jun’s acting was flat, dead, and he did not mix it up with his face and arrogance. Even if he followedhim with Xiao Wei, he didn\'t see any difference. However, Shen Jun of thisworld is absolutely fast.

Xiao Wei\'s family indeed has a name in theentertainment circle, but that if she can shape Shen Jun acting that isimpossible. In addition to predicting that the information is being done, LinYu Tong can\'t think of other possibilities.

Gao Wen Liang wiped his mouth afterbreakfast, and Lin Yu Tong was still stirring the porridge. He kicked Lin YuTong under the table. "Hey, I say, what is your hatred with that porridge?Is it you can\'t stand the waist pain? Your homeowner is not porridge. What doyou want to do with it? If you don\'t like it, let the chef give you a new one.Don\'t just stir it."

Lin Yu Tong was said to be in a sore spot.He answered awkwardly, "Is it hot, I want to eat a cold, do you have anyopinion?"

He saw Shen Jun on TV last night. Hethought that Xiao Wei was born again and in nine out of ten. He was a littleslippery. He was screwed several times by Zhan Yi Fei on the bed. His waist didn’treally straighten up this morning, otherwise it wouldn’t be sitting weird andas for missing breakfast with Zhan Yi Fei, eat here with Gao Wen Liang.

Gao Wen Liang is someone with head of apig, the moving stomach bag, three meals a day is not enough for him, sowhile he is breakfast, but it is Gao WenLiang\'s second meal.

"Oh, hesitantly, unlike your style,there is something to say."

"In fact, there is nothing, the gossipyou told me a while ago." Lin Yu Tong slammed into his mouth and wassmashed. I didn’t feel the porridge. "I saw it on TV yesterday and I wasseen by Yi Fei."

"And then he picked up by the vinegarjar?" Gao Wen Liang looked up and down Lin Yu Tong. "I really don\'tmean you, Lin." Zi, why didn’t I find out that your kid’s dare is so fat?You didn’t know... if Yi Fei can talk to Xiang Jun as long as it is related toyou. Would you dare to see Shen Jun? The fact that you can walk out today. It’sreally a feat”

“It’s weird, how do you say that his badacting can lead to him playing such a popular drama, and also play the malelead number one? The director and the producer have holes in their minds.”

“What good is this? Strange, that is alittle white face. When he left school, didn\'t he leave with a girl named Xiao?The family named Xiao seemed to be a little doorway, he used and they gave him alot of resources.”

“How do you know this? So clear?”

“Of course I do! What did you think I heardfrom a Chu Tian Yi? When did I come to the news that I told you last time? TheChu family also has an entertainment company, didn’t you know?”

Gao Wen Liang did not wait for Lin Yu Tong’sanswer and he nodded, "Yes, you write novels every day, you just readstocks, or you read books, you don\'t care much about other things besides them.But then again, why do you suddenly care about what they do?"

"I don\'t care, but Xiao Wei likes thegigolo. If she and Shen Jun are really big in the industry, it will definitelybe of no benefit to me." Lin Yu Tong finished eating the porridge, Gao WenLiang thought that he could finally avoid the noise of strong friction betweenthe spoon and the bowl. As a result, Lin Yu Tong began to knock on it again."In short, if you can, can you help me with more information from BrotherChu?"

“I’m sorry, I\'m afraid of your man’s heart.Although you are a couple, I know Yi Fei longer with Old Xiang. The time whenyou were not with him, we know best. He is right. Your feelings are so strongthat sometimes even irrational, so whatever you do, take control of yourposition."

"Yeah." Lin Yu Tong finished,carrying the porridge bowl to the kitchen, and retracing the maid who wascoming to help. He began to wonder if I should cook something delicious andgive it to Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei said that the marriage bedleave was one week, but he never stopped. Later, he opened a signing sale, andZhan Yi Fei only participated in one signing. That is to say, Zhan Yi Feishould be able to take a few more days, but today he went to the company. He isnot sure if Zhan Yi Fei has any knots.

Zhan Yi Fei is not very heart-warmed person, but this time he did have some accidents. In the next two months, heand Lin Yu Tong would be together for a whole year. He thought that Lin Yu Tongshould have forgotten Shen Jun.

Although Lin Yu Tong said that theunexpected performance of Shen Jun in the drama was what made him stare at theTV, but Zhan Yi Fei felt that things are not so simple. It’s just that Lin YuTong wouldn’t say more, he’s not eager to ask.

He knows that sometimes it is not entirelygood to check at Lin Yu Tong too much, but he can\'t control himself. Just thismorning, he almost woke up Lin Yu Tong in his sleep, and asked him whathappened with Shen Jun. This kind of abnormality makes him feel even moreincredible.

"Care is chaotic. But maybe you thinktoo much? Lin Zi is not like a \'one heart and two use\'[1]loves two people person. I want to say that you have to go backand talk to him if you have this time. You can take a break. How many days ofmarriage leave are not easy for you to take, do you want to waste you marriageon this kind of thing?” Cheng Shi talked to Zhan Yi Fei and concluded,“You can go, and we don’t need you here.”

“Okay.” Zhan Yi Fei got up and went out.After all, he didn’t explain anything. In fact, he thinks that Lin Yu Tongstill likes Shen Jun is very unlikely, and the thing that makes him think likethis is because Lin Yu Tong seems to be too subtle about Shen Jun.

After the elevator, Zhan Yi Fei wentstraight to his exclusive parking space. Unexpectedly, he just opened the lockand a familiar car drove towards him. Next to his parking position was Lin YuTong, there is no third parking space within ten meters, so it is only Lin YuTong that is coming to him.

Sure enough, after the door opened, Lin YuTong, who was slightly tired, walked down from the top.

"Want to go out?"

"LittleTong, how come you are here?"

The couple spoke almost simultaneously.

"I am here to give you food, youare..."

"Where is the food?" Zhan Yi Feiasked.

"In the car." Lin Yu Tong saidthat he took out a five-layer food box from the car. "Do you need me tosend it for you? If you don\'t need it, I will bring it back."

"Don\'t send it, but don\'t bring itback." Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong directly to an outdoor store near thecompany, bought an oversized picnic mat, and took Lin Yu Tong to the park. Itis clear that the park is 100,000 miles smaller than the scenery of The ZhanFamily, but Zhan Yi Fei came here to find a small forest picnic.

At this time, in addition to the collegeentrance examination students, there is basically no holiday visitors, so thereare not many people in the park, there are also a pair of small couples. ZhanYi Fei and Lin Yu Tong chose a quiet place, Zhan Yi Fei paved the mat, and LinYu Tong put things on it.

Zhan Yi Fei is really hungry. He didn’t eatit in the morning. When he smelled the familiar fragrance, and the surroundingnatural scenery, his appetite came up very fast. Lin Yu Tong just finishedsetting thing and Zhan Yi Fei directly clipped it a broccoli.

Lin Yu Tong laid down on the mat sideways,held his head and looking at Zhan Yi Fei.

"Yi Fei, I don\'t remember if I told you that for some reason, Iknow something that might happen in the future?"

"Remember. You called out Zhao De Huabecause of this old classmate who is very resistant to Dad. Right?"

"Yeah, I was like everyone else inthis conflict, conflict with Shen Jun and Xiao Wei. I looked at Shen Jun formore than a moment yesterday, but it was not because I have any specialfeelings for him, but this man getting stronger, it may be bad for me. As for thereason... If I say it, you may find that I am not as good as you thought of me,or maybe it is very unbearable, so will you still listen?"