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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生金色婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 65: Gossip

There is a bit of Zhan Yi Fei\'s guessing that was right. Wang Bing Yan really wanted to take Zhan Yi Ning\'s “health products” to control and force Zhan Hong Tu to transfer the shares to her. Although there are only two tablet’s left in this "health care product", she feels that as long as he has a good time, it should be no problem.

Zhan Hong Tu has been in a daze in these days. Since Zhan Yi Ning was detained, he lived on the original product in his hand, and never thought that this thing should be bought without money, so he was constraining himself to use one every day. He didn’t fall in a day, so that when Zhan Yi Ning came out of the detention center, he had not met his spiritual food for a week. He had “evolved” from the beginning of powerlessness and angry temperament, and now he was paranoid and suspicious. Wang Bing Yan is the biggest and the strongly suspected.

The cups and dishes in the house don\'t know how many pieces were broken. A good meal often and he would only eat a few mouths and the table becomes a battlefield.

This morning, after the servant served the food a servant whispered to Wang Bing Yan and said, "Mrs.Bing, I am going to quit this month, I will not continue working here. You can find someone else."

Wang Bing Yan, who had a slap in the face and listened to the big bang on the spot. "There are two days left in this month! Is your brain in the water? You came to tell me now? if you go all of a sudden where do I go to look for the right person! I tell you, you cannot do it! You either work for me till I find it people, or you get out now! This month\'s wages will not be paid! "

The servant was used to the temper of Mrs. Bing, and she was very quiet on weekdays. She was timid and said few words, so Wang Bing Yan used to threaten her. Now that she saw that Wang Bing Yan was like a ghost, and she didn\'t dare to reply back and silently turned away.

Wang Bing Yan was not a bit mad, but her face changed her in a flash, because she heard footsteps and knew someone went downstairs.

Zhan Yi Ning has heard Wang Bing Yan screaming, but she acted like she didn\'t hear, she didn\'t scold her. She wore a pair of red gauze hot pants and a short white halter top with the same material. The entire waist was exposed and the navel was not covered. In fact, she used to wear it like this. When Wang Bing Yan didn\'t feel anything, she could see Zhan Yi Ning and a group of men... After that, how she now sees that Zhan Yi Ning has a feeling of inferiority.

Wang Bing Yan hides her unhappiness and whispers: "Is there something you brought with you?"

Zhan Yi Ning sat down at the table and played with her nails. The chopsticks she took went to the plate and poked and stir the food. She had no appetite. She poked for a long time and left the chopsticks aside, and asked impatiently: "Do you have any confidence? Don\'t be fooled by the old man, you can\'t get a penny. I told you that the stuff was very expensive to get. "

Wang Yan Bing feared of being heard by Zhan Hong Tu, and quickly, pulling her to the corner," You have to try it anyway, do you want your dad to go out looking for someone to give up his own money to buy the thing? In that case we were going to be poor. If you don\'t do well in the future, you are going to have to drink the northwest wind (get nothing)!"

Zhan Yi Ning pulled her mouth and said, "When you want to buy it, you think you can buy it? There is no way to do it without money. It\'s useless. But you are right, the money is still safe in your own hands. I can put things I am giving you, but after you\'ve done it, you scored half of me.”

Wang Bing Yan didn\'t think Zhan Yi Ning actually had a big lion, and she squinted at the moment. “What did you say?”

“Did you hear it? You get the product and half is for me.” Zhan Yi Ning raised her eyebrows and sneered. “Why, are you not happy?”

“...well, that will have to wait till you can get it.”

“There is nothing to say, we have to make a note for a while.”

“Also you have to go to the hospital with me first, the child has to be gotten rid of it as soon as possible."

Whose father you do not know, what do you want to do with it?

"Won\'t abort it! This is my shield because with him, I don\'t have to worry about being detained in jail for a while, I can\'t afford to pay for bail, and they father won\'t want it yet." Zhan Yi Ning touched her stomach gently, "In short, the child\'s business doesn\'t need you to nose in it, and I will look after it myself."


Wang Bing Yan almost gasped in the past, a sulking anger stuck her in the chest and made her breath come with difficulties, but she still hasn\'t died.... It is not good to anger the one person who can get the medicines, and it is not good to go against what Zhan Yi Ning is doing.

As she was wondering what to do, Zhan Hong Tu came down.

Wang Bing Yan was as tight as a needle, and she was afraid that the father and the daughter would fight again. She quietly gave Zhan Yi Ning a look and motioned her to leave.

Zhan Yi Ning chose to fake it. Not only did she not leave, but she sat down at the table. She tilted her legs and poured a glass of water.

Wang Bing Yan stared at the expression on Zhan Hong Tu and was ready to rush to the shelf. However, the expected roar did not came. Zhan Hong Tu and Zhan Yi Ning said to Zhan Yi Ning: "Ning Ning, is the money in hand enough to buy it?"

Zhan Yi Ning would not know where Zhan Hong Tu wants to turn this issue to ask her for "medicine", but she would not let go of the opportunity to come to the money. She said leisurely: "No, how do you want to give me some dad?"

Zhan Hong Tu said: "What is this? No? I am your dad, it’s not a matter of righteousness to give you money? Say Wang Bing Yan, give Zhan Yi Ning a check for 500,000 yuan, you seem like you have recently lost weight, this dress doesn\'t fit well, go shopping with your mom, buy a few new clothes to wear. Not enough to talk to Dad.”

Zhan Yi Ning saw that he didn’t mention “health products”, she put her suspicion down and put it up,“Thank you. Dad.”

Wang Bing Yan looked at Zhan Hong Tu in surprise. “Hong Tu, how are you, how are you today?”

Zhan Hong Tu sighed and said,“Yes, it’s too much to feel a little bit a few days ago. After a few days of hard work, if you have nothing during the day, go out with Ningning, or distract yourself."

Wang Bing Yan almost cried, "Well, you, you are going to eat that thing."

Zhan Hong Tu smiled and covered his face with a cold light when she looked down.

After dinner, Wang Bing Yan really took Zhan Yi Ning out. She thought that after Zhan Yi Ning would not lock the door again on negotiations, there would be more opportunities for persuasion on what Zhan Yi Ning was thinking, and Zhan Hong Tu really would slowly recover after all, the drugs used is different, she does not dare to say whether it is different from her reaction, so she thinks that her plan may have to be advanced.

At this time, Zhan Hong Tu, was like a madman, he began to look up and search everything. He called all the servants and asked if they saw Zhan Yi Ning hiding things in the room.

No one has seen it, and he went to Zhan Yi Ning room to search very carefully. However, Zhan Hong Tu did not believe this evil, because in the days when Zhan Yi Ning was detained, he had sneaked over Zhan Yi Ning’s bedroom. Although he did not find it at the time, he later saw Zhan Yi Ning’s bag. There was none inside, that is to say he still did not find it.

If it weren\'t for the overthrowing of Zhan Yi Ning and Wang Bing Yan, Zhan Hong Tu might have thought that there was no stock at home, but he was told by him. He knew that there must be a home!

The second floor was searched, and there was no result. Zhan Hong Tu made people look for it on the first floor. Don’t let go they searched every corner.

There were a total of six servants in the family. This time almost all were concentrated to find things, and there is basically no one on the second floor.

At this time, the window of Zhan Yi Ning\'s bedroom was gently pulled open and a figure flashed into the room. The figure entered Zhan Yi Ning\'s bedroom and went straight to the jewelry box. He opened the box and picked up the chain accurately. The pendant on the chain is large and there was a gem colored ball. He opened the ball and took out two "health products" in transparent zip lock bags. He collected the things and escaped through the windows lightly.

Zhan Hong Tu was still looking for someone, looking for an hour has no results, his hand began to shake uncontrollably. But when he suspected that this time was still busy, someone suddenly shouted, "Found it! Sir, do you think this is this?"

Zhan Hong Tu took over and determined that it was something he wanted, and he was busy into the mouth, "Is there more still?"

The servant said he found one. Zhan Hong Tu was disappointed, but still praised him, even rewarded something, and warned everyone not to say what went on today.

At this time, the sun was shining, Lin Yu Tong was holding a cup of yogurt in the yard, and from time to time on he typed on the keyboard. The group was talking about himself and Zhan Yi Fei\'s affairs, and by the way, they were asking if they can contact the related people and find a city to participate in the signing ceremony.

Thanks to Yuzheng word of mouth and a signed copy as proof, there are more people who want to see him now. Some even ask Zhan Yi Fei to go to the event.

Lumberjack nameless: If the owner leaves, I will...

Lumberjack present: What will you do?

Lumberjack nameless: I will buy two! One person will get the other one signed for me!

San Chai Boy: Then I am destined to sell less than one / crying, my family is too busy, I guess I will send myself out the signing venue if its too much.

Lumberjack ABCDE: We can block you at the venue!

San Chai Boy: Hahaha, this is a bit difficult.

If Zhan Yi Fei really wants to leave the place, where can anyone block him? Unless Zhan Hong Ying is still around.

The signing will be the first time event in the local area for two days, followed by S City, G City, C City, W City, a total of five cities, all running down for about half a month, and the starting date is in June mid-term.

Lumberjack Jinchen: Handsome Tong, the High Third Party pays tribute to you, those parties must wait for me!

Lumberjack Xiaohai: Do you want to add more during the college entrance examination?

San Chai Boy: The owner said that he would not add more, I will update normally, add more after the college entrance examination, and update the amount.

Lin Yu Tong just finished playing this group of words, someone said: "Young Lin, Master Yu Fei is coming."

Lin Yu Fei carried a school bag, holding a small bag in his hand, came to Lin Yu Tong table and dumped it on the table "Brother, come here, sign my classmates, sign and make it special, this is a hardcore fan who wants to get your blessing."

Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t count much, there are notebooks. Cards, plus about a dozen together, there is a bag of candy and a bag of peanut cake, also sent by readers. He put the food on the side, the card and the notepad were taken over and signed, each with a different greeting, and signed to Lin Yu Fei. "How is it? What is the pressure?"

Lin Yu Fei also wants to take the college entrance examination. This has not come to live for a while. He sat down and heard the words. "Alright, it’s normal, who gives me a good life, I have such a local brother, I can’t let go starving. But brother, I really have a problem and want to trouble you with."

Lin Yu Tong "Well? What trouble is it, and how is it so polite with the brother?"

Lin Yu Fei sneered, "I thought, if I can\'t get to my ideal school, I will go to the army can you connect me to Hong Ying."

“Well, if my parents don\'t object, I will help you. But if you can, try your best in the exams." Otherwise, you really want to be a soldier, and my parents will remember every day."

Lin Yu Fei nodded and went to find a quiet place to study, Lin Yu Tong felt that the wind was blowing, and he closed the notebook and went to sleep. Who knows that Da Kuan walked over with his tail and held a candy wrapper with one paw!


"Wang it is useless, go look for your mother!" Lin Yu Tong picked up the candy wrapper, he did not give it to Da Kuan. Da Kuan refused to give up, the dog followed behind Lin Yu Tong and went to the bag in Lin Yu Tong\'s hand.

"Da Kuan, come over! Don\'t ask your Aunt Yu Tong for candy!" Gao Wen Liang shouted in the distance, and Lin Yu Tong, a good choice on the stairs, turned his head and said nothing, Gao Wen Liang, "What did you call me?”

“Da Kuan has to call Yi Fei, Uncle Yi Fei, then you are Aunt Yu Tong, there was a kid who did that I am a mother!”

“Don’t you say that Brother Xiang is its shit? Then you are the mother."

"Oh, I said that you are still going!" Gao Wen Liang patted Da Kuan\'s head. "Right, where are you going?"

"Sleepy, want to sleep with me?"

"There are gossips, didn\'t you hear?" Gao Wen Liang sat in the pavilion, saw Lin Yu Tong was coming over, he lowered his voice, and whispered to Lin Yu Tong. After seeing Lin Yu Tong, he was a little mad and asked, "What\'s the gossip?"

"Nothing." Lin Yu Tong smiled and turned to say something else. After Gao Wen Liang left, his smile gradually converges and becomes more and more silent.

Since the wedding, every time Zhan Yi Fei came back from work, Lin Yu Tong always w, and then went back to the houaited for him at the gate and the two went to eat together, but today Zhan Yi Fei came back but he did not see Lin. Yu Tong. He couldn\'t help but worry about it. He quickly rushed back to the house, only to find that Lin Yu Tong was sitting dazed in front of the computer.

Zhan Yi Fei entered the house, Lin Yu Tong did not notice, the screen in the computer was dark, the screen saver danced around. He saw Zhan Yi Fei above, and gently rubbed his face with Zhan Yi Fei\'s face on the screen for a while. Zhan Yi Fei felt funny, he walked over and grabbed Lin Yu Tong from behind. "What are you thinking? You didn\'t come out to pick me up today. I\'m sad."

Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand and kissed it gently. "Are you that sad to use such a pleasant tone? Should\'nt I be sad?"

"What?" Zhan Yi Fei wraps around and leans on Lin Yu Tong\'s desk. "Are you okay?"

"No, just thinking about the storyline. Yes, you said that you wanted to rest for a few days before going out this morning. It\'s all about a wedding break. Is there a holiday in plan?"

"Yes, but I have to wait a few more days."

"There is no such thing, two people are together, wherever they are honeymooning resorts. It is a pity that someone is in need, and they are busy all the time in the year, but they have no marriage leave."

"All said this can arranged, and you said no hurry?”

Zhan Yi Fei bent over and kissed Lin Yu Tong’s lips and whispered,“Wang Bing Yan is unlikely to get the stock from Zhan Hong Tu, but Zhan Hong Tu took it for the \'sugar’. The possibility of getting the whole thing is very big. Just wait these few days till this matter has been settled. After that, Little Fei is not going to take the exam. After he finished the exam, I will take you out for a few days and come back to prepare for the signing ceremony."

"Would you like to go to the signing ceremony?"

"I have not done enough. But I must let you feel my heart."

Lin Yu Tong was about to have a birthday, and it\'s the first birthday after them getting together, he must pay attention.