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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 69: One waves flattened one wave rise.

A wave of questions has not been mentionedbefore the opening of the signing sale. So many readers don’t know about thesurrounding things. This made the readers who catch the first signing happy,but the people who didn’t go on the first day were worried if it was that they wouldonly gift the first day readers with souvenirs, and there would be no more inthe future. Because they don\'t spend money to buy things, even if they cancomplain, they won\'t complain, but so many people want to be dream beautiful.In this way, there will naturally be many readers\' reactions.

After arriving home, Lin Yu Tongreluctantly cheered and asked Zhan Yi Fei: "Do you mean still send thosegifts around my signing event?"

Zhan Yi Fei was playing with his mobilephone. He didn\'t answer Lin Yu Tong\'s question for the first time. After awhile, he said: "In terms of heart, naturally I don\'t want to gift thosethings because they will cause more people to come, but since I can\'t help yousign it. You will only tired by the end of it."

Lin Yu Tong laughed. "But it’s a wasteif you won\'t send it. You must have prepared more than today. So let\'s justgift it. Anyway, it\'s put it, even though it\'s too tiring to sign, but it\'sgood."

"I understand the words, but..."

"I will say this after a while, and itwill be quite good. If you really want to go, can you give me a holiday atnight?"


"Where?" Lin Yu Tong saw Zhan YiFei get up and seemed to go out and ask.

"In some years, I didn\'t move my ownstones. I will go to smoke and calm down."

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t doubt him, but he didn\'tknow that Zhan Yi Fei went out after the smoke, but not to calm down he wentand opened a new group chat, he looked at the chat records in a while, then gota few messages on the hair, and then returned to the house again, and for thismatter, he did not mention it to Lin Yu Tong..

The next day, as Lin Yu Tong expected,there were still a lot of people, because the news of the last appearance ofthe audience spread among the readers, and some people specifically wanted tosee Zhan Yi Fei. But this day Zhan Yi Fei did not appear in the signing venuebecause of some things.

Zhan Yi Fei went to see Chu Tian Yi forsome time, because Zhan Hong Tu just opened his mouth, and there was somethingunexpected.

Wang Bing Yan sent Zhan Yi Ning to a drugrehabilitation center. On the day of the trip, Zhan Yi Ning clashed with peopleand was killed at the drug rehabilitation center. Wang Bing Yan immediatelyfainted on the spot and is still in the hospital.

If it was changed, Zhan Hong Tu would takecare of Wang Bing Yan, but now he can\'t look after her.

Chu Tian Yi found Zhan Yi Fei and wanted toask Zhan Yi Fei\'s opinion. According to the original plan, Zhan Yi Fei wasoriginally planning to trade with Zhan Hong Tu on the grounds of “he can helpZhan Hong Tu solve the urgent needs". But obviously, it may be possible tosolve the problem without this trouble hanging over him now.

Zhan Yi Ning is dead. If Zhan Hong Tu diesand if he died, then the inheritance is left for Zhan Yi Fei and Wang Bing Yan.

Chu Tian Yi said with a smile: "WangBing Yan is still in the hospital, and it is not troublesome to take care ofher. As for Zhan Hong Tu, if he continues to develop like this, and he willlive for three more years."

ZhanYi Fei heard Chu Tian Yi meaning in the words, he cannot help but look at thepast, "For their hands are dirty, there is no need. And Wang Bing Yanoriginally wanted to send Zhan Hong Tu to the drug rehabilitation center, butZhan Hong Tu is not as foolish as Zhan Yi Ning, so he succeeded in hiding hisaddiction. Now he knows that Zhan Yi Ning died at the drug rehabilitationcenter. You think that he will agree to Wang Bing Yan? Don’t talk about sharingproperty. He will just want to hide as far as possible. Anyway, Zhan Hong Tuhas to pass the directors bureau, so I am not in a hurry. To be honest, I justdon\'t want them to live better. As for this 2%, although it is quite a lot, itis not necessary for me to get it."

"Then you are not planning tointervene?"

"I can\'t say that." Zhan Yi Feisuddenly laughed. "I think I might have to appear and be a dutiful son atthe right time."

"For example?"

"For example, send Zhan Hong Tu to adrug rehabilitation center."

Whatkind of normal people would think, this is the filial of the son to the father,isn\'t it good?

"Then he really is going to hateyou." Chu Tian Yi thought of the environment like a drug rehabilitationcenter, and his face hurt.

"It doesn\'t matter, he has been hated for half a lifetime anyway, and this hate is irrelevant."

On the day Lin Yu Tong flew to S City forthe second signing ceremony, Zhan Hong Tu also left B City. As for where hewent, no one could tell, but Wang Bing Yan did not find him at home aftercoming out of the hospital. The phone didn\'t work, there was no one at home,and when she asked the servants at home. The servants only knew that Zhan HongTu was going out at night and never came back after going out.

Wang Bing Yan reported the case, and thensent one person to Zhan Yi Ning\'s issue behind the scenes. However, she did notreceive any news about Zhan Hong Tu until the end. This man is like somethingevaporating out of thin air. She can\'t live without seeing a person. Indesperation, she had to go to Zhan Yi Fei and would like to ask Zhan Yi Fei ifhe knew something, but Zhan Yi Fei was not in BCity at this time.

The last stop signing of Lin Yu Tong was inW City, the last day and it was coinciding with his birthday. Zhan Yi Fei didnot tell him that he would be present, but this day, Zhan Yi Fei still went toW City.

The large exhibition hall inside theexhibition center was crowded with people. Gao Wen Liang gave a general glanceand told Lin Yu Tong. "If readers don\'t continue to increase, you willprobably sign another two hundred then be done."

Lin Yu Tong finally saw the dawn. After thelong exhale, he continued to sign the sign.

Gao Wen Liang stood and talked. After thetalk, the guards shook behind Lin Yu Tong. Looking at the time from time totime, and see if Lin Yu Tong’s water is finished. Who knows after a while, ayoung man asked Lin Yu Tong to sign his name, afterward he did not leave, andhe stood opposite him and asked: "Hello, please, can you help me signit?"

In Lin Yu Tong\'s readership, Xiang Jun iscalled the general commander, Gao Wen Liang is called the high general, and thelumberjacks basically know this. It can only be said that in this world wherepeople go looking at faces, all accidents may occur because of high values.

Lin Yu Tong glanced at Gao Wen Liang withgloating face and continued to work hard.

Gao Wen Liang was also unambiguous. He tooka pen and signed a name on the notebook he took. That word... is particularly unspeakable.

The young man who asked for the signatureprobably did not expect that the person who promised the signature so muchcould write such an ugly "unconventional" word, and sometimes it wasawkward. Until someone was curious and probed, he only came back and smiled andsaid: "It\'s so cute, thank you."

Gao Wen Liang used a pen to hold flowersbetween his fingers, and his face didn\'t jump back and said: "You\'rewelcome."

People who lined up also looked for it,after reading it. The expression becomes very subtle. Fortunately, Gao WenLiang\'s face is shameless enough that he has no feeling at all.

It’s going to be dark, even though Lin YuTong didn’t say it, but today is the day around his birthday. Gao Wen Liangstood in the distance and made a look at Li Jun. Li Jun saw it, slightly noddedand left the place silently.

There are about a thousand people present,and most of them have already got the signature, but they have not left thevenue yet. Lin Yu Tong might have felt a little surprised in the last life, butnow he can\'t get up, he just wants to go back and have a good night\'s sleep.

One hundred, ninety-nine...three, two,one...

Lin Yu Tong never showed any annoyed lookuntil the last reader handed the book over, he kept the most peaceful face.

Infact, he is a little bit stiff. He returned the book with the name to thereader and got up and rubbed his wrist. But before he could rub three times,the lights in the exhibition hall suddenly darkened.

The screams in anticipation did not come,and the vast exhibition hall was dark and silent, and it seemed that even thebreathing stopped.

Lin Yu Tong has a feeling of being in adream. He looked around through the glimmer of the window, not sure if there isany trouble. Who knows that the door opening suddenly sounded? Then, it seemsthat something was slowly pushed over.

Since Gao Wen Liang has been standing nextto him and he did not make no special move, Lin Yu Tong also calmed down.

Lin Yu Tong has been paying attention tothe only moving target in the exhibition hall. He found that the thing isreally big, and the closer it is, the more familiar it is.

Lin Yu Tong took out his mobile phone andtried to see what it was by the screen of the mobile phone, but Gao Wen Liangquickly stopped him from moving, and the thing stopped at the one meter infront of him.

He finally saw it. The one that had justbeen pushed forward towards was a birthday cake with a minimum of 12 stories.It was so huge that he was never seen one like it before.

At this time, a candle was suddenly ignitedon the cake. As the warm yellow light illuminates the surroundings, Lin Yu Tongsaw Zhan Yi Fei\'s smiling face. "Little Tong, happy birthday."

"Happy birthday to Tong Zi.""There was a deafening blessing around them. Suddenly, the light in theexhibition hall became stronger. Every reader had a candle and lit it. Thenthey started to sing," Happy birthday to you, I wish you a happy birthday..."

Lin Yu Tong was moved, but unfortunately hewas kissed by Zhan Yi Fei when he was about to do something. There werecountless screams and cheering around the moment.

Zhan Yi Fei exhaled and let go, Lin Yu Tongcoughed, and was a little excited. Zhan Yi Fei said: "Blow thecandle."

Lin Yu Tong glanced at the candle that was atleast two meters high. "Is there a ladder?"

He is not an elephant. If he was, he couldget some water and spray it out. How can this blowing happen? He is not thattall.

Zhan Yi Fei hugged Lin Yu Tong\'s waistbelow and directly raised his height. "Is this okay?"

Lin Yu Tong gaze said that you arecalculating!

An air blow, the topmost candle was blownout, and he finally saw it. This giant cake with a maximum diameter, height andmore than one meter wide, but is made up of countless pieces of triangularcakes. It is bigger than any he had ever seen. However, this can really make a big difference,and the cakes were cut and also distributed to every reader present.

Li Jun and his team have already started tomove, and the "lumberjacks" who were in the readers began to helpeach other. It took about ten minutes, everyone took the cake box in theirhands, and the lights in the exhibition hall light up.

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei have the samehands as everyone else. This room has almost eaten the while cake and startedto play games. Zhan Yi Fei brought a lot of prizes when he came, and everyonehas just eaten the rest of the cake and there were. There is a number at thebottom of the cake. This number is not repeated from one to one thousand. ZhanYi Fei will randomly draw with Lin Yu Tong. The number is used as a game, aslong as the person who has drawn a number that person will have a prize, and thewinners in the game will have more prizes.

The first round they had to step on theballoon. Every two people formed a group to participate in the competition. Oneof them will carry another balloon from point A to point B. Zhan Yi Fei carriesLin Yu Tong in the crowd and other teams. Compared with the speed of the team,Zhan Yi Fei did not run through. But he is not a narrow-minded person, thepurpose of entertainment has been achieved, and Lin Yu Tong is happy and thatthis is enough.

It was crazy fun games played in thisnight, and everyone was still interested in the last game. The last game was"Best Lucky Lumberjack tonight", which tested who is most familiarwith the storyline in San Chai Boy\'s book, and knows the characters best. Thosewho win this game will not only get the W City Rainbow Book City gift card, butthey will also get a thousand dollars to buy books, they will also get a newe-book, and a reasonable desire wish.

The last prize winner was a 24-year-oldgraduate student. She was a girl. She didn\'t know how many times she had read"Ghosts".Even the characterswho just passed as the soy sauce [1]passersbywere remembered. Her wish was simple and reasonable. She did not know where sheheard that Zhan Yi Fei’s invitation to marry Lin Yu Tong was written by the twopeople. She also hoped that Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei would sign her nametogether with her book, one word written by both men.

Lin Yu Tong had no objection to Zhan YiFei. Hearing that, Lin Yu Tong took the pen, Zhan Yi Fei stood behind him andwrapped around him, holding the hand he was writing. Lin Yu Tong relaxed hisstrength, controlled by Zhan Yi Fei, and then both wrote a unique "SanChai Boy" in the world.

Someonetook this scene and passed it to the group. Those who didn\'t come to the sceneregretted it, and looked forward to the next signing.

Finally, Zhan Yi Fei left with Lin Yu Tong,and the signing of this "Ghost" was successfully concluded.

After Lin Yu Tong’s rebirth, he was rarelyas busy as he was recently. He just got off the plane with Zhan Yi Fei and theywere going to open the school.

Lin Yu Fei’s hope of going to the army wasshattered, because there was really no pressure, so instead of failing it, heactually got into his choice of university. When he first went to S City, healso said that he would take care of it with Bai Yi He.

When the Lin Family feasted, Zhan Yi Feiwas with Lin Yu Tong and Lin Yu Lan. Lin Yu Lan\'s summer vacation isparticularly long, and she can stay at home for a long time from mid-June tomid-September. That time she was kidnapped to solve the problem fast enough, soshe did not mention it with her parents, so as not to cause them to worry. Butnow she can’t help but think about it.

Thinking of the madness of Zhan Hong Tu atthe time, Zhan Yi Fei once again apologized to Lin Yu Tong. Fortunately, Lin YuLan is not very old, but she is very open-minded. After asking her not, shesaid she will not mention it. It was Chen Su Ning, who had privately asked ZhanYi Fei, Zhan Hong Tu how they had been after leaving the old house.

Zhan YiNing\'s death was not breaking news, so Wang Bing Yan did not preach, and onlyfound the relatives of her own family to help with the aftermath issues, somany people outside did not know that Zhan Yi Ning is dead. Chen Su Ning wasshocked after hearing to it and asked Zhan Yi Fei to visit. Although Zhan HongTu and Wang Bing Yan are really not something, there are some things thatalways have to be done in the face.

"This is no need for that mother, shedid not take the initiative to tell me, we don\'t know, if I go to her what willshe react, you shouldn\'t think about it. And during this time she has beenunable to find Zhan Hong Tu, she will definitely come to see me, to say something."

"Okay. Then you have to be carefulwith everything. These people, once they crazy, everything are donefor."

"You can rest assured, I have a fewhearts." Zhan Yi Fei said that and went to return with Lin Yu Tong to thebedroom, after seeing that Lin Yu Tong was going to open the notebook. Hequickly blocked his body. "Why won\'t you rest for two days and say, don\'tuse the wrist?"

"Idle is also idle." Lin Yu Tongsaid so, but also without insisting on writing novels, he sat down on the bedand turn on the TV in the room and asked Zhan Yi Fei. "Wang Bing Yanreported Zhan Hong Tu police. The police will definitely find you here to askquestions. When you will tell them the truth. Then, she doesn\'t know where ZhanHong Tu is going? What if she goes to find it?!"

"It didn\'t help him leave Zhan Hong Tuwouldn\'t see her. Someone told him and met Wang Bing. Yan, there will be nomore things that can alleviate his pain. Nothing is more useful than this.Besides, the servant secretly recorded the dialogue between Wang Bing Yan andZhan Yi Ning to conspire about the 2% share. Hong Tu knows it as well. He isnot stupid, so it’s absolutely impossible to trust Wang Bing Yan."


"What\'s wrong? I don\'t thinkI..." Zhan Yi Fei suddenly burst intoa frown. He thought that Lin Yu Tong was listening to him. He didn\'t expect LinYu Tong\'s attention to actually be on the TV. The TV was playing TV, and theactors in this drama were not Shen Jun. Who is that?

“Cough!” Zhan Yi Fei coughed twice inexaggeration and gently bopped Lin Yu Tong with his elbow. “Lin, you look atother men with such a handsome husband here, I still see such concentration.Have you forgotten how long I have given you a vacation from the bedactivities?"

"No, I am just wondering how he canplay the male number one like this with his bad acting, and also go to thereach top spot."

This is still a youthful idol drama that heknows was particularly hot! This makes him believe that there is no Xiao Wei\'shelp here?