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Chapter 58: Howmuch love?

Zhan Yi Fei did say on the phone that hewould send someone to pick them up, but he was purely said it casually. He sentpeople to stop the Zhan Hong Tu family from leaving and not drive them fromZhan Hong Tu\'s current home to the wedding. However, Zhan Hong Tusubconsciously thought that Zhan Hong Wei was sent by Zhan Yi Fei, so his facewas hard to look at.

"When did you come back?" Facedwith the only younger brother, Zhan Hong Tu\'s face was as ugly as ever, as ifhe was not seeing his own brother but a natural enemies from a long time feud.

"Qingming Festival." Zhan HongWei finished, looking at Zhan Hong Tu and behind him. His gaze passed over ZhanYi Ning and fell directly to Wang Bing Yan.

"Mum, who is this person?" ZhanYi Ning only saw Zhan Hong Wei\'s photo a long time ago, and her focus is not onZhan Hong Wei, but Zhan Hong Wei\'s current hair style which was somewhat lower.The hairstyle changed the face, so she did not recognize him for a moment. Thisis the second uncle she had seen in the photo from her dad.

"Big Brother, have you been doing wellin these years?" Zhan Hong Wei asked blankly.

"Yes, OK." Wang Bing Yan saw ZhanHong Wei staring at her eyes, staring gently, completely unrecognized, and sheeven subconsciously shrunk to Zhan Hong Tu, "Little Uncle. Why did youcome back suddenly? Yes, are you going to attend Yi Fei’s wedding?”

“No, I just came back to see you. BigBrother why aren\'t you going to ask me to come in?” Zhan Hong Wei added, “You are waiting for Yi Fei to send someoneto pick you up?”

Zhan Hong Tu knows that Zhan Hong Wei isnot a person sent by Zhan Yi Fei. He was not disappointed or whatever, but hedecided that Zhan Yi Fei would pick him up because his mother\'s death is one bigmystery to him so he simply let it go so he pulled Zhan Hong Wei in the house.

He hasn\'t seen him for more than a decade.Zhan Hong Tu doesn\'t like this younger brother, but he is always curious abouthim. The last time he saw this younger brother was at Jia Li’s funeral. Notlong after the funeral, the younger brother disappeared, and after that time itwas the second time he took a paternity test with Zhan Yi Fei, because theyounger brother told him that Kang Jia Li’s child was his. This made him havedoubts whether the eldest son who looks very much like his brother is also achild from Kang Jia Li who did not follow the woman conservative morals.Unfortunately, he ended up with disappointment.

Both Zhan Hong Tu and Zhang Hong Wei hopedthat Zhan Hong Wei had some substantive relationship with Kang Jia Li, becauseonly then can he make his relation with Wang Bing Yan become justified.Unfortunately, he didn\'t catch any of her misdeed until Kang Jia Li died, onlythen he knew that his brother liked Kang Jia Li.

"Are you not going to Yi Fei\'swedding?" Zhan Hong Tu couldn\'t figure out Zhan Hong Wei\'s intention. Atthe same time, he felt that Zhan Hong Wei appeared too suddenly. He suddenlyfound that something was wrong after he entered the house. After so many years,he suddenly ran to see them?

AlthoughZhan Hong Wei is his younger brother, the feelings between the brothers are notlike most of other brothers out there, at least in his heart, this youngerbrother is like a thorn in his heart. From a young age, Zhan Hong Wei has beenbetter than his brother. Whether it is in looks, ability, or even popularity,Zhan Hong Tu felt pressured by his younger brother, making him feeluncomfortable during his growing years.

They are almost the same as bloody strangers,so what exactly does he come to him here for?

"Looking at the situation, it isreasonable to say that it is necessary to go, but I am not a good uncle, whatgifts are to be given I have not prepared." Zhan Hong Wei said, looking atZhan Hong Wei with a weird smile, "Brother, Are you ready?"

"Do you think I still need to preparea gift for them? Now even The Zhan Family House is his, what kind of gift doeshe need me to prepare? Hey!"

"Who said we don’t have gifts? Dad,aren\'t we preparing gifts?" Zhan Yi Ning said with a certainty."Isn\'t that what you said? You have a surprise to ensure that he can makehis hair white after hearing it."

"Shut up!" "Zhan Hong Tu wasannoyed of this girl, his expression was very difficult to read, and theintention of catching people off guard is also very obvious. “Hong Wei, if youhave nothing to go, let us go back to the main house, there is no time toentertain you today."

Zhan Hong Wei nodded. However, he did notleave, but instead he took out the smoke that Zhan Hong Tu had never seenbefore, and ignited gently.

"Allow me to smoke cigarettes."He said to Wang Bing Yan. "You don\'t mind?"

"When, of course, I don\'t mind."Wang Bing Yan showed a stiff smile.

Zhan Hong Tu frowned and didn\'t stop it. Hewas just upset. He also took a cigarette and smoked it. But he took a while tofind out that there was something wrong with it.

Zhan Hong Wei didn\'t smoke at all afterigniting the smoke, but let the smoke drift in the air. The strange thing isthat he didn\'t suck, and the smoke is not extinguished. It has been burning fora long time. The problem is that there is no wind in this house, so this smokehas been burning, giving everyone a strange feeling.

Wang Bing Yan felt that her head wasgetting dizzy, as if the blood flowing into her mind didn\'t carry oxygen atthis moment. At first, she thought that Zhan Hong Tu and Zhan Yi Ning would notbe able to rest after a few days of excitement they had. Then they smashedtheir foreheads. She didn’t know how handle them for a while, but there is afeeling of turning around.

She subconsciously reached out to sit nextto her daughter. "Ning, Ningning, Mom is dizzy, you go to the mother\'sdresser, take..."

Beforeshe even finished, she suddenly fell to the side.

Mom?!” Zhan Yi Ning was shocked. However,she soon found out that she had a particularly disgusting feeling in her brain.She snorted and gasped, she heard dad asking for her to call for an ambulanceand she quickly took the phone. But this button has not been pressed yet, she feels blackness in front ofher eyes and instantly she lost consciousness.

Zhan Hong Tu knew that there was somethingwrong with the smoke, but it was late when he confirmed it. Anger was crushinghis teeth and he couldn’t survive the more insidious feelings of the inventionand fell on the sofa.

Zhan Hong Wei looked at the three stumbledbodies and looked as calm as if nothing had happened. He took out thethree-column incense from the bag he brought, and when he ignited it, he seemedto be the same as the old abbot man, sitting there motionless.

Gao Wen Liang has been busy with his headat this time. As the most important best man to Lin Yu Tong, he has the arduoustask of preventing theft and anti-theft and preventing Zhan Yi Fei fromabducting the bride. The pockets of the red envelopes were all preparedaccording to the size of the semi-burax. Long Le and Hua Yu Bai were almostscared to death. However, he did not forget another important thing, that is,to ensure that the three people of Zhan Hong Tu will not go to the weddingvenue to destroy the harmony.

"You can rest assured, it\'s okay here.Zhan Hong Tu and his family haven\'t come out yet." The surveillance mandidn\'t dare to talk loud at all, he told Gao Wen Liang, "As long as theycome out, I will definitely give you the first alarm call."

“That\'sgood, hard work.” "

"Hey, it’s not hard, just that I won\'tget to see Mr. Zhan and Little Lin wedding.... I\'m filled with a littleregret."

"Ha, rest assured, I definitely willgive you a red envelope." Gao Wen Liang smiled and hung up the phone andturned to remind Lin Yu Tong. "Lin Zi, don\'t temper. After a while, theteam will be here. You are so slow, let\'s be careful."

Lin Yu Tong also wants for this to be fast,but at this moment he is really tired and sleepy, his mind is a mess, and hewants to get up quickly. When Zhan Yi Fei left in the early hours of themorning, he somehow got out of his sleeping bag the whole bag got cold. Aftergetting up in the morning, his mind was a little dizzy.

"If he dares ...just get him out ofthe way." Lin Yu Tong yawned, and finally buckled the clothes properly,and he was pulled out the study room by his brother. He was originally in thebedroom, but he was so sleepy that he could fall down like a mad dog, so thegang had to get him to the study room to toss his hair and clothes. As for thistime, another bridegroom officer has to come, and it is obviously not appropriateto wait in the study.

"Hurry up get into spirit." HuaYu Bai gave Lin Yu Tong a bottle of ice water. He didn\'t want to let Lin YuTong drink, but hoping that the feeling of freezing cold would stimulate Lin YuTong.

Lin Yu Tong took over the cool things, andhe really felt a lot of spirit. He took the mirror in his bedroom, didn\'t finddark circles, and nodded with satisfaction. "Little Fei, help the brotherto bring the pot of the cactus we bought yesterday."

"You really want to throw the cactusball during the flower throwing time at the reception!" Long Le clickedhis tongue.

"That must be. If someone wants to comeand grab, I promise that their marriage will be lucky one, whoever they marry willbe lucky, there will be direct registration of marriage after few months."Lin Yu Tong said aloud, he pulled a small pot of cactus ball given by hisbrother, and stung himself a few times. This cactus ball is very small, butthere are two small cactus balls along the main cactus ball. It looks likeMickey Mouse shaped cactus ball, it looked especially cute. Even the flowerpot chosenwas that of a red apple shape, which means peace and security.

"I see you still holding it yourself,see who is not pleasing to see it!" Gao Wen Liang looked at the mobilephone text message, someone reported a small report that Zhan Yi Fei wascoming, so he immediately waved his hand "Go, go ransack with yourbrother."

Long Le glared at the half-sack-likehandbag, and couldn\'t help but recite his words. "How do I feel that theywill get through the barriers with ease?"

Zhan Yi Fei was really a particularlydifficult person to deal with.

Hua Yu Bai said: "It shouldn\'t bepossible. We have prepared so many problems. He has to finish a few things beforehe can pick him up."

Lin Yu Tong yawned again and his eyes weremoist. "If I am really close he can\'t pass, I might as well let Yi Feiwait while I go to sleep in the sleeping bag, so I can nap for a while."

Gao Wen Liang looked at him at this moment,smiled thoughtfully, and said: This is what you said

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t notice Gao Wen Liang\'seyes, sat down on the bed, and planned that if these people could really holdZhan Yi Fei back, he would take a nap. Who knows that this time a sound livelylaughter rang, obviously, Zhan Yi Fei arrived?

Waiting to see the lively relativesoutside, they first saw the fleet of cars that could not be seen the end of,and then they saw a handsome man in a sharp suit. The man\'s dark blue suit tailoredto his body and bright white gloves seemed to be more spiritual and excited, asif he could walk on air.

The groom is handsome and they have heardabout it, but this is holy handsome man and good looking!

The best men on Lin Yu Tong are Gao WenLiang, Cheng Tian, Hua Yu Bai and Long Le. On the other sideZhan Yi Fei best men are Xiang Jun, Cheng Shi, Zuo Si Kai, and Chu Tian Yi.

Zhan Yi Fei took the "Four GreatLaws" behind him and smiled and walked through the clouds. "Dad, Mom,I will come to pick up Little Tong."

Evenif Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning could see this half a few days later, theycouldn’t help but feel a bit too much. Suddenly they felt that their eldest sonhad gone so far as to find such a good companion! If you find a lover who hasthis kind means, you must love them back, you must have a long life together,you must be affectionate and loving!

The couple smiled and let Zhan Yi Fei tookthe person into the gate, and then saw the "four kings" sittingin a row, and the big pockets in front of them were like the sacks!

Gao Wen Liang tilted his legs."Grandfather, do you see this pocket? How much do you love our Lin Zi, youfill it up."

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and reached for ChengShi, Cheng Shi immediately took out bigger bag.

Gao Wen Liang several people stretchedtheir necks and wanted to see what it was. As a result, Zhan Yi Fei took outthe house deed certificate and put it directly into the pocket.

After seeing this the ‘Four Great Kings’: “..."

My goodness, this is the deed to The Zhan Family old house, can you still play this for amusement?!