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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 ChongSheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 68: The signing

The ceremonywill be held inB City, the location of the sale was in Vientiane Book mall, which is the largestin B City, and it’s not too far from The Zhan Family. Lin Yu Tong was scheduledto arrive at 9:30 in the morning. He packed up early and then took Gao WenLiang to the bookstore.

There is already a prepared place for thebook signing in the city. On both sides of the door there are the posters of"Ghosts", which were hung for several days. The security guards stoodnext to the door, while the security guards are loyal readers who were lined upwith Lin Yu Tong. The security guard stood down on the steps and couldn\'t seethe head at all, because more than a hundred readers were blocking the way butthey were always heard by the staff. The people present are almost reach twothousand people.

Everyone knows that some readers like tocatch up the signing early, while others like to catch up late in order not toget stranded waiting in line, so there should be a lot of them who are notpresent.

Lin Yu Tong, who was in white Bentley wasable to see the readers along the way. To be honest, even he himself feltsurprised. This is the first book signing after all, which is much more thanthe number he expected.

"This is true love, such a hot day,there are people who actually came to line up so early." Gao Wen Liangsaid, "Fortunately, you are under my and Old Xiang’s eyes, we can borrowa light, otherwise Old Xiang can\'t do well with the queue."

"Signature sign will lead to handcramps, line up lead to leg cramps." LinYu Tong said that after watching the sky, it seems it was all a bit too much.It has been more than 20 degrees recently and today it has reached 34 degrees,and it is still clear, cloudless, and even a wind does not blow. There are somany people coming today, but there are only about one hundred and fifty peoplewho can enter the bookstore while lining, etc., and those who are behind areall waiting outside, but this time they must wait until all the names aresigned, and isn\'t this asking for heat stroke?

Because the window glass is a tinted glasswindow, the readers outside are not clear if that Lin Yu Tong is sitting in theBentley car, but the car is beautiful, so they looked a little more. Somepeople guessed whether it would be Lin Yu Tong.

Later, the car stopped, and Lin Yu Tongcame down from the top, and the readers discovered that it was the person whothey were really waiting for some of the readers couldn\'t help but scream excitedlyand shouted the Lin Yu Tong username, "San Chai Boy! Boy!"

Some readers couldn\'t stand the scream:"Ah, ah, my boy is simply handsome!”

Lin Yu Tong turned to readers and bowed,then he smiled and said thanks, then he walked into a book-signing venue,accompanied by Gao Wen Liang with staff.

Gao Wen Liang has been with Lin Yu Tong andplayed the role of half assistant and half bodyguard. He did not enter for longbefore he came out and announced the admission rules. Originally, the staff ofthe bookstore should be the one to do it, but the staff member said very funnily:"The handsome guy speaks more vigorously, so younger brother, you come todo it."

Gao Wen Liang also agreed.

Lin Yu Tong sat in the assigned seat of thevenue, and soon after, he saw the signing venue being filled in with about 100readers. It was set at the beginning and there was an interactive link, soafter Gao Wen Liang finished the rules, Lin Yu Tong had to answer some of thequestions for first special readers.

It’s natural to be loyal fans if they wereto walk and queue from the early morning. After Lin Yu Tong thanked them, heanswered some questions, such as his creative experience, the origin ofinspiration, etc., all around the topic of "Ghost". One of them seemsto be in her twenties. The strange thing is what the girl asked, if the farm ownerwas not here today. She said that her family was in G City. She said she willsign here and she will also be waiting for Lin Yu Tong to go to G City, shewould sign again. It was just to see the two of them meaning The Forest Farmeraka The owner and San Chai Boy framed together.

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "Thankyou for supporting us, but the possibility that the owner can will come todayis not very big. Of course, he sometimes likes to surprise me, so we still haveto believe that everything is possible."

The reader nodded, "Thank you boy, myquestion is over. I wish this signing will be held smoothly."

Lin Yu Tong thanked her and then was askeda few other questions, such as how many words the new book is expected to have.The next one if he will continue to write fantasy or other themes. Lin Yu Tonganswered them one by one, and the attitude was very modest and gentle. Plus, hewas a lot ahead of the scheduled time, so the readers waited a little less, sothe readers were even courteous to him.

Gao Wen Liang took the pen in advance andLin Yu Tong opened the sign-in flight mode and seriously signed his name on thefirst volume of each ghost. Some readers will want to sign a special sentence,then they will write on the paper first and Lin Yu Tong will rewrite it on thebook.

Because there are a limited number ofwords, readers will not write a bunch of things to make it difficult for Lin YuTong, Lin Yu Tong will help sign them patiently.

But at this time, the sun outside isgetting more and more intense, and it is like roasting the smoke on the ground.Some readers, even joked that if they knew it will be this sunny they wouldbring some salt and cumin powder, so that when they line up and if they gohungry, they can roast themselves on the spot.

If you don\'t really like this author, noone will stand and wait in such a big sun, but they just like him, so they arereluctant to leave.

When Lin Yu Tong signed a hundred, he shookhis wrist and took a look at the window. He seems to be able to see the risingwater vapor, showing how hot the weather is.

"Old Gao, help me to invite everyoneto drink water." Lin Yu Tong remembered that he saw a supermarket on theway, almost three hundred meters away from here.

Gao Wen Liang thought it would be fine. Whoknows that when he was going to call and tell people outside, his cell phoneactually rang? After he answered it, he smiled and said to Lin Yu Tong:"It seems that it is not necessary, Li Jun is coming over."

Zhan Yi Fei asked, "What is hedoing?"

Gao Wen Liang said: "Sending coolstuffs."

Zhan, Yi Feiwas wondering now this season, is not sunnyor rainy, cool breeze blowing little cloudy without rain, so he just wanted toget people to build something for Lin Yu Tong to when signing starts. Amongthese things are the large umbrellas with the pictures of the"Ghosts", the mineral water of the same label, and the folding fan ofthe same name. A group of tall handsome guys wearing LOGO shirts with thespecial feature of "Ghosts" came over to install umbrellas, water,and folding fans. The readers were shocked and moved!

A reader can\'t help but send a message to afriend on the spot: You should come!There are surprises today! The sky is hot, but the boy prepares an umbrella tolet the readers rest in the shade, and also delivered water and folding fans!

When he finished, he heard a reader saying:"Well, I couldn\'t bear to leave to get a drink but now what about mythirst?!"

That reader couldn\'t help but open the lidand drink it. And then let out an exhale after a sip of water: "..."

Lin Yu Tong was still battling signing inthe room, and later Li Jun directly took the fan and the water into the house.Umbrellas are not needed, but everyone present today has souvenirs, which arelimited edition water bottles and limited edition folding fans.

The readers in the room have also heard thenews coming in from outside, but they are still happy when they hold things intheir hands. These folding fans were very beautiful. Some folding fans camewith the ink paintings, some with paintings in the drawing circle. One came witha man playing piano. It was really fluttering, as if he heard the reverberationbetween his fingers. There are also water bottles that look particularly good,and people are reluctant to drink the water inside.

Some readers who are close to each othersaid: "Boy, this fan is really beautiful, thank you."

LinYu Tong signed another book and said with a smile: "It’s the scene thatthe caller did, I hoped, you like it.”

He said that he took a fan from Li Jun andhanded it to him. Only then did he find that they looked the same as the onesgiven to the readers, but it was not the same. The characters on his fan areslightly different from those on the readers. Although the men under the plumtree are nn the piano, there is a man beside him, and the word Zhan Yi Fei iswritten next to it. - Hold the hand ofthe Boy, from the farm owner.

It’s good to line up the team, one pass toanother one, and the people outside will know it, that today these custom-madethings were sent by the owner. Everyone feels quite reasonable in theaccidental gain. After all, this is quite in line with the style of the owner.It can only be said that the readers of San Chai Boy are also lucky enough.

This signing will not accept the ticketmoney, as long as you buy a book you will be able to get a signature, butbecause there are many people, so a reader can only sign one book.

Lin Yu Tong asked, Gao Wen Liang, "Howmany people are there outside?"

Gao Wen Liang said: "There are morethan two thousand."

Lin Yu Tong has signed four hundred copies,but there are two thousand more, one can only say that his signing and thespeed of the reader arriving is almost the same.

At this time, the opposite reader left, andthe reader behind him stood opposite Lin Yu Tong. This was an old man, it seemsthat he is at least seventy years old, lean, gray hair, but eyes and eyes, legsand feet look very powerful. This should be the oldest reader to be presenttoday, if not one older comes?

Lin Yu Tong got up and said, "Thankyou for your support. Where do you want me to sign?"

The old man said, "Justsign here."

The skinny fingers pointed out the biggestblank space after the main seal. "Can I trouble you to write somemotivating words for me? I can\'t see a few big characters since I\'m an old man,so I didn\'t prepare in advance. I bought the book for my grandson. He likesyour book, the child is a good boy. If he didn\'t study hard, I hope I can make himlisten to the line you write and motivate him."

All around, it was followed the "噗哧" voices. When the old man justlined up, someone let him go forward and gave his space for him, but the oldman refused and kept following the row. Up to now, the people around him havebeen very impressed with him. Besides listening to this, they can’t help butfeel that this old man is too funny.

The old man is also very embarrassed, butfor the grandson he persevered.

Lin Yu Tong quickly thought about a fewinspiring words and wrote them carefully, and handed them to the father. "You should slow down on the longroad."

The old man said thank you, and was holdingthe book like a treasure and left.

Lin Yu Tong glanced and continued to buryhis head and sign.

Onthis day, thanks to Zhan Yi Fei, Lin Yu Tong signed a total of about 3,200copies. The last book signed left the wrist was numb. He even solved the mealissue on the spot. He expected to sign till 4 o\'clock in the afternoon. Afterthat, the result has been signing till 7 o\'clock in the evening, because manypeople have heard that he was here, there are non-stop horses coming around,otherwise it will not be so much signing today.

When Zhan Yi Fei came to pick him up, thesky was dark, but there were still many readers who did not leave. At first,these "lumberjacks" just wanted to watch the male god for a while.Later, they found that it was right thing to not go. This time not only didthey see San Chai Boy, but also seeing the owner!

Because the people who took photos in thecoffee shop did not publish the photos in the group, most people in the groupdid not know what the Forest Farmer Owner looked like, so no one dared to pointit. Until Lin Yu Tong came out of the building and went straight to Zhan YiFei, who was long and stupidly looking around then the "Lumberjacks"knew that today is indeed truly their luckday!

Withoutworrying about this being outside, Lin Yu Tong flew directly to Zhan Yi Fei. Heis really tired. However, it is obviously not the time now.

The readers who have not left surroundedthem and tried restraining the feeling of excitement and asking: "Boy, isthis the owner?"

Lin Yu Tong nodded and saw that the CPpowder that was deliberately coming to ask, smiled and replied: "Yes, heis the owner. Is he handsome than me?"

The little girl nodded and shook her head."All are handsome. Can I take a photo with you?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei Zhan YiFei said: "Yes, but the boy is too tired today, everyone will jointogether for one photo then I will take him back to rest."

Everyonesaid yes and quickly gathered and then took another photo with, then Lin YuTong said a few more words, and left Zhan Yi Fei amidst the screams of thereaders, which is a perfect ending for today\'s signing. Zhan Yi Fei tookadvantage of Lin Yu Tong\'s disregard and gave the reader a photo worth moment.

After getting in the car, Lin Yu Tong wason the seat of the car and said with incompetence: "I don\'t know why, Ifeel that there may be more people tomorrow."

Zhan Yi Fei sighed. "You don\'t want tosay it, I am now regretting it to death.”

His intention was to make Lin Yu Tonggarner more reputation, a reputation that got results, but also left him moretired. How could he think of so many people coming from a little corner?

Lin Yu Tong turned to look at Zhan Yi Fei."In fact, although it is a little tiring, it is also good, so the popularitywill be more prosperous. But you are really welcome, have not asked me thismaster to check the surrounding. "

Zhan Yi Fei stayed on the side to helprubbing his hand and asked:" Did you like it?"

Lin Yu Tong held the folding fan with a smile:“I liked it”

Zhan Yi Fei hugged Lin Yu Tong, Lin Yu Tongsoon fell asleep in his arms. At this time, his mobile phone had a text coming.He took it out and saw that it was a friend request.