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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生金色婚姻 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Chapter 61: Sending Guests

Zhan Hong Tu eyes adapted to the light for a while. After about ten seconds, his memory gradually returned. He pressed his forehead and kicked his toes and kicked the person still on the sofa.

"Ningning, Bing Yan, wake up."

"Ah..." Wang Bing Yan groaned and tried to hold her head until the lights in the room were opened. She asked me, "How come back? What is going on?”

“It’s Zhan Hong Wei.” Zhan Hong Tu said, looking at the clock, looking at the time, his face was darker than how it was originally. He also knows that at this time, Zhan Yi Fei’s wedding is estimated to be almost over.

"This Zhan Hong Wei!" He stood up fiercely. "You two will get up! Let\'s go to The Zhan Family now!"

"Why to The Zhan Family?." Zhan Yi Ning hasn\'t turned around yet. She felt that she could drink water, no matter whether it was poured out of the glass or not, and then she fell on the sofa. She stretched out and said, "It will be done by now, whatever are you doing? I am going to play the game."

"What game is there to play?" Zhan Hong Tu pressed Zhan Yi Ning, who was about to stand up, "Doing that all day long! If you have less time to play, you can do it. If you tried doing such a hard work, you wouldn\'t be so far away from Zhan Yi Fei\'s kid!"

"Zhan Yi Fei, Zhan Yi Fei, if you think he is good, go to him! Okay!” Zhan Yi Ning didn’t know where her anger came from, and she pushed Zhan Hong Tu away. It’s the obvious going by the madness in the eyes. The madness turned into a surprise when she went upstairs seeing Wang Bing next to him.

After Zhan Yi Ning went upstairs, the first thing she did was to enter the room and lock the door. She was going to suck the ice, her hands were a little trembling, and after taking out the curling spoon and the ice, she was busy for a while before she finished sucking. After sucking her, she hid the things, sat in front of the computer, and found the exchange group established by the ice friend. The people in the group went to the get ice. After finishing the dressing up, she went out the room and went downstairs.

Zhan Hong Tu was looking at Wang Bing Yan, and Wang Bing Yan was used to Zhan Yi Ning temper tantrums, so that her daughter is now awkward.

Zhan Yi Ning heard this and sneered at Zhan Hong Tu and said, "I don\'t know shit. Then daddy, you think you are the shit?"

"Ungrateful girl!" Zhan Hong Tu was so angry that he grabbed the ashtray on the coffee table and hurled it toward Zhan Yi Ning.Zhan Yi Ning was close to Zhan Hong Tu at the time, and this one has just been the right hit, and her forehead started to drip with blood.

Zhan Yi Ning suddenly went crazy. "You are fucking sick! You have the ability to go with Zhan Yi Fei! What kind of prestige is keeping you staying at home?"

Wang Bing Yan thinks that even if her daughter is no longer right, Zhan Hong Tu is too angry. Follow to the daughter to help see the wound. Who knows that good heart is treated as a liver and lung, Zhan Yi Ning directly turned his face and did not let her see, "You don\'t need your fake medicine!"

"You are only good at the little medicine!"

"Don\'t worry about her! It\'s better if she were to die all day long!" Zhan Hong Tu said that after he had finished his life, he felt that he was not happy. He called Wang Bing Yan. "Let\'s go to the old house together. Since Zhan Hong Wei came back. Today Zhan Yi Fei’s marriage, chances are he is there."

"What is the use of going there? The entire family is standing on Zhan Yi Fei\'s side, but I am still going to see what happened to Ningning." She wondered some days in her heart, and her daughter was recently getting too thin, too fast, she was not a fat person to begin with, but now she seemed to be thin and can be blown away.

Zhan Hong Tu looked cloudy, but did not stop Wang Bing Yan. Seeing Wang Bing Yan go out, he also went out of the house, and then the maids could dare to pop out to come to the sitting room to clean up.

After Wang Bing Yan went out, he didn\'t look at Zhan Yi Ning at first. She thought that Zhan Yi Ning was driving out. Later, after listening to the passing people, she knew that the girl was stopping at the door. She was afraid that Zhan Yi Ning would not let he follow, nor did she dare to following her blatantly. Seeing Zhan Yi Ning taking a taxi, she followed into another taxi and chased it.

Zhan Hong Tu sat in the car and watched the scene. He turned his steering wheel unsatisfactorily and headed for The Zhan Family\'s Old Manor.

Zhan Yi Fei has already let Lin Yu Tong scold him for his temper and he is not determined to go to Zhan Hong Tu, but he is still a bit sloppy at the thought of his dead mother. It’s not true that his mother’s marriage to the second uncle is not right, but she married the Zhan Family in less than three months and lived a life-saving day. His second uncle was liked her for five years. Even a stone should be hot, let alone a soft woman? Moreover, Zhan Hong Tu was ungrateful, and his mother started out for that step at the very beginning. No matter how he thought about him, he could not complain. If you want to hate, Zhan Yi Fei can only hate fate for letting Zhan Hong Tu discover that his mother is a profitable object.

If it wasn’t for the Kang’s family money, where would The Zhan Family be today?

Lin Yu Tong said that the reality is actually more bloody cruel than the novel. Zhan Yi Fei\'s mother is also pitiful, her parents died prematurely, and she was finally brought up by her grandfather. As a result, she also encountered personal scum called Zhan Hong Tu.

Lin Yu Tong sat near Zhan Yi Fei and puts his hand on the chest Zhan Yi Fei, unconsciously helping Zhan Yi Fei calm down, as if he is afraid of his anger. In fact, Zhan Yi Fei is only impulsive, and it will be mad for the moment, but he is annoyed that Zhan Hong Tu is too selfish. According to Zhan Hong Tu, it is clear that he got together a plan. He married Kang Jia Li, got the company, and then gave Kang Jia Li a little reward and then wanted to let her leave The Zhan Family. He then brought in Wang Bing Yan. He thinks that this is him getting the best of both worlds, but Kang Jia Li was pregnant with a child and the child was born.

Zhan Yi Fei pregnancy was not expected by Zhan Hong Tu at the beginning of his birth, so it is too to do anything until later.

"It’s stupid when I was a child. I also naively thought that it was because I wasn’t good enough to make my father like me. If I try to get better, maybe everything will be different.” Zhan Yi Fei laughed and said with a smile: “It’s only later that I found Zhan Hong Tu hated me. The more he didn\'t want to even see me. But I couldn\'t stop because I found out that he doesn\'t want to see me, but the other people in The Zhan Family are waiting to see this, so I have been working hard to make the company\'s performance better. To fill their wallet, so they will naturally stand on my side over time. Would you say that I am very evil?"

Lin Yu Tong stood up and then hugged Zhan Yi Fei\'s head and stared at Zhan Yi Fei\'s confused eyes. "You are very good, at least in my heart you are the best, those who think you are not good they are either the enemies or the blind ones."


"Of course it is true, when did I fool you?"

"Well, my Little Tong is the best in my family" Zhan Yi Fei smiled and said that and he exhaled softly in Lin Yu Tong\'s arms, and he said. "And then, today, it should be the happiest day in our life only the knot I was so into the mix, it will not affect your mood?”

"No, you can listen to me and I will say something buried in my heart. This feeling is also very good, indicating that the two of us are closer to each other. Because we started talking about registration at the beginning, and then soon came together again, so in the middle there is a lot of mutual understanding between us couples, so it’s not a happy thing to walk into each other’s hearts and use a part of their own life to render each other’s life. Think about it, we will have a memory in the future, there will always be you in my happiness time, and is it a bit romantic?"

"Really." Zhan Yi Fei raised his hand and stroked Lin Yu Tong\'s face, the more he saw he liked it, he can\'t help but turn over and push him down. However, it was not long before the kiss began, and there was a loud noise coming downstairs.

"Let\'s go see it." Lin Yu Tong gently patted Zhan Yi Fei\'s face. "There will be time in the evening."

Zhan Yi Fei was a little reluctant, but still pulled Lin Yu Tong up and saw the dress and saw and corrected the place that was inappropriate place, go downstairs together.

Downstairs, Zhan Hong Tu was worried about Zhan Hong Ying and Zhan Hong Wei, as well as Wang Bo. Zhan Hong Tu seemed to be walking, going to sit in the Manor Master position chair. Zhan Hong Ying saw him and she pushed the coffee table directly, blocking Zhan Hong Tu\'s pathway.

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and sat down in a position where he should sit. He sat next to Lin Yu Tong.

Zhan Hong Tu saw his move, and he seemed ready to spurt fire. He shouted: "Zhan Yi Fei, you say, did you make your uncle come to me? You are a black-hearted thing, why I didn\'t you kill you! You are as good as your shameless mom!”

Zhan Yi Fei anger was not easily blown up by the smooth hair. "My mom is shameless? Isn\'t it just a shameless thing when you used her and wanted to throw her aside? Zhan Hong Tu, can you resist your fxxking greed? To win the position of The Zhan Family business control! And since you dare to borrow my mother\'s family money, you must be able to take responsibility for it. Why do you have to take it now? Is it a woman who marries a person she likes and does not want to be separated? What is wrong with her protecting her child?”

“But she knows that I didn’t want you as a son! If it was not for you, The Zhan Family will be mine now! It’s all your mother’s advice to screw away my plan. Everything was good! You shouldn\'t have come to this world!"

"...So what do you say in addition to blaming others?!" Zhan Yi Fei felt that he was a crazy man arguing with Zhan Hong Tu. Suddenly he didn’t want to say any more. "If you forget, let it go. You didn\'t want to see me and my mom. We just don\'t want to see you. Li Jun, send this guest outside. Afterwards, if this person comes, you directly ignore him if he will not leave you. Just set the dogs on him."

"Zhan Yi Fei, you would dare!” Zhan Hong Tu screamed.

Zhan Yi Fei screamed at Li Jun, and did not even say anything, he leaned directly on the back of the sofa. He drank a lot during the day, and then he shouted his head off and felt a little dizzy. This is obviously the time he should be sweating and cure the hangover doing stuffs on the bed, which is so disappointing.

Li Jun directly dragged Zhan Hong Tu, who kept on screaming, and Zhan Hong Tu was thrown out ....to think about it. He still had nothing to say. It’s a pity that he was too late to think of it. These people are impossible to put him in again.

Zhan Yi Fei has a particularly commendable place from young to now he is a grown up, that is to say, it will be done, except for force majeure

Lin Yu Tong saw Zhan Yi Fei tapping his head and knowing that he was uncomfortable. He just got up and helped him message his temple.

Zhan Yi Fei opened his eyes and looked up at Lin Yu Tong. "So comfortable."

"I feel comfortable when I look at them." Zhan Hong Ying finished with a much exaggerated admiration and suddenly smiled. “Little Lin, Aunt and the Second Uncle we really want to thank you. We used to worry about Little Yi Fei, but now he looks very good. It is your credit, a lot of credit goes to you."

"The credit we would not dare take, But I have said thank you, then you and the second uncle had a hard time to come back, so just stay at home for a few more days."

Zhan Hong Wei moved the rosary in his hand and he prayed quietly, smiles faintly and said: "Okay."

"I can\'t do it. I have to go back tomorrow." Zhan Hong Ying said with regret: "After a while, the whole army will be having a big contest. The aunt\'s mission is heavy. When it\'s autumn I will be free. I am going to come back for vacation."

"You are so busy, Aunt we are thankful to you." Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and gently took Lin Yu Tong back to his original position. "Don\'t continue to run, it’s not easy to rest these fingers."

"You are a husband and wife. You still are going to be busy, so no one can dislike anyone. It is said that this person’s love is really changing. You used to have a cold face, and whoever owes you a life you would screw them, then look at the present, it’s almost like two different people... "

"Ah, it’s the company people who said so." Zhan Yi Fei called Wang Bo, "The kitchen is preparing dinner, and today we had a hard day, so let’s eat dinner and rest."

This was obviously a very serious sentence, however Lin Yu Tong, did not know what to do. He was particularly evil. He always felt that Zhan Yi Fei’s “rest” was not what he understood as “rest”.

Zhan Yi Fei ploy was seen through Lin Yu Tong, but he didn\'t feel embarrassed. Instead, he smiled at Lin Yu Tong when no one was paying attention.

Lin Yu Tong\'s face is not thick enough to be able to "follow" Zhan Yi Fei in front of the elders, so he found an excuse to sneak into the kitchen.

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong’s back, his warm eyes gradually getting cold. Thinking of Zhan Hong Tu\'s look at the time, he could not help but sneer. The previous Zhan Hong Tu was not as violent as he is now, which is obviously the credit of Zhan Yi Ning\'s “health products”. However, this is also good, it saved him from worrying about Zhan Hong Tu, but this will eventually land on Wang Bing Yan...

Zhan Yi Fei thought for a moment, went to Gao Wen Liang. Since Lin Yu Fei and Zhuang Yong fight, Zhuang Hai has been in contact with Gao Wen Liang, so Gao Wen Liang knows the most about Zhan Hong Tu.

Zhan Yi Fei found Gao Wen Liang, mainly he wanted to know if Wang Bing Yan has done anything secretly recently. Gao Wen Liang smiled and said, "Where does she still have time to make anything happen? The three people wanted to come together. Do you know why Zhan Yi Ning and Wang Bing Yan didn\'t come?”


“Zhan Yi Ning sucked out the ice and went out to buy a gun, Wang Bing Yan was worried about her, followed up. I guess Wang Bing Yan must be having an eye-opener moment now."