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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 6: Registration (二更)

Anyone who has entered Lin Yu Tong\'s bedroom knows that there is no bed in his bedroom and he is a person who can sleep without bed, because he always likes to roll around while asleep and it is easy to fall out of bed accidentally. In the first two years of the university, he was sleeping in the lower bunk. Under the bed, he laid a thick carpet with a long foam which was basically to help him not injure himself when he falls. Later, when he was in junior year, there were four people in a dormitory. There was only a bunk in the lower bunk. He still put a thick carpet on the floor.

Of course, he will still fall and the 30-cm-high bed rail can\'t stop his determination to fall down, but it didn\'t take long before he went to live with Shen Jun after the junior year. Then he didn\'t fall much. He wanted to stop it. But now he has to think about how to do it because he can\'t go to Shen Jun in this world and he still has more than a year of college life.

He has two choices at the moment, either staying in the dorms or at home. Their school has regulations, freshmen and sophomores must live on campus, but after the junior year, they are allowed to freely choose, but the accommodation fee is still collected.

The biggest problem at the moment is that his home is too far away from school.

Lin Yu Tong near the toilet door with a chicken nestled hair- don\'t ask why he woke up here - he was thinking about renting a room near the school. It\'s the second time in the school to sleep on the ground floor. The key is that it is not convenient for him to write novels in the future.

Zhan Yi Fei turned to see him in a daze and yelled at the forehead and said: "You can\'t really sleep on the bed."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and smiled. "I didn\'t hurt you last night?"

Zhan Yi Fei touched his nose. "Not much."

After talking about Lin Yu Tong, he was still distracted and asked, "What are you thinking?"

Lin Yu Tong silently watched Zhan Yi Fei for a while. "If we are married, would you want to live together?"

Since he is looking for a shield, it must be but is it necessary to sleep together this early?

Zhan Yi Fei nodded. "It is for the best."

Lin Yu Tong made a snap. "This is the case. I want to move out of the dormitory, but my home is too far away from the school. It is not convenient to go back and forth. If you are staying near, I will not consider it. I have a problem with renting a house. I can hold it on my face. Of course, if I am far away, I still have to worry about staying alone."

Zhang Yi Fei never thought that Lin Yu Tong would have promised so much, so he really didn\'t think about the housing problem. But the most difficult ones have been solved and the others are minor problems. After discussing with Lin Yu Tong, he decided to buy a house near Lin Yu Tong School. Anyway, the place where he lives now is also rented near the company. He did not think about staying there for a long time.

In the morning, everyone came out to eat together. Zhan Yi Fei said this thing and Cheng Xiao said he would arrange for people to find suitable housing for him, so Cheng Xiao left after eating, Chu Tian Ye did not stay. To put it bluntly, he is not a casual person. If he didn\'t want to see Lin Yu Tong, he would not follow.

Lin Yu Tong saw Cheng and Chu both left and asked Zhan Yi Fei. "You don\'t have to go back?"

Zhan Yi Fei listened to this routine inquiry without any reluctance and sighed deeply. "It\'s too late to go in the afternoon. I want to register the marriage as soon as possible, can I?"

Lin Yu Tong thought for a moment. "Then, on the 8th, the People\'s Bureau of the People\'s Republic of China should be resuming work. You can pick me up, or I can go to the People\'s Bureau with the documents directly."

Zhan Yi Fei said: "I will pick you up."

Lin Yu Tong nodded. It happened that Long Le and Hua Yua Bai came back from picking up Xiang Chen Tian . Lin Yu Tong gave a brief introduction to Xiang Chen Tian . It\'s also shocking to Xiang Chen Tian that Zhan Yi Fei is about to become Lin Yu Tong fiancé, but of all the roommate in the dormitory he is the most stable, so he didn\'t show it too much, just smiled and said "good luck", then privately congratulated. After a while, Lin Yu Tong joked a few words with them.

In the afternoon, Zhan Yi Fei really packed up and left. Lin Yu Tong was dragged by Long Le to play mahjong.

During the period,Long Le said: "Lin, you don\'t really want to get engaged with Zhan Yi Fei ? You are only twenty years old." Hua Yua Bai also said: "Yes, isn\'t it too early?"

Lin Yu Tong said : "We decided not to get engaged."

Nodded to Xiang Chen Tian , u200bu200b"I said that\'s right what is this early things.... Getting engaged is too impulsive."

Lin Yu Tong said calmly: "Not engaged, but I told him to register for marriage directly on the 8th. "

"Hey! [Keke] cough..." Long Le spewed water.

"Lin Zi are you crazy? This is too fast... three weeks!"

"It\'s very fast." Lin Yu Tong said: "Youth and sex appearance ....!"

Long Le silently took out the pen from Xiang Chen Tian . Yua Bai\'s face was painted with a small Wang Ba and then the pen was thrown to Lin Yu Tong. "Don\'t paint too much for me!"

Lin Yu Tong painted a face for him.

In the evening, each person had a bed, but Lin Yu Tong still slept on the ground, because at the time of the night, Zhan Yi Fei bought him a large sleeping bag, Lin looked like a big chinchillas especially with the sleeping bag body, only the place to sleep because it occupies the full body, he was looking super cute. Lin Yu Tong slept in it every night, and he no longer had to worry about falling off the ground or rolling out of the bed.

They usually eat in the mountain village restaurant. The place is near where Long Le lives, so no one knows that Lin Yu Tong has a big sleeping bag . When he leaves, he wraps it up on his back, a fat big Totoro would be in everyone\'s eyes and everyone found out that this guy had a strange "backpack".

"What is this thing?" Long Le saw a rare furry thing and he grabbed it.

"Sleeping bag. Take your paws away, don\'t dirt it" Lin Yu Tong hid it and no matter how many people around him looked at him he didn\'t care.

"Where is it? Looks like fun, I want to buy one."

"Someone else sent it."

"Hey, I see is it Mr. Zhan who sent it? Look at your baby face." Long Le said: "Look .....It\'s not long before you won\'t have to live in the dormitory?"


Although it\'s only been a few days, Cheng Xiao\'s person has always been very reliable. The person he sent looking for has already been optimistic about several houses. When he went back this time, Lin Yu Tong will not go back to school or go home first, but go to the house first.

The Lin family also observed the speed of Lin Yu Tong change, especially Chen Su-Ning. She heard that the eldest son said that he would register for marriage on the 8th and she did not speak for a while until Lin Zhi Song gently tapped her, she only returned to reality, "Tong Tong, isn\'t it too fast? This is needs someone to prepare, even if you have emotional foundation, then you can not be so sloppy, this marriage matter, you can\'t guarantee this for a lifetime."

"Mother, you think too much, we are first just going to register, when the wedding will be it has not been said yet and we can think about it later."

"Ah, is that so? "Chen Su-Ning hung up the phone, her face soured and she looked at her husband," Song, you tell me has our son encountered any difficulties or any problems ? Ah "

Lin Zhi Song frown asked:" Why do you say that? "

Chen Su-Ning sighed, "I haven\'t told you anything. Actually, I always suspected that our children has a favorite person. That person seems to be Shen Jun. I once inadvertently listened to my son talking to this Shen Jun, the expression he had, how to say ... it was especially like when we are in love with each other. A few days ago, Yua Bai\'s child came to our house for the holiday. At first I thought he was Shen Jun. But you now say that he has agreed to marry Zhan Yi Fei ?...."

Lin Zhi Song also wondered about that, but the kid does not like being forced to do what he doesn\'t want to do, so the father is not good to impose any interference.

The couple were worried about it there and Zhan Yi Fei was over and waiting for Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong puts his things in the car and they went to see the house which Zhan Yi Fei has bought. There are four houses in the list, each of which is a single-family villa. Two of them are decorated with a set and have been lived in, one set is second time lived in and two sets are pure new houses without any decoration. The four houses are close to Lin Yu Tong\'s school and the farthest is only 15 minutes drive.

Zhan Yi Fei is more interested in decoration, but he will not be arbitrarily decide everything because he pays for it. He still values u200bu200bLin Yu Tong\'s opinions very much, so he just said his thoughts, "If it is a new house. We can decorate it according to our own preferences, but it will be more troublesome, because we have to rent a house during the in going renovation. If it is a ready-decorated house, it is convenient, but there may be some things that are not satisfying. Which side do you prefer?"

Several houses are three-storey villas, the average garden area is not less than 1,200 square meters. Lin Yu Tong feels that it is quite big and is good, but one of the smallest ones feels the most reliable, because this building area is slightly smaller but the garden area is large and although it is farthest away from the school compare to the other three houses, he can be close to Zhan Yi Fei working place. He can\'t always be at school. Besides, the nature of his future work determines that he doesn\'t have to rush to go to work every day. Therefore, it is more reasonable to think about it in favour of Zhan Yi Fei position . The most important thing is that here is a blessing in the future, which means the house price can be doubled or tripled at the current price, which is more investable than the other three places.

Zhan Yu Fei heard what Lin Yu Tong was thinking and saying about. He was somewhat surprised but also felt it was very useful. He finally booked this set and promised: "If you want to change it later, remember to tell me, we can change it at any time."

Lin Yu Tong said that this one they really can\'t change.

Because they have to prepare for the renovation, they can only rent another house, but this is also a good thing. Mr. Cheng, the universal assistant, got a new apartment with a four-bedroom, two-bedroom decoration on the second day for them.

On the 8th, Lin Yu Tong took a vacation. He took the documents at home and waited for Zhan Yi Fei. At nine o\'clock, Zhan Yi Fei picked him up. After they went to the People\'s Bureau, they got the marriage certificate matter settled.

This is the first time Lin Yu Tong has been married since this second world. If he didn\'t guess wrong, for Zhan Yi Fei it should be the first time.

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t say what he felt. After moving from People\'s Bureau of the People\'s Republic of China, he had an idea. It\'s really cheap to say goodbye to being bachelors for dozens of dollars.

Zhan Yi Fei, contrary to one one might expect it he was had fun but but the other man shrewdness, so his happiness was only faint. Only a very careful observation can see that his smile is slightly deeper. Regrettably, Lin Yu Tong only regarded him as a partner-like existence at this time, so it was impossible to observe him too carefully and it was not long after the People\'s Bureau of the People\'s Bureau and Shen Jun called after a few days.