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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 7: Cohabitation

Shen Jun\'s play has already been filmed. At this time, Lin Yu Tong was on the returning bus. Lin Yu Tong heard the voice of the station on the radio every other pass. Suddenly, Shen Jun spoke with a tired tone. "Lin Zi, I am getting to the North Station. Can you pick me up by car?"

Lin Yu Tong bent his lips and curled his lips. "Pick you? Sorry, No time."

Shen Jun felt a little surprised, he wanted to ask what Lin Yu Tong was doing but couldn\'t so he remained silent. After the train left. He waited for a while at the station. Who knows that he didn\'t say anything, but suddenly there was a female voice whose tone was like someone wronged. "Shen Jun, lets go south to the station, I know that you are going to the North Station. Did you want Lin Yu Tong to pick you up?"

Shen Jun quickly hid the phone call and turned to look at the woman opposite. "Xiao Wei, you, you didn\'t get off the bus?"

Xiao Wei said with a mockery: " I was already down, but I was afraid that it is inconvenient for you to carry so many luggage and come up again. It turns out that where you said to me you were going after filming is bogus. You only valued the resources my family can afford you? I was right ?"

Shen Jun was anxious:" You misunderstand."

His voice was unconscious a little higher, he did not have a thought to block the phone which was still dutifully transmits sound to the other end, he said:." I just wanted to say something to someone here "

Lin Tong has been too lazy to listen to this going on. No wonder Shen Jun did not want him go to the studio to find him. It turned out that he did not want to know that Xiao Wei was there too huh.

Zhan Yi Fei saw Lin Yu Tong\'s weird smile and he did not care to ask: "Boyfriend?"

Lin Yu Tong knows that this phone call will definitely change his expression. The other party is the one who can best pull his thoughts, but he is a man. It\'s a bit inappropriate for a friend. He want to know the changes in this world. Although he still loved Shen Jun at this time, he hasn\'t said anything about Shen Jun yet. He can\'t talk to Shen, so he was slightly dissatisfied. "Mr. Zhan, if I remember correctly, the person who registered marriage with me ten minutes ago seems to be you. You asked me if the person who called me was my boyfriend. Do you want to fight on the first day of marriage registration? "

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

Somehow, after listening to Lin Yu Tong\'s statement, Zhang Yi Fei\'s heart was a little happy. However, in order to prevent this kind of happiness from being seen by Lin Yu Tong, he became particularly quiet in the following way until they arrived at a Chinese restaurant with a very elaborate interior.

Although Lin Yu Tong seemed to have been somewhat tepid about the registration, it was optional, but Zhai Yi Fei valued that he did register it, so he not only invited Lin Yu Tong to lunch in the restaurant, but also prepared for Lin Yu Tong a gift in advance. The gift - a very delicate, carved blue ink pen with Lin Yu Tong\'s full name on the pen holder and a diamond of about 70 karat embedded in the top end of the pen.

1]..... Give me a Zhan Yi Fei

Now most people are using computers to write things, but Lin Yu Tong still has the habit of handwrite his inspiration and some of his favorite plots or funny paragraphs will be jolted down with paper notes.

In general, he likes this gift very much. The problem is... he has not prepared for anything to give back and this is a special thing happening!

And he always feel that there is something strange, such a delicate pen, how can it be made in a few days?

Lin Yu Tong repeatedly played with it a few times and said: "Thank you Mr. Zhan, I like it very much. I am also embarrassed. I am very nervous and forgot to prepare gifts for you. Can you do this? This meal we have eaten outside. In the evening, I personally cook and ask you to have a light meal with me."

Zhan Yi Fei okay-ed that, when the service staff came over and bent down and bowed, "Two gentlemen, do you need to confirm the dishes?"

Zhan Yi Fei has already booked in advance. However, he still gave the menu to Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong saw the dish he ordered and said, "Let\'s order that, thank you."

Zhan Yi Fei had a total of 18 dishes. Lin Yu Tong felt that he couldn\'t finish it and in fact, it was a mutual benefit relationship, he wants to say that there is no need to make it so serious? But another thought, the more serious Zhan Yi Fei is, the better it is for him, so he decided to play silly.

The dishes soon started arriving on the table, from cold dishes to hot dishes, desserts, soups, all kinds of and the size is very small, it is very cute in a small bowl of Dun Dun. These dishes can be eaten every time, its neither too wasteful nor full. What makes Lin Yu Tong feel awkward is that the waiter put this dish into a heart-shaped appearance between two of them!

"The order is for a couple\'s meal, there are discounts." Zhan Yi Fei did not lift up his head and explained.

"It turned out that I really didn\'t expect you to be quite accustomed."

"Sorry, I have to take a call." Zhan Yi Fei dropped the chopsticks, his face was slightly unpleasant and he just said "Hello?"

"Yi Fei, how come you didn\'t come home at all for the Eleventh holiday?" This is the ice-fighting stepmother Wang Bingyan. She first went cold and then warm and then cut into the subject. "Your sister will bring a man this weekend. Friends will come home to see, her cousin Zhi Ling also came, when will you come back, let\'s have a meal together? By the way, you also met Zhi Ling, she is so sultry and has a Masters degree, you definitely will like her."

"Thank you, Auntie Wang, but regarding the person I like I will find that person on my own, I will not bother you. In addition, I am on a business trip this weekend, so I can\'t come back."

"You kid, why not? Listening to elders persuasion? Now these days the girls have a lot of minds, no elders have to check the customs? You are..."

"Sorry, I have a guest here, I will not chat with you and keep my guest waiting." Zhan Yi Fei said and hanged up then look up at Lin Yu Tong. "Sorry, I hope it hasn\'t affects your meal?"

"No, but I thought of one thing." Lin Yu Tong slightly suppressed the voice. "Before we marry, do we have to make an agreement? Like how long do I need to help you with this shield? How do you intend to solve the problem in the process?"

"Do you? You are not stuck in this and I haven\'t gotten stuck in it. Of course, if you think there is still an agreement that will make you feel at ease, I don\'t mind if you want to."

"That wouldn\'t be the case, let\'s have a verbal agreement. If one party meets true love, don\'t hide it from the other person."



"Nothing, I will just follow what you said." He just suddenly thought of Shen Jun. Since returning to China, he has found someone to check Lin Yu Tong status and the person has learned has clearly mentioned in his reply that Lin Yu Tong likes Shen Jun. But now it seems that he doesn\'t seem like him? Is it that the person who brought the information was wrong or understood things wrong?

After dinner, Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong went to the supermarket. Originally, Lin Yu Tong wanted to buy some dishes for dinner and cook them. Who knows as they were putting these into the shopping cart and then Zhan Yi Fei asked: "What about the cooking pot? Don\'t you have to buy it too?"

Lin Yu Tong said with amazement: "Isn\'t there any at the place where you lived? We can use it first, but if you didn\'t live for too long its okay."

Zhan Yi Fei and coughed, "My house doesn\'t have those cookery."

" What do you eat every day?"

"I eat milk and bread in the morning, or go to the company then order the secretary to order me food. There are several good restaurants near the company. I have a monthly card. I don\'t have any entertainment or travel time in these restaurants .....problem solved."

"I am dizzy, are you not tired?!"

"It is better than being hungry."

"In fact, you can ask a chef to come to your home."

"It\'s too much trouble to prevent more trouble."

"... That would be really tiring. You know what forget it, let\'s just buy some pots and pans." Lin Yu Tong gave the cart to Yi Fei. "You push, I will find another cart, this one can\'t fit everything."

At last the two filled the two largest shopping carts. Lin Yu Tong not only bought the rice cooker and the wok, but he even bought the cooking machined and the electric baking pan. Zhan Yi Fei wanted to make good use of the oven and steamer in the newly rented apartment. The two people were shopping left and right.

At the time of checkout, Lin Yu Tong originally wanted to pay for it, but in Zhan Yi Fei eyes, he is still a poor student. He didn\'t let him pay and he also considered the cost when they finished the settlement. So when he went back, they will be nothing to pay for. When Lin Yu Tong was busy cleaning the newly bought tableware in the kitchen, Zhan Yi Fei took two cards and gave them to Lin Yu Tong. "Blue card is attached to my credit card. The amount in there is 2 million yuans. You can buy the expensive stuff. Use, gold card for the ordinary expenses there is probably more than three million inside that, that is your pocket money, if its not enough you can find me again."

Lin Yu Tong: "......"

Zhan Yi Fei said at this time: " You can buy whatever you want, as long as it is not illegal, you don\'t have to ask me for permission."

Lin Yu Tong laughed. "If its illegal can I ask you for permission?"

Zhan Yi Fei silently stared at Lin Yu Tong for a while and said: "I will take your sleeping bag."

Lin Yu Tong yelled. "Cut!!." He shook the two cards, "You don\'t worry, Mr.Zhan, I will try to make myself into a well qualified shield."

Zhan Yi Fei stood against the door frame. "Can we discuss it later and please change the name Mr. Zhsn?"

Lin Yu Tong turned his head, "Yi Fei?

Yi Fei had slightly crooked lips smile, "Yeah."