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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 63: San Chai Boys Photographs

There is a total of nine different groups for Lin Yu Tong\'s fans which add up to 2,000 people, but there is only one Forest Farmer. So, Zhan Yi Fei became followed unintentional. Everyone knows that as long as the owner says that he can add more, San Chai Boy will add more chapters the next day.

Lin Yu Tong also later learned that Zhan Yi Fei secretly mixed into his readership. He is not too busy, so he rarely shows up in the group. He still saw a reader commenting on the text that the Forest farm owner is too powerful. He asked who the owner is, and then he knows that Zhan Yi Fei is one of his readers. He was mixed into his group, and it was actually the legendary "rewarding man."

Anyway, everyone knows now, Drunk In The Forest is his other half.

There is no one who swore the sovereignty to the second yuan, but Lin Yu Tong himself has admitted that he likes Zhan Yi Fei, who has a strong desire for him.

In order to express gratitude, Lin Yu Tong made a decision. Normally, he was updating 5,000 words every day, and he will add up to 10,000 on holidays, and now he has directly added this right to Zhan Yi Fei\'s 5,000 words a day as a fixed update, but if Zhan Yi Fei is happy, he can add more and more. In the case where the deposit box allows for more comments, he typed more than 10,000 words a day.

Zhan Yi Fei is also busy, but Lin Yu Tong’s mind is of course he wants to appreciate, and he likes this feeling of trust, so when the loggers are anxious, he will add more chapters and then harvest a lot of blessings.

There are countless lumberjacks, and there are many people who are fine with me. These people have already seen it. Drunk In The Forest is nothing short of a blessing, especially he likes to be blessed in his relationship with San Chai Boy. He also knows that it must be because they see this point is particularly heavy, so it will be like this.

The marriage was on May the 20ththis also shows that the big problem is not it?

Because Lin Yu Tong didn\'t deliberately conceal it, everyone knows that his other half is a man. Although some readers don\'t like this thing very much, as long as they get to read the text and the characters, so most readers still hold the blessing mentality. On several occasions, readers asked The Amused Landlord to post two of San Chai Boy wedding photos, because The Amused Landlord said inadvertently: You are all grown men, you can rely on your face to ask him yourself and not rely on me and to Laozi this kind of people are the most annoying to him!

People who were not curious, when they heard The Amused Landlord say this, they couldn’t help but be curious, let alone be quietly curious.

Previously, everyone hoped that The Amused Landlord could upload two photos of San Chai Boy, but The Amused Landlord refused. After all, it was not a party, and it was not appropriate to send someone else\'s wedding photos. Most of the readers are adults. This is naturally understandable. It may be understood, but it can\'t stop their curiosity. So they caught the other half of the couple. Some people will think of photos again.

Lumberjack Fish: Da Ren, do not add more chapters tomorrow, or let us see what the boy looks like? We are all curious to death.

Lumberjack Brother Tian: Yes, some people say that our boy’s handsome star has to rely on one side look, is that really fake?

Lumberjack Meteor: Moving photos such as Little Pony!

Forest Farm Owner: Wait for me to ask him.

Lin Yu Tong was chewing a toffee while writing the chapters. He said that he did not care at all. "If you want to send it, you can send a photo. Anyway, there will always be people taking pictures."

Zhan Yi Fei took a long time going through the photos. He chose a full-length photo taken with Lin Yu Tong in the pavilion. This photo was taken in the past two days. Lin Yu Tong in the photo had tilted his legs and sat on the wooden chair. He was thinking about the plot, of a novel, but when he saw Zhan Yi Fei taking photos, he had a faint smile on his face. On that day, Lin Yu Tong wore simple jeans, a white shirt with a slightly open neckline. His fingers were slender and long, and they were casually placed on the armrests of the chair. The unrestrained look was like a red-crowned crane walking in nature, capturing the eyes of the human beings for a moment. Everyone seems to have noticed his temperament before they noticed his appearance.

Lumberjack Logger: I am going to die!

Lumberjack fish: My goodness, is he this young and handsome?!

Lumberjack friends: Diving for twenty-nine days, successfully bombed out = V =

Lumberjack Xiaoxing: I always thought that Young Master Chao said that there are also twenty-five. Can you look at it like this?

Lumberjack White: This is gonna make me not change the desktop wallpaper for three years..

Forest farm Owner: You are forbidden to set up a desktop wallpaper, prohibiting screens shots, thank you for your cooperation.

Lumberjack year after year: Hahaha ha-ha, the owner is jealous / LOL!

Lumberjack map: Only when I saw the boy’s photo, I started to get curious about the owner...

Lumbers separation: Tuh-tuh, you are not alone.

Lumberjack fish: You two are not alone!

Forest Farm Owner: Even if you are not human, I will not send them.

Lumbering Ningning: Why?

Forest Farm Owner: I am shy.

Lumberjack ABCDE:...

In fact, there is still work done, so Zhan Yi Fei puts the phone directly to the side.

Zhan Yi Fei can have today\'s achievements, is because his self-discipline is not natural, so the chat group what he visits at most eight minutes a day, and not every day.

The Amused Landlord said that the owner and the boy are very busy people in the real world, so the readers are used to their ghosts. It wasn’t even Zhan Yi Fei’s own thought that he didn’t send his photos and the results was he was still discovered.

On that day it happened to be the day when Zhan Yi Ning was going to be released.

Zhan Hong Tu, like Zhan Yi Fei, unexpectedly said that after the "health products" news broke, there were various negative reactions that he had never thought of before. At the beginning, Zhan Yi Ning was detained and on the fourth day. Zhan Hong Tu didn’t get to eat “health products”. He felt a special feeling of powerlessness. He spent all day screaming and doing nothing, even at night. There is no previous spirit in the face when looking at Wang Bing Yan. After eating "health products", he clearly had enough energy every day, but this day he felt powerless. But this time he did not associate this problem with "health products."

Then on the fifth day of Zhan Yi Ning\'s detention, Zhan Hong Tu got up with an obvious anger. When he got up early, because he slept very badly at night obviously he was uncomfortable. He had the feeling like there were tens of thousands of ants crawling on the body, itching, but he can\'t scratch them out.

Wang Bing Yan really didn\'t want to think her daughter too embarrassed, but she couldn\'t doubt it when she thought of her drug use.

"No, it wouldn\'t be a problem with the health products that Ningning brought to you?"

"What do you mean?" Zhan Hong Tu\'s face was blue, and then he thought of a certain possibility, and his heart was tight.

"Ningning got the health care products for you, your energy was much better than before. This is..." Wang Bing Yan bit his lip. "Would you like to buy the same box and send over like it?”

Zhan Hong Tu was also worried about physical problems, and he naturally agreed.

There was little money in the past few months, Zhan Hong Tu paid the high price, and the imported health products soon appeared in front of him. So another problem appeared, this health care product doesn\'t taste like the one Zhan Yi Ning brought, even the appearance looks like it’s a little different from what Zhan Yi Ning brought! Moreover, Zhan Hong Tu found that there was no improvement in his mood at all, but he felt even more uncomfortable. He was even more eager for what Zhan Yi Ning had given him.

Wang Bing Yan was afraid that her husband was infected with drug addiction and she kept him at home. Zhan Hong Tu also wanted to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling at the beginning, and thought that if he does not eat the product for too long, it should not be so difficult. Who knows that two days have passed, the uncomfortable feeling has not only eased but has become more serious. On several occasions, he almost took things to kill Wang Bing Yan. On the tenth day when Zhan Yi Ning was detained, Zhan Hong Tu had just been just like crazy, seeing what to fall on.

No way out, Wang Bing Yan had to find a way to see Zhan Yi Ning, and wanted to ask where the thing was coming from, what it was.

Maybe even Wang Bing Yan didn\'t realize that she would see Zhan Yi Ning so easily. Because she thought a lot of ways to get Zhan Yi Ning out, so she made up her mind for half a month, but she never thought that Zhan Yi Ning would be pregnant!

According to the law, the detention center cannot detain pregnant women, then Zhan Yi Ning will naturally be released, which is understandable. What makes Wang Bing Yan most angry is that Zhan Yi Ning doesn\'t even know who the child\'s father is!! !

Wang Bing Yan didn\'t hold back, and gave Zhan Yi Ning a slap on the spot. "You are a shameless girl! How can I teach you and have you end up with such a thing?"

Zhan Yi Ning\'s head was in the air. She stared at her mother’s face and didn\'t change her attitude. Her voice was louder than Wang Bing Yan. "You still mean to say that I am shameless? Didn\'t you get pregnant before you were married? Haven\'t I followed you your example gone for a married man all together?”

Wang Bing Yan was so angry that she could not refute. The angry look in her daughter\'s face brought her to her life more than 20 years ago. She didn’t know how to think about the first time she went to see Kang Jia Li. She was glaring at what person Zhan Hong Tu had married. She said a lot of vicious words in front of the woman, saying that Zhan Hong Tu loved her and not Lang Jia Li, and that she was only used for her family money. She would be divorced sooner or later... At that time, Kang Jia Li, after listening to her words, looked at her with the face her daughter\' was looking at her with, and looked at her like that for a long time.

Wang Bing Yan jerked back one step and seemed to be scared. She lowered her head and said nothing. She grabbed Zhan Yi Ning\'s hand and took her home. Then, that afternoon, Zhan Yi Fei received her call. On the phone, Wang Bing Yan clearly said that she wants to sell stocks.

Zhan Yi Fei had already prepared for the acquisition, so he immediately took Lin Yu Tong to a certain coffee shop after hanging up the phone. He just dreamed that he would be blocked in the coffee shop when he went.