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Chapter 59: Reunion

Gao Wen Liang collected the house deedcertificate and led the team to retreat 5 centimeters. That\'s right, it was noteven a full meter. The Lin\'s house is only 5 meters away. This is how his facecan be dried up. People on Zhan Yi Fei\'s side were almost vomiting blood.

You know, The Lin Family can only beregarded as a small courtyard compared to The Zhan Family\'s Old Manor, but thedistance from the gate to the main entrance of The Lin Family House is morethan ten meters. If it is done now, Zhan Yi Fei will put up his pants that areworn today and not necessarily manage to go to Lin Yu Tong.

Cheng Shi couldn\'t help but work on XiangJun. "Old Xiang, take care of your Liang Liang!"

Xiang Jun stared for a long time and shookhis head because he thought he would also have a wedding with Gao Wen Liang. It’snot good for today’s pleadings to turn into tears in the future, so he can’t helpthis time, even though the one married today is his best brother in this life.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t seem to care. He saidwith a smile: "Go ahead."

There is a well-thought-out look. The fourgroomsmen he brought are not simply the best men, but the four King Kongs ofShaolin Temple.

Gao Wen Liang and a few people from ChengTian looked at each other. Some of them were not sure what big move Zhan Yi Feiwas going to make, and they went to the side. After the four people finished talking,Long Le shook out a small note. "If you point out throws the red envelope,then it would be boring. Who doesn\'t know Mr. Zhan is rich? So we added someother items to liven the atmosphere. "

"Every 50 centimeters cost a red note,but if you take a step, you must use the red envelope to complete the request,or answer our question. If you can\'t finish the request or you can\'t answer it,sorry, you have to take a step back and the red note is still ours." HuaYu Bai added.

"The first question." Gao WenLiang did not give Zhan Yi Fei their chance to oppose, directly said:"Groom officer, please use an action to express your love for Mr. Lin YuTong."

"Can small action be okay?" ZhanYi Fei asked.

"Yes, as long as it can satisfy the audience,you will pass."

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and looked at thedirection of Lin Yu Tong\'s bedroom. When Lin Yu Tong stood at the window andlooked at him, he coughed and raised his right hand, the index finger bowed upand down and did a tick-and-hook action toward the window.

"What does that mean?" Severalpeople on Gao Wen Liang\'s side were all awkward. Here, Cheng Shi, they have no good place to go, theydon\'t understand.

"Little Tong knows it." Zhan YiFei finished and waved at the window.

“Is it true and false?” Gao Wen Liang didnot believe, took out his mobile phone and dialed Lin Yu Tong. “Lin Zi, whatdid Yi Fei do now? Do you understand it?”

“Understood, he is hooking my nose. Lin YuTong touched his nose and waved at Zhan Yi Fei.

Gao Wen Liang picked up the red envelope onthe ground and retreated centimeters. Then Chu Tian Yi said: "You\'re tooslow it according to this rate, it will be lunch time before we reach a pointto enter the door?"

"You so can, there are a lot ofprojects we can do here.” Long Le said,“We have a two-meter walk here. You need to complete the followingcontent: The groom will sing "Little Buttercup", then anothergroomsman dance, the groom must sing seriously, the best man must also danceseriously. You must get the applause from everyone around you to pass. Do youwant to try?”

Zhan Yi Fei turned and looked behind him,and the eyes seemed to be asking: What do you think?

The best man behind him had a big stepback: "..."

It’s not you who has to dance!

Cheng Shi wiped his face. "Little Gao,your brothers are not married, you have to think about this later."

Xiang Jun silently watched Gao Wen Liang,Gao Wen Liang bowed his head and patted his undyed pants. Pretending not to seehim.

"We are still young, and marriage isdefinitely your first knot." Long Le shrugged, with a look that said hewas not afraid of death. "In any case, the two-meter option is this one.You look at it. If you don\'t choose, we also have a lot of fifty centimeters questions,you can continue to the next one."

"One person sings a person to dance,moves two meters, that one sings four people dance it, can we move fivemeters?" Zhan Yi Fei asked.

"Yes, but the red envelope ismultiplied by five and five. You have to put twenty-five red envelopes in fivesteps."

"Twenty-five is twenty-five, andjumping together is better than one." With a red envelope Chu Tian Yi andZuo Si Kai directly throw a large red envelope in the opposite pocket, nottwenty-five envelopes but certainly only a lot.

“Are you ready?” asked Gao Wen Liang.

"Wait for me." Zhan Yi Fei calledLin Yu Tong. "Little Tong, I sing for the first time, maybe not well, butI hope you can hear it."

"What are you going to sing?" LinYu Tong opened the window and asked him that.

"Cough, Little Donkey." Zhan YiFei looked at the back four gentlemen, seeing them with a look of constipationand not forgetting he had to start, sing, "I have a little donkey, I neverride, and one day I wandered to go to the market. I have a small leather whipin my hand..."

"Hey! Brother Yi Fei fighting!!."Lin Yu Fei was the first to stand it, watching a group of prominent peopleshaking their heads and shaking their hands, laughing. He can\'t breathe fromall that laughing. Especially when he saw that Xiang Jun dancing moved as stiffas a robot, he really wanted to jump out of the window and give the other partysome cheer!

"Zhan Yi Fei, Zhan Yi Fei, after thisyou owe us for today, you owe us a lot of money."

Ifyou are an adult and you can\'t dance, they have never lost face this big!

The relatives around them laughed out ofbreath, and there are still people who dare to take videos!

After finishing the sing, Gao Wen Liangsmiled and shook his shoulders. He asked the people present. "Everyone sayit, did the groom sing well?"


"Did the groomsmen dance well?


"Well, then advance five meters. Thenext question..." Gao Wen Liang suddenly smiled and turned to Cheng Tianand several people. "You continue to ask questions, I am advancing to makea trap and will come out." His cell phone was shaking.

“No problem.” Long Le continued to askquestions, and the scene seemed to maintain a lively atmosphere, but Zhan YiFei still noticed a slight anomaly.

Xiang Jun said that he would inquire aboutthe military situation and also ran away. He quickly found Gao Wen Liang, andwhen he saw Gao Wen Liang, he listened to the phone and gave him a snoringgesture. He didn\'t speak for a while.

The call was made by someone who wasmonitored near Zhan Hong Tu’s home. This person did not see Zhan Hong Tu comingout of them, but waited for a long time without seeing the other side\'smovements, he was feeling strange, but also worried that Zhan Hong Tu wouldsecretly drum up something bad, then he decided to call the phone...

Gao Wen Liang knows that Zhan Hong Tu is ahuman being. When he feels that something is wrong, he immediately makes a lookat it. By the way, he said this to Xiang Jun.

Xiang Jun didn\'t say anything about it,waited for a while, until the man came to the news, and asked Gao Wen Liang,"Is anyone still there?"

Gao Wen Liang opened his mouth, revealing atrace of confusion, “Yes, but a bit of an accident happened.”

The person on the phone told him that theZhan Hong Tu family was there, but these people were in the living room, andthey were sitting next to another man.

The man couldn\'t see clearly because theextra person was facing away from the window, but he was definitely not ZhanHong Tu himself, and he was not a Zhuang Hai person.

Zhuang Hai said that he would solve thetrouble of the Zhan Hong Tu family in exchange for the safety of gang dealers,but he could never kill Zhan Hong Tu in such a day.

Gao Wen Liang said with certainty: "Isit Big Brother?"

Xiang Jun shook his head. "Impossible.If she arranged it in advance, she will definitely let us know about it. And Itold her before, we already arranged, so she wouldn\'t intervene again."

The voice fell, Gao WenLiang\'s cell phone started ringing again, the opposite person said: "Theman came out, he looks like Mr. Zhan.”

"How old is he?" Gao Wen Liangthought of Zhan Hong Wei, whom he had never seen, because of the immediatefamily of The Zhan Family was the only one who looked like Zhan Yi Fei.

"He must be more than forty and nearlyfifty."

"Then you keep looking at thosepeople. If they come to us, you must inform me in advance." Gao Wen Liangsaid, and told Xiang Jun directly, "for a while, let\'s put some water, letYi Fei pick up Lin Zi first, Yi Fei\'s second uncle may come over, and we don\'tknow what it means."

Theycan\'t even determine whether Zhan Hong Tu\'s and his wife and daughter arekilled. But they can\'t go to the scene now, saving Zhan Yi Fei from unnecessarytrouble.

"You go to Yi Fei and I will tell BigBrother about it."

Zhan Hong Ying will definitely guarantee thesafety of the wedding, so this kind of thing they must let her know.

"Why don\'t you go?" Gao Wen Liangfinished the phone call and turned around to see that Xiang Jun was waitingthere. He couldn\'t help but look at Xiang Jun\'s gaze. As a result, he suddenly disappeared and he was speechless.

Ok, so for a while, they are still not verygood, Lin Yu Tong himself went out with a pot of cactus ball! This guy who isnot shy!

“Yi Fei came to Lin Zi yesterday and hecame back very late.” Xiang Jun suddenly said.

"Yeah, this foxy cunning man. Mum, Ithought he had any big tricks." Theresult is actually that Lin Yu Tong, who was too sleepy went to take theinitiative!

Lin Yu Tong is really sleepy. He didn’t sleepvery much and was tossed repeatedly. Zhan Yi Fei’s physical strength can holdon to all that extra exercise, but he can’t. He fell asleep in bed after aminute, and he didn\'t yawn in the bed. He still supported Zhan Yi Fei\'s love.

But this role is almost the same now, hehas to hurry to the car for a while.

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and sawhim holding the prickly pear in his other hand. He smiled and said, "Areyou really ready to hold it?"

Lin Yu Tong whispered: "Rest assure,the time in the bridal room is enough to cherish this marriage."

Zhan Yi Fei was suddenly filled with alarge bowl of honey, but unfortunately he was not happy for too long. He justbrought Lin Yu Tong to the car, Gao Wen Liang, who was sitting on thevice-driver, told him that Zhan Hong Wei might have come back, and that ZhanHong Tu and Wang Bing Yan had both brought their girls down. As for whetherthey are dizzy or dead, this is temporarily unknown.

“Where is the man now?” Zhan Yi Fei asked.

"On the way to the old house. I justtold the boss about this. She told me to tell you that you should wait a littlebit, and wait to confront h until after the wedding." Zhan Yi Fei didn\'tsay anything, he just kissed Lin Yu Tong on his shoulder. Lin Yu Tong, who isabout to fall asleep, didn\'t think that the things in this world were soclever. He just got home and his uncle\'s car arrived.

When the door was opened, the timedifference between the two people arriving was five seconds, and the angle ofparking will make the two people\'s gaze staring right at each other.