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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 ChongSheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 66: Jade Dolls

Compared to the warm atmosphere in Zhan YiFei bedroom, Zhan Hong Tu bedroom can be said to be a sword and knife battle.After Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning went out, the two women began to persuadeeach other, when the daughter’s mother asked her to be hard hearted, and when she told herdaughter that she could not be like that, she was a family, how could shereally go to the fire pit and push her down?

Since Zhan Hong Tu has already achievedinitial results in drug rehabilitation, that should be supported as a familymember, rather than letting him fall into poison again.

The mother spent a long time convincing her,Zhan Yi Ning compromised, and promised to observe for another two days to seeZhan Hong Tu’s reaction in the past two days. If he really came out of the drugaddiction, then as long as her pocket money is enough, she can try it

Wang Bing Yan exhaled hard. It’s hard topraise Zhan Yi Ning in such a day, but she never thought of it. When she camehome, she would see such a situation. When the servant at home saw her, they were hiding their faces, and some even had sympathy. She didn\'t see Zhan HongTu, but she heard a strange laugh. This laughter like a silver bell shouldbelong to a young girl. It just leaves the essence of this sound. Afterlistening for a long time, she felt that something is wrong.

“Is there a guest at home?” Wang Bing Yan’sface was not very good.

"Yes, there is a guest, Sir calledher." After the maid answered, she carefully looked at Wang Bing Yan.

Wang Bing Yan instantly understood what wasgoing on. After she hurriedly went upstairs, she pushed open the bedroom doorand saw Zhan Hong Tu holding a naked young girl in her arms and pushing forwardon her!

“Zhan Hong Tu!” Wang Bing Yan suddenlythrew her bag to the man who was naked in the bed. “You, what are you doing!”

"Get out of here!" Zhan Hong Tuturned his head and glanced at her. Not only did he look ruddy, but his eyeswere red! He did not stop his actions because his wife found him in the middleof committing an adultery. Wang Bing Yan\'s appearance was like a stimulantstuck on him making him even crazier.

"Are you still a person?" WangBing Yan pushed Zhan Hong Tu away and tore the woman from the bed. Zhan Hong Tuwas crazy in the head, how he can be so wild, he used to have a lot of energyat the moment, after he saw Wang Bing Yan he wanted for her fall to the ground,let her wait aside and then he wanted to take off her clothes and make her playwith them.

Wang Bing Yan listened to his words andresisted the feeling of vomiting. She watched Zhan Hong Tu enter theprovocative young girl on the bed again, but what made her chilling was thatshe just called the girl. Her daughter actually stood at the door and smiled,and there was no intention to help.

She suddenly remembered, not long ago, shesaid that being loved by the man from The Zhan Family is indeed a blessing. Atthat time, she did not expect that the feelings of more than 20 years that wasfilled with sereneness was actually destroyed because of drug addiction.

Wang Bing Yan slammed up and grabbed ZhanYi Ning, who was standing at the door watching the live sex movie. "Didn\'tyou say that you have hidden these things?! What the hell is going on?"

ZhanHong Tu\'s current appearance is obviously because he ate the "healthproducts" brought by Zhan Yi Ning! She has seen it many times and how canshe not see it!

Zhan Yi Ning also reacted with that. Shealso thought that if she didn\'t have the "health products" in herhand, she was afraid that Zhan Hong Tu would have difficulty transferring thestock, so she ran back to the house. When she flipped the jewelry box out andfound the jewel ball. Was there any shadow of the pill inside?!

But soon, Zhan Yi Ning madness wad followedwith a laughter. She didn\'t want to let Zhan Hong Tu get rid of it. This is thebest, Zhan Hong Tu has been so hard to taste some sweetness for a few days, andcertainly can\'t extricate himself. Anyway, only she knows where to buy it, andZhan Hong Tu will finally go asking her for more.

“Did you find it?” Wang Bing Yan walkedover with a blank face and asked Zhan Yi Ning this

"No, definitely he stole." ZhanYi Ning did not have a care in the world as she said that, "Anyway, aslong as there is money we can get more, this is not a problem this is also verygood, it will help you save your soft-heartedness. You are not soft-hearted,right?"

"Who is to be blamed for that?!!” Wang Bing Yan looked at herdaughter wickedly. “If it wasn’t for you, how could your father become likethis!”

“Why? Didn’t you say that he can holdhimself against using it? If he really wants to and was too uncomfortable todie he would have called you to screw! Why didn\'t he call you and gone to finda young girl to screw?"

"You, you are a strong word!" Wang Bing Yan finished, her eyesinadvertently fell to Zhan Yi Ning\'s tennis racquet, and she took the racketand went back to her bedroom, and beat a pair of dogs and men on the bed.

Zhan Hong Tu was at a critical moment. Onceagain, he was interrupted by Wang Bing Yan. This time, he was not as calm as itwas last time. He slapped Wang Bing Yan and completely silenced her. It’s timeto stop, and that’s what it’s going on. It’s good to have taken medicine. Ifyou don’t channel that anger, you won’t be weak.

Wang Bing Yan was forced to listen to thelive erotic scene for a long time, her face was burning hot, and her mind wasgoing crazy, but in this way, the determination to get the stock in Zhan HongTu\'s hands was even more determined. She walked out and made Zhan Yi Ning callto buy some things that Zhan Hong Tu needed.

Zhan Yi Ning said, "This isright," and dialed a phone number.

What is real? Only the money and property rightsin your own hands are real, what else can be reliable! Ye Han Ying used to begood to her. Can you see that The Zhan Financial Group is not in her hands, didn’the become different?

The phone call by Zhan Yi Ning was to amiddleman. He himself is not selling drugs, but can find the source of supply.Zhan Yi Ning used to look for this person, and then said a demand, so the otherparty will tell him the location and amount for the transaction, she just needsto take the money to go to the place on time.

However, this time the other party did notanswer the phone, Zhan Yi Ning call was not picked up twice, and then on thethird time the other party directly shut down. In a hurry, she quickly openedthe chat software and wanted to ask those ice friends in the group. However,this time, she couldn\'t even open the group because she received a chat textprompt telling her when she was offline, she was expelled from the group. Shedoesn\'t have the contact number of the other party. She used to be in thegroup. What should she do?! Don\'t say that "health products" can\'t bebought, even her own spiritual food may be out of stock!

Zhan Yi Ning suddenly ran out and got onthe bus and went to the residential area where Wang Bing Yan discovered herdrug use, but she still couldn\'t find anyone. The household has been changedhomeowner. The middle-aged woman in the neighbor\'s house was talking and laughingwith the new homeowner on the stairway. She can\'t wait to let the firecrackersburn to celebrate the removal of the addict.

After Wang Bing Yan knew this, some halfpart of her felt she was lucky, fortunate, if Zhan Yi Ning has been unable tobuy the goods for a while, and maybe she can really quit this addiction, butmore is anxiety. If she can\'t control Zhan Hong Tu, how can she trade with ZhanYi Fei?

Zhan Yi Fei has no fear of Wang Bing Yan atall. After knowing a series of things happening on Zhan Hong Tu, he just saidwith a blank expression, "Retribution."

How did Wang Bing Yan bully his mother?Compared to his mother suffering, this pain is nothing at all.

"Fortunately, this is just thebeginning. At the moment, all the people who have been involved with Zhan YiNing have withdrawn. Zhan Yi Ning is now a big man with loads of cash and can\'tbuy what she wants."

Gao Wen Liang put Zhuang Hai results and effortswere reported to him to Zhan Yi Fei, and he said, "Yes, Zhuang Yong willgo to jail. Zhuang Hai found some relationship, that is, he is going to let himlearn to be better in the inside."

Gao Wen Liang only inserted a spy aroundZhuang Hai. After all, Zhuang Yong hit Little Fei, and the kid also ate a bigloss. He is worried that Zhuang Hai will fight back later.

"Little Fei told me that he will go tothe army when the college entrance examination performance is not good. If hereally becomes a soldier, it is estimated that Zhuang Hai will not go look forh afterwards." Lin Yu Tong said this and thought of Gao Wen Liang.

When Zhan Hong Ying came out with one hand,she asked him, "Do you think Little Fei is reliable?"

"Not reliable." Gao Wen Lianglooked at him with a sly look. "Your brother is so handsome. Goodpersonality, if he goes to the place where gayness is so concentrated, he willdefinitely be swallowed up soon. Maybe six months will be able to get yourselfbrother-in-law (?) Or something. "

"You think he is handsome?" XiangJun has always been stiff expression and that had become more rigid, stiff and alittle bit sour.

“Not handsome?” Gao Wen Liang asked with asmile.

"Handy?" Xiang Jun stretched aface, and you dare to say a "handsome" character, I want you to lookgood.

Gao Wen Liang then shut up and took XiangJun\'s collar back to the house. Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei watched for a whileand they smiled at each other. "It\'s really a thing to drop at the wrongtime."

Two people walked in the garden, and ZhanYi Fei suddenly took out a box and put it in Lin Yu Tong’s hands. Lin Yu Tongdidn\'t see it because of the wrapping, but the touch was very hard and smooth,about two as large as table tennis.

“What is it?” Lin Yu Tong wanted to see,but Zhan Yi Fei didn’t let him, so he was particularly curious.

"Isn\'t it a holiday today? That’s agift for you." After Zhan Yi Fei said this he held his hand and lettingLin Yu Tong reveal an impeccable white jade doll.

"But today is Children\'s Day, whywould you give me a gift?" Lin Yu Tong saw that the doll was very delicateand he liked, but it was also a little laughter.

"It\'s as what you said. You can be loved like a child. It\'s asacred thing." Zhan Yi Fei pulled Lin Yu Tong and they walked for a while,and he made Lin Yu Tong sit on a rattan swing in the garden. Then, he gentlypushed, and he said: "I don\'t know if it’s because you are still young,but your eyes and smiles are very pure, very kind, just like the little jadedoll in your hand. This smile affects me deeply, so I always want to rememberthat. But there will be a day when I am old. If I can\'t remember it later, Ihave to send you this one jade doll first. If I can’t remember it, I can takethe little doll and look at it, and then I will remember how cute my LittleTong was back then.” Zhan Yi Fei pushed it hard and Lin Yu Tong was swayed swinging.

The floral fragrance of the gardensurrounded them, as if they really returned to a carefree childhood.

[1] Okay, that was just bloodyromantic...