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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 ChongSheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter67: You win.

Since Zhan Hong Tu took another drug again,Zhan Yi Fei had a delay in getting the stock in the early June, and he tookcare of other things during this time. In the blink of an eye, on June 7th, heand Lin Yu Tong sent Lin Yu Fei to the examination room.

Outside the examination room, there aremore people than the students who were taking the exam. Lin Yu Fei took all thethings to be brought into the examination room from the bag and confirmed thatthere was nothing lost. He said to Lin Yu Tong: "Brother, you and BrotherYi Fei go back first, or go anywhere to go, just don’t stay around here, anywaygo anywhere, just come back at noon."

Lin Yu Tong patted Lin Yu Fei\'s shoulder."Well, we will look for you. You don\'t have any pressure, go."

Lin Yu Fei nodded and walked for a whileand then turned and ran back. "Brother Yi Fei, can I hold your hand? I needto borrow your good brain!"

Zhan Yi Fei laughed. After shaking it, LinYu Tong ran to the examination room. They didn\'t see it until he returned tothe car with Lin Yu Tong.

According to Lin Yu Fei\'s originalintention, even if he doesn\'t come home, he doesn\'t feel anything. Anyway, it\'sso big, what can be done? However, Lin Yu Tong didn\'t think so. He didn\'t wantto bring a communication device when he went to the exam. If there is nothinggoing wrong or an incident, there is no such thing as a calm hot day. Theheatstroke or the example of nervousness is not so far away. So he didn\'t wantto leave Lin Yu Tong when he came.

Zhan Yi Fei knew about Lin Yu Tong\'s temperance, andhe didn\'t say anything. He just let him drive the RV and find a place wherethere is less personal flow. Then he changed his car with Lin Yu Tong, put somelight music, and studied a topic that was particularly nutritious – what to eatat noon?

The rest time at noon was quite sufficient,but if they go to a far place to eat and come back, there is basically nomore time left, so Zhan Yi Fei has already thought about it, HW called someoneto bring lunch, theyate and stayed inthe RV. After eating, Lin Yu Fei can sleep if he wants to sleep.

"Give your little brother in law someluck, Little Fei is also lucky." Lin Yu Tong laughed after setting thedishes.

Everything is taken into consideration, whichis no different from the kissable-Big Brother, and even more reliable than hiskissable-Big Brother.

Zhan Yi Fei coughed softly. "If youknow the reason, you will definitely want to kill me."

Lin Yu Tong thought for a while, "Isn\'tit a case of loving the house and its crows? What is the reason other than that?"

[1] Love the house and itscrows… it’s a similar to a saying if you love the rose learn to love the thornstoo

Zhan Yi Fei was not very embarrassed to say,love house and it’s crows, but mainly because he doesn’t have anyone who isplaced above Lin Yu Tong, so he has done all that he could do for Lin Yu Tong,so Lin Yu Tong will only be good to him alone.

Lin Yu Tonghad looked at Zhan Yi Fei carefullyfor a while. He seemed to understand what was coming. He smiled and pulled ZhanYi Fei’s ear. "I also said that I am like a child. Are you not like a bigchild?"

Zhan Yi Fei got up. He took a mango puddingand gave it to Lin Yu Tong. "Will you be moaning and gasping in the armsof this big child?"

Lin Yu Tong directly blocked Zhan Yi Fei’s mouthwith the pudding, and he got closer, some closer, almost to the tip of the nosewas against the tip of Lin Yu Tong the nose, he lowered his voice. "If thebig child is you, I will."

Zhan Yi Fei\'s ears instantly reddened, andthe heartbeat also missed a beat. As a result, when he wanted to do something,Lin Yu Tong quickly pulled back and took a spoonful of pudding and stuck itinto his mouth. It is clear that Lin Yu Tong\'s eating is quite casual, but ZhanYi Fei thinks that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, seeing the beauty thatno one else can see. This made him think of Lin Yu Fei\'s hospitalization. Heand Lin Yu Tong were in this same RV...

Lin Yu Tong took a small spoon and slappedit in Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand. "Clear your head off of any of that thought!"

Zhan Yi Fei\'s smile so hurting and hecaressed him. "Do you know what I am thinking?"

Lin Yu Tong bit his spoon. "Can mylittle tadpole finds it’s baba?"


Lin Yu Tong pretended to say, "What isthat?" "

Zhan, Yi Fei:" thinking...... theyellow orioles humming in sync and the green jade willows singing with the egretin the clear blue sky. "

"Why don’t you add a bunch of egrets in thehumming...?” Lin Yu Tong suddenly stopped and said." you says \'egrets\' isthat you are trying to make me imitate an egret?”

Zhan Yi Fei said with a red heart: “No.”

Lin Yu Tong: “...”

Zhan Yi Fei threw away the pudding box andtook the spoon from Lin Yu Tong\'s hand, he bent over and gently rubbed his lipson Lin Yu Tong\'s lips.

Lin Yu Tong was also hot and it showed withhis ears. However, he did not respond, but lowered his head to turn hisschedule, and in the mind, he rationalized the plot he would write in the nextstory. After a long time, he whispered a sentence: "Little Fei is full ofevil."

ZhanYi Fei heard it, he laughed and said nothing, and he took the travel notes fromthe bookshelf. It seemed that he wanted to calm down some of his desires.

Lin Yu Tong glanced up at him with a smileon his lips that he had never noticed.

The atmosphere in the whole car is warm andromantic, and it is quite contrasting with Zhan Hong Tu place.

These days, Zhan Hong Tu has been trying tofind the kind of "health products" that he had eaten before, butthere has been none as a result.

In Zhan Hong Tu\'s eyes, nothing can\'t bebought with money, so at first he was not too anxious. But after sending peopleto secretly contact several drug-selling people he still didn\'t get what hewanted, he began to panic. At least Zhan Yi Ning has a sample left for people tosee, but she doesn\'t even have samples, so no one knows what he sucked. He tookthe mentality of trying and sucked through several different drugs, but none ofthe drugs made him much better. He still has the same pain in his body. If hewears a heart, he will still be weak.

You would imagine this, what if when youhave money it means you can what you want, how much frustrating it feels whenyou can find the thing you want to buy but don’t even know where to start. ZhanHong Tu hated Zhan Yi Ning even more deeply. How much he loved this daughterbefore, now he has a lot of hate for her, and even with Wang Bing Yan, he has akind of unclear emotion. He always felt that if she was not the girl, he wouldnot become like this today.

Drug users will change as the time ofsmoking increases, especially in the spirit, but it takes a long time. Thepoison that Zhan Hong Tu sucked is not the same as that on most black markets.It is not only addictive but also has a lot of negative effects. Zhan Hong Tu\'sfamily is now like a small psychiatric hospital. Zhan Hong Tu is like amulti-psychotic patient, Wang Bing Yan is like a depression patient, and ZhanYi Ning is like a paralyzed paranoid.

Wang Bing Yan is a bitter link between ZhanHong Tu and Zhan Yi Ning, because Zhan Hong Tu has a violent tendency, and hedoesn’t sleep very much every day. Every time he sees Zhan Yi Ning, he will bechasing her to fight, and Zhan Yi Ning is somewhat suspicious. She felt thatZhan Hong Tu wanted to kill her. Wang Bing Yan persevered from it every day,but that caused Zhan Hong Tu\'s temper to rise more and more, sometimes he wouldbe hitting her directly, and finally she was injured in the whole body, butnothing else changed.

Now the servants are basically gone, onlyone was left. Wang Bing Yan is afraid that this one will go away too. She alsoadded money to her. She thought that this person could help her clean up thehouse at least, and cook the meal. She is now considering sending Zhan Hong Tuand Zhan Yi Ning to compulsory detoxification.

In the past two days, Zhan Hong Tu did notknow where he learnt that methadone could alleviate the withdrawal reaction,and he spent some money purchasing it, hoping to simmer the crave, but afterdrinking it and felt that it was not as good as he expected, which made himvery annoyed. When he saw the mess at home, he still had no one to clean up.Wang Bing Yan was useless, and then he asked her to find two servants.

One of the two new servants is Zhao Shu.Every day after watching Zhan Hong Tu, Zhao Shu will make a phone call, butZhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan have not found about it.

After two more days, Lin Yu Fei tried tofinish the test here. After a long time of mind exhaustion, he was able torest. He went to visit Lin Yu Lan after the test. Just as Lin Yu Lan is goingto have a holiday. Lin Yu Fei planned to play for a few days with her sister,and wait for her sister school to finish and she can take a semester breakand come back together with her.

Lin Yu Tong gave the money and sent him tothe airport all the way, and then returned home without stopping. He will beopen a signing sale soon. This is a half-month signing ceremony. He has a lotof time to get on the road. After that, he will sign on the day and rest atnight. It is estimated that there will not be much time for writing so hedecided to take a few more points and go out.

Zhan Yi Fei had already started to rest onthe 9th, but there are still many things in the company that need him to solve,so he said that he did not break.

Lin Yu Tong knew that he was busy, but hedidn\'t have any opinions. In the rare times that the bed activities in theevening were suspended. He simply had more time writing. In five days, he had atotal of 250,000 words. Zhan Yi Fei looked at his hand for a while and didn\'tspeak. He looked at him as if he saw an alien.

“What\'s wrong?” Lin Yu Tong looked down anddidn\'t see anything special.

"You write like this. After a longtime, your fingers and wrists will definitely hurt. After that novel, writeless every day." Zhan Yi Fei grabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and kneaded itwith a slight disapproval. "Let it just be a hobby, do you want it tobecome a professional?"

“Not at the moment. When I finish writingabout ten books, I will write less when I get to that point. I know that it\'shurting me, but now I am still young. If you don\'t stay up late, as long as youhave proper activities, you won\'t have any problems."

As long as he develops, normally, writinghis ten books in this field is completely different from the present. He can befree at any time, even if he only updates three times a day. Thousands of wordscan also be used, then will the whole time be saved.

"Well... It seems that all I can do isto help you massage your fingers."

"Thank you." Lin Yu Tong saidthat he had handed it out and asked for a massage. However, Zhan Yi Fei justlooked at it and then left it.

"Didn\'t you say that you can help memore?" Lin Yu Tong looked after Zhan Yi Fei in the bathroom. "Hey!Don\'t be stupid!"

"I didn\'t pretend, I will help you ina while!" Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice from the bathroom.

Lin Yu Tong looked at his hand for a while,he lay it down and did a few grips and let go, then he went to Zhan Yi Fei tofind a set of pajamas, waiting for Zhan Yi Fei to come out and wear.

After Zhan Yi Fei came out, he ignored thepajamas directly, and then he began to help Lin Yu Tong "massage thefingers" in his own way.

Lin Yu Tong silently looked at Zhan Yi Fei,who was pumping his body vigorously and clasped his hand with his fingers andkept gripping them. "I don\'t lie to me if I write less. This is yours soalso called \'massage fingers\'?!"

Zhan Yi Fei said bluntly: "Yeah, youthink I didn\'t feel that you couldn\'t help but hold my hand as soon as Ispeeded up? You will relax your grip with a little when I slow down. It\'s tightand loose like this. I want to be able to play an active role in massage.”

Lin Yu Tong: “... you win.”